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With all of the incredible truth that has been revealed in these preceding sections, truth that no man has ever seen before, let us say something about this unique insight of the Bride and about this matter of sexuality. 


There are parts of the human body that are supposed to be covered and not seen by others, not even in the shameful way women are now revealing them.  Those parts, similar to what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 12:22-24, are the hidden parts that actually receive the greater glory.  They are the parts that bring forth fruitfulness, which is critical to Yahweh.  “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28 to Adam and 9:1 to Noah).  But, that fruitfulness is unique in that it is to be strictly limited to the relationship that is (1) lawful, (2) of close intimacy, and (3) private.  If birthing children was all Yahweh cared about in fruitfulness, then people would be like the dogs (which many attest to now) with no order, no commitment, and no privacy.  He could have designed man to be that way if the order and government of fruitfulness was irrelevant.  But it is highly relevant, and the fact that He has designed fruitfulness to be limited to a covenant, in privacy, and intimate, speaks.


Since this is the case, one can be MOST certain that this is precisely the way Yahweh has designed for the propagation of His kingdom.  The natural is a reflection of the spiritual.  What is the point here?  First, this intimacy and privacy determines that the knowledge concerning these hidden parts is seen and understood only by those in the covenant union.  Thereby, is it not to be expected that the only one who will see the intimate things of Yahweh regarding spiritual procreation is the Bride?  This is why Yahweh is giving us the eyes to see the immense meaning of these things that are rightfully hidden from mankind—hidden most certainly from the nations, but from the body of Christ as well.  These hidden truths are for the Bride—the marriage supper of the Lamb.  This being the case, how much more will we learn when we are caught up to heaven and enter into Sarah’s tent—in privacy?


By writing and speaking on these intimate concealed matters, this man could be accused of having a mind that excessively delights in the sexual.  Not so.  I am indeed a man as it is written in James 5:17: “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours.”  But these matters have to be addressed, and the reason is twofold.  First, we certainly see that the truths that are revealed regarding the hidden parts of the body do indeed have a greater glory.  And even as these parts are hidden, the truths we have seen have equally been hidden, sealed.  Our hope then is that what we are seeing are the very truths that will bring forth the much needed fruit of the kingdom, including the birth of Immanuel.  Having stated this, let us briefly further demonstrate the marvels of this truth by making an additional relevant observation concerning Yahshua versus Immanuel.


We know that Yahshua’s birth was clearly in secret—in a stable.  Only some shepherds came to see the newborn child.  Yahshua’s birth was thereby consistent with the covered birth area of Mary—concealed.  In like manner, who He was, that which was to take place in the kingdom, and the design of that kingdom were all concealed.  But, when Immanuel is birthed, will it be a concealed work as well?  Will the kingdom continue to remain essentially hidden?  No.  We read that every eye will see His return, and His coming will even be heralded in advance by the Elijah company, just as He was heralded when He made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem and was proclaimed as King. 


Let us ask a very revealing question: If Mary’s concealed covered birth area brought forth Yahshua in secret, will the birth area that brings Immanuel be secret?  Absolutely not.  It is quite fitting and confirming that Mary’s concealed covered birth area brought forth Yahshua, but the man’s public covered birth area, his bearded mouth, will bring forth Immanuel.  This open revelation of Immanuel is equal to the marvelous truths that the Bride is revealing now as well.  Consistent with the beard, His works and ways are no longer hidden but revealed.  May His light ever increase.


It is amazing how Yahweh has effected these two testimonies in these natural distinctions—the private covered birth area of the woman attesting to bringing forth Yahshua in private, and the public covered birth area of the man attesting to bringing forth Immanuel in public, His kingdom being open and clear and ruling on the earth.


The second reason these matters have to be addressed is that if they are not, this leaves men and women to fail to act governmentally in this matter of intimacy, acting in ignorance and error instead.  Failing to understand the intercessoral, prophetic, and governmental significance of these hidden parts, blinds one’s understanding of what they are indeed doing or attesting to by specific sexual acts—whether they are right or wrong.  This understanding is critical in today’s entirely aberrant and corrupted society and church.  By understanding these things, men and women can judge what is appropriate and inappropriate intimate behavior. 


