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Why is it that you must become poor?  The fact is, you must become poor if you want to ascend alive at the last trumpet and enter into immortality, to be born from above, even as Yahshua said.  “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God. … Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born from above.’  The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is every one who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:3, 7, and 8).

Only those who will obey Yahshua’s word will enter into “eternal” or age-long life.  And when He said that only those who will “give up all his possessions” will be His disciple, He did not mean keeping everything one has and just having a giving attitude or just giving it up in one’s heart.  Yahshua said what He meant and He meant what He said.  The rich young ruler was not released from what Yahshua said to him by just claiming a right attitude.  No, he walked away with his wealth and could not go through that very difficult eye of the needle.  He could not literally give up everything to be Yahshua’s disciple, and thus failed to inherit eternal life.  Yahshua said – “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or he will hold to one, and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and mammon/riches” (first Remnant Matthew 6:24 and second Remnant Luke 16:13).

The contrast and the choice here is quite simple – you will either serve this world and its system of pursuing and acquiring wealth, or you will cease from it and serve Yahweh.  There has never been a time like this before.  Never before has there been this opportunity.  The door Yahshua is opening will be open for a very short time and no man will be able to close it; but, once it closes, equally no man will be able to open it again – Revelation 3:7!  This is the door that leads to ascending alive, and the only ones who will do so are those who prove their obedience to Yahshua and keep His words – not the words of preachers, not even the words of Paul, but those who keep the words of Yahshua.

Many people quote Paul as if he is the final authority on kingdom issues, even at the expense of the teachings of Yahshua.  Let us consider Paul and his teachings.

Yahshua gave EXCEPTIONALLY clear instructions about who would be His disciple.  He said in second Remnant Luke 14:25-33:

But Paul never even once repeated or supported these clear teachings of Yahshua.  To begin with, it is most telling that the word “disciple,” that was used over 230 times in the gospels and thirty times in Acts, was not used one single time in the rest of the New Testament.  Not one time did Paul ever talk about being Yahshua’s disciple!  Why?  Because the breach period of Christianity did not afford one the opportunity to become His disciple.  While Paul urged others to follow his example (2 Thessalonians 3:7 and 9), never did he urge his followers to keep Yahshua’s words concerning being His disciple.  This discipleship has not been an option for Christians, for His disciples are a very select group who will give up everything, both financially and relationally, in order to follow Him.  As was pointed out earlier, the door of opportunity to be a disciple of Yahshua will be very brief, will open and close at His order, and is both very narrow and very costly – everything!

In further testimony concerning Paul, where was it that he received his revelation?  It seems clear from his comments in Galatians 1:11-17 that his revelation came from his three years in Arabia.  What is the significance of this?  It is most striking that in 1 Kings 17:6, we read a first Remnant testimony in which Elijah was fed by the ravens at the brook Cherith.  These ravens represented Satan, and the first Remnant receiving corrupt teachings from him.  (Read The Raven.)  This is in contrast to the second Remnant testimony in which Elijah held all things in common with the widow at Zarephath.  It was at this time that Yahweh miraculously provided the oil and flour for them.

It is most telling that the Hebrew word for “raven” can also mean “Arab.”  Thus, there are some who say that Elijah was fed by the Arabs, in Arabia, where Paul equally received his revelations.  Holding onto this point, let us take this matter concerning Paul one step further.

It has been pointed out in these writings that the first Remnant had weak eyes.  Like Jacob’s first wife by deceit, Leah, they too had weak eyes.  In like testimony, the first Remnant only received the first touch by Yahshua, and they equally saw men as trees walking.  They did not see all things clearly, which is the promise to the second Remnant who receive the second touch.  And, this first touch is precisely the anointing that Christianity has resultantly been under.  Neither the first Remnant nor Christianity have fully understood what has been taking place in the kingdom of God.  The much needed second touch would not come until the second Remnant was formed, so Christianity has been under the anointing of the Leah work, the work with weak eyes, the men-as-trees-walking first-touch work.  Therefore, is it any wonder that we find evidenced that Paul equally had weak eyes?

