Sent July 12, 2004

Dear Brothers,

Just wanting to point out some things of late.  The three months following Passover leading up to July 4 were very exciting and encouraging.  The revelation beginning with our watching “Whale Rider” at Passover, and the resulting product of The Rod, followed by A Lesson From Intercession, then completed by Shelah and Clay of Spittle, then the hope specifically related to July 4, really looked like we were on a return to and continuation of what took place in my life back in 1994. But instead, July 4 seemed to offer a delay.

Why were our hopes higher for July 4?  First, because the string of events leading up to it were absolutely wonderful!  Second, July 4 was the date of the third and closest conjugation of Venus and Aldebaran, the red eye of the bull.  Aldebaran means “leader,” the meaning that Kyle found this man’s name to be per  Of course Venus is Esther, and there was a most remarkable testimony with Venus on June 8 when it took its position between the sun and the earth.

July 4 is also the date of the establishment of this nation, the kingdom of heaven at the nations level.  Also, three of the five patriarchal Presidents of this nation died on July 4.  There were some other personal things like a 40 year old lady who became a bride on July 4, and other things as well. Interestingly, the Freedom Tower that replaces the Twin Towers, had its 20 ton corner stone laid that day.

Personally, two things spoke to my heart following July 4.  First, that we had to let the fourth dimension of time work on our behalf.  It is a higher dimension than matter, and it can bring us into that for which we hope.  The second was from Habakkuk 2:2-4 where we similarly read:

“Record the vision
And inscribe it on tablets,
That the one who reads it may run.
For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail,
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.
Behold, as for the proud one,
His soul is not right within him;
But the righteous will live by his faith.”

Then Peter told me that on July 10, Mars and Mercury conjugated; and he read that Mars represented Michael, and Mercury represented Gabriel.  This reminded us of Daniel 10 where Michael came and helped Gabriel defeat the prince of Persia.  Here we see Satan sitting in the place of the first Remnant – the Persia of the two-part Medo-Persia empire that took Babylon.  And of course this heavenly conflict delayed Gabriel getting to Daniel by a span of 21 days.

Later in the conversation, Peter mentioned Av 9, that it will be here on July 27.  I could not remember what Av 9 represented, and he reminded me that it was the date that both temples were torn down. I mentioned something like – the temple of Christianity needed to be torn down; and Peter said something like – “let’s go for three.”

The next day, I looked up the dates of the temples’ destruction, and actually 2 Kings 25:8-9 tells us that the temple was torn down on the seventh of Av, while Jeremiah 52:12-13, in contradiction, tells us that the temple was torn down on the tenth of Av.  Kyle said the Jews are the ones who came up with the Av 9 date.  

But what is most interesting about this is that 21 days from July 4 falls precisely on Av 7, or July 25, the true date of the fall of Jerusalem according to 2 Kings, Christianity’s OT testimony.

I will also mention that during all of this a man whom I did work for told me how he built a fence, and just when he had finished it, a gust of wind came down and blew down the old fence that it replaced.  What was strange about this was two things – (1) he specifically told me this took place on a Sunday, and (2) he said it was “prophetic.”  I found both of these comments quite strange. Later I wondered if July 25 happened to fall on Sunday, and indeed it does.  Of course Sunday is Christianity’s eighth day, and we know about the “red eight.”  Plus, the eighth day is stacked on the seventh, which we are now in.

While at first I had a concern about the fact that Christianity is not indeed the temple yet, we do know that it is a house of God built by the hands of man, and a house that is indeed built on sand in the wilderness.  Even as that fence fell, so the house of Matthew 7:24-27 and Luke 6:46-49 fell.  All of this makes me wonder if July 25-28 (Av 7-10) marks the beginning of a fulfillment that we had hoped for per July 4, but was delayed.

The falling fence reminds me of the prophetic card game I play – Free Cell.  The homeowner told me that once one post was blown over, it took the next post down with it, then they took down the next, and so on until the entire fence quickly went to the ground.  Free Cell can be that way as well.  The game can be seemingly impossible, but if you find one little move, the entire thing comes to completion.  This is what I would hope for beginning the last week of July – some measure of success that causes a continuing reaction leading to ultimate victory.  And I might add that Peter’s birthday is July 30, and mine is August 7, the very day in 1994 that I was born into the Remnant Bride.  Some report that the temples actually fell on August 7 – Peter and I were both born in ’48, or the beginning of the test of Carmel.