One Bride brother told me that the instruction he received from a Christian pastor was essentially that anything goes in marriage intimacy.  The pastor based this on Hebrews 13:4, that the marriage bed is undefiled.  But when one knows the prophetic governmental testimonies regarding these hidden parts of the body, we see that those marriage acts are extremely significant and highly impacting.  By knowing the governmental truth related to these actions, the man and the woman can now do what is clearly right.  But also, by now knowing these things, men and women are held to a greater degree of accountability.  Even performed in ignorance, aberrant acts have destructive consequences; but knowing the truth brings even greater consequences and accountability for disregarding it.


In the opening section, we have already noted the profound testimony of the covenant between a man and a woman.  And because of its significance as a testimony of the covenant with Abraham, and the fulfillment in the covenant that Yahweh set forth whereby the body of Christ passes between the split covenant parts of the Bride, that human covenant is not to be despised or corrupted.  We have also seen the uniting of the two Remnant as male and female.  We have seen the dismay and shame of women joining in Isaiah’s shame and exposing their buttocks, to say the least.  We have seen the profound prophetic significance of the woman’s covered birth lips as well.  Let us now address the male and matters relative to his testimony.


Knowing that the man’s rod passing between the covenant parts of the woman testifies to both Yahshua, the Rod, as well as the body of Christ, what a man does with that testimony is ENTIRELY governmental with specific consequences.  Therefore, it is incumbent that we not only examine this, but also highly respect that testimony and keep it holy.


Again, the man’s rod is prophetically Yahshua.  You will recall that Yahweh attested at the burning bush that the Rod would be thrown down to the earth and became a serpent.  This is true with the rod of the man as well.  It has the ability to become the type of Yahshua and effect the covenant, placing the shemen in the holy of holies to bring forth offspring, or it can return to being the serpent (flaccid).


Therefore men, righteous government and prophecy demand accountability in where you place that rod.  If you place it in the split covenant parts of the women with whom you are united in marriage with the possible outcome of offspring, you follow in the testimony of Yahshua.  However, there are things that if practiced, you enter into corruption and both prophesy and intercede for the corruption of Yahshua and His kingdom.  It is shameful that the following even have to be addressed.  Many men have reduced masculinity to mere bestiality.


First, quite obviously, as a believer, if you lay with a woman other than your wife, you join Yahshua or His body to harlotry.  Paul directly stated:


Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?  Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute?  May it never be!  Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a prostitute is one body with her?  For He says, "The two shall become one flesh" (1 Corinthians 6:15-16).


When a man places his type of Yahshua in a harlot or in any woman who is not his wife, he unites Yahshua or His body to that individual.  Thereby, one must likewise ask what it means for the man to place his testimony of Yahshua in the mouth of a woman or an unshaved man, or in the anus of a woman or a man?  That should not be hard to anticipate.  It means placing the word of God in the mouth of women, which is in violation of the instruction of the Scriptures and the ways of Yahweh, or placing the word of God into Christianity, in the cleft of the rock to become ruined and worthless.  In each of these cases, the prophetic testimony is corruption, and the seed is corrupted and goes to ruin.


What about the homosexual act of placing the rod into the bearded mouth of a man?  It too is just as much an act of corruption.  It is Satan trying to do what Yahweh alone can accomplish.  Let me ask you, was Yahshua conceived by the seed of a man, or by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit?  You know the answer.  In like regard, it is not the seed of corrupt man in the mouth of corrupt man that brings forth Immanuel.  It is man, in the same manner as Mary, being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, birthing from the covered lips of a virgin.  That which has been is that which will be.


Is it not obvious then that homosexuality is nothing but the corruption of the rod/Rod?  They have no options for using it in relation to another but for corrupt and unlawful practices.


So what about taking the rod in the hand?  First, there is nothing unlawful about a man taking the rod that is given to him and shemen coming forth.  In Leviticus 15:16-18 we read:


“Now if a man has a seminal emission, he shall bathe all his body in water and be unclean until evening.  As for any garment or any leather on which there is seminal emission, it shall be washed with water and be unclean until evening.  If a man lies with a woman so that there is a seminal emission, they shall both bathe in water and be unclean until evening.”


Do you notice that there are two emissions here—a seminal emission apart from a woman, and one from lying with his wife?  Thus, there is no more wrong in taking the rod into one’s own hand, than there is in laying with one’s own wife.  The caution would be however in what the man’s thoughts would be at that time, which is the same caution in the relationship with one’s wife.  Either cannot lead to sin in the mind.  The fact is, either governmentally or prophetically, there is nothing wrong with the man taking the rod in his own hand (or the woman likewise for her own self).