In Galatians 6:11, Paul writes – “See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand.”  In the same letter, he states – “For I bear you witness, that if possible, you would have plucked out your eyes and given them to me” (4:15).  It is quite evident then that Paul, like Leah, had weak eyes.  And from the spiritual standpoint, there was no way Paul could see the things that Yahweh is opening to the second Remnant today.  Thus, as we find testified in both Leah and Paul, as well as in the first-touch healing, spiritually, as a part of Christianity, Paul too had weak eyes.  It is the second Remnant who has been given the authority to release the seal on the book that has been on it for 2,000 years.  It is the second Remnant who receive the second touch and begin to see all things clearly.

Furthermore, while Paul’s revelation was a product of being in Arabia, Paul also tells us in Galatians 4 that Arabia “corresponds to” Hagar, who bears “children who are to be slaves” (vss. 24-25).  How true this is concerning the teachings of Paul.  His teachings are for a period of the kingdom in which men remain in slavery to sin and death.  They have only enough truth to get men into the kingdom, but not enough truth concerning how to become a disciple of Yahshua and how to defeat Satan and death.  Paul’s writings with their in-part truth and grave limitations, have kept kingdom men in the 2,000-swine period of the church wherein Satan enters and they all continue going to the sea of death.

Arabia is also where Mt. Sinai was located (Galatians 4:25), where the Law was given on Pentecost.  Likewise, Pentecost is the feast of leavened bread, picturing the leaven that is in Pentecost Christianity.  Thus, it is quite revealing and appropriate that Paul’s revelation was from leavened Pentecost Arabia.  It seems evident that his words, in like pattern/origin, are a law of themselves unto Christians that has equally resulted in their death, not their life, as they have died for 2,000 years.

Thus we justly ask – Why would anyone want to now rely upon the teachings of weak-eyed Paul for their insight and guidance on the kingdom of God?  And regarding this matter of bearing “children who are to be slaves,” we read that the first man in the Bible to shave was Joseph.  When he did so, though his place of authority in Egypt meant temporary relief for the sons of Israel, it in fact meant their bondage and slavery to Egypt.  Correspondingly, the last man in the Bible to shave was Paul (Acts 21:23-26), who was then equally taken into bondage and from there never escaped.  Thus we see that even as it went with Joseph when he shaved and those who followed after him went into bondage, so it has gone with kingdom man after Paul equally shaved and went into inescapable bondage – those who have followed after him have gone into bondage in spiritual Egypt/spiritual Rome!

In further revealing testimony, even as Moses went away onto the mountain for forty days and the people began to go astray and Aaron took their gold and fashioned a golden calf for them to worship, so Yahshua has gone away for forty Jubilees (1,960 years) and Christians have created their own golden calves, which has included Paul (along with a vast sundry of other idols).  The comparison here with the forty Jubilees of Christianity is inescapable, and should cause any reader to shudder and fear at remaining in that work.  Today is the day to come out of Christianity and not share in their corruption nor in the judgment that will soon befall them.  Yahshua is going to judge Christianity, even as Moses came off the mountain and judged the children of Israel.  (This brief paragraph does not afford this comparison due justice.)

Paul is much like the bronze serpent on the pole – used at one time to bring salvation, but after becoming a thing of worship, must be torn down and broken into many pieces (even as the golden calf was ground up – Exodus 32:20, 2 Kings 18:4).  Was the bronze serpent from Yahweh?  Of course it was!  But what carnal man did with it was wrong.  Was the ark of the covenant of Yahweh?  Of course it was!  But when men took it into battle against the Philistines, it was captured, placed in the temple of the fish god, and the glory departed (1 Samuel 4)!  Was the manna from Yahweh?  Of course it was!  But if they kept it too long, then it got worms in it.  Was the first incomplete healing of the blind man’s eyes from Yahweh?  Of course it was!  But it was only an in-part work necessitating that the completed work follow.  Was Arabia Pentecost Law of Yahweh?  Of course it was!  But carnal man can never accurately handle that which is of Yahweh, and he corrupted the Law.  Even so, the Arabia Pentecost words of Paul have been corrupted by carnal man.

Was Paul then of Yahweh?  Of course he was!  But, he likewise was an in-part first-touch work necessitating a work follow that would complete the work Yahshua began, a work based on His words and more complete truth.  Are the writings of Paul true?  Yes they are; but, they are entirely inadequate to lead one to become a disciple of Yahshua, and wholly insufficient to bring one into the first resurrection.  Only now is the seal being removed from the book and we are finding those truths that make this possible, and they are from Yahshua’s own words!