Also, on Sunday, July 11, for the first time I finally won a Free Cell game when there  were three sevens in a line, or 777. Prior to this, five times I consistently lost with that testimony; now on the sixth occasion, I finally won, and on a Sunday.  I told Kyle that when I won, in the end the three sevens were removed, leaving the last card to be played – a red five.  He said that was Luke Skywalker, a quite obvious name per the Luke second Remnant who will walk on the sky.

Another interesting fact is that Steve Jones points out that the number of years between the destruction of the two temples was precisely 666 years.  Of course he sees this as bad, but the Remnant Bride knows that this is the number of the Remnant; and when it comes to the much needed fall of the third temple, even the third reich, even the third tabernacle that the sleeping disciples wanted to build per transfiguration, we know the Remnant are the ones to not only survive the fall, but benefit from it.  Satan is the head of this temple, and like the other two natural temples, it too is the work of man.  As Yahweh told David when he first told Him that he was going to build Him a house – “I never told you to build me a house; I will build you a house.”  This is the house that we need Yahweh to build now, and it will be per the Remnant.

One other note. Brendan pointed out the significance of the 2004 elections, and related them to the test of Carmel.  In response, I pointed back to the 2000 elections, and felt that that testimony applied as well.  A clear evidence to this is the fact that even as there are the three in this test – Remnant, Christianity, and the Jews, so in 2000 there were – Bush, Gore, and Lieberman.  Joe Lieberman was the first ever Jew to run in a Presidential race.  Thus we see one more testimony to that most incredible election, an election that second Remnant Bush narrowly won per the nine-member court overturning the seven, even as we look to Yahweh in this ninth year to overturn the mark of the beast (and of course Bush is the ninth President in that 20 year death cycle of seven Presidents).

But none of this testimony would even be noteworthy, apart from the fact that the twenty-first day from July 4 falls on the day in which both temples were torn down.  Add to that the conjunction of Mars and Mercury on July 10, and the events leading up to July 4, there is just reason to note and report these things.  

On the other hand, I wondered if I should even report these things in advance; but it is because of these kinds of things and the hope we have, that we have performed the vital intercessoral acts of obedience in the past.  Therefore I cannot despise our hope or what we see.  Rees Howells said these intercessions are stepping stones that get us to the place where we are to be.  And it is not as though there is any particular thing we can do right now; but we can take note of these things and watch and obviously eagerly hope.  Oh how we know and feel our need for Him to act on our behalf.  We look to Yahweh and hope in Him to complete the work He began.

Most certainly, the things that Yahweh has done in the past, and the tremendous need there is for Satan to be defeated and the church to be delivered from its ways for the last 2,000 years, and to enter into the place where it can become that for which it was created, urges us steadily on.  

I am most grateful for each one of you.

May Yahweh give us success; may He give us much needed victory!





Sent July 17, 2004


Dear Brothers,

Yesterday I was working for/with a neighbor, and he is big on running and bicycling.  I asked him about the Tour de France, and he thought Armstrong’s best performance in the race was still to come.  I hope he is right.  But he also said something that caught my attention. He said the finish line of the race was July 25.  That caught my attention, of course; then he told me the race was a 21 day race!

I went home and looked it up on the web and, sure enough, both of these facts are true.  The race actually began on July 3, but they took two days off – July 12 and 19.  Interestingly, 12 is the number of the apostles; but more significantly at this time, it is reminiscent of the place of the twelfth apostle that Satan has occupied and is still sitting in.  Nineteen is the number of faith.  These are the two things in which Christianity has fallen short – they have not been able to provide the twelfth apostle, and they lack in faith.

Steve Jones states that 21 is the number of exceeding sinfulness.  Per the testimony of Daniel praying, his request being granted, and the prince of Persia delaying Gabriel for 21 days, it is evident that 21 represents the breach period of the church where, even though the promise was granted, because of Satan sitting in the place of the twelfth apostle (the place of Persia), there is a delay.  We see then that Daniel’s experience is in fact a nutshell testimony of the church.  And again, per the Tour de France, the church’s lack is its inability to displace and even replace Satan per his authority, as well as their absence of faith.

