The Raven was posted on May 31, 2001.  Since that time Yahweh has led us into many truths regarding Satan.  Here is an e-mail sent to this man on October 4, 2004, following the writing He Was Jealous With My Jealousy and The Wind and the Sea Obey Him.  The addendum he speaks of here is on page 5.  This correspondence is added here to help you better understand Satan.  The legal transfer of the office of the twelfth apostle is covered in page 2 of The Wind and the Sea Obey Him.




Tommy in Montgomery, Alabama here.  While reading the Addendum
of He Was Jealous With My Jealousy the thought occurred to me to make an inquiry to you concerning any prophetic relevance to the name Kyle Nixon.  I'm studying the document LEGAL TRANSFER OF THE OFFICE OF THE TWELFTH APOSTLE @  Can you provide any insight to this?  You have shared that your name means "sharp spear".  Interesting enough, the nearly impeached President Richard Nixon did not complete his term of office, which significantly parallels Satan's "impeachment", if you will, from his seat as the 12th Apostle that was to be his for 3000 years.  Also, former President Clinton recently experienced heart trouble requiring quadruple bypass surgery.  What does this mean for the Body of Christ (Christianity).  You have said/written that Clinton is representative of Christianity.  Thanks for taking the time to answer.  I'm seeing things I've never seen before through Yahweh's breath on your writings.




Dear Tommy,


You bring up a very interesting question here, one that obviously Yahweh wanted to bring to our attention.


I called Kyle about his own personal sense regarding this, and at the end of the conversation we both knew something was there, but were not sure exactly what.  It was quite evident that this had something to do with Satan, but what?  By another two calls, the truth became evident.  Once again, Yahweh prepared a table before me in the presence of my “enemy.”


Keep in mind, that which has been is that which will be.  We have witnessed this over and over, and looking at that which has been is a primary way, when united with the Spirit, that we can see what is (1) happening in the heavenlies and (2) what is to come.  Time is like a huge wall that we cannot see over, but shadows of events are cast over it so that we can see somewhat that which will be.


You said that Nixon was nearly impeached, and this is an important point.  Of course he was not impeached, but rather he stepped down and Ford pardoned him.  Also, quite significantly, Nixon made that decision and told his family on August 7, this man’s birthday.  He announced his resignation the next day.


Let’s consider, as you indicate, that Nixon was indeed in an intercessoral place of Satan.  This of course is evidenced by the fact that the one who legally and intercessorally represents Satan in my life is Kyle Nixon.


Why did Nixon step down?  It was over Watergate.  What is the Water Gate?  It is the outpouring of the Spirit.  In June, 1994, Yahweh began pouring out His Spirit on this man and revealing these marvelous truths.  On August 7, He showed me that I was false Remnant, and when I fearfully cried out to Him for deliverance, He made a way of escape – to become a Mephibosheth and give all to Ziba.  This I committed to, and thus the second Remnant began.


Obviously, on August 7 Satan, like Nixon, must have likewise begun to know that his days were numbered.  He has tried to kill me and to destroy me, but has failed.  Now we have signed into contract that he has lost his office as the twelfth apostle, and in this we will stand.


It is quite revealing that Nixon’s office went to Ford.  What is a “ford”?  It is a place where you cross a river.  Both Elijah and Elisha forded the Jordan.  The term “ford of the Jordan” is mentioned several times in the Scriptures, and would prophetically represent crossing the Jordan into the Shelah “third part” period of the church – the Millennial reign.  Thus, prophetically, with the end of Satan’s period we have forded the Jordan into the Shelah period.


But what is most interesting about this is that Nixon resigned.  And why?  Because he could read the handwriting on the wall, and it wasn’t good!  Satan is no different.  You can be most certain that he knows the Scriptures better than we do, and he knows his time is up.  One of the passages he knows is from Matthew 18:21-35 where a man does not forgive others their debts and is turned over to the torturers until he has repaid all he owes.  And another passage he would know is Luke 16:1-9 where a man’s stewardship was equally being taken away from him.  To improve his future, the steward of the rich man made friends with the master’s debtors by reducing their debts.  The master then “praised the unrighteous steward because he had acted shrewdly,” and Yahshua then added – “for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light.”  This unusual passage now makes sense.  Satan is the unrighteous steward.  As for this debtor, I too will gladly acknowledge and show gratitude to him for any reduction of my own debt of oil and wheat.  This is an incredible and encouraging truth!


