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We will not beat around the bush, but go directly to the point. We as His bride will see all things clearly, as they are.

Jericho, as Yahweh's first fruits in the promised land, is nothing less than His testimony of the first fruits Remnant bride. Not only is Jericho prophetically the first Remnant, but it is the second Remnant as well. Both Remnants are testified to here. Why is Jericho the Remnant? As you will see, for many attesting reasons. But at this point, we can say that the main reason is that the two Remnant are and will be the first fruits of mankind to Yahweh. They are the "blessed and holy" ones who will be in the first resurrection promised in Revelation 20:4-6. The Remnant will be the first fruits from among mankind that will be the first to enter into immortal glorified born-from-above bodies, which others will enter into at later resurrections in their own time.

One might then wonder - "If Jericho is both Remnants, then why is this section titled 'Devoted Things And The First Remnant'?" The reason is, we as the second Remnant are going to see how Jericho so very appropriately pictured the first Remnant as they entered into the promised land, so that we as the actual fulfillment of the Remnant purpose can learn from their experience. Now that we as His second fulfilling Remnant enter that promised land following the church's required wilderness period, we will more completely and accurately, and in greater fulfillment, carry out the work they began.

It must be said here that prophetic pictures are just that - pictures. And the information they provide, particularly regarding the two Remnant, has to be seen for what that picture is set forth to reveal. When looking at prophecy regarding the two Remnant, who are two works yet one, this could be confusing for some. Let us see what we mean by this here at Jericho.

As to its timing, the first Remnant would be at the beginning of the Israelite's exodus from Egypt. The first Remnant preceded and actually began the "wilderness journey," later to take on its identity with Christianity. The forty years in the wilderness where their prophetic sandals never wore out and Yahweh (1) kept them blind to the truth - "Yahweh has not given you a heart to know, nor eyes to see, nor ears to hear" (Deuteronomy 29:2-5), and (2) tested them - "that He might humble you and that He might test you, to do good for you in the end" (Deuteronomy 8:16), is nothing less than what the church has known for 2,000 years! (These verses and this truth are a writing all in itself!)

At the end of this wilderness period comes, as promised, the blessing. What is the blessing? It is the blessing of the pouring out His Spirit on the church and taking a Remnant into the promised land. This is what is pictured in the Passover crossing of the Jordan, the Pentecost circumcision, and then the Tabernacles taking of Jericho. It is the second Remnant entering into the promised land. And this is that into which we as His Remnant bride are now entering.

So then it would more than likely be a puzzle to you for us to then say that Jericho is a prophetic picture of the first Remnant. But keep in mind that Yahweh constantly does this with the two Remnant testimonies; and the reason is because the two are in fact one; they are only separated by the breach of Christianity. (Read The Promise.) One also sees this with Elijah and Elisha, the prophetic two Remnant. When you look at these two men, the Remnant testimonies flip flop. Why? Again, the two are one, and as testimony of this, these prophetic witnesses share different traits. This is what we see once again here at Jericho. While entering the promised land is a second Remnant fulfillment, we will find a most important first Remnant experience and warning. Let us proceed now and see. It is vital that we do see, and heed the warning, since we are that Remnant to which the warning is specifically given!

Again, getting right to the point - this first fruits practice of everything in Jericho being "devoted" to Yahweh, is none other than the covering of the bride - regarding nothing that we have as our own, but devoting everything to Yahweh for the common need of His first fruits Remnant.

When the "captain of the host of Yahweh" came into the camp, Joshua was given specific instructions regarding the taking of Jericho. Of course chapter breaks are man-made, and the chapter break here in Joshua is unfortunate. Verse 13 of Chapter 5 starts out - "Now it came about when Joshua was by Jericho," and verse 1 of Chapter 6 continues - "Now Jericho was tightly shut because of the sons of Israel." It would have been more accurate if Chapter 6 had started with the introductory phrase - "Now it came about," and united into that one chapter all that occurred with the "captain of the host of Yahweh" meeting Joshua by Jericho.

Thus, when reading this, Joshua 5:13 through 6:5 and following should read as one continuous account. For it was at Jericho that the "captain of the host of Yahweh" met Joshua and gave him specific instructions regarding the capture of that city. And, as we continue reading, when Joshua received marching orders per the visit of the Captain, as a good soldier he immediately began to put them into effect - "So Joshua the son of Nun called the priests and said to them ...."

Why do we make this point? What is the significance of this? Because this was precisely what Yahshua did in the latter actual fulfillment of this prophetic encounter. When Yahshua came in the flesh into the camp of His apostles and first Remnant followers, He once again gave them instruction in the "taking of Jericho," the establishment of the first fruits.

What practice did the first Remnant adopt that was strictly different from before He came? They held all things in common. This practice was none other than their response to the teachings of the "captain of the host of Yahweh" regarding their own "Jericho" and the "devoted" things.

When Yahshua entered into the camp of the Israelites and Joshua received specific instructions regarding Jericho, the first fruits, He was preluding that which He would do when He came to this earth in order to obtain His first fruits - His Remnant bride. (The only "problem" is that His first fruits had to experience a breach, or be "divided.") The Captain gave the first Remnant not only clear and direct instruction regarding selling all, but He also gave them the example of His own life, His own time of ministry. The "captain of the host of Yahweh" once again personally came to His Remnant and gave them instruction regarding "Jericho"!

What was that instruction He gave His Remnant? The identical instruction He gave Joshua - everything in this first fruits work is "devoted"! What does this mean to us, His second Remnant, who are now beginning to enter the promised land? Clear and simple - everything we possess, everything, is "devoted." It no longer belongs to us. All we are and all we possess is devoted to Yahweh for the common building up of His Remnant, the priesthood. The message He gave Joshua and the message He has given us is one and the same - all that we possess is "devoted"!

And if these two testimonies of the "captain of the host of Yahweh" are not sufficient, then let us see a third. Once again we see the "captain of the host of Yahweh" coming into the camp, but this time on a donkey.

In Matthew and Luke Yahshua made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, and what did He then do? Did He once again give instruction? If you look for verbal instruction - No. But if one wants to hear the words of His actions, most clearly - Yes!

When Yahshua entered into Jerusalem on the donkey and all the people hailed Him as if He were a great and victorious captain, what was it in Matthew and Luke that this great commander then did that, by His actions, declared His "Jericho" instruction? What was it that bore witness of His "first fruits" statement of things being "devoted"?

If you have read One Thing You Still Lack, you already know the answer to this question. When Yahshua, "the captain of the host of Yahweh," came into Jerusalem, by His actions He clearly declared - cleans the money-changer out of the temple, deal with this money and possessions issue!

This is the message He in like witness delivered to Joshua just outside of Jericho. This is the message He delivered to the first Remnant. This is the message born witness to when Yahshua triumphantly entered Jerusalem and cast out the money-changers. In every case it is the message of the covering of the bride by selling all and holding all things in common.

Let us now see more regarding this first Remnant testimony that is clearly revealed to us by what took place at Jericho.


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