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Why would I suspect that you should know the answer or the fulfillment of the first sign? The answer is quite simple really, and with one question you will be able to answer the question. Being that the sole great work of Yahweh is to bring His kingdom to this earth, what then is or has been that first work in the kingdom of God to cause men to believe? The answer is of course the church, that we have known for almost 2,000 years. The church, and more specifically Christianity, is Yahweh's first sign among mankind to bring men to believe that He is God, and that He will deliver man from Egypt, or this earth. The answer or fulfillment of the first sign then is quite simple - Christianity is the first sign.

"But," some will undoubtedly object, "how can anyone compare Christianity to being a rod that turns into a serpent?" The answer to this question will be a most revealing finding. The fact is, there are more evidences from the Scriptures testifying to this than can even be covered here. We will now seek to examine a few of them.

Yahweh Himself identified that He would be the serpent on the pole. He declared, "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so the Son of Man must be lifted up" (John 14:14). Now, if Yahshua spoke of Himself in this way, how much more so does the body of Christ fulfill this Divine purpose? If Christianity is in fact the body of Christ, then indeed it is also the serpent on the pole; for that is exactly where Yahshua's body was delivered - into the hands of Satan to be placed on a pole. This is what has transpired with the body of Christ as well. It too has been delivered over to Satan, and Christians have died for 2,000 years!

But this is just one evidence to this certain fact that the first sign that is given to the world in order for them to believe is Christianity, the staff that turns into a serpent. Let us see more.

Have you read the exceptionally revealing writing titled The Sandals And The Staff? In it we see that there is clear prophetic testimony when comparing the three gospel accounts concerning Yahshua's instruction to His twelve disciples, that the staff is very specifically identified with Christianity. The two-part Matthew/Luke Remnant were told NOT to take that staff. On the other hand, Mark Christianity was told TO take that staff; and so they have it to this day. They have had that right to rule and shepherd in the kingdom of God for almost 2,000 years; but, the awful problem with that staff is, as Moses learned and from which he quickly fled, it has the inherent ability to turn into a serpent! This is the serpent Satan that has entered into the church and caused all kinds of innumerable problems, along with incredible deceptive corruption and error. Yes, there is no question whatsoever that Christianity's right to rule staff has often, very very often, transformed into the serpent Satan. Christianity, as we see here once again, is the first sign to the world that is given in order for man to believe. It is Christianity that has the staff; the staff that turns into a snake!

Also in a testimony we have seen in other writings such as Two Trees In the Garden, we know that one of the clearest pictures of Christianity is in its place as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And of course, that which made the original tree so unique and unforgettable was the serpent that indwelled it. This is the serpent that deceived Eve and caused her to eat from its forbidden fruit.

If we might digress on something here, for some time it bothered me that Eve, the bride, ate from the tree prior to Adam doing so. Prophetically, this confused me. How could the prophetic bride, which Eve represented, eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil prior to the masculine body (the body of Christ)? Then it finally came to me - this is precisely what happened in the kingdom of God.

The first Remnant is a part of the bride of Yahshua, and will be completed by the second Remnant. The two will be made into one, and they will compose the bride of Yahshua. But did the bride eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil before the masculine body of Christ (Christianity), even as this was the order that took place in the original garden? Precisely so. In order that Scripture might be fulfilled, the first Remnant bride ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, then gave the forbidden fruit to Christianity for them to eat as well. Thus, as foreshadowed in the original garden, the bride ate from the tree's fruit prior to the body partaking of it. The bride of Yahshua preceded the body, eating from the forbidden fruit and leading the body into corruption. Such is the amazing fulfillment of the pattern we see laid out at the beginning of man.

We bring this evidence up to confirm what we have been examining in the testimony of this first sign - that Christianity is the first sign that Yahweh performed among mankind in order to cause man to believe, and to deliver him from this earth. And as we have been discovering in this writing, and what is clearly and repeatedly laid out in the Scriptures, the serpent is the major identifying factor or element associated with this first sign. So here in the garden of Eden we see the same testimony. Christianity is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and residing in that tree is the serpent of old, Satan. This is the major identifying sign of Christianity - the serpent in the kingdom of God.

Thus far we have seen three evidences that Christianity is indeed the first sign. As the body of Christ, it is the serpent on the pole. As revealed in the first three gospels, Christianity is identified specifically with having the staff, the staff that turns into a serpent. And third, Christianity is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that is inhabited by the deceiving serpent.

But of course, this is not all of the clear evidences. Now we will consider what will be a very lengthy testimony to this matter of Christianity being the staff-turned-serpent. The addition of this testimony will introduce a degree of information to these writings which has not been delivered before, either here or truly in anyone's minds. This is information which has been kept concealed from the foundation of the world, and has only now been revealed in these last days just before the return of Yahshua and casting Satan out of this earth into captivity. Is this claim to new information being exaggerated? Not in the least, as you will see as you continue reading these highly affirmed and marvelous truths.

At the beginning of this writing, it was pointed out that the difficulty of presenting this information is that we must address the absolute corruption of Christianity, or the church we have known for 2,000 years. While Christianity is most certainly the kingdom of God among men on this earth, its downfall is that that kingdom was given to earthly man with the presence of Satan. That mix of the holy things of God with earthly flesh and Satan, has meant the corruption of the kingdom; and that corrupt kingdom is neither accepted by Yahweh as sufficient for His representation on this earth (can anyone say that 22,000 different sects and denominations with all there discrepancies and corruption over the last 2,000 years could truly represent a holy and all-knowing God?), nor does it fulfill His purpose of bringing believing man into His promised land. This absolute corruption and complete shortfall of Christianity is witnessed in many ways, but few as graphic as what we will next examine.

In fact, this fourth evidence we are going to examine is so comprehensive that we will separate it into not only its own section, but into two rather lengthy sections! In this next testimony we will see Yahweh's own view of Christianity, and not man's view. Remember that Yahweh is holy, and anything that is supposed to represent Him and is corrupted, as Christianity is, is MOST offensive to Him. We will now look at Christianity in a whole new light.


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