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Even as we saw with Adam and Eve in the original garden of God, so the testimony of the law of coverings which Yahweh established through Abraham is a preluding design of that which will be. As we have noted in other writings numerous times before, from Ecclesiastes 1:9 we read:

That which has been is that which will be,
And that which has been done is that which will be done.
So, there is nothing new under the sun.

This pattern of Abraham's circumcision is not a lone act never to be repeated again. Abraham is too significant a man for that, and this act of his circumcision is too dramatic and too significant a command. The covenant via his circumcision is in fact a preluding foreshadowing testimony of that which will be. For in this matter of Abraham's circumcision of the foreskin of the organ which brings forth offspring, we see Yahweh's testimony of what He will accomplish on the much, much, much higher level of bringing forth godly offspring or seed in the kingdom of heaven; and not just Christianity, but in the more perfect kingdom in which Yahshua bodily reigns here upon this earth.

One must realize and keep in mind that Yahweh's purpose on this earth is to bring forth and fill the earth with godly offspring. This is thus far accomplished in part on lower levels of fulfillment, both in the rearing of physical children in which parents seek to direct them in the ways of God, as well as having spiritual children in which men and women seek to lead others in the teachings and ways of God. But both of these aspects of producing Godly offspring are corrupted levels. We cannot perfectly lead men or children; and they have yet to become perfect offspring. Only Yahweh can truly fulfill this purpose, so we are not talking about fulfilling this by working through the imperfection of our present existence. Yahweh must fulfill this by changing our state of existence. He must remove us from this corrupt earthly state and place us in His perfect spiritual heavenly state. Only then can we be truly free and equipped to produce truly godly offspring, which will then become our task. Let us look at this important point further by returning to the foreshadowing testimony or pattern of Abraham, or more exactly, Abram.

Prior to Yahweh becoming Abraham's covering, or guarantee if you would, this Abram (for such he was called prior to circumcision) was covered in his ability to bring forth offspring by his foreskin or his flesh. This might elicit numerous connotations to you; but, there is a fulfillment of this at a level which you surely have never considered before.

If one ponders this work of Yahweh in becoming the covering of Abraham in his ability to produce offspring, this uncovering of the "head" of Abram raises a very big question. Let me ask you. Before Abraham was circumcised and Yahweh became the covering over his ability to bring forth offspring, when Abram was going to have marital relations with Sarai, was Abram covered in his reproductive capacity at that moment? The answer is no. When Abram was in the tent with his wife for conjugal purposes prior to the placement of Yahweh's covenant over Abram, the physical nature of that moment resulted in the uncovering of Abraham's "head." If you think about this in light of what Yahweh did in becoming Abraham's covering, this in fact does bring up this very real question or wonder.

Apart from your reading the book Coverings, you are probably unaware of the ill consequences of being uncovered. There are a whole host of evidences in the Scriptures of these ill consequences, whether it be in the area of clothing, the firmament, the incense over the ark of the covenant, a woman's head covering, a beard, Christ, and on and on. The laws of Yahweh require that men be appropriately covered, and the consequence for not being covered is judgment. This is Yahweh's law and way.

Let me give you just one example out of several, which are covered in Coverings, to help you see or understand this law and its consequences. In Leviticus 16:13 we read - "And he (Aaron, or the high priest) shall put the incense on the fire before Yahweh, that the cloud of incense may cover the mercy seat that is on the ark of the testimony, lest he die." This is clear and simple. There was to be a covering over the mercy seat - the cloud of incense - and if that covering was removed or for any reason was not in place when the priest came into the holy of holies, then judgment was demanded. The absence of the covering over the ark of the covenant evoked Yahweh's judgment - the death of the high priest. Again, read Coverings for an in depth analysis of this most important law and way of Yahweh.

And thus we see, at the time when Abram was with Sarai to try to bring forth offspring, which they were never able to accomplish (equally, fleshly man cannot bring forth truly godly offspring), Abram, by the physical nature of that precovenant moment, was uncovered and needed a covering. His uncovered state demanded a covering. Without a covering, according to the laws of Yahweh, he would be judged. So, what would be his covering in this moment? Sarai! The uncovered "head" of Abram was soon covered by his wife, Sarai.

You might object here that this is a little farfetched or uncomfortably or even inappropriately irrelevant; but, keep in mind that it was not my idea for Yahweh to use the removal of the foreskin from the reproductive organ of Abram, as well as his offspring and servants, to testify of His covenant with him. This is Yahweh's marvelous testimony, and if you will stay with me, you too will see that this is far more relevant and exceptionally important than you could have ever known or imagined.

Sarai became the covering of Abram in his temporary uncovered state, prior to Yahweh becoming his covering. When Abram was uncovered, Sarai became the covering until Yahweh removed the foreskin, testifying that he had a new covering, and replacing the old. Thus, until Yahweh could provide the more perfect covering of His covenant, Sarai was the interim covering for Abram. Let me state this again, for it is a most important point. Until Yahweh could provide the more perfect covering of Abram with His covenant, Sarai was the interim covering. This interim covering was to legally cover Abram so as to avert the judgment of Yahweh in his temporary uncovered state, the inherent and inseparable consequence under the law of coverings.

What does all of this mean? When one is examining the father of faith, one can be entirely certain that this speaks volumes; especially when we are dealing with the very sign of the covenant that Yahweh had with this man of faith, this man that represented the bringing forth of the sons of God, this man who represented the population of the earth with nations of offspring who were to be a blessing to the entire earth.

I assure you, although the literal offspring of Abraham (the sons of Israel, the Caucasians of Europe who founded the world-blessing nation of America), and though the spiritual offspring of Abraham (the sons of God by faith), have been a blessing and great transforming force to mankind on this earth, these are only lesser preluding levels that come far short of the sons of God who will be glorified in heavenly bodies, who will be the ultimate fulfillment of this great need to bring forth godly offspring that will fill the earth!

How will these offspring come about? In one sense, in the lower sense, they already exist in Christianity. But this level is corrupted and must be refined or "improved." How will all of this work out? The outcome is evidenced by what we have just examined in this testimony concerning Abram and Sarai. Let us look further at this most important testimony.


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