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Before we get away from this matter of the sandals, let us examine some additional highly affirming testimonies to what we have just seen. Most significantly, we will first consider the only two men in the Scriptures who were directly told by God to remove their sandals. Two, again, is the number of witness, and the number of the two Remnant - the Matthew and Luke groups. The two who removed their sandals at the order of Yahweh were Moses and Joshua. Moses was instructed to remove his sandals at the burning bush in the wilderness of Mount Horeb (Exodus 3:5). Joshua, on the other hand, met a man upon entering the promised land who revealed Himself to be the "captain of the host of the Lord" (undoubtedly Yahshua). He too instructed Joshua, as with Moses - "Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy" (Joshua 5:13f).

Most significantly, both Moses and Joshua were prophetically preparing to bring forth "the kingdom" - Moses, just before the Israelites were to be delivered out of Egypt, and Joshua, just before they were to advance into the long awaited promised land (separated by the vast wilderness period). And both men were absolutely, woefully, totally, undeniably incapable of accomplishing the considerable tasks at hand! Thus Yahweh was going to assume absolute, full responsibility for their successes; so, as in Matthew and Luke, He directed them - "Take off your sandals. I will assume full responsibility for bringing forth this work." And He did.....And He will even today!

These are wonderful, marvelous, confirming, and encouraging testimonies the Holy Spirit has given us! (Sorry for the number of additives, but the import of the occasion necessitates them.) To the Moses first Remnant that began the work of Yahweh to bring His people into the true fulfillment of the promised land, and to the Joshua second Remnant who actually see the completion of this work while they are alive, the command to both of them as revealed in riddle form per the Matthew and Luke accounts is the same - "Take off your sandals. This is holy ground that you are standing on, and I will take full responsibility for the works I will accomplish for you." But to the church in the wilderness, or Mark Christianity, they possess the sandals that will not wear out, sandals that carry them from beginning to end through their wanderings. Do you see the remarkable significance that these sandals hold in this amazing testimony of the Israelite's journeys from Egypt to the promised land? Clearly, they are a picture of the church period; and the testimony of these sandals specifically before, during, and at the close of these journeys perfectly reveals the Matthew first Remnant, Mark Christianity, and the Luke second Remnant, or Moses' sandals removed, sandals that do not wear out, and Joshua's sandals removed. Considering the clarity and value of this testimony, let us here momentarily elaborate on how these two men and their works further represent the kingdom Yahshua will soon bring forth.

The second Remnant as the Elijah will enter into the promised land alive. These are the Joshua and Caleb followers. Therefore we see this second man, who is not capable of bringing forth the kingdom, and who was equally instructed - "Remove your sandals." Joshua, as the second Remnant, entered into the promised land without dying. Moses, on the other hand, had to die first, even as the first Remnant had to die. But did Moses make it in? Absolutely! For as we have noted, he was on the mount of transfiguration with Yahshua, standing also with a man who did not die - Elijah. It is these two Remnant types (the second also evidenced in type as Joshua) who will receive the transforming glory with Yahshua - Moses, the one who had to die first to enter into Canaan, and Elijah, the one who did not die and represents the ministry that is the essential prelude to the return of Yahshua! I ask - Who then is willing to continue wandering in the wilderness of Christianity? May we instead be with those to whom Yahshua speaks - "Remove your sandals." Hallelujah! "I don't want those sandals, Yahshua. Call unto me! Here they are. I yield them to you. I cannot bring forth your kingdom. I am impotent! My trust must be totally and absolutely in you! Perform the work only you can perform." Amen!

And in this regard, may we note something here parenthetically. The exciting thing about our Brother, Yahshua, is that though the kinsman redeemer fails to bring forth the pure offspring in the deceased Brother's name, our Brother was not held in the grave, and He can and will return to bring forth what Christianity has failed to accomplish. Yahshua will bring forth the required and necessary incorruptible offspring.

There is another evidence of these two Remnants in this most important and revealing account involving the journeyings of the Israelites. Even as there were two instructions to remove sandals, one at the beginning and one at the end of the wilderness, and even as the rock was struck twice in the wilderness to bring forth water, once at the beginning as well as once at the end of these journeyings, as a third testimony, likewise there were two circumcisions for the Israelites, again, one at the beginning and one at the end of these journeys. (This pattern is replete, for Yahweh is very consistent in His testimony of what He will do at the beginning and at the end of the church period in establishing the "two sons of fresh oil" olive tree works.)

In Joshua 5:1-9, when the Israelites had finally crossed the Jordan, we read - "Make for yourself flint knives and circumcise again the sons of Israel the second time" (vs. 2). The first Remnant was represented by the first circumcision of the Israelites. The second Remnant was the second circumcision - "circumcise again the sons of Israel the second time" (vs. 2). This second circumcision occurred following the waters of the Jordan, just before taking possession of the promised land (even as the second Remnant will be introduced into the promised land by the second outpouring of the Spirit). These are the two Remnant parts that will be circumcised of their flesh; in other words, their fleshly bodies will be circumcised or removed. Instead of this earthly flesh, they will receive heavenly bodies that are born from above. (See The Covering Bride.) The unbelieving church in the wilderness, or Christianity, has to die because of unbelief and disobedience. The Moses first Remnant also died, but as pictured by Moses, they too will indeed enter into the promised land on "the mount of transfiguration," being glorified with Yahshua and the second Remnant in heaven.

Pray, my friend, for that Jordan crossing, the outpouring of His Holy Spirit, and that the second son of fresh oil will be circumcised of its flesh. Pray, as Zechariah also instructed by the words of Yahweh, and "Ask rain from Yahweh at the time of the spring rain - Yahweh who makes the storm clouds" (Zechariah 10:1). The spring rain is the latter rain (Joel 2:23). Now is "the time" for those rains to come - before the return of Yahshua. Let us be an Elijah and contritely pray, "crouched down on the earth" with our "face between (our) knees," seeking for the long drought to end, for the storm clouds to role in, and for the sky to grow "black with clouds and wind" and a "heavy shower" (1 Kings 18:41f). This should be our prayer! Come spring rains! And may the waters of the Jordan once again stand and rise up "in one heap" (Joshua 3:16), as His Remnant is called out of the wilderness to inherit the promised land.

Yahshua holds Christianity accountable for its failure to raise up a "son" in His name. They have taken the sandals, but Yahshua as the "captain of the host of the Lord" will call out a people at the close of Christianity to whom He will speak - "Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy."


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