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If you are not familiar with Yahweh's establishment and the growth of this Elijah Remnant bride that began to come out of Christianity as a small rib during Passover, 2000, then read the writing titled The Signs That Cause Belief.

The purpose of this three-part series is to point out the great significance of the Tabernacles message of holding all things in common. This is the covering of the Remnant bride, and this essential practice is clearly pictured in the Tabernacles work of His disciples cutting branches and laying them before the coming King.

There is no need to recite the many reasons and purposes of this Tabernacles practice; this has already been performed in the preceding two writings. But let it be noted once again here that this practice is one of the necessary aspects of the Elijah/bride work of the Remnant that must be carried out in order to avert His wrath - laying down the Tabernacles branches of holding all things in common, thus preparing the way before the coming King.

So we say to the Remnant:


If we His Elijah Remnant remain silent,

The stones of judgment will cry out for wrath!

Cry out, oh Remnant, Cry out!!


Let us close this series with one final verse as we watch and wait diligently for Yahshua's return, urging this Remnant to press onward, to pursue with great energy and purpose the Tabernacles/Jericho/Jerusalem work which they alone can perform - preparing the way for the return of Yahshua!


Isaiah 62:6-7

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen;

All day and all night THEY WILL NEVER KEEP SILENT.

You who remind Yahweh, take no rest for yourselves;

And give Him no rest until He establishes

And makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Cry out, oh Remnant, Cry out!!



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