Satan is not dumb, and he will fulfill what is written there in Luke 16.  He sees that he is going to have to lift up the Mordecai, and there is a fifty cubit gallows awaiting him, and the best thing he can do is to make things better for man who is a debtor to Yahweh.  Exactly how he is going to do this, we will just have to wait and see; but, somehow he is going to reduce man’s debt to sin and the curse.  “And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by means of the Mammon of unrighteousness; that when it fails, they may receive you into the eternal dwellings” (Luke 16:9).  Satan wants to enter into those eternal dwellings as well.  Who wouldn’t?


Why is it critical that Satan repent, and why should we rejoice for him?  Because Satan is a part of every one of us.  And he is equally a part of the church.  The fact is, he is so much us, or we are so much him, that if Yahweh did not have mercy on Satan, then He could not have mercy on us, for we are just as guilty.


As a picture of Satan, Assyria was often an oppressor of the sons of Israel.  This was why Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh, the capital of Assyria.  I am going to say something outright – if someone does not want Yahweh to forgive Satan, then they are a Jonah and will have to learn as well the depth of His forgiveness.  Like the Ninevites, Satan also knows precisely what is getting ready to happen to him, and like Nineveh, “the great city,” he will repent. 


We notice at the close of the book of Jonah that Nineveh is identified as – “the great city” in which there were more than “120,000 persons.”  That number is the number “12” at the ten-thousands level.  Any number at the thousands level is at a heavenly level, so the ten-thousands level would be at a heavenly leadership level, which of course Satan occupies.  Likewise, we have seen that Satan was given the place of the twelfth apostle.  Thus we see here that place at the heavenly level.


In Isaiah 19:23-25 we read:


In that day (when Yahshua enters His kingdom on the earth) there will be a highway from Egypt (flesh Christianity) to Assyria (Satan), and the Assyrians will come into Egypt and the Egyptians into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.


In that day Israel will be the third part with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom Yahweh of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.”


This will certainly begin in some way in the “third part” period spoken of in Zechariah 13:7-9, the Millennial Shelah period we have entered as of Passover, 2004.  Here we see that Satan and Christianity are both going to be here, and with a positive purpose.  And why would Satan be here?  Because just as we see per President Nixon, he steps down of his own will and is pardoned.  Because he is Nineveh, and he repents.  Remember, when an Elisha eats a meal with his enemy, he doesn’t bother the sons of Israel any more (2 Kings 6:23).


What is Christianity?  It is the plant that Yahweh gave to man to deliver him from his discomfort.  The first Remnant built a booth – they held all things in common.  Yahweh then caused the plant of Christianity to grow up over the booth and provided a covering – shade for kingdom man to relieve his pains.  But at the dawning of the new day, Yahweh sent Satan to attack Christianity and it withered (even as the fig tree Yahshua cursed likewise withered).


Jonah became angry, thus Yahweh said – “You had compassion on the plant for which you did not work, and which you did not cause to grow (Zechariah 4:6), which came up (‘ben layil’) a son of the night and perished (‘ben layil’) a son of the night.  And should I not have compassion of Nineveh, the great city?”


First, you will notice that the plant is called “a son of the night.”  In John 9:4-5, Yahshua clearly said that He was the light of the world, and that He was going to go away.  He told His disciples that as long as He was there with them, then they could work.  But, He said that when He left, night was going to come and no man could work.  This is the period of the great plant in Jonah.  It is the plant that is the “son of the night,” the work that comes up during the period when Yahshua is away and no man can do His works, and it perishes then as well.  It is the breach!


Likewise, Satan is the prince of darkness, insomuch that he reigns in the time of this darkness on the earth.


Yahweh thus set forth a comparison of the plant to Nineveh, the city of more than 120,000.  Even as we see an intrinsic relationship between Egypt and Assyria, so there is an intrinsic relationship between the plant and Nineveh, Christianity and Satan.  And, if He is going to have mercy on Christianity, the plant that is the “son of the night,” how much more should He have mercy on Satan, the prince of darkness?  Remember, these two are interchangeable, and as Yahweh deals with one, He MUST deal with the other.