France is of course prophetic of the flesh, so it is quite revealing that this test of endurance is in France.  Of course our major problem is this weak and cursed flesh.  If Armstrong wins, he will break the previous record of five wins, and win the Tour six times.  It is interesting that, as I reported in the last e-mail, just recently I finally won Free Cell with a 777.  I finally won on the sixth time when there was a 777.  

Interestingly, “Lance” is Armstrong’s first name, which is a large spear carried by a horseman. And “Armstrong” is a strong arm to hold that spear.  And Armstrong’s ability is his great endurance, and literally his ability to overcome death as well (he has fought with cancer).

With the testimony of this 21 day race, and it coinciding with the 21 days from July 4 ending on Av 7, I hope that this Av 7 date will bring at that time or thereafter the evidence of the tearing down of the house of Christianity, the house built on the wilderness sand.  What that might mean, we will just have to wait and see.  But the date and event seem to mark the end of Christianity, which with this ninth year delay would take place before Tabernacles ever gets here.  It could be that this day might even correlate to Yahshua cursing the fig tree.  

Again, we will have to wait and see what might take place.  But, even as was noted in the last e-mail, these happenings and events are too “coincidental” (two like testimonies coinciding) to not notice. And, it seems to give us clearer understanding of the fuller  picture, the fuller truth, even as we have been seeing of late.

We will watch with interest and hope.  But one thing impresses me greatly of late, and that is that Christianity has no idea of what it will take in order to defeat Satan, no idea in the least! But the Bride sees the source of his authority; and with truth we look to Yahweh to give us that authority and place that was promised to us 2,000 years ago.  One must know truth, even government or law, in order to defeat Satan!







Sent August 4, 2004



Dear Brothers,


The absence of anticipated results on July 25, other than Lance Armstrong winning his record sixth victory, was quite disappointing.  We have looked to Yahweh to fulfill His word regarding the second Remnant and the latter rain – that which He did in the beginning, He will do again in the end – and our time of expectation and waiting seems to be drawing to a close.  As you know, this is the ninth year, the year of the Elijah fulfillment, and if what we are seeing is true, this has to be the year in which we receive that which is promised.  But there is very little time remaining.


There is a great deal I wish I could share with you, but I will try to share some of the most relevant points.  My sharing with you has been initiated by a phone conversation with Peter.  Peter has been instrumental in the Bride since he first began contact with me in 2002.  If it were not for Peter, I would not be here today.  He has certainly been an essential strength to me, and I do not say this lightly.


On Saturday evening, at almost midnight, his time, Peter called and told me of what he had read in Steve Jones’ August newsletter.  I will quote a portion of it.  Steve’s discussion here is regarding an intercession that Yahweh was leading him in going back to 1999.  Steve is the only other man I know who truly understands and walks in the truths of Rees Howells.  In fact, at one time Steve lived next door to Norman Grub, the author of the book, Rees Howells, Intercessor.  Most of the truths Steve has gained have been through intercession; and as you might know, Steve, despite his rejection of this, has been a first Remnant to me.  He has laid a foundation upon which I have been enabled to build.  And though many of Steve’s conclusions today are fraught with error due to his continued alliance with Christianity, the very problem that the true first Remnant possessed, nonetheless he has been a critical help to me.  Here now is the quote from Steve’s August newsletter, found at  I will underline the portion about which Peter called to share with me.


Jesus’ 2000th birthday fell on the Feast of Trumpets on September 11, 1999. We were led to hold a birthday celebration at Port Austin Bible Center in Michigan at that time. We even had a fireworks display. In the grand finale of the fireworks, the bursts pictured a lamb in the dark sky. People wondered how we did that. We assured them that we had no idea how this happened. It was done by the sovereign will of our heavenly Father.


Anyway, September 1999 marked a new beginning in time. After the feasts that month, we began to receive direct revelation about the feasts a year later in 2000. Then we came to understand that God was about to manifest a type of Feast of Tabernacles, not merely for seven days, but for the next seven YEARS. He also instructed us to pour out a vial of water and a vial of wine each year on the seventh day of Tabernacles, beginning in October 2000.


This era of world evangelism could not begin prior to the day that the Davidic company of overcomers came into full authority on November 30, 2000. But even at that time the overcomers had to begin to learn how to use the authority that had been given to them. We found that God began to move in such a way that He would teach us by “on-the-job training.” He led us into spiritual warfare during most of the year 2001, showing us many valuable principles in the Word that had been unknown to us.