In contrast then, is it governmentally acceptable for the woman to take the rod into her hand and thereby bring forth the shemen?  The outcome is the same as placing the rod in a woman’s mouth—the woman is not to bring forth the works (hands) of Yahweh God, which the man’s seminal emission prophesies.  Legally and intercessorally, it places the right to rule in the hands of the woman—taking the rod—which men have indeed allowed.  The woman bringing forth the man’s seed prophesies of the woman having the right to govern.  Then should a woman never take the rod in hand?  No, she just cannot bring forth the seed of the man.  She can arouse him thereby, even as Esther touched the head of the king’s golden rod and preserved the life of herself and her people (Lit. of Esther 5:2), but his seed is meant to be released in her holy-of-holies womb.


Again, all of this is government.  When we understand government, we can understand what is right and wrong.  Otherwise, all that people have to go by is their carnal minds or lusts.  Otherwise, we join the dogs.


Let us briefly address the tongue here as well.  In James 3:6 we read, “And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life, and is set on fire by hell.”  Is it then right for a man to place his testimony of rebellion, defilement, and hell in the Remnant split covenant parts of the woman?  Absolutely not!  It speaks of the defilement, rebellion, and corruption of the Remnant—the very things Satan accomplished in his role as the Vashti “covering cherub” bride.  The tongue of a man or woman should NEVER be placed in the birth lips of the woman.


What about smoking, when a burning rod/torch (cigarette or cigar) or smoking oven (hookah, or water pipe) passes between the attesting split covenant parts?  Quite obviously, this too is a governmental covenant; but, it is a covenant with death.  It is like unto serving a false god.  By taking the smoke from “strange fire” (Leviticus 10:1-2) into the lungs, it defiles the pneuma and brings death.  Again, smoking is no less than a governmental covenant with death.


We have examined what takes place when the rod passes between the woman’s birth lips.  But let us examine this even further.  What again did we see took place when Abraham laid out the split animals, and the smoking oven and flaming torch passed between in Genesis 15?  Yahweh thereby made an everlasting covenant with him.  Therefore, when a man places his rod between any lips—a woman’s birth lips, or between the facial lips of a woman or a man, or between the posterior lips of a man or a woman—he is thereby making an everlasting covenant with that person!  (Here again, masturbation is not a covenant.)


This is why when a man and a woman marry, if they divorce and go and marry another they commit adultery (Divorce, Women, and the Curse of 1920).  They violate their everlasting covenant.  The only way that covenant can be legally nullified is by the death of the other party, or if the other party commits adultery.  And quite obviously, a piece of paper does not terminate that covenant in the flesh.  It was entered into by conjugation, and it can only be absolved in the same manner (or by death).  Paper means nothing in a one-flesh union through consummation.


Therefore, in like manner, every time a homosexual’s rod passes between any lips, a covenant is effected.  And anytime they repeat that act with another, they in effect violate that covenantal act, which is equal to adultery.  They thereby multiply their guilt—aberrant sex and adultery.


When Bill Clinton did what he did in the Oval Office, he effected a covenant with that woman and thereby committed adultery.  Anytime a man’s rod goes between any lips, or if a man gives his lips to another man’s rod, an everlasting covenant is established that has binding legal consequences, including adultery.  A married man who gives his rod to another man or takes another man’s rod commits adultery.  Anything beyond strict monogamy is the sin of adultery, of which the Scriptures speak: “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but the immoral and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4).


Well, you say, I have never allowed my rod, or mouth, to enter into a covenant with anyone except my wife.  That is wholly honorable.  But now let me ask you, do you exercise the same faithfulness with the words that pass between your own split-covenant-parts lips?


Recently, a man told me that within two days he would read something that I had sent him.  I did not hear back from him, and based on his previous failed actions, I was assured that he did not keep his word.  I was right.  Here is what I wrote to him:


I called and left a message on your phone, asking if you kept your word.  Whether you see and believe what I wrote is wholly at your discretion, but keeping your word is not up to discretion.  You made a vow—”I will . . . .“  You made a covenant that was formed between your split-part lips, just as the covenant was formed with Abraham in Genesis 15.  Did you keep your covenant?


Yahshua plainly said, “But I tell you that every idle word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.  For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned” (Matthew 12:36-37).  What did you perform in fulfilling your covenant to me?  Did you keep your word to me in your statement, “I will look over it in the next couple of days”?  That is two days, Dick.  Did you fulfill that or was it an idle word?  As Yahshua clearly warned, are you justified by your actions or are you condemned?