Also, interestingly Nixon’s first name was “Richard,” which means “dominant ruler.”  But he often went by the name “Dick,” which is also a slang word for a rod.  This is the rod that turns into a serpent.  Richard/Dick Nixon occupied a prophetic place of being Satan.


Thus we see by all of this that Satan will and obviously is even now in the place of repenting.  While this may take some time to work out, undoubtedly we will see it evidenced in an increasing way.


Also here per this matter concerning Satan, it is very compelling that Yahweh sent one of my pet ravens (prophetic of Satan) across town to land outside the bedroom window of the girl who would become my wife and called out to her.  That raven, Louie, went and identified my bride.  As pointed out in The Raven, that was clearly a miracle.  Louie could have flown 360 degrees in any direction from my home, and innumerable distances!  He had never been away from my home, and he flew to her bedroom window several miles away and called to her!  He even waited for me to get there, and caused me to arrive early for our date.  I called to him to come, but he would not come; so I left him.  Unquestionably, that was a sovereign miracle, and obviously has an important meaning.  It seems quite evident that Satan will likewise be used in a miraculous way to reveal the Bride (as he has already been used).


There is no question that the five ravens I had prophesy.  One of the ravens I had for twenty-two years.  She was probably twenty-four when she died (twice her longevity in the wild).  Her name was “George.”  (I did not know her sex when I first got her.)  She loved me more than any other pet I have ever owned, and I have had quite a number, especially when I was young.  In fact, George regarded me as her mate, and in the mating season would even get into a mating stance when I came to her.  She was incredibly affectionate to me, and would lay in my lap like a cat as I stroked her.  When I married my wife, I gave her to a boy across the street; but when I went to visit her later, she had grieved my loss so much that she quit eating and was about to die.  We immediately moved to a place where we could keep her, and she was fine ever after.  (Is this prophecy as well?)  Based on my relationship with George, and based on my relationship with Kyle Nixon, I cannot help but feel that some day Satan will have the same close relationship with me.  “When a man’s ways are pleasing to Yahweh, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” (Proverbs 16:7).


Let me give you an example of how Satan is being used to reveal the Bride.  When Yahweh used the movie, Whale Rider, to begin revealing truth regarding the rod, I first dismissed what we were seeing as foolish.  Little did I know how incredibly relevant it would in fact be.  He used K-PAX as well, and of late has used Unbreakable and its sister movie, The Sixth Sense, to reveal truth.  I regard movies as generally being of Satan.  They are a detriment to society.  But even so, strange as it may seem, I cannot deny how incredibly important they have been in leading us into understanding.  Thus, the raven, Satan, is feeding us.  But why should this not be so, for it was in fact a raven that kept Elijah alive at the brook Cherith.  While on the one hand that can speak of the corruption of the first Remnant, on the other hand, by Satan repenting, that food can equally keep a second Remnant Elijah alive.


In the movie, The Sixth Sense (the Remnant is the sixth dimension), a man named Crow comes back to help a boy to help and bring contentment to the dead.  Crow does this so as to redeem his previous actions that had led to another boy’s death who, by his own words, was cursed (i.e., Satan bringing cursed man to death).  He shot himself in the head, even as man has died because of a wound to his own head – lacking truth.  The boy learns to be a help to the dead, and in the end is lifted up as a Mordecai and wields the sword of truth.  For the sake of prophecy, it should be pointed out that the boy Crow then comes to has a white patch of hair on the back of his head, even as does this man.  Here we find another “Crow” helping someone to help the dead (the Lazarus).  And in the end, the boy helps Crow to resolve his own life.  Truly, a meal was prepared in the presence of the two of them.  May Yahweh help the dead, and help Satan!


Thus we see then that there certainly is something to these two Nixons as they relate to Satan, and as I have experienced with my own friend Kyle Nixon, as well as through other testimonies, in time our relationship with Satan will actually work out for our mutual good.  Yahweh would have it no other way.  He is merciful and forgiving, taking responsibility for His creation, and He will work all of this together for all our good.


And per Clinton, maybe Yahweh is going to give Christianity a new heart.  Certainly in this Bush third part period He is giving them a new lease on life.


I am grateful to Yahweh for using you to raise this important question.






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