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The first man, Adam, became a living soul.

The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural;

then the spiritual.

Since there was a first Adam created on the natural level, followed by and fulfilled on a much higher level in the spiritual by a last Adam; and since there was a first Eve, equally created on the natural level at the identical time; is it not also to be expected that there must be a last Eve as well, created on the higher spiritual realm?

Even as Yahshua, created first as a natural last Adam, became the resurrected immortal Adam, so equally there must of necessity be a last Eve, who also being created first natural, must enter into immortality. And even as the last Adam, Yahshua performed works toward the restoration of what was lost by man in the first garden, so it is that the last Eve must equally perform works toward the restoration of the garden of God, that is the Elijah work of restoring all things - Matthew 17:11!

Eve, even more than Adam, was the primary cause for the fall of mankind. She, being deceived, ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil first, and then extended that fruit to Adam. And in this order, we will find that a last Eve will have an initiating redemptive role in restoring what the first Eve had such a large part in corrupting and losing.

Eve was in a governmental place necessitating submission to her husband, who was in like manner to be in submission to the Father. But Satan tempted Eve, the weaker vessel, to elevate herself to the place of deciding for herself what was good and evil, right and wrong, apart from her husband and God. This she did. She ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so that she could make decisions for herself, so that she could be equal to her husband and to God, and thus she sinned. And it was this decision process into which she drew her husband, who according to the Scriptures was not deceived, though Eve was deceived (1 Timothy 2:14). And this has been the problem in mankind ever since - men on their own seek to determine without God what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil,.

This is precisely the problem in the family - the wife often takes the position that she wants to be equal to the husband and determine for herself what is good and evil, right and wrong. Even as in the garden, instead of the woman going to her husband and seeking him as to what is right as she is instructed in the Scriptures (1 Peter 3:1-6, 1 Corinthians 14:34-35), she wants to determine this for herself and provide her own tyrannical direction. Every time a wife determines that she will decide over her husband what is best in a situation for the family, she repeats all over again the garden of Eden fall of mankind, with the same results - death and rejection from Yahweh! Every time one of the children in a family determines or demands that they know what is best for their life and rejects the direction and instruction of their parents, they too repeat all over again the fall that took place in the garden of God, with the same results - death and rejection from Yahweh! People do not realize how sever the destruction when they follow Satan, the god of this world, in accepting the lie all over again that it is their eyes that are opened in a situation, when in fact they are blind and full of evil.

Being deceived, the first Eve abandoned her place as the woman and usurped her head, which resulted in the fall of all mankind. But the hope that lies before us now is that even as there was a last Adam who by His obedience brought forth "the justification of life to all men" (Romans 5:12-21), so there is to be a last Eve, who will recompense all that was lost by the act of the first Eve. Now that the Adam work is restored, it is time that the Eve work be restored as well, bringing to fulfillment the restoration of all that was lost in the garden, and fulfilling the Elijah promise spoken by Yahshua. Of course the Eve work is the Remnant Bride. It is this bride who is equally the Elijah, who has the great promise of being the one who "will restore all things" (Matthew 17:11).

In the midst of this chapter in 1 Corinthians 11 on Yahweh's order - the Father being the head of the Son, the Son the head of the man, the man the head of the woman - we read what is in truth a mystery: "For as the woman originates from the man, so also the man has his birth through the woman; and all things originate from God" (verse 12). While this is true on the natural level, let us now look at this on the kingdom level, which is simply an extension of the natural.

Even as the woman originates from man, so the bride of Yahshua originates from the masculine body of Christ. But also equally true, as the man is born through the woman, so Yahshua Himself will be birthed into this earth as King of kings through the woman; for it is the bride who is the Elijah who prepares the way for the Son of God (even as Mary did so). Thus, the woman (the bride) originates from the man (the body), but equally the Man (Yahshua) originates from the woman (the bride), "and all things originate from God."

Thus we see that while the first Eve brought the fall of mankind, the last Eve, the bride, will bring about the restoration of all things, recompensing the loss that came through the woman. In weakness, the woman caused man to fall, yielding to Satan; but Yahweh will once again in the end use the weakness of the woman, the bride, to destroy Satan (the Jael killing the Sisera) and restore the kingdom of God, bringing forth the Son of God. Even as in the case of Adam, Eve's act of disobedience meant the corruption of Adam and the fall of all mankind; so likewise, how much more will the last Eve's obedience mean the restoration of mankind?

By what spirit will this Eve bride be established? Will it continue in the original spirit of rejecting the instruction of her head? Not at all! Like the centurion soldier whom Yahshua praised (Matthew 8:5-13), the bride will respect the role of authority, and will respond in faith and obedience for the conquering of death.

While the bride is on the one hand a feminine work, we have already noted that male and female ideas exist in both sexes. While the woman is the weaker vessel, a woman who embraces male law concepts can have higher resolve, order, and obedience. (This does not imply that she is masculine in appearance and nature though.) And most importantly, even while the Scriptures tell us that the woman was deceived and not the man, a woman who considers the male aspects of law can refrain from being deceived. This the bride of Yahshua will and must do.