Your words are from the pneuma that is granted to you in every breath.  You form, in type, the Word of God between your lips.  Did you honor that word that you formed?  What we do and what we say are EXTREMELY important, and I am asking for your accountability regarding your word.  If you read over that material as you vowed, I applaud you.  If you let your word fall into the dust and die, you are wrong in being so careless and irresponsible with the pneuma you have been given.


Please give an accounting regarding the handling of your word.


As expressed here, when you speak any commitment, it is as much a covenant as it is when your rod passes between the split covenant parts of a woman.  It is as much a covenant as when Yahweh passed between the split covenant parts laid out by Abraham.  And quite obviously, this is as true for a woman as it is for a man.  The pneuma that comes from the breath of a woman or from a man forms words, and words are masculine—evidenced by Yahshua’s births through the prophetic lips of a woman, and from the lips of the man.  Remember, the feminine came from the side when men were put to sleep.  So whether man or woman, your words are the male passing between the split covenant parts.


The question that you need to ask yourself is the question I asked Dick—are you justified with your words, or are you condemned?  As Yahshua warned, you will be required to give an accounting for every careless or idle word.  Are you thereby speaking circumspectly?  Are you watching over your words?  Are you watching over your vows when you say you will do something?  Every time you make a verbal commitment to someone, you are making a covenant to them.  Remember, every word that passes between your lips passes between split covenant parts—it is a vow.  “But I tell you that every idle word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.  For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”  Thereby, every word you speak is everlasting.  That is a sobering reality!  Are you watching over your words?  Yahshua is.


When you do not keep your word, you are speaking from the largest lips in your body—your dung lips.  You prove that your words are but dung—useless and worthy only to be discarded.  They are in fact foul, repulsive, and unworthy of being looked upon.  They fall to the ground to defile the feet, the kingdom rights of men.


Here was Dick’s very appropriate reply:


I'm not going to offer any excuses for not having read it yet.  However, Christ asked a man to tell him which man did the will of his father.  He answered that the man who delayed in doing it still got it done.  Because your document is involved and I have already encountered some difficulties in understanding what you have in mind in part of it, I first of all request your forgiveness that I didn't get it done in two days.  Now, I'm still planning to finish reading it by tonight if you wish to get no feedback, or I will give you my comments if you will agree to allow me more time until late Monday.  Please let me know whether I have your forgiveness in this matter, and what you decide about feedback or no feedback.


Best Regards,




My reply to him was: “I MOST certainly give you my forgiveness.  I must, for I am a man as well in need of grace.  I welcome your comments after late Monday and VERY MUCH welcome and respect you for your gracious and non-defensive reply.  You could have attacked me; your reply is a breath of fresh air.”  He did what was right and masculine—admitting failure and asking for forgiveness.  But even moreso, he also held himself accountable and sought to restore and fulfill his vow.  (He did respond by Monday evening.)  Oh that all men and women would do likewise when they fail.  The fact is, you can either repent and correct your error now, or you will do so later—you will be held accountable for every idle and careless word.  As Paul aptly said, “But if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged” (1 Corinthians 11:31).


You may say: But Dick started reading what you sent.  When he started it I do not know.  But what was his word?  That is the question.  Was it read in two days as he committed?  If he could not keep that word, then he should have contacted me and told me of his difficulty in keeping it and asked for an extension.  Remember, one’s word is their vow, and one must be exceptionally conscious to keep it to its precise commitment, to its precise words.  Words are very exact, and they have to be honored, otherwise they mean nothing.


And let us note here as well, this is not just in regard to one’s word given to an adult, but to children as well.  A parent TRAINS their children to sin when they tell them not to do something and allow them to do it without consequences.  This is even moreso true if the parent tells them of the consequences and then does not carry them out.  THEY MUST keep their word and not train them to be a covenant breaker.  This is true in correction, as well as in other commitments.  Parent, KEEP YOUR WORD.  When it cannot be kept, which should only be for just or unavoidable cause, clearly explain why to the child.  Otherwise, you are a liar and covenant breaker.  Do not give or speak your word rashly, but deliver it and uphold it as being a sacred oath that is not a shifting shadow.  Again, your word is your covenantal oath, passing between your split-part lips.  Keep it!



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