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There are two distinct ways we have been examining this body/bride relationship — via the Abraham/Sarah relationship, as well as the Adam/Eve relationship. Both of these foreshadowing pictures speak to the same works — the body and the bride — yet each picture testifies to different truths specific to each case. In the last section we examined more carefully the Abraham/Sarah relationship in order to see who these godly offspring will in time be — the nations of all people for 6,000 years. In this closing section let us consider once again this Adam/Eve relationship, but this time in order to discern more fully how it is these offspring will come forth.

We have seen somewhat in this writing a most important point which we will state again here in order to clarify as well as emphasize it. Even as Adam and Eve were the first human male/female figures upon the earth, so the body of Christ and the bride of Christ are the first male/female figures in the kingdom of God. Did you get that? That is very important! Why the two figures? The obvious answer is seen in the specific mandate given to the first two figures at the beginning of the earth — to "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it" (Genesis 1:28). Even as the first couple had this mandate, this is equally the purpose and mandate of the body and the bride in the kingdom of God — to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it.

This command was issued , of course, by Yahweh after He created the man and the woman on the sixth day. This command was not issued to Adam while He was alone. The verse immediately preceding this command tells us — "male and female he created them." It would have been fruitless to have issued that command to Adam alone — a most impossible task for a man, especially alone. In Jeremiah 30:6 we specifically see the impossibility of the male in bringing forth offspring:

Ask now, and see,
If a male can give birth.
Why do I see every man
With his hands on his loins, as a woman in childbirth?
And why have all faces turned pale?

It is important to note here that it is impossible for the body of Christ to bring forth the necessary godly offspring, even as it is impossible for any man to bring forth offspring. Frankly speaking, the masculine just is not equipped. And even if he did somehow perform this impossible task, he does not have the plumbing to feed the child after it is born. The Spirit of God could come upon a Mary to conceive; but, He could never have come upon a Joseph to conceive. The male figure in no way has the ability to conceive, give birth, or nourish offspring. These abilities lie wholly with the feminine, which the masculine body of Christ definitely is not.

We have a very real problem in the kingdom of God now, the same problem that Adam had: the kingdom of God, at this time, is single sexed - masculine - with absolutely no ability to bring forth offspring! Since a man cannot have offspring, then how can He obtain a companion who can? The answer is - Yahweh has to work a miracle for the man.

Returning to the anatomy question, we find the woman, the feminine, is wholly equipped to bring forth offspring. Unlike the man, she is slit so that the bearing of offspring for her is entirely natural. This is not the case with the male. He is not slit. So, in order for "offspring" to be brought forth from his body, miracle surgery is required. The first masculine entity must be put to sleep for this surgery, wherein he too is given a slit, but in his side, which is totally unnatural of course. Accomplishing this, "offspring" can now come forth. The man is masculine, and not feminine, and a slit is not at all natural for him. So, in order for Yahweh to bring forth the woman, this "offspring" requires a most dramatic and highly unique work. The man is put to sleep, a slit is made in his side, and out from it is "birthed" this offspring — the woman, who wonderfully is fully equipped to now bring forth these future offspring, and this birthing process can now take place far more naturally.

Right now in the kingdom of God we have an Adam, the body of Christ, more specifically the body of the last Adam. We ask once again — Can this masculine entity who is all alone bring forth any offspring? Not by himself! To carry this out naturally, he must have a bride. And since he is not equipped for this purpose of bringing forth offspring, he will have to be put to sleep and a bride "offspring" will have to be taken from a slit placed in his side. This slit was placed in the side of Adam while he was put to sleep. This slit was placed in the side of the last Adam on the cross where He was put to sleep. And, most assuredly, this slit MUST be placed in the side of the sleeping body of Christ in order for Yahweh to bring forth the bride, thus providing the essential two-part male/female beginning in the kingdom of God. Once the bride is added to the kingdom, then the essential equipping is in place for this vital command of Yahweh to be fulfilled - to "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it." Until the bride appears, this is a most impossible task for the body of Christ alone.

The first inhabitants in the kingdom of God must come about in miraculous works performed by God alone. He alone is entirely responsible for producing the masculine Adam and the feminine Eve. It is important to note here though that once this union is created, the process of filling and subduing the earth is now the responsibility of these two. Yahweh did not create Cain, Abel, or Seth. They came about from the union of Adam and Eve. Miraculous creations were not necessary any more. The masculine and the feminine elements were created so that in the uniqueness of each of these two elements, once united they afforded essential procreation for the world. Any future creations following the initial miraculous creation of Adam and Eve, were simply a product of creation "after their kind."

So it will be in the kingdom of God. The creation of the masculine body of Christ, as well as the feminine bride of Christ, will be miraculous. Yahweh declared to Zechariah concerning the establishment of this two-part body/bride work (revealed to Zechariah as the lamp stand [the body] and the olive trees [the bride]), that these parts were specifically - "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit" (4:1-6). But once this miraculous two-part male/female beginning is established in the kingdom of God, these two entities — the masculine body and the feminine bride — will then be equipped (both eventually being born from above into incorruptible bodies) to bring forth all future offspring. The entirely miraculous creation of these first two entities will be followed by the still miraculous (as is the birth of any baby) yet more natural conception via the union of the body and the bride. Do you understand this? Once the body of Christ and the bride of Christ are brought forth by Yahweh, these two will then be used to bring forth spiritual offspring after "their kind."

Of course all of this exists on a purely spiritual level which affords these, as well as other, totally symbolic and descriptive representations. The bearing of offspring by the body of Christ and the bride of Christ, will result in the whole of mankind for the last 6,000 years entering into the state that the body and the bride will already possess — heavenly bodies. The "in kind" command assures that the remainder of mankind will enter into this heavenly-born relationship with the Father, experiencing that transformation which the previously established body and bride will have already entered into. The ultimate outcome of the creation of the male and the female and the offspring they will bring forth, will be the conversion of all men into the kingdom of heaven, ALL TO THE GLORY OF YAHWEH! What was intended for the first Adam and Eve, will be fulfilled at the much higher level with the last Adam and Eve. "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."




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