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In order to expedite the publication of this much needed writing, every effort was made to complete what you have read up to this point. For this reason, the remaining information is not ready for publication. The title you see here does not apply to these closing comments. In fact, it is the work of the second Remnant that will avert the blood on the ground; and thus, it is remarkably appropriate that this writing is cut short at this particular point.

The third and remaining sign will in time be addressed (Yahweh willing); but, the far greater and immensely more important signs, particularly relative to our times, have been examined.

At least two or three more sections need to be developed. However, what we have gained in this study up to this point affords sufficient understanding to provoke the question on the part of the reader as to where they want to be in the kingdom of God - in the body of Christ Christianity, or in the Remnant bride? These are the two parts, the two works, of the kingdom of God. They now both exist in this day, though the second is only a beginning, and one has to chose where he or she will be.

If you choose to come out of the body, that act is very simple. Let me ask you a question. How did you enter into the body? By confession of faith. By believing.

How do you leave that body and become Yahshua's bride? The same way. By confession of faith and believing. I personally am not in the body of Christ - this is my confession. I am not a Christian; and when necessary, I tell anyone that. In fact, considering the one who has dominion over Christianity, I would honestly be absolutely afraid to make any confession that I was a part of that work.

I do not want to die! Anyone who is in Christianity is under the dominion of Satan and is cursed to die. You do not realize that in order to defeat death and Satan, you can NEVER EVER NEVER do so by staying in the work where he reigns. Isn't that quite obvious? To defeat death, one MUST COME OUT of his Christianity and be legally and governmentally removed from him who has the power of death, not obligated to him or under his dominion.

As the Luke Remnant bride, we are the woman who incessantly comes to Yahweh, crying - "Give me legal protection from my opponent" (LUKE 18:3). Will Yahweh give us protection from Satan, our opponent, he who has the power of death? Read what Yahshua continued to say:

" shall not God bring about justice for His elect, who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them? (The second Remnant bride will be a short duration work, probably three years, whereas in Christianity He has delayed for 2,000 years.) I tell you that He will bring about justice for them speedily. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" (vss. 7-8)

The bride, who receives protection from her opponent, Satan, will overcome death and ascend alive to be with Yahshua. When Yahshua returns with His glorified two-part Remnant, the question regarding faith will lie squarely on Christians who will still be on the earth. The ONLY, THE ONLY faith in these present days that will please Yahshua is the faith of the believing Remnant. The ONLY, THE ONLY faith that will defeat Satan is the Elijah faith that effects the second-blow death to his head, the "Kill Devil Hill" testimony.

Christians think that a "rapture" is just some great exit before or after some great tribulation. They totally lack any true concept of what an Elijah ascension alive even means, because they cannot effect it. The ascension of the second Remnant affords man for the first time ever victory over death! This is THE GREAT POINT regarding ascending alive; not some cheap exit. The Remnant's ascension alive effects the second-blow death to Satan's head.

I hope you are beginning to realize how ABSOLUTELY VITAL the establishment of the second Remnant is. Satan, and the power of death he possesses, CAN NEVER be overcome until Yahweh has a people who will come out of Satan-ruled Christianity, and place themselves under the government of the Remnant bride tree of life.

If you choose to do this, you can never again call yourself a body-of-Christ Christian. (Who would want to, knowing what we know?) Remember, the first Remnant disciples were never called Christians. Christian and Christianity are terms that relate specifically to the body of Christ. Your focus and identity is to be His Remnant bride, and as such to seek Him and find pleasure in Him in this distinctly separate effectual work.

Yahweh is always calling people out. The word "church" means "called out." Because of the truth and the evidence you have before you now, you must decide whether you will be His called out one, His bride, or remain in His body. Will you be the tithe out of the tithe, or simply the tithe?

We will now end this writing; but most importantly, right now is the GREAT need for a people who will come out of Christianity and make themselves ready for the soon return of Yahshua.

And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great multitude and as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty peals of thunder, saying, "Hallelu-Yah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has MADE HERSELF READY" (Revelation 19:6-7).

The first step of making one's self ready is to come out from the body to be His bride. For those who will come out and be His bride, what do you do next? The answer is clear and vitally important! It is suggested that you read such writings as The Love Of Money and Upon What Foundation Will You Build? in order to find the answer to this question.  But do not delay, for the time of the second Remnant will come to a close quickly!  And once the door closes, no one will open it - Revelation 3:7.

Like the priests who put their feet in the Jordan before the miracle crossing into the promised land, so I invite you to join me in believing. The bride "made herself ready." Thus, there is action required on the part of the bride.

To take a stand of coming out of Satan-dominated Christianity is a GREAT attack on Satan, and a GREAT intercessoral stand for Yahweh to pour out upon us His MUCH NEEDED Spirit. Yahweh must have vessels to fill, and He fills those vessels that are available - those who in faith come out to receive the waters He offers. Coming out is the first step of faith. 

(This writing was posted on this site May 10, 2000.)

Important note: Yahweh WAS willing to provide the needed understanding regarding the third sign of the water poured out on the ground and turning to blood, but nine years later!  To read this wonderful truth, as well as even more about the fulfillment of the first two signs, click here.

Let me know your response. E-mail me, and let us seek Yahweh together.

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