Passover, the Promise
for the First-born


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Possibly the best way to understand what is taking place now per Passover is to look at it from the perspective of the Elijah work. If you have read very many of these writings, you will know that the second Remnant is the fulfillment of Elijah. As the Elijah, the second Remnant must prepare the way for Yahshua's return. This work has been pictured or foreshadowed in various ways such as in Mary, who after being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, in a vary real sense in her womb prepared the way for the Son of Man to come forth, to be born into this world. Of course John the Baptist was Elijah who equally prepared the way for Yahshua. Likewise we have seen that the disciples who went before Yahshua at His triumphal entry into Jerusalem equally performed the Elijah work by preparing His way with their cries and their garments and branches being laid before Him. And even before this, two of His disciples were sent out to prepare His way into Jerusalem by obtaining the donkey upon which He rode. All of these point to an Elijah work that prepares the way for Yahshua's return when He comes to this earth as King of kings.

This is the work of the second Remnant that is being formed right now, in our days. Yahweh is performing a "new thing;" new wineskins are being prepared into which the new wine is being placed. And the purpose of this work is to prepare the way for Yahshua's return - the Elijah work. This is the work equally foreshadowed by the disciples as they were sent out to prepare the Passover for Yahshua. Even as we saw that the Remnant must play a vital role in Satan's destruction, it is the Remnant who must make preparations for Yahshua's "large upper room furnished and ready" Passover (Mark 14:15) with a people who are the first-born and will escape death. These are of course the Elijah second Remnant whom Yahweh will take to His large upper room that has been furnished and made ready for us (John 14:2-3).

As the time approached for Yahshua to eat His celebrated Passover with His disciples, He gave them specific and unique instructions on how to prepare it. Interestingly, it is in Mark that we read one of the most complete accounts, though this account is in each of the first three gospels. Mark provides the only account telling us that specifically two of the disciples were sent out to prepare this Passover. Two, once again, is the number of the two-part Remnant. What were these two doing? They were performing the Elijah work and preparing the way for Yahshua to have Passover. Let us read this account from Mark 14:13-16.

And He sent two of His disciples, and said to them, "Go into the city, and a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him; and wherever he enters, say to the owner of the house, 'The Teacher says, "Where is My guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples?'" And he himself will show you a large upper room furnished and ready; and prepare for us there." And the disciples went out, and came to the city, and found if just as He had told them; and they prepared the Passover.

Here once again we see a case where two disciples were sent out specifically to prepare the way for Yahshua, even as Mary prepared His way, even as John the Baptist prepared His way, even as the multitude of His disciples prepared His way into Jerusalem where He was heralded as King, or even as the two disciples were likewise sent into Jerusalem to prepare His way by securing the donkey. In each case Yahweh was foretelling or foreshadowing the Elijah work that will now prepare the way for Yahshua's return.

It is a most marvelous thing that these two disciples who prepared the way for Yahshua's Passover, picture exactly what is taking place in the second Remnant. You, as His Remnant disciples, have in fact found a man carrying a pitcher of water, and you are reading and understanding things which have never before been revealed to man. And it is your work that prepares the Passover for Yahshua. What is this Passover? It is the final fulfillment of that which He began 2,000 years ago - delivering the first born from death, causing them to ascend alive so that He can drink the wine new with them in His kingdom - Matthew 26:29, Mark 14:25, Luke 22:18. For 2,000 years Yahshua has not drunk from the Passover cup, even as He refused at that Passover which His disciples had prepared. But now, after the long breach, He desires to drink from that cup that has been made new. This is the Passover meal for which we as His completing second Remnant now labor to prepare and anticipate sharing with Him in His "large upper room furnished and ready."

The fulfillment of the Passover work Yahshua performed 2,000 years ago, is reserved for this time, for this day, for and on behalf of the second Remnant. Though initially the promise was given to the first Remnant, it is the second Remnant who become its fulfillment. Passover is not a sacrifice per Christianity, for Christians are the breach in the promise and have died. Equally, they are not the first-born. This promise is given to the scarlet-thread-bearing Remnant, and must be fulfilled in the second Remnant. It is thus the second Remnant who will prepare the Passover meal for Yahshua and drink the cup new with Him in His kingdom. We will receive the long awaited promise provided through the Passover Lamb - as the first-born, we will not die!


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