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One of the most important points being overlooked by Christianity is the great need that the body of Christ has for a bride. Even as Yahweh declared in the beginning concerning the first Adam - "It is not good for the man to be alone" - so it is true with the body of the last Adam - "It is not good for the body to be alone."

The body has been so occupied with maintaining the old of Christianity, they do not grasp that Yahweh must perform a new work, create a "new thing," even as promised in Jeremiah - "For Yahweh has created a new thing in the earth - a woman will encompass a man" (Jeremiah 31:22). This word "encompass," is the same word used in Deuteronomy 32:10 - "He (Yahweh) found him (Jacob) a desert land, and in the howling waste of a wilderness; he encircled (encompassed) him, He cared for him, he guarded him as the pupil of His eye." This is the "new thing" that the bride will do for the body of Christ - she will encompass, encircle, even care for, and guard it. When will this happen? Both now and when the Remnant bride is caught up to heaven to be glorified and enter into their incorruptible bodies.

This is precisely what we see here pictured by Abigail. Abigail became a protection for her "man." She encompassed, encircled, cared for, and guarded her "man," her husband. Of course no one thought he was worth it, for his name meant worthless, but she was faithful in her intercessoral place on behalf of her husband.

If you have read the writing, The Covering Bride, you are already aware how that legally the glorified bride is the covering for the husband until he can likewise enter into resurrection with her. This is the exact same testimony seen here with Abigail. Her Pentecost donkeys placed her before David, and she became the intercessor or covering for her unworthy husband. If you see this truth, you will understand yet a third witness Yahweh has provided. Let us briefly look at it. It is really quite remarkable!

This following information would have been an excellent part to The Covering Bride, but was not seen by this writer until after that writing was published on the web. So we will add it here.

An honest examination of all the sacrifices and offerings in the Law would lead one to conclude that Yahshua could not have fulfilled all of them; therefore, they must be fulfilled in other works of Yahweh. The sin offering we will examine now is just one such example.

In Leviticus 4:32-35, we read about a sin offering that required only a female lamb could be offered. First place, there is no way that Yahshua could have been this offering. It had to be a female, and Yahshua was a male. There were other offerings that were equally specified as being male only. These could have been fulfilled by Yahshua, but not this one that had to be a female. Let us examine what took place.

It is not necessary that we look at all the details, but let us see that a female lamb without defect was brought to the temple for a sin offering. The procedure was this: The man placed his hand on the head of the lamb, the lamb was then slain, and then offered up as a peace offering, a burnt offering, the smoke ascending to Yahweh. Upon this act, the lamb became an atonement for the man. Now let us consider this further.

When Yahweh was to judge David for killing the husband of Bathsheba, He sent the prophet, Nathan, to him with an account that a rich man had taken a poor man's "little ewe lamb" for his own needs (2 Samuel 12:1-4). This little lamb was in picture the wife of Uriah. Here we see the "little ewe lamb" was equated as being the wife of a man.

Let us now look further at this sin offering. Like the sacrifice lamb we see here, and as addressed in the book, Coverings, Chapter 3, the man is the covering of the woman in the normal order of the Father, the Son, the man, and then the woman. Each is covered by the one before them. We see this same covering order in the sacrifice of the female lamb.

The man placed his hand over the head of the lamb, being the head covering for it. But, what happened to the lamb? It was offered up to Yahweh as a burnt offering; it ascended to Him to become an atonement (lit., covering) for the offerer. Thus we see that though the man was first the covering of the lamb (his hand covering the lamb's head), when the lamb ascended to Yahweh as a sacrifice offering, the lamb became the covering for the man. That which was covered, became the covering for the one by whom it was offered. Thus we read once again - "For Yahweh has created a new thing in the earth - a woman will encompass a man."

Do you not now see that the bride of Yahshua that was under the covering of the body of the last Adam, the body of Christ, must come out from that covering and ascend alive to Yahweh in order to become the "new thing"? The female bride that ascends to heaven will be the covering, the atonement, the sin offering, for the masculine body out of which it came and was originally covered. Though she was under the body's covering (the bride was under the covering of Christianity), she comes out in order to be the sin offering by ascending to Yahweh. That which was covered, becomes the covering. The bride covers the body. Yahweh does a "new thing"! This is the covering provided by the "little ewe lamb" bride sin offering.