While the bride of Yahshua is female in identity, it is most significant that the Leah first Remnant bride had a leadership composed solely of men - the twelve apostles. Yahweh chose men, and not a single woman, to be the head of this first Remnant bride work. Why would He chose men and not women? Yahweh is not affected by social pressures, and He did this for a reason (which we would be wise to discern). He did this so that the bride work would not follow the way of Eve.

While the last Eve is a female work, it must have a male attitude. This is why the disciples were all male. It is most interesting that up to this point, the second Remnant is a male-based work. This does not mean that women are not being used in an important way, for very often it is women who respond to these spiritual truths. Like Lydia, who was the first to respond to Paul, Timothy, and Luke after they were specifically directed by the Spirit to go west into Macedonia, so it is often women who first respond to Remnant truth. Women have the unique and highly important place of representing the bride. As the bride figure, Lydia was "a seller of purple fabrics, a worshiper of God," who on the Sabbath was "outside the gate to a river side," along with other women (Acts 16:11-15). Here her heart was opened to respond to truth, and she and her household were baptized and she opened her home to Paul, Timothy, and Luke.

In like manner, women once again are those who are often most receptive to the bride truth. They are bride material - sellers of purple fabric and worshipers of God. They too on the Sabbath have come outside the gate of Christianity and gather by the river of Yahweh's latter rain. This we have already seen in the Remnant Bride, as women respond to the bride truth, Yahweh affirming that this work is indeed His bride who comes out to be by the river.

But equally, while the Bride work is being established in this flesh (which is the origin of everything that is of the kingdom of heaven), Yahweh still applies the natural distinguishing rules regarding the man and the woman in the church, thoroughly affirmed in New Testament teachings. This is Yahweh's established order for the church, and we do well to acknowledge it. Thus, this teacher happens to be male, along with his associate. Yahweh has chosen to call a man to teach and lead the Bride, but even so, He will and even has used women to manifest the testimony that this work is the feminine bride.

The reason Yahweh would have the bride to possess the male attitude is so that she does not follow in the ways of Eve. The last Eve cannot be like the former, but must be like the masculine Adam who, though taking the fruit, was not deceived. The last Eve must be far more discerning of the serpent, and this time refuse to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, taking our place under our Head, Yahshua, and seeking Him only as to what is right and good. The determination of what we are to do is not our choice, but must be His. He alone is our head, and we as His bride, like Sarah, are to call Him Lord. As the bride work, we have the opportunity to do this (unlike the body of Christ which is sleeping).

This refusal of the second Remnant to follow in the ways of the first Eve, and thus refuse to follow in the way of the feminine, is boldly witnessed in Revelation. There are two groups of 144,000 in Revelation. Why two groups? Because they represent the two-part Remnant. We cannot go into all the affirmation of these right now, but will point out that in Revelation 14 these are the "first fruits to God and the Lamb" (see the writing Passover, The Promise For The First-born for an important analysis of the first-born Remnant), that "no lie was found in their mouth" (the Remnant message is true and is not a lie), and finally we read - "These are the ones who have not been defiled with women, for they are celibates."

The Remnant today are not all men, and there is no way one could find a literal fulfillment of this in the Jews, as many Christians falsely teach. What we see here in a parable (as Yahshua often used when teaching) is the practice of the second Remnant to not be defiled by the weaker ways of the woman, to not be defiled in the way the first Eve was deceived and defiled. Here we see once again that the last Eve will follow the lead of the masculine law, and not be weak and deceived. The second Remnant will not be "defiled with women," but like Yahshua who in like testimony never had relations with a woman, will be celibates, doing only the will of the Father.

In contrast, this practice was not true with the first Remnant, or with the body of Christ. In fact, the first Remnant was the Eve who handed the forbidden fruit to the body, equally causing them to enter into sin, nakedness, and death. This corruption of the way of the first Remnant via the feminine is dramatically seen in the testimony of Solomon. In the writing, The Issue - II, we saw very clearly the place Solomon prophetically occupied as the first Remnant, insomuch that he failed and the kingdom was divided. What specifically was the cause of his failure? In 1 Kings 11:3 we read - "And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines, and his wives turned his heart away." Thus we see that first Remnant Solomon was led astray by the feminine - his seven hundred wives.

The second Remnant, in contrast, cannot follow in the way of the first regarding the feminine. In clear contrast to Solomon, we are to be the 144,000 "who have not been defiled with women." We are to be celibates concerning feminine ways, not allowing weakness or Satan's deception to turn our hearts away from Yahweh. We cannot be led astray to serve other gods, as Solomon was so led by his seven hundred wives.

In contrast to this masculine orientation of the second Remnant, but in keeping with the feminine orientation of the one who handed them the forbidden fruit (the first Remnant), the body of Christ has followed in feminine behavior and not masculine. Let us consider this for a moment.

As testimony of this feminization of the body of Christ, there are an ever increasing host of women in its leadership positions. The place of pastors, priests, and teachers are each being filled by women, despite the specific prohibition of the Scriptures - 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, 1 Timothy 2:11, Titus 2:4-5. Yahweh gives man outward physical evidences of inward spiritual truth, and the ever increasing acceptance and practice of women in teaching and leadership roles in Christianity is only one telling example of this feminization of the body of Christ.

Another evidence of this, which is so widely accepted that this will be rejected by the majority, is the feminization of men by the removal of the beard. Instead of having the appearance of the man, to whom Yahweh gave facial hair, men have the appearance of the woman. Furthermore, the woman, who is supposed to pray and prophecy with her head covered, takes the position of the man, and as he is specifically instructed, she prays with her head uncovered. Natural testimonies are bearing evidence that the church is in an incredibly horrible spiritual state.

How is the body of Christ being feminine and not masculine? By following in the way of Eve and doing their own will, elevating themselves to be like God. Equally they operate strongly in the mercy realm and not in the law realm - preferring not to hold to any standards but instead to rely upon the "mercy of God." Christianity knows nothing about the law. In fact, modern day Christianity can readily be compared to fast food restaurants. They want their spiritual food cheap, simple, and fast. Their doctrines are reduced down to quick limited slogans. "Give me a number 4" - "Are you saved?," and that is all they know. "Give me a number 5" - "Are you born again?," and they have no idea of the fullness of what Yahshua was even saying to Nicodemus. It was aptly said to Nicodemus and could equally be asked of Christianity today - "Are you the teacher of Israel, and you do not understand these things?"

Christians are more interested in form and experience than understanding the laws and ways of Yahweh. But apart from the law, they cannot know either Yahweh or His ways. And even when His law does find some expression, for example in the head covering, they illegally dismiss it with the feminine expression of grace and mercy. "Give me a number 6" - "We're saved by grace!"

Repeatedly we find it evidenced that Matthew was written relative to the first Remnant, Mark was written relative to Christianity, and Luke to the second Remnant. This is covered in the writings on Bible contradictions. Since Christianity is at large a very lawless work with a strong feminine mercy propensity, rather than a more disciplined masculine law propensity, would it not be quite telling if the word "law" was never used in Christianity Mark? An absence of the word "law" in Mark, while its repeated presence in the other gospels, would be a startling affirmation that Mark Christianity is indeed a lawless work. And this is exactly what we find! The word "law" is used nine times in first Remnant Matthew, ten times in second Remnant Luke, and fifteen times in kingdom of God John. But most telling, "law" is not used one single time in Christianity Mark! Christianity, as evidenced by a comparison of the gospels, is indeed lawless!

Thus it is evident in many ways that the body of Christ is ever more feminine in nature and behavior and even in looks (unbearded), performing the very thing against which Paul warned - turning "the grace of our God into licentiousness" (Jude 1:4). They prefer following the quality of mercy without regard for law, and by doing so follow in the ways of the first Eve. Like Adam, they have allowed the feminine qualities to dictate from which tree they will eat, and in so doing have become feminine themselves, and for 2,000 years have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The temptation regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the temptation of a wife or a child to follow in that fleshly sin of determining for themselves what is good and what is evil, as well as the sin of the church in doing likewise, is so very apparent. It is evident that this sin took place in the garden, not so much as a warning but as a testimony of the great weakness of this earthly flesh-life that would follow. The garden was in fact a testimony of what the flesh-life would be, the same great characteristic sin being carried out over and over and over again - in individuals, in the home, in the church, in nations, and in all mankind. Sin is an act we all carry out, as long as we are in cursed flesh.

The second Remnant is the last Eve, even as Yahshua was the last Adam, and the second Remnant will effect the reversal of the sin of the first Eve. If there was a first and last Adam, is it not evident that Yahweh would have a first and last Eve? And the specific sin to be overcome is that which Yahshua overcame - He did nothing except it was the will of the Father. The Spirit of Yahweh must come upon this Bride and empower us to follow in that redemptive work and do nothing except the will of the Father.

Thus, by having the attitude of obedience only and the discernment to not be deceived, we as the Remnant Bride have the opportunity and responsibility to become the last Eve, even as Yahshua was the obedient last Adam. Can we do this in and of ourselves, by the flesh? Absolutely not! Yahweh must overshadow us and give us His semen, His Spirit, which makes the birth of Yahshua as King of kings possible; even as Yahshua said - "apart from Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5). It would be as impossible for the second Remnant to perform this work, as it would have been for Mary to have brought forth the Son of God the first time. Apart from Him, we can do nothing! While we must cooperate with and seek Yahweh with all our hearts, when it comes down to it, Yahweh alone is the one who must perform this work. We must take off our sandals and acknowledge Him only, with the ultimate hope and great need of ascending alive, putting off this corrupt earthly flesh, and entering into immortality. Only then will we fully be able to do His will only.

For this reason alone - that Yahweh will perform this work - the second Remnant accomplishes the redeeming work of the last Eve. She is the Elijah work that must restore all things, even as Yahshua declared.


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