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We have seen already several testimonies that Jericho and the surrounding events are a testimony of the Remnant. Let us briefly summarize these.

Jericho was the first city to be taken in the promised land, and occupies the immensely important place of being the first fruits to Yahweh - that which is devoted to Him in its entirety. Likewise, as has been pointed out, the Remnant are and will be the first fruits to Yahweh from among men, and will likewise be entirely devoted to Him. They are the first to enter into resurrection and obtain their immortal bodies that are born from above.

Another most important testimony to this Remnant position is the witness provided in the death of Achan. Achan is none other than a preluding Ananias and Sapphira, who were actual first Remnant members.

Of course the reason the first Remnant pursued this lifestyle of holding all things in common was for one reason - the "captain of the host of Yahweh" came into the camp and gave them specific instructions to do so. Equally, Jericho was taken in the way it was, along with the command requiring the devoted things, because the same Captain had come into the camp and given them clear and explicit instructions.

And likewise, when Yahshua made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the donkey; correspondingly, He provided us a most revealing message when He cleansed the temple of the money-changers. (Of course the set-apart Spirit heightened and expanded that relevant message through the comparison of the gospels per this account.)

Another confirming testimony of the Remnant and their covering is that after Ai was eventually taken, after judging the one who defiled the requirement of devotion, Joshua forthrightly provided the remarkable contrast from Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim of the curse and the blessing - removing the covering versus cutting away the possessions of this world. This was a fitting epitaph on the grave stone of these events involving Achan and Ai. "Remove the covering and you will be like Achan and be cursed. Cut away your rights and claims to your possessions and you will be blessed." This is precisely what became of Christianity. Christianity became an Ai, and we as His second Remnant must restore the necessary covering.

Now for a sixth testimony that Jericho is a witness of the Remnant. Once again, we will attempt to be brief here.

We find throughout the Bible a common "thread" that is a remarkable identifying testimony of the second Remnant - the scarlet thread. This testimony is seen at the birth of the two Remnant twins, Zerah and Perez (Genesis 38). At the time of their births, Zerah, whose name means "light" (as it equally does in the name, "Luke," the second Remnant gospel), put out his hand and the midwife took a scarlet thread and tied it around his hand, saying, "This one came first." But Zerah drew back his hand and another was born. The midwife thus said - "What a breach you have made for yourself!," and they named him Perez, meaning "breach." Afterward, Zerah, the one with the scarlet thread, was born.

Without elaborating at this time, Zerah is a testimony of the second Remnant who receives the scarlet thread, while Perez is the first Remnant who causes the breach of Christianity. But notice the unique witness of the scarlet thread. Let us now look at another case.

In Leviticus 14, we read Yahweh's law for the cleansing of the healed leper. It has been mentioned before in these writings that this legal process once again provides the clear and revealing witness of the two Remnant. In order for this cleansing to take place, the first bird had to be slain over an earthen vessel over running water (the earthen vessels/bodies of the first Remnant that received the water of Pentecost), while a second bird was dipped into the first bird's blood and released alive in an open field (the second Remnant that ascends alive as the Elijah). But in this second part to this distinctly two-part cleansing process, also dipped into the blood of the first bird were other testifying items - cedar wood, hyssop, and a scarlet thread. Thus, as with the case of Zerah, once again we see this scarlet thread specifically identified with the second Remnant who, in contrast to the first "bird," ascend alive into heaven.

Here at Jericho we find once again the attesting witness of the second Remnant and the scarlet thread. When the two spies were sent into Jericho to view the city, they were hidden by a woman who would equally preserve them alive. It became known in the city that these two men were at the home of Rahab the harlot, and the king of Jericho sent men to her to take them. But she had hidden them on her roof under stalks of flax and they were not discovered. What is flax? Flax is the plant from which linen is made; and linen is the material from which the priestly garments were made. So, these two witnesses were concealed or temporarily covered under that which had the makings of priestly garments. Does this not speak of the covering of the bride under that "raw" practice that will lead to priesthood? Very much so indeed! But the witness of the second Remnant does not stop there (and frankly, we cannot even cover all of them here).

Before Rahab hid these two witnesses under the priestly flax covering, she made a covenant with them - spare me and my household for my preserving you alive. The two witnesses agreed to this under two conditions. First, she must not tell anyone "this business of ours;" and second, if she did not tie a scarlet thread in the window of her house, then they were free from the oath to preserve her and her family. So it was agreed, and so it was fulfilled. Rahab did not tell their business, but concealed it and them; and she most certainly tied the scarlet thread in the window. These two acts saved her and her household out of Jericho. Rahab married a man from the tribe of Judah, and in time the Son of God came forth through her lineage.

Why these two covenant agreements? Because they are Remnant issues. First, the "business" of the two Remnant has been most effectively hidden for 2,000 years; and only now, just a matter of a brief few formative years when the second Remnant must be brought forth, is this "business" even being revealed. Amazing!

And second, as we have seen with the second bird that, like these two attesting witnesses was released alive, as well as the evidence of Zerah, the second born who captured the birthrights of being the first born; so we find with Rahab in Jericho this common second Remnant testimony of the scarlet thread. What is the testimony of this thread? Birthright and the power and right to be preserved alive! Both are the attesting rights of the second Remnant. Rahab, Zerah, and the second bird, were prophetic testimonies of the scarlet-thread-possessing second Remnant.

So, when first fruits Jericho was utterly destroyed, was everything really destroyed? Yes, but, there was a covenant agreement in force at Jericho that preserved and delivered a remnant, the remnant that was preserved by the power of covering the two witnesses under priestly flax and placing the scarlet thread in the window so that death would not come upon them.

Why did all of this happen. Again to the point - because Rahab coming out of first fruits Jericho was a prophetic and attesting witness of Jericho being the second Remnant. More evidence could be given, but this should be ample for now.


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