Part of the spiritual warfare in July 11, 2001 manifested in the world as early as September 11, 2001. This was according to an old revelation from about 1980, where the Lord said, “July is like September.” Each July there is some form of revelation that manifests on the same day two months later in September. We have watched this year after year. In 2001, after ten days of spiritual warfare where we as overcomers had been attacked in the heavens, the warfare shifted on July 11. When the enemy knew that they could no longer defeat us, they directed their attack upon America itself. In my notes for that day, I wrote: “Personal attack now moves to America.” Two months later, with the attack on the Twin Towers, we saw the news headlines read: “Attack on America.”


Why did Peter point this out?  Because of the hope we had per July 25.  According to what Steve has had evidenced, what we had hoped for on July 25 would thus be manifested on September 25.  But this in and of itself would not be so noteworthy, except for the fact that September 25 is the Day of Atonement!  Is this a coincidence?  In the truest form of the definition of that word – co or like or united incidents – I truly hope so.


What is the Day of Atonement?  It is the day of sacrifice and cleansing instituted “after the death of the two sons of Aaron, when they had approached the presence of Yahweh and died” (Leviticus 16:1f).  This speaks of the death of the “two parts” of the church that for 2,000 years have brought “strange fire” before Yahweh, even as these two sons of Aaron did so (Leviticus 10:1f).  Thus, following this two-part death period, it is now time for Atonement.


As pointed out by Steve, this is also the day that marked the beginning of Yahshua’s ministry, insomuch that He was baptized by John on the Day of Atonement. 


In August, 1994, following the June experience when the Spirit came upon me, and when we would soon prepare to move to Washington after Yahweh showed me on August 7 to do so, Steve was addressing in his newsletter this very matter of “July is like September.”  In fact, it just so happens that I kept those newsletters and have gone back and reread them.  Based on testimonies in July, 1994, Steve was actually anticipating  results in September per the fall feast events, much like what we are anticipating and hoping for in 2004!  Let me review some of the points.


In his August 1 letter, he pointed out that the Day of Atonement was the day that the sons of Israel rejected entering into the promised land and were going to stone Joshua, as well as the day that Stephen was indeed stoned.  It is in fact, as Steve states – “decision day” or the “day of reckoning.”  It is the day in which Christianity has to decide whether they will enter into the promised land of the first resurrection.  Steve concluded that “September 1994 will be the final opportunity for the wheat church (Christianity) to enter the Kingdom in the first resurrection.  They will no doubt reject their opportunity.”  Of course this is precisely what we are seeing for Christianity per the 1994 closure date plus the ten year grace delay, or today in 2004.  This conclusion of the period of Christianity was addressed in the last writing.


So what could this mean for us today?  Obviously, that which Steve was led to anticipate in 1994 per specific acts of intercession and revelation, did not take place.  But, as we ourselves have learned, this is the GREAT difficulty and disappointment of faith and intercession, even causing one to look like a failure (Hebrews 11:13, 39-40).  There is no question – faith will lead one to look like a failure, the very thing that has cost me my entire family.  This matter of failure and of being humbled is addressed in The Passing Over Principle.  “Failure” is the price of following Yahweh, of walking in His ways.


But herein is the hope.  We learned in the last writing that there is a ten year delay period from 1994 to 2004.  I have already said that Steve has been a first Remnant for me.  My hope is that that which Steve walked out in 1994 and failed to effect, was a preluding testimony of that which will now be fulfilled in 2004.  Just the very fact that Steve was led to anticipate and walk out these specific “July is like September” matters specifically regarding the fall feasts ten years ago, the very issues that we are experiencing today, as well as our own anticipation for July 25, gives me hope that they are to be fulfilled at this time.


And one final matter regarding the testimony and relevance of the Day of Atonement – this is the same day as Jubilee (Leviticus 25:9).  Of course Jubilee is the day of the release of all debt, the very thing we need per our debt to sin and bondage.  Hopefully, very hopefully, this is what September 25 points to in some regard.


