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We have now answered the three questions posed earlier. One, the latter rain cannot come under or on a death-effecting Passover Pentecost, but on a new-heavens-and-new-earth-creating Tabernacles Pentecost. Two, the waters that come under the eastern gate have been flowing since 1994, the 120th Jubilee, and those waters are now up to our loins. Speaking of that 120th Jubilee, Noah’s flood began following a 120-year waiting period (Genesis 6:3). Three, the latter rain per se is a Gihon, a sudden event that catches people by surprise, bursting forth and interrupting those who think they have the right to reign.

But this now leaves us with even more questions. Considering that Elijah must prepare the way for Yahshua, how does Gihon affect the Elijah? Also, the upcoming Tabernacles Pentecost is December 26, 2008. What might we expect could take place on that day? Do we gather again as they did on the Passover Pentecost when 120 were together? Let us now consider these valid questions.

I was talking with Chris Meier, co-host of Remnant Bride Radio, about this recently, and here were the options. Would Yahweh call us together for a gathering as on the first Pentecost and pour out His Spirit upon us? One brother noted that in that first work, Yahweh called together and then disbursed. Therefore, would then the second Remnant be a flip of that? Would He pour out His Spirit on the disbursed Bride and then call us together? The third option was, would He pour out His Spirit upon me on that day, and the Bride work would ever increase from there. For example, Yahshua was anointed with power, then He called together His twelve and gave them power and sent them out. Later, He did likewise with the seventy-two.

Recently one morning I awoke considering this latter possibility. I discussed this with Chris and here is what seems to be evidenced. In 1994, the Holy Spirit came upon me for a week and a half. That would have been the last week and a half in June. At the end of that time, Yahweh’s abiding power was removed from me. During it I needed only four, and even sometimes two, hours of sleep a night. When the Spirit was removed, my body wilted like a wilted plant. I had no strength and needed a full nights sleep once again.

In order to explain this further, let us look at another revealing and relevant testimony. In Genesis 8, we find that Noah first sent out the raven, which did not return. Next, he sent out the dove. She returned, but brought nothing. He then sent her out a second time, and she came back with an olive branch. Finally, he sent her out a third time and she did not return. In The Waltz of Life, we find that Yahshua comes to this earth four times in order to establish His kingdom—building the temple. As you will now see, each of those requires a Gihon, being clothed with the Holy Spirit.

The first time He came was at creation, where He walked with Adam. During that time Adam and Eve were clothed with Yahweh’s glory, His power. When they sinned, that clothing, that power, was removed and they placed fig leaves on themselves to cover their nakedness. Those were replaced with animal skins provided by Yahweh. And even as the raven was released first, in like testimony darkness preceded creation. The Hebrew word for “raven” is “oreb,” which means “dusk or darkened.” This name obviously comes from their black color.

What did Yahweh get from this first release of the Holy Spirit that clothed Adam and Eve in power? The same thing Noah got when the dove was released the first time and returned—He received nothing. They sinned and death separated them from Him and His Garden.

When Yahshua came the second time, He came in the power of the Holy Spirit, evidenced when “the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove (Luke 3:22). And keep in mind here that the raven, Elijah, John the Baptist, preceded Him as well and even baptized Him. And before He left, He told His disciples, “And behold, I am sending forth the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are
clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:49).

The clothing that was on Adam and Eve was placed on the first Remnant. What did Yahweh get from this second release of the dove? An olive branch—the olive-tree first son of fresh oil. That olive branch is testified to in Revelation 6:9—the souls that were underneath the altar. They are the first Remnant olive branch that has been taken into Yahweh’s ark, the first bird of Leviticus 14 that died. And once again the clothing of the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from man—a repeat of the Garden.

What then is next? The third release of the dove that abides. This is where we are now—the fulfillment of the promise of Yahshua in second Remnant Luke that we would be clothed with power, but this time to be sustained. The Holy Spirit will clothe the Bride, and as the second bird of Leviticus 14 we will ascend alive to receive our immortal, incorruptible bodies. The Holy Spirit will then become our very life. Our red blood that speaks of Satan will be replaced with His life that comes from above and no longer from below, of this earth.

You now see the pattern and fulfillment of the release of the dove three times, each time effecting being clothed by the Holy Spirit. Having laid this out, let us now return to the question of what Tabernacles Pentecost on December 26 might hold.

First, we see that there is always a raven that precedes the dove. This was the case in creation—the darkness that covered the deep. And as we noted regarding Yahshua’s second coming to be the Passover Lamb, there was a raven—John the Baptist. Is it not obvious then that there must be a raven work that precedes and prepares the way for Yahshua’s third coming to rule and reign—the fulfillment of that which failed 2,000 years ago? In fact, though John was a raven in type, he clearly stated that he was not Elijah (John 1:21). Thus there must be an Elijah, a man, who is the raven that precedes Yahshua.

As addressed in The Soul, page 4, and other writings, the Elijah in fact occupies the office of Yahshua until He comes. You will notice that John the Baptist was baptizing in the Jordan, and when Yahshua came into His ministry, He picked up with doing the same (Matthew 4:17, John 3:26-30). When that took place, John decreased and Yahshua increased. Why? Because John was occupying Yahshua’s office, but as the Elijah.

This is even moreso the case when the true Elijah begins to prepare the way for Yahshua’s triumphal return. He is actually in His place, in His office. So what does this mean for us now? It would mean that Gihon, the bursting forth of the Solomon reign, would begin with the Elijah. Let us return to the personal account I was sharing.

