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In answer to the objections raised by the Bible's critics concerning these contradictions, we suggest - Look again! Yahweh uses the foolish things to shame the wise. The words of God remain and are precisely just that - His marvelous, highly revealing, and wonderfully complex words which shame the wise and reveal, even in their contradictions, the mystery of all that Yahweh will do. Praise His holy name forever!

Therefore, students of the Bible, prepare to start reading the Bible in a whole new way. Those contradictions you find to be troublesome are God's hidden riddles - consistent hidden mysteries that speak truth as equally as does His overt words. To understand them though, as Samson proclaimed to those thirty men who found out the answer to his riddle (Judges 14:18), you will have to plow with the Master's heifer to discern them. The Bride of Yahshua will be the one who will know the answer to these riddles.

If for any reason this analysis appears to be an isolated circumstance to you, this, you will find, is not at all the case. As numerous as are the Bible's contradictions, so is the profound revelation from them. And not that we understand all His contradiction riddles; for if we did, we would be God. For His truth is so vast that we do well to grasp only a minute portion. And it is this portion that this writer is most grateful to begin to present in these writings.

The message we have seen confirmed here in this specific writing concerning the church in its three-part construction of Remnant-Christianity-Remnant, is not unique to this account only. This consistent application is repeated again and again with the same wonderful affirmation - the "two sons of fresh oil" and the central lampstand period. And not only do we find this affirming pattern in these Bible contradictions, but each contradiction holds specific and unique added information concerning these works of Yahweh. This we will see as we discover the wonderful affirming truths of Yahweh's contradiction riddles.


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