There is another seemingly relevant testimony here per Steve’s attention to this matter in ‘94, and that has to do with Trumpets, which takes place ten days prior on September 16.  In Steve’s August 5, 1994, newsletter, he addresses the fact that David and Jonathan were separated during the Feast of Trumpets.  In 1 Samuel 20:5, we read that this separation occurred during “the new moon,” which in the seventh month is of course Trumpets.  Steve writes that this particular new moon was in fact Trumpets, and from the standpoint of prophecy, he is probably correct.  Steve goes on to conclude that Trumpets “is the Day of Separation, where God divides His family into 2 bands.”  The two bands Steve speaks of here obviously refer to Genesis 32:10 where Jacob states – “for with my staff I crossed the Jordan, and now I have become two companies (K.J.V. – ‘bands’).”  Of course from what we learned in Shelah and Clay of Spittle regarding crossing the Jordan and entering into the holy place promised land, or the Millennial reign, if there is a correlation and fulfillment here, then there should now indeed be a division into two companies.  I would assume that that division would be the testimony of the two-part Remnant, but more importantly the separation of the Bride from the body.


Certainly David was divided from the house of Saul at the time of “the new moon;” and the testimony regarding those specific events were clearly prophetic/intercessoral.  Read 1 Samuel 20 and I think you will agree.  It is very strange how Jonathan shot the arrow and cried out to the lad the code message – “Is not the arrow beyond you?”  He then sent the lad home and talked directly to David.  So why the arrow?  Why did Jonathan not just send the lad home in the first place and talk to David, as he did anyway?  The only answer could be – in order to fulfill prophecy and intercession.  When I think of this arrow that was shot at a greater distance, I cannot but think of the testimony of the arrow of victory that the king shot out the window toward the east per Elisha’s instruction.


My own attention to that which Steve relates here about “the Day of Separation” is heightened by what I saw not long ago, and has not ceased to cause my wonder.  In 1 Kings 1:38-40 we read of Solomon being taken to Gihon where he was anointed king.  Of course Gihon was addressed in the writing, Shelah and Clay of Spittle, and looks to the anointing of the second Remnant.  But what I found inescapably significant was the response to and outcome of this prophetic event.  In verse 40 we read – “and the people were playing the flutes and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth was (lit.) divided at their noise.”  Thus we see that at the anointing of the second Remnant, it will indeed result in a dramatic separation or division.


This division also reminds us of Peleg, whose name means “to divide,” and in the year of his death the tower of Babel fell and the people were divided, even as written in Genesis 10:25 – “for in his days the earth was divided.”  Is this not also to be the case when mystery Babylon falls – a division into two companies?  This division is precisely that which we are seeing here per Trumpets.


And is it not thus quite significant that David was to hide himself three days at the rock of Ezel, and on the third day the message of truth and revelation was brought to him.  “Ezel,” as we have seen evidenced in these other testimonies as well, means “to separate, to go one’s way.”  Jonathan called that day of separation – “the eventful day” (vs. 19).  I pray that eventful day is at hand when the Bride fully begins to come out of the Saul body of Christ.  And remember, Yahweh divides/splits things in order to make them clean, even His seven year covenant with the Remnant has been split three-and-one-half years/three-and-one-half years.  Yahweh splits covenant parts.


Of course the fact is that all the feasts have relevant prophetic testimonies, even as we are seeing here with Atonement and Trumpets.  Thus, the question is – Are the fulfillments for now?  Given that this is the ninth year, the year of the Elijah fulfillment, I certainly hope so.  David told Jonathan – “there is about a step between me and death” (vs. 3).  Knowing many of your own circumstances, and feeling quite painfully and ominously my own, we can relate to what David said, being a step away from death.  Circumstantially this is true, and factually this is true per our eventual destiny if Yahweh does not reverse this dreadful curse.  Like David, we are quite aware of our plight.  But this ill plan is hidden from the body of Christ, even as it was hidden from Jonathan.  We desperately need a validation of truth and a separation from Satan.  We need vindication. 


One other thing regarding our hope per this fall feast period.  Even as Yahshua’s ministry began on the Day of Atonement, I desire, and I know you would wholly concur, for my own long awaited public ministry to begin.  May Yahweh do so for our behalf.