You will recall that the Holy Spirit came upon me in 1994 for a week and a half. It was an extraordinary time; and when He left, my physical body wilted. The morning when I awoke considering all of this, I realized that my life was following the same pattern of the three doves. The week and a half the Spirit was upon me, was in like testimony to the year and a half that the Holy Spirit clothed the first Remnant. Therefore in like manner, by the Holy Spirit coming on me and beginning to teach me these truths, Yahweh secured another olive branch—me. I then died and entered into the breach—the little book became bitter to my stomach.

So I asked myself, when would the Holy Spirit have come upon me the first time and got nothing? For several years as a young man I attempted to live a right life but failed. Then in 1971 I went to a charismatic church that was experiencing the Latter Rain Jesus Movement, and responded. In the privacy of my home I asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and in a peaceful way did indeed receive that baptism. It gave me the power I had to have to walk a life I had theretofore been unable to do. But also, I was called into the ministry and rejected it for the “security” of a degree, thereby losing seven years of my life. Clearly, the dove got nothing in that first release.

Now what? The dove came in my life the first time in 1971 and got nothing. The second time the dove was sent out in 1994 and Noah received an olive branch. This gives me hope that the third time the dove is sent out in my life the Holy Spirit will remain and I will be clothed with a power that neither leaves nor diminishes. As with Yahshua and His third coming, I need for the Holy Spirit to come and clothe me with power and not leave me as before.

What then might take place on Tabernacles Pentecost, December 26, 2008? Will the Holy Spirit Gihon come upon the company of the Bride? It appeared to me on that morning as I pondered these things that Gihon would begin with me. Why? One, as Elijah I am in the office of the Solomon, and it only makes sense that Gihon would be on that office—the bursting forth of the Solomon reign. Two, I have already experienced the first dove in 1971 that yielded nothing, and the second dove in 1994 that provided Yahweh an olive branch. It is evident that a Tabernacles Pentecost on December 26 would afford the coming of the third dove that would remain with me. This is indeed my hope.

But there is another reason for this hope as well, and we will be brief here. When Chris and I were talking, we discussed another evidence that the Holy Spirit would come upon me on that day. These were the experiences that took place in the important Trumpets and Tabernacles that have preceded this Pentecost.

As addressed in some of the recent Remnant Bride Radio broadcasts, events took place during the 2008 Trumpets and Tabernacles feasts that were hopeful. Before these days approached, we were hopeful that something would occur that would strengthen the Bride-whole and be evidenced in a public way, but that was not the case—they were not a Gihon. Instead, they were events that were all relevant solely to myself. But as Trumpets drew closer, I realized that something had to occur that was in relation to Satan and me individually. I had wondered before that a flip might occur on the financial scene, but the flip that had to take place was between me and Satan, and that is precisely what took place—I had to become Satan so that the serpent could turn back into the rod (“Satan Comes to Salem, and He’s Me!”).

When Tabernacles came, once again the events were relative to myself, and once again testified to the place of Satan. On the morning just before the first day of Tabernacles (the day begins at sunrise in the New Millennial Calendar), when it was still dark, I was awakened with Satan in the room asking me two questions. I went back to sleep and was awakened a second time while it was still dark, and this time Satan was screaming in an agitated way, as I did on Trumpets, somewhere to my left as I lay on my back. Again I went back to sleep. A third time I was awakened, but now it was daylight, thereby being Tabernacles. But instead of Satan’s voice, I was awakened by the rattling of a doorknob to my left, and whoever was doing so was clearly locked out. Obviously, it was Satan, now locked out. And, he was now behind me, on the back side of my home. This was in clear contrast to when I had seen him in front of my home only days before this (“Satan Comes to Salem, MO”).

Other events took place during that time, but the final thing we will mention here is that on the eighth great day of Tabernacles, when the promise given by Yahshua was that out of our innermost being will flow rivers of living water, Yahweh awoke me just before sunrise and revealed to me the marvelous truths that are addressed in The Waltz of Life. Indeed, out of my innermost being flowed rivers of living water.

When Chris and I talked about this matter of me receiving Gihon on Tabernacles Pentecost, he pointed out that everything about Trumpets and Tabernacles was relative to me. Thereby, he concluded that it would only make sense that Tabernacles Pentecost would be the same. I had actually considered this as well that morning, but Chris brought it up on his own. We will watch and see what Yahweh does.

Now for one final relevant matter of interest here. When the Holy Spirit came upon me in 1994, it was during the last week and a half of June. That means that from June, 1994, to June, 2008, would be fourteen years—the breach. Yet obviously the Holy Spirit did not come upon me in June, 2008. For one, there had not been the flip; and two, it was not Tabernacles Pentecost. From the end of June to the end of December when Tabernacles Pentecost occurs, is almost exactly six months to the day. Therefore, from the time the Holy Spirit was removed from me, to Tabernacles Pentecost, is fourteen years and six months. There are testimonies of six-month differences or delays, including John the Baptist’s ministry for six months, as well as one given to Chris at that time.
Thus a breach period of fourteen years with a six month delay is reasonable to consider.

Also, there is another pattern worth noting here. We have seen that Jacob labored seven and seven years for his two brides. If he had labored another seven years it would have prophesied the three cursed periods of the church—7 – 7 – 7. But even as Yahweh cannot give the church the third cursed part, cutting their time short, so He cut short Jacob’s labors to twenty years (Genesis 31:3). Jacob told Laban, “These twenty years I have been in your house; I served you fourteen years for your two daughters and six years for your flock” (Genesis 31:41). Thus we see seven years for a wife, seven years for a wife, and six years for the flock—7 – 7 – 6. You will notice that the two are alike and the third is different. I may be reaching, but there might be a similarity in my seven years and seven years for the two-part Bride, and six months for the latter rain. Both are 7 – 7 – 6 patterns, with the first two similar and the third dissimilar—the third cutting short the curse.

Again, we will watch and see what Yahweh does in the days ahead. We can seek to understand and to receive, but He alone is the One who can fulfill these things.

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