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The third and more focused issue during my writings in 1995-96 was the expected death of President Clinton. Prophetically, it was obvious that Clinton was a clear type or representation of Christianity. I had stated that what ever happened to Clinton, would happen to Christianity. I still believe this is true, not only from the standpoint of the Scriptures, but also from past and recent events surrounding Clinton’s life, as well as his breach period separating the two Bushes. Let us now look at Christianity as seen in the life of President Clinton. Again, if you want to know what will happen to Christianity, then simply look at the life of Bill Clinton.

In 1995 I expressed numerous times that Clinton would die as a testimony of the death of Christianity, the body of Christ. I had also stated that there were profound parallels between the testimonies of President Abraham Lincoln, who in many ways was a picture of Yahshua (he died on Passover, as did Yahshua), while Clinton was a picture of the body of Christ. Lincoln and Clinton are both seven letter names, the number of Christianity, and share identical letters in their names, with exception to the "l" in Lincoln and the "t" in Clinton.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and in 1995 I was fully expecting that Clinton, as the prophetic representative of the body of Christ, would die. Obviously, he did not die. Why? We have already stated that Christianity has received Yahweh’s mercy instead of judgment; so as a testimony of this mercy, Clinton equally escaped death, and later even removal from office.

Immediately prior to and during the time that I was expecting Clinton’s death, it is most significant that there were two definite and one apparent assassination attempts on Clinton’s life. The first assailant crashed a small plane within a few feet of the President’s room at the White House, the second shot 25 rounds from an assault weapon at the presidential mansion, and the third, with an unloaded handgun, scaled the White House fence and was tackled within 60 feet of the President’s residence.

I believe any one of these attempts could have meant the death of the President, if Yahweh had carried out His judgment cycle. These three attempts were Yahweh’s evidences, His three witnesses, that He was in fact having mercy on Clinton, and thus attesting to His mercy on Christianity.

Further evidence of this relationship of Lincoln as a representative of Yahshua, and Clinton as a representative of the body of Christ, and the close association of the two (as well as a testimony of the mercy Yahweh is showing toward Christianity, testified to through Clinton) are the events involving the President which took place in 1999.

Many Christians were both astonished and appalled that Clinton was acquitted by the Senate on the impeachment issue. Clearly, the man was guilty. The whole nation knew it, but apparently because of the will of the people of this nation and more specifically politics, Clinton was not held accountable. He was acquitted! But even more so, as we will see, his place as Christianity dictated it.

Once again, Yahweh was speaking through this President. We have said that Clinton is a picture of Christianity, and this Lewinsky et. al. matter is no exception. The most outstanding quality of mystery Babylon is her harlotry with the world. On her forehead is written - "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." This harlotry that is characteristic of both mystery Babylon as well as Clinton, is the precise problem seen in Christianity. Christianity repeatedly commits harlotry with the world. What will be the outcome for this? Amazingly, the outcome for this abomination will be the same as it was for the original Babylon, as well as for Clinton - acquittal, mercy. As Babylon received mercy, as Clinton received mercy, so mystery Babylon Christianity has received mercy.

How can we be certain that what I have been writing here and in the past (adding the mercy factor) is true? We have already seen the foreshadowing testimonies in the Scriptures that Yahweh changes His mind and has mercy. We have seen the more specific evidence of the Bible code, as well as the three prophetic attempts on Clinton’s life. Let us now consider two more evidences.

This relationship between Lincoln and Clinton as respective representatives of Yahshua and the body of Christ is not altered from what I originally wrote. As Yahshua is intrinsically related to His body, the body of Christ on this earth, so Lincoln and Clinton are, in type, intrinsically related. Therefore, when Clinton was acquitted of impeachment, as well as escaped death by the bullets of assassins, while Lincoln fell at the bullet of his assassin, Yahweh is speaking to us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. How can we know the validity of this relationship with a greater degree of certainty? Because of the intrinsic tie between these two men. Where do we once again see this tie?

Bill Clinton was acquitted of impeachment by the Senate on the twelfth of February, precisely the same month and day of the birth of Lincoln! On the day in which Christ-representative Lincoln was born, body-of-Christ-representative Clinton was acquitted of impeachment and allowed to stay in office. On the day in which Lincoln was born, Clinton was given a new chance at his presidency. Yahshua indeed died for His church, even in her harlotry, and the common date of Lincoln’s birth and Clinton’s acquittal attests to the intrinsic relationship between and significance of these two extraordinarily prophetic Presidents.

Furthermore, in attesting conclusion to Clinton's representation of Christianity, we find another amazing fact - Yahweh's application of mercy per Clinton's acquittal is precisely the timing of Yahweh's mercy per Christianity. It has been pointed out that the church was given a tenure of 3,000 years. It has also been noted that Yahweh changes His mind "in the middle" and has mercy. Thus, right in the middle of Christianity's 3,000 years, or in 1517, Yahweh sent His Spirit to begin a reformation of the church - the Reformation begun by Martin Luther.

Likewise, if Clinton was able to serve out a full three-part prophetic period of the church, or three terms, then the mercy Yahweh extended to him would have paralleled that of the church. But as a hope and testimony that the kingdom of heaven will be limited to two terms, or 2,000 years, the nations level of the kingdom (or America) limits their President's terms to two. Two terms are of course eight years in length. If Clinton had a full three terms, the legal period of the church, then that would have been twelve years (which Christianity representative FDR served). Thus Yahweh's mercy that He extended to Clinton, comparable to that which He extended to Christianity, would have been in the middle, or six years into his Presidency, or January, 1999. Thus comparable to Christianity's Reformation, Clinton was shown mercy by his acquittal on February 12, 1999! Both Christianity and Clinton received mercy at precisely the same point. As we have said, Clinton is a clear picture of Christianity in many ways. And now Christianity's two terms are complete and it is time that they be replaced with the Bush second Remnant.


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