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We have already seen the significance of the five smooth stones as they represent men without the glory of Yahweh, i.e., no hair or glory.  Of course stones do not have hair; but nonetheless, a smooth stone is equal to a smooth Jacob, who we know did not have hair like his elder brother, Esau.  Yet there was another man in the Bible who was smooth, at least on the top of his head.  Do you know who that man was?  He was a prophet, the protégé of Elijah, who we know was, in undoubtedly intended contrast, a hairy man (2 Kings 1:8).


This was Elisha, and just after his forerunner had ascended alive and he had recrossed the Jordan and was departing Jericho, some lads came out from the city and mocked him.  What were they saying?  They cried out to him – “Ascend, you baldhead; ascend, you baldhead!” (2 Kings 2:23).  Why would they say this so as to mock him?  Because Elijah had just ascended alive, and they mocked him that he would not be able to do so.  So what did Elisha do?  He cursed them in the name of Yahweh and two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two of them.  From there he went to, of all places, Carmel, the very place where Elijah’s test with the prophets of Baal took place, and the test this writer has been addressing since the first of 2002.


We know that Elijah and Elisha represent the two-part Remnant, separated by the breach of the chariot of fire and the horses of fire.  And we also know that the two Remnant parts are very much interchangeable in their representation, making it most difficult at time to discern the applicable prophetic message.  But here we see a definite contrast of these two, notably drawn by these lads. 


Before we consider what the message here is per the two Remnant, let us first resolve who these forty-two lads represent.  To do so, it is obvious that we need to see where else the number forty-two is used.


First, we find it used in Numbers 35:6 where we read that the Levites were to receive six cities of refuge and forty-two other cities.  This does not tell us very much at this point, so let us go to the next place where this number is used. 


Following its usage here in 2 Kings 2:24, in 2 Kings 10:14 we find that forty-two relatives of Ahaziah, king of Judah, were taken captive by Jehu as he performed his cleansing of the land (all of this while Elisha lived; in fact, he had Jehu anointed).  These men were taken captive at a place identified as “Beth-eked of the shepherds.”  Beth-eked means “house of binding,” so the place where these men were captured was in fact “house of binding of the shepherds.”  They were then killed by Jehu at “the pit of Beth-eked.”


We are getting some new information here, but let us continue.  The final two places where the number forty-two shows up are in the book of Revelation.  You may be familiar with them.  We must be brief. 


In Revelation 11:2, we read that the holy city was to be tread under foot by the nations for forty-two months.  And in Revelation 13:5, the beast was given forty-two months to exercise his authority.  Both of these are quite negative.


We know that the number forty per the kingdom of God has a distinct identity with the wilderness period in which Satan corrupts the kingdom and kingdom men die.  It seems quite obvious from this examination of all the places where the number forty-two is used, that a similar message is applicable. 


It has been pointed out on numerous occasions that the kingdom of God is a two-part work – the Remnant and Christianity.  This seems to be the same message in the cities given to the Levites.  Of course the Levites were the priesthood, which is what kingdom men have entered.  In this split of six and forty-two, once again we find this apparent Remnant and Christianity split.  The Remnant are identified as 666 (click here), so it is apparent the six cities of refuge are the Remnant, leaving the forty-two to be a representation of Christianity.


As for the forty-two men captured at the “house of binding of the shepherds,” pastors alone in the kingdom obviously fill that place, and for 2,000 years these shepherds have been dying.  (It is most striking that pastors stand in pulpits, and these men were killed in a pit.)


Finally, it is in fact the kingdom that has been corrupted for 2,000 years.  Because of kingdom man’s mixture with the nations, one could well say that the “holy city” has been tread under foot for 2,000 years.  Even as it is clearly stated in Daniel 9:26 (if one translates literally what is actually written and stated there) – “the people of the Prince (Yahshua – vs. 25) who shall come will destroy the city (Jerusalem, the holy city) and the sanctuary, and the end will come with a flood; and unto the end of the battle, desolations are determined.”  What is this saying?  It is saying precisely that which is being said in Revelation 11:2 and 13:5 – kingdom men, the “people of the Prince,” will wholly corrupt and destroy the kingdom of God here on earth.  What else can one expect from carnal flesh man with a devil wholly corrupting him? 