Of course all of the issues discussed here are a matter of timing.  If indeed “July is like September,” it is most relevant that July 25 is like September 25, the Day of Atonement.  We were hoping for and expecting wonderful things to begin on July 25; but they too died.  Now we hope that what Steve saw and reckoned on in 1994, will find its much needed fulfillment in 2004.  What were we hoping for on July 25?  Since this was my mother’s birthday, I was hoping that Jerusalem above, the mother of us all, would begin a work that would take us into a higher dimension.  The revelation leading up to July 4 was incredible and most encouraging.  On July 25 we had looked to Yahweh to continue and even increase that.  July 4 is the day America celebrates its own separation, its independence, its establishment as a nation, its beginning of sovereignty.  Even as we have already seen attested per Steve’s intercession, this is precisely what we would hope for come September 25.  We look to Yahweh to vindicate us, to begin His Elijah ministry, and to prepare and equip us to be sent out in His name, even as the twelve and 72 were sent out.  We look to Yahweh to perform a work wherein Satan will fall from heaven like lightning.


Passover to July 4 produced three incredible writings and a great hope.  Then July 4 was tied to July 25.  And now we see that July 25 is tied to September 25, or the Day of Atonement.  Thus, we have witnessed one continuous unbroken string since Passover.  It is now our sincere hope that we will indeed find our long awaited and much needed fulfillment in these fall feasts.  May Yahweh divide His people and make us clean.


For 2,000 years men have anticipated the “blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus” (Titus 2:13).  The first Remnant anticipated His return, but He did not come.  Paul seemed to have somewhat the same hope.  There were undoubtedly many to follow who anticipated the same.  We do know that some came to America and started communities with the specific hope that what they were doing was going to prepare the way for His return, but still He did not come.  Almost two hundred years ago, the Millerites taught and took specific actions to prepare for His return, yet He did not come.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses have repeatedly anticipated His return. 


When the Latter Rain Movement came in 1948, it was so named because they too thought that that move of the Spirit would bring Yahshua’s return, but they too experienced disappointment.  Hal Lindsey anticipated His return in 1988, along with other “88 Reasons” advocates.  Steve and many “overcomers” have equally anticipated a glorification, particularly related to 1996.  And how many multitude more have had equal cause to anticipate, and have even made specific efforts toward, His return, but with disappointment?  Without question, it is indeed in the heart of man to anticipate this “blessed hope;” but thus far men have all been painfully wrong.  So, as I asked myself recently, what is it that could make this man and what he believes, what we believe, so different that could indeed make this hope effectual?


This distinction, to summarize in a nutshell, is that all of these thus far have sought and tried their efforts as Christians, which is a guarantee for failure!  All of their efforts have been “strange fire” before Yahweh, and have in the end lead to death.  No man up to now has ever understood so fully why His coming needs to be now, nor the government regarding His coming .  They have not understood the two-part Remnant and the separating breach with which they have been a part, nor the Elijah work that averts Yahweh’s wrath and prepares the way for Yahshua’s return in peace.  Very critically, they have not understood  the necessity of displacing Satan from his position as the twelfth apostle, and the repairing of the breach by a latter rain replacement of Judas, thus displacing Satan.  As long as any man stays under Satan’s government in Christianity, there is no way they can ever succeed in bringing forth the Son of Man. 


They know nothing of the necessity of a second golden rod, nor the need for a one and twelve government.  They know nothing of the necessity of identification and intercession regarding these matters, nor do they understand the necessity of the Bride coming under the separate covering of holding all things in common.  The fact is, their beliefs have been void of any of this government, and have thus produced empty and hollow efforts.  None of these critical things have ever been known by any previous work that has sought to bring about Yahshua’s return, and thus they have all failed.  They have neither known Yahweh’s government, nor His ways.  The only way to effect Yahshua’s return is to come out of Christianity, the body of Christ, to become the covering Bride, and to come under a government separate from that which for 2,000 years has been under Satan’s authority.


I am reminded of the time when Satan came into me when I cursed (even as man is cursed), and despite all my repeated and determined commands for him to get off of me, even in the name of Jesus, he did not leave me until I addressed him with legal governmental truth and accuracy – get out of me!  Only when I addressed him with correct legal identity did he have to obey.  In like regard, only when we recognize his place of authority in the seat of Judas as an apostle, can we have the hope of displacing him, even defeating death.  Correct governmental understanding is thus critical, and that is what I believe the Bride has been given.  That is what I believe makes our efforts different from all of those before us.  That is why I believe we can succeed where others have failed.


We watch now for that which Yahweh will accomplish.  May He give us success in 2004!







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