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On two recent occasions, e-mails were sent to this writer raising the question of the appropriateness of coming out of Christianity. Let us look at those e-mails.

I have another question in regards to coming out of the body. How is this reconciled with not letting there be divisions among you, is this not creating another division?, and also what about in Hebrews where we are told not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together? These are just questions, considering how enormous this decision is.

I look forward to what Yahweh is doing and going to do. What an exciting time! May we discern what Yahweh is doing.

May love abound in your home,


The second was from a pastor, who wrote in genuine sincerity:

Dear Gary,

I don't have a lot of time to write to you today but I really need to understand what you mean by coming out of Christianity. I know the Church is no were near perfect or anywhere close to what God would have us be , but when I read the Bible I see the Apostles having the same problems we have today. I don't see how separating yourself from "the Body of Christ" could be a good thing. I always believed the only one (besides Jesus) who could help a drunk is another drunk or a former drunk and in the same way the only way the Church can get better is if the Church came together unified and fixed it. I really don't have time to explain what I'm trying to but I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.

Please write back and tell me how a divided house can stand?



It is understandable that to one who has not read this writing, they would see another group as just another split in Christianity. And as Aaron said, the decision for some on whether to come out of Christianity is enormous. But I hope that you see by now the absolute necessity for a bride to come out of Christianity. And as well, I hope you see that the bride must and will be a separate work that is established here on earth while the remainder of the body is still here. (Remember, the vast majority of the body of Christ is in the grave, sleeping.) There will be a development period in which the bride will come out of Christianity. This is not a division of Christianity, which is already divided into 22,000 sects and denominations. This is taking out of Christianity a work that is separate from and has an identity apart from Christianity. As we have seen here, the establishment of the bride is VERY important to the body - for atonement/covering and deliverance. But let us briefly look at another important testimony regarding this separation of these two works.

There were two requirements in the Law that determined whether an animal, a mammal, was clean. They had to have "split hoofs" and "chew the cud" (Leviticus 11:3). Both of these qualities were essential.

Yahweh does not have this requirement for any indiscriminate or unnecessary reason. His laws reveal His ways, and as you will see, this law has a great deal to do with the kingdom of God.

Does Christianity alone have the split hoof? Alone, by itself, no it does not. As Yahweh declared - "It is not good for the man to be alone." What does he, the body, need? He needs to be split. "Oh, wonderful!," you might say, "the body has been splitting for 2,000 years!" But no, that is not the kind of splitting that is good. That kind of splitting in which the house is divided into 22,000 groups (and that is just today) insures failure; for as Bob points out, a house divided against itself cannot stand. The kind of splitting that is needed in the kingdom is not the fracturing of the body, all remaining under the name of Christian; but what is necessary is a split that produces an entirely new work that is separate from the body, yet still in the kingdom. The only work that this could be is the bride work. The bride of Yahshua affords the split in the kingdom that is of Yahweh, and qualifies the kingdom to be "clean" on this one point - it splits the hoof, the "feet," the rights to the kingdom.

So you see here that according to the law of Yahweh, to split the kingdom into the body work, as well as the bride work, is essential for qualifying the kingdom to be "clean." That is why it is so necessary for a bride to now come out of Christianity - to split the hoof. This split is of Yahweh, even as He declared to King Rehoboam when he sought to keep Israel from splitting the hoof (1 Kings 12:24).

Now, an inquiring mind here would point out that the animal is not clean unless it equally chewed the cud. So what is chewing the cud? What second work must Yahweh perform in His kingdom in order to make it fully qualifying as "clean"? Let us consider what chewing the cud is.

We have goats and cows on our farm, and both of them are clean according to the law. It is interesting to watch either of them after they have eaten. They will generally go lie down and chew their cud. What is chewing the cud? The grass and/or hay they have eaten goes into their first stomach and soaks and begins the process of digestion. But the food is not fully ready to pass into the remainder of their digestive system until they rechew it. So, this "clean" animal that has ingested the grass and hay into its stomach, now brings it back up into its mouth and rechews it. Over and over this process is repeated. The animal brings the food up, chews it, and takes it back down again; brings it up, chews it, and takes it back down again, over and over.

A pig is not this way. Though the pig may have the split hoof, it does not chew the cud. The pig lacks the ability to bring its food up and down for its good. In fact, if a pig brings up its food, it is because the pig is very sick. Whatever it brings up is spilled out onto the ground.

In Mark, the gospel that was written with its message revealing Christianity (see, The Key To Their Understanding), we read that precisely 2,000 swine went to the sea of death because Legion entered into them. It has been pointed out many times before in these writings that these 2,000 swine are prophetic of the 2,000 years of Christianity. There really should be little doubt about this. 2,000 years of Christianity and 2,000 swine are not coincidental.

Let us ask the question then - Why was Christianity compared with swine? The answer to this question is most revealing.

Is Christianity qualified on both counts of being clean? On the first count of splitting the hoof, obviously it is. The swine splits the hoof, but does not chew the cud. Even so, because of the first Remnant that began the kingdom, followed by the body of Christ work, already the kingdom is split into two works - the first Remnant and the body. Thus, the kingdom is clean on this first point. It splits the hoof. But again we ask - Does it chew the cud? Obviously, the answer is, No. Let us now see what chewing the cud represents to Yahweh.

We know that chewing the cud is the ability to take food into the stomach, bring it back up to the head, take it back down, and go through this process on a regular basis to the satisfaction and benefit of the animal. This ability to cause food to ascend and descend, to ascend and descend, for good, is nothing less than the power of an immortal life - the power to ascend and descend, to ascend and descend, for good. This is the ability to go from the belly to the head, back to the belly, and again to the head, adinfinitum. This is the power of immortality! This is the power of intercession!

And this has been the power that neither the first Remnant nor Christianity possess. They do not have the power of an immortal life. Thus, though being "clean" per the first requirement of splitting the hoof (and remember, feet or hoofs speak of the rights to the kingdom), neither the first Remnant nor Christianity chewed the cud. This is precisely why 2,000 swine went to the sea of death - they represented the 2,000 years of the kingdom that does not have the power over death, but like these swine, and as written in Zechariah 13:8, they are the two parts that are "cut off and perish" by death. These are the 2,000 swine that, though they split the hoof, do not have the ability to chew the cud; the contents of their belly is spilled out and goes back to the earth.

Now you not only see the GREAT necessity of the splitting of the kingdom into the body and the bride, but also the GREAT need of both the body and the first Remnant for Yahweh to perform a work that will take a second Remnant people to Jerusalem above, place both of these Remnant parts into immortal bodies, and give them the power to "ruminate" between heaven and earth. This is begun by the ascension of the second Remnant alive into heaven as the great Elijah work, only to be preceded by the first resurrection of the first Remnant. The two Remnant will meet in the air, be glorified with Yahshua, and return to reign here on this earth. At that time the Remnant will be fully clean - splitting the hoof themselves - as well as for the first time ever in mankind, they will chew the cud!

So, to answer the questions in the e-mails, splitting the body and the bride into two works is essential for cleanness. Today, this means coming out of Christianity and in no way claiming to be a part of the body of Christ, Christianity. Rather, their confession is to be that they are the separate bride, separate from the body, and separate now.


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