I do hope you grasp this most important point. But note in Genesis that it is never the expressed observation of Adam that he needs a helpmeet. He is too busy doing his job - naming all the animals. No, Adam did not say - "It's not good for me to be alone." That was Yahweh's higher truth. Adam made no assessment or statement that he needed a bride. In fact, when it came time for this to be accomplished, Adam was even anesthetized, put to sleep. He neither knew his need, nor did he have any part in fulfilling it.

So it is with the body of the last Adam. Christians, the body of the last Adam, are so busy naming and categorizing the animals, they do not even know they need a separate bride that will cover them. No, it is Yahweh who knows that need; so, He has put the body to sleep and is now, at this time, taking out a bride.

This bride of the body of the last Adam will be the fulfillment of the Abigail. She will be the female lamb that ascends to Yahweh to be an atonement, a covering, for the body. The new bride will be the "new thing"!

The recognition and revelation of this brings us to a most important point. It was pointed out at the opening of this writing that there are generally two erroneous ideas regarding the bride of Christ. Both of these have a common error - they relegate the bride to being either in whole or in part the body.

The first and larger group believe that the body and the bride are one. This is obviously incorrect. The only nonplant creation on this earth that this writer has knowledgeable of that is both male and female in the same body is the worm. The worm is that little serpent creature that wants to turn your body back into dust. And that is exactly what the both-sexed body-bride teaching will get for you - going to the dust via the serpent. This is the teaching of the serpent that is "more crafty than any beast of the field." This is the serpent that "deceives the whole world," including Christianity.

Once one sees the tremendous meaning of Yahweh's assessment that it is not good for the man to be alone, and understands how vital it is that the man needs a female atoning sacrifice, an Abigail, then any possibility that the body and the bride are the same is extremely short sighted.

How about the other teaching that the bride comes out of the body, but that they will be the good and victorious Christians? Although they see the truth that the bride comes out of the body, the problem with their teaching is that it is not radical enough.

To leave the bride in and under Christianity is essentially the same worm-teaching that the previous vaster group holds. The Remnant bride is a sudden work that takes place outside of the body. When Yahweh took the rib from the man, we see a work that comes out in order to be formed outside of the body, not one that stays in the body and continues to take the body name - Christian.

In April and May of 2000, during the time period of Passover, and particularly the delayed double Passover of May 19 through June 2, it was evident that a rib had been taken out of the body. These are a people that have come out of Christianity to be the bride. Though the bride in the beginning is but a small rib, it has the promise of being an entire bride body. According to the pattern that the Scriptures bear, the bride work will take shape and develop outside of the body.

Here is where present day teachings regarding a bride out of the body that is still in Christianity falls short. The bride MUST be a separate work that forms outside the body, not in it.

Another great fallacy that these teachings hold is that they fail to see that the bride is two-part - a Leah AND a Rachel, a Ahinoam AND an Abigail, a Peninnah AND a Hannah (1 Samuel 1). These groups falsely see the bride as the select and faithful ones that come out of all of Christianity, all 2,000 years, as one long string of people who called themselves Christians. But, they also fail to see that not only is the bride formed outside of the body, but the bride is two parts, formed specifically by the former and the latter rains. This dismisses a string of bride material that extends 2,000 years. Equally, for a bride to come out of Christianity as they suggest, leaves the bride still under the government and covering of Christianity, which it cannot be! Christianity is a corrupt work that can NEVER produce the life that man needs. They are the tree of good and evil that leads to death, and that is where the vast majority of them are - dead, sleeping. The tree of life Remnant is of necessity a two-part work that is entirely separate from that of good and evil Christianity. Any work that calls itself Christian, remains and will be nothing more than the masculine body.

These are very important distinctions that attest to the fact that both the identity and the atoning work of the true bride of Yahshua is separate and apart from the body.


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