This destruction of the kingdom can only be overcome and terminated by the much needed latter rain, the “flood” of Yahweh’s Spirit upon the entire earth at the end of the 120 Jubilee probation, or 1993 (plus ten years).  Thus verse 27 ends with this hope-filled conclusion – “and for the overshadowing of abominations, He (Yahshua) will make it (Jerusalem, the kingdom) desolate, even until the consummation (or, completion), and that which is determined (the latter rain flood) shall be poured out upon the desolate.”  The latter rain poured out upon the desolate is essential in order to end the abominable acts against the kingdom that have occurred for 2,000 years.


We have already seen countless evidences that the gospels fall into the revealing pattern of – first Remnant, Christianity, second Remnant, and finally the pure kingdom, or Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Is it not most revealing that the term “abomination of desolation” is only found in first Remnant Matthew and Christianity Mark, the very period that Daniel and Revelation address here per the prophetic forty-two?  But this term is strikingly absent from second Remnant Luke and pure kingdom John!  This is indeed most revealing, especially in light of all that we are seeing here, and particularly since this abomination of desolation is performed by Satan, the beast who is given forty-two months to exercise his authority.


Thus we see with little doubt that forty-two is highly prophetic of Christianity, or the period of the corruption of the kingdom of God.  Therefore, when forty-two lads came out and mocked Remnant-representing Elisha, saying that he would not ascend, as did his predecessor, we get a picture that Christianity is unbelieving concerning the catching up of the Remnant.  But most strikingly here as well, why was his ascension tied to his bald head?  Certainly this prophesies as well?


Once again we find the message of a Remnant work that lacks the glory of Yahweh – Elisha was smooth, having no hair.  Thus the question arises – Can an Elisha Remnant ascend without the glory of Yahweh?


As was noted, the Remnant are interchangeable in their testimonies.  On one hand, the lad’s mockings would refer to the question of whether the first Remnant would ascend.  The beast, who performs abominable things during these first 2,000 years of the church, would like to mock and say no.  Did the first Remnant ascend alive?  Not at all.  They became the first bird that had to be slain, even though they had the promise that they would not die – Luke 9:27, John 6:50, and 11:26.  Thus, for how many years has this forty-two lad period of the church been slain?  For 2,000 years! And how many female bears came out and slaughtered the forty-two lads?  It is not without meaning that there were two bears which slaughtered the lads, for the 2,000 years in which kingdom men have died.  Thus we see that kingdom man has died for 2,000 years because the first Remnant did not in fact ascend alive.


And let us note here as well that with the slaying of the forty-two lads, Elisha went to Carmel.  This is the very test this writer has been addressing, and it is being addressed now at the completion of 2,000 years.  The time for the test of Carmel is at hand, evidenced in this prophetic account by these lads that were slain, the two female bears, and Elisha’s ensuing trip to Carmel.  With the slaying of the forty-two by the two female bears, or at the completion of 2,000 years of the corruption of the kingdom, we find evidenced here that the test of Carmel follows.


So who then must ascend alive?  It must be the alternate Elijah who did have the hair, the glory – the second Remnant.  But even so, through our Passover and Pentecost gathering, the second Remnant did not and are yet to receive any glory from Yahweh.  In truth, our actions thus far have been more of an Elisha experience, and not an Elijah.  And in practice, we too are equally mocked by Satan that we will not ascend.  But, our hope is in Yahweh and in His faithfulness to His word and His plan of redemption for man.  We cannot deny the truth we have seen, nor can we give up the hope of defeating Satan and preparing the way for Yahshua’s return.  Though Satan mock, all we need is the final and complete fulfillment of the two female bears, casting this old work into the sea, and destroying him who has the power of death and cease his mocking.  Will we ascend?  We must!



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