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In this closing section, we want to further address this matter concerning Yahweh’s governmental order.  We have noted that 1 Corinthians 11:3 sets forth the government of headship – that Yahweh is the head of Yahshua, that Yahshua is “the head of every man,” and that “the man is the head of woman.”  But before we continue, we need to briefly examine the scope of this last statement – “the man is the head of woman.”


The question arises here – Is the headship of the man over woman speaking specifically of the husband over his wife, or does this apply in the broad sense of the man over woman?  The Greek word, “gunaikos,” which is used here per “woman,” is actually translated in other places both ways.  In Ephesians 5:23 we read – “For the husband is head of the wife.”  The word “wife” is “gunaikos.”  Thus, in this regard 1 Corinthians 11:3 could be referring to the man’s wife.  The only difference in these two verses is that Ephesians 5:23 adds the definite article “the.”


But on the other hand, only five and eight verses after the statement in 1 Corinthians 11:3, the identical Greek word is used to represent woman in general.  Verse 8 reads – “For man does not originate from woman (gunaikos).”  And in verse 11 we likewise read – “nor is man independent of woman (gunaikos).”  Obviously, in these two statements he is not talking about a man and a wife, but man and woman in the broad sense.


Since Paul had just used this Greek word to explain that “the man is head of woman,” verses 8 and 11 are compelling testimony that the use of this identical word in verse 3 likewise addresses the governmental headship relative to man and woman in the broad sense.  This is also confirmed insomuch that Paul had just stated that Yahshua was the head of “every man.”  Obviously, this too is very broad.  And sealing this obvious application, immediately following in verses 4 and 5 Paul continues with the scope of “every man” and “every woman.”  So without a doubt, the scope of headship addressed here is every man and every woman.  And as we noted earlier, this is indeed the government of Yahweh for man from the beginning – “and he will rule over you.”


We have already seen how critical governmental order is; and when we reject Yahweh’s government, we in truth reject the Governor.  This was essentially Yahshua’s message when He said He would reject those who perform works in His name, and yet “practice lawlessness.”  Because they reject Him by rejecting His government, He will reject them before the Father.


This governmental order of Yahweh has ramifications that are highly determining.  In Luke 9:48 Yahshua stated:


“whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me.” 


This means that if you receive Yahshua as your head so as to do His will only, then you receive Yahweh Father, His head.  In similar manner, in Luke 10:16 He expanded:


“The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me; and he who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me." 


As you can see, this is a very complete and highly determining sequence that follows Yahweh’s governmental pattern of headship as clearly stated in 1 Corinthians 11:3, only stated here in reverse order.



1 Cor. 11:3






“every man”

Luke 10:16


“the one who sent Me”







Unquestionably then, how we respond to those in authority over us, determines our relationship with both the Father and the Son.  My wife, who is now separated from me, told me that Christ was the head of her (now separate) home.  But governmentally, how can this be true when she rejects her head?  If Yahshua is my head, and she rejects me; then as we read here, she rejects Yahshua and the Father.  She cannot have it both ways, rejecting me as head and saying that Christ is her head.  It is just that simple.


John likewise wrote – “If someone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen” (1 John 4:20).  So then how can a wife say that she submits to the headship of God whom she has not seen, when she will not submit to her God-established head, her husband, whom she has seen?  The duplicity of this is glaring!  Again, the government of headship is one intact order, and one cannot reject or alter a part of that government without impacting the whole.


And even if I rejected Yahshua, 1 Corinthians 11:3 says that, governmentally, He is still my head, and that governmental order remains.  Yes, I would indeed be held accountable, for I would reject the Father as well; but the government does not change.  So even if I rejected Yahshua, my wife is not justified in rejecting me, or any wife likewise rejecting her husband. 


This is the identical message Paul delivered when he said that the believer is to remain with the unbelieving spouse.  Once again, established family government prevails!  Even when there is a change wherein light and darkness, righteousness and lawlessness, are united, the union and government of marriage remains.  It is immutable!  Why?  Because family government is established in concert with the headship of the Father and the Son, who is the head of the man, who is the head of his wife.  One cannot either alter or reject the part, without altering or rejecting the whole.


When a woman chooses to take the headship and rule her husband or the home, she is in practice altering Yahweh’s governmental order – usurping Yahshua, who is the husband’s rightful head, and not the woman.  Any woman who seeks the authority over the man, either civilly or in the home, violates the governmental order of Yahweh God and usurps Yahshua!



Divine Governmental Order











But when the woman seeks to exercise the authority of or over the man, she usurps Yahshua.



Usurped Governmental Order









No wonder that from the beginning Yahweh set in order – “and he will rule over you.”  When women usurp their husbands or usurp the authority of men, they displace His Son and defile His intact headship order!  Yahshua is the head of “every man,” and when a woman steps into the role over a man, she interrupts and displaces His headship, as well as the Father’s.  Again, you cannot distort one level, without impacting the whole. 


Yahweh once taught me the truth that “familiarity leads to error.”  There was once a day in this nation before women caused men to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that a woman was innately respectful of the place of men.  (Of course likewise, this caused men to be very respectful of the woman.)  But because of the familiarity that has come about by women entering into the place of men by virtue of the women’s rights movement, it has led to error, and that innate respect has disappeared.  There no longer exists the clear line between men and women that is critical for a healthy society.


Women thought they could solve the problems of the world by becoming like men.  How could they when they abandoned one of the greatest world-impacting contributions they could ever make – giving and teaching their children the living example of the due respect of God-established authority?  The world and the family would not be where it is today, in its state of rebellion, if the woman had stayed at home to train and give godly example to our children.  When women left the home, it was only a matter of time that rebellion would follow.  Just look at the rebellion of the 60’s, the generation produced when women more widely began to abandon their place in the home – cause and effect.


Women, you raise our young children by example.  When they see you going after the things of this world by leaving the home, you inherently train them to set worldly gain as their goal.  And no matter what you