So we ask again – Why would anyone want to exclusively follow the in-part teachings of Paul that have led men into bondage and death for 2,000 years?  These are not the teachings of Yahshua.  Never do they even pretend to lead a man into the experience of being Yahshua’s disciple.  In fact, when comparing them to His teachings, one could even say they are so completely different that they are “another gospel,” about which Paul himself warned (Galatians 1:8).  And as Paul equally warned, it seems quite evident that this “other gospel” has indeed afforded kingdom man to be accursed for 2,000 years.  Having abandoned Yahshua’s teachings, the kingdom has been corrupted, divided, plundered, and all kingdom men have continued to go down that steep bank ($) into the sea.

Let me ask you – If for 2,000 years Christianity has failed to defeat Satan and death, why keep using it?  If something does not work, it needs to be abandoned!  Shiloh was Yahweh’s work, and it was abandoned.  Jerusalem was His work, and it too was abandoned, even as He warned – Jeremiah 7:12-15.  So in like manner, just because Paul was an important work used by Yahweh, this is no wise means his work will not be abandoned as well.  Yahweh has repeatedly done this, and today, before the return of His Son, He is doing it once again.  He is creating new wineskins, performing a new thing, and one must be willing to change!  Today, one will either fall on the stone of Yahshua and let old Christian ideas be broken to pieces; or, that Stone will soon fall on them and scatter them like dust - first Remnant Matthew 21:44 and second Remnant Luke 20:18!  (Read Lay Your Head On The Stone.)  Even so, people always have, and will today, held onto the old manna that gets the worms. 

It seems quite evident that the only thing today that will truly work is to go back to the teachings of Yahshua, from which kingdom man has wandered ever since Paul began his work out of Antioch.  Quite revealingly, Antioch is the town established by the family of Antiochus IV, who performed the abomination of desolation of the temple for three years.  This testimony is indeed a clear picture of Satan’s desolation of the temple of Yahweh, His church, for 3,000 years (if man was given the full tenure), affording one more stark evidence of the dire outcome of Paul’s work.

While I have tremendous respect for Paul, for his sacrifice and devotion, knowing that undoubtedly he personally excelled this man in many ways, and do not join with others who completely disparage him, and greatly appreciate the insight he received regarding such things as the gifts of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit, the corruptness of the flesh, the need for moral virtue, the matter of coverings, and a sundry of helpful statements, Paul in no way encompasses the scope of truth that is necessary to become a disciple of Yahshua and to defeat Satan.  If he did, then Satan would have been defeated by now.  Like the first Remnant, Paul’s message is only in-part, weak eyed, Arabian, and one is both wise and discerning to recognize this.

Paul could not have known the extent of the influence of Satan over the church, that Satan would in fact be its governmental covering and even legal head.  Paul knew nothing of the breach of which he was a part.  He knew nothing of the vital two-part Remnant; that the first disciples in Jerusalem whom he eclipsed with his Antioch-based work, were in fact the first Remnant who had to die; that holding all things in common was so vitally important; and that at the completion of the cut-short church period, a second Remnant would have to come forth to restore the work Yahshua began and ascend alive.  He knew not that he was in a breach period in which Yahweh would hide the church in the cleft of the rock, and put His hand over it so they could not see or understand what He was doing.  Even the clear teachings of Yahshua about being His disciple somehow escaped him, to the extent that not once did he ever even mention becoming Yahshua’s disciple, though Yahshua clearly commanded to do so (Matthew 28:19-20 – more on this in the next section)!  These are all vital truths that could only be revealed to the second Remnant, who rebuild the age-old foundation that was laid by Yahshua in the first Remnant, completing that which He began. 

Even as Paul did not receive his revelation from man, neither has this man received revelation from man.  But, I did not go into Pentecost Arabia to receive it, but instead seek to hold all things in common with the second Remnant widows of Zarephath, or “the place of refinement,” as they equally first give all they have in order to receive life.  These are Yahshua’s commandments that He has given to us, that we will obey them today.  These are Yahshua’s commandments that He has given to us, that we might have life!

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