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One area of the Bible in which numerous contradictions arise is in the four accounts of the gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. While many Bibles have a section, or even an entire separate book, on the "Harmony of the Gospels," actually there are numerous "disharmonies" in the gospels. The specific contradiction we will look at in this writing is a small but very important example of how revealing and meaningful these contradictions are. Most Bible contradictions are simply overlooked or ignored, and the Bible instructor simply selects the particular text which he or she prefers, ignoring the other contradicting account(s). But in this writing we will intentionally search out and explore a contradiction to see what it is that Yahweh is telling us in this highly unique form of communication. I believe you will find this most interesting, most revealing, and certainly new to your thinking. It will add an entirely new dimension to your view of God's word; and hopefully, it will add a new affirmation to the wonder of Yahweh and the preciseness of His word. Now for the select contradiction.

In Matthew 10:5f we read the subject account of Yahshua sending out His twelve disciples. Before doing so, He gave them specific instructions, including an unusual and significant list of items not to take with them; or maybe to take with them, depending upon the particular gospel. We know that Yahweh does not waste or confuse words, and what we find here is that there is a highly prophetic significance in His instructions. We cannot address all of the items mentioned, but will limit our evaluation and questions relative to only two of them - sandals and a staff.

Matthew records that the disciples were specifically not to take with them either sandals or a staff (vs. 10). However, the exact account in Mark records something entirely opposite. Concerning the two subject items, Mark 6:8 and 9 states - "He instructed them that they should take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff" and "to wear sandals." This is obviously a clear, and as we will see an entirely intentional, contradiction to the same Matthew instruction that says not to take these specific items! Is the text a mistake, an error, a lapse in memory on the part of Mark? Does it prove the word of Yahweh to be fallible? Not really, when Yahweh uses the foolish to shame the wise. In fact, as we will see, the truth is this contradiction highly confirms the word of God to be amazingly accurate and uniquely revelatory! Like with Nicodemus, man's problem is always that the finite mind cannot perceive the hidden things of Yahweh. These and other contradictions are there for a purpose, and the answers to their meanings must be revealed to us by the Spirit of God, the author of these contradictions.

Let us now look at the book of Luke and see what it records concerning this instruction of Yahshua. In Luke 9:3 we find once again that He directed the twelve not to take a staff, and does not even mention the sandals. The final gospel, the book of John, does not record this account at all. So to summarize our findings concerning Yahshua's instructions to the twelve, we find the following.

Matthew 10: 9, 10 - do not take sandals or a staff

Mark 6:8, 9 - take sandals and a staff

Luke 9:3 - do not take a staff and no mention of sandals

John - not addressed

So, what does all of this mean? To the casual reader, these differences would probably never be noticed. Is there a purpose in these differences? Very much so! As we know, Yahweh chooses the foolish, the weak, even the little things to shame the wise and the strong. Let us now see what these unusual differences hold for us. I think you will be very surprised.


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