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What should we have gained from reading this careful and extensive analysis of this matter of leaven and these two months of accounts in Yahshua's life? One thing is that we should see that it is indeed Yahweh's will in this "fullness of time" to now reveal His wonderful truth, that up to now has been hidden. The church has been a leavened Pentecost two-loaf work that cannot and will not resurrect or ascend to heaven. Instead, it must remain here in earthly flesh to be cleansed by fire. Before that cleansing will take place, Yahweh will take a Remnant from the side of the sleeping body of Christ. This last-day latter rain Remnant bride will be caught up alive to heaven, it being a Passover leaven-free offering which can ascend, in contrast to a Pentecost offering which cannot. There in heaven this latter rain second Remnant will be united with the former rain first Remnant, and the two will become one. This affords the repairing of the breach in Yahweh's work among men. What is that work? To deliver man from the constraints and weaknesses that this earth affords, necessitating that he be born from above, or receive an imperishable body. This has always been Yahweh's purpose, but the breach of Christianity has been a delay period in its fulfillment.

Why is it that man has never seen this truth before? Because for many reasons Yahweh conceals His truth and reveals it at the right time. Never in the history of man has Yahweh given the entire picture of His redemption plan. Truth is likened to the dawning of the day - the light growing brighter and brighter until the full day. Today, in these last moments just before the return of Yahshua, He is opening our eyes that we might begin to see His marvelous truth that has thus far been concealed. Oh this truth has always been there, but men are blind, even Christian men. To Peter it had been revealed that Yahshua was the Son of God; but even with the light that he possessed, he still had no clue as to what Yahweh was getting ready to do. Equally so the church up to now has had no clue as to what Yahweh will perform in these last days.

Like the blind man whom Yahshua healed by touching his eyes twice, so men have received the first touch and do not see all things clearly, awaiting the much needed second touch. We must be touched again to see more clearly the works of God.

More specifically concerning this two-part healing, we find that the first touch of Yahweh on the eyes of mankind brought about a Remnant, the first Remnant. This touch has allowed the church to get a blurry glimpse of who God is and what He will do. But, as has been said many times before in this writing and must be repeated here, 22,000 denominations ought to tell you that the church fails to have 20/20 vision. When the church cannot agree on what is truth, how can it have the truth? The problem has been that Christianity is a breach in the kingdom, and Yahweh must now complete what He began 2,000 years ago. He must touch the blind a second time to complete the healing, giving them eyes to see all things clearly.

This is what He is doing now. What you have just read is evidence that Yahweh is beginning to open men's eyes more fully. Truth that has been concealed from creation is being made known to men today. The light of day is dawning, and the full light will soon arrive with the return of Yahshua with His glorified Remnant.

What we are learning today, not even the disciples understood. Did they understand the fullness of Yahshua's warning concerning the leaven in relation to the number of baskets of bread that were left over? No, not at all. This truth has been reserved for His latter rain last days second touch Remnant. The disciples did not even have the four gospels to study and compare in order to see the evidences of this truth (not that they were not there at their time, for Yahweh does nothing new under the sun). The truth of the two-part Remnant was never known to the first Remnant disciples and their followers, nor has it been seen by the church for 2,000 years. This marvelous truth is being revealed to the latter Remnant that is touched a second time, and is being revealed to us today.

Today, we live in the most exciting and opportune time in the history of the world. Peace on earth has never been more promising. Technology has never been more advanced. Knowledge has never been more available. Transportation and communication have never been more accessible or faster. Prosperity has never been more possible. Development and construction have never been more wide spread. And in the midst of all of this great advancement that Yahweh has brought to man, the most exciting and infinitely rewarding prospect is that He is touching man a second time to allow him to begin to see all things clearly. While the kingdoms of this world are prospering and advancing to all time highs, there is a kingdom that is rising that will out shine them all - the glorified Remnant with the glorified King.

Will Yahshua destroy and devastate what we have today? Why should He? It would be easy to outshine massive widespread destruction and gross carnage. No, the glory of His kingdom will outshine the glory of the kingdoms of this world, even in their greatest time of advancement and splendor. Just as Babylon with all its beauty and splendor was left intact at the conquest of the Medo-Persians (despite the prophesies that it would be utterly and totally destroyed by the Medes), so the beauty and splendor of this world will not be destroyed. Rejoice that man is prospering, and take hope that the technology revolution we are experiencing today is only a pale prelude to the glory we will now begin to see with Yahshua's second touch work. I in no wise seek to defame all the marvels of what we are witnessing today in technology, peace, knowledge, transportation, communication, and prosperity. I rejoice for man! But even greater yet, I am encouraged that One is soon coming whose brightness will bring even greater hope, greater understanding, more perfect communication, and everlasting peace.

Touch your people oh Yahweh, and cause them to see all things clearly!



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