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2,000 years ago, Yahshua was put to sleep, and as a result fifty days later came mercy. And now once again at the fullness of time this is precisely our need. What now must happen? Now that the body of Christ is put to sleep, we as the Bride await the much needed outpouring and even completion of His mercy. At the beginning of the wilderness, the sons of Israel drank water from the rock that was struck, and that rock we are told was Yahshua - 1 Corinthians 10:4. While Yahshua was indeed struck at the beginning of the church and men drank of the water of His Spirit some fifty days later, today we await the outcome of the striking of the second rock and the water of His Spirit that must equally come forth.

Just before the sons of Israel went into the promised land, a second rock was struck. If Christ is the first rock, then who is the second rock? Of necessity it must be Christ, but since He is in heaven and not on earth and is already crucified, there is only one who can be struck as that required rock, and that is the body of Christ. The body of Christ must be struck so that we can receive the much needed water just before our entrance into the promised land.

Do you recall that we said the work of salvation begins with Yahshua, and must be worked out in and through man? Since Yahshua was the first rock that had to be struck at the beginning of the kingdom, this necessitated that His body follow in His work and equally become the required and foreshadowed rock, this time the second rock that must be struck. This two-part striking of "the rock" is clear evidence of what we talked about in that section.

So what now? With the striking of the second rock of the body of Christ, we await the resulting outpouring of His Spirit. This is the double portion foreshadowed as the outcome of striking that second rock twice, as well as the double portion of the Spirit that Elisha received, the double portion Job received following the breach period in which Satan afflicted him, or even the doubling of Spirit Lake with the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. All of these witnesses speak of the double portion of His Spirit to be received in the latter rain.

And as we have addressed in this writing, this release of His Spirit to man is equally the consummation of His marriage to the Bride which was prematurely initiated with the first Remnant, assuring a second release of His Spirit at the fullness of time. This release of His Spirit is His shemen/semen that is given to us to insure the bringing forth of His offspring - the Son of God as King of kings.

This is the work that we His Bride so desperately need and await. And in anticipation of this, we hear, believe, and then act by covering ourselves with the obedient tithe, awaiting the time to more perfectly cover ourselves with holding all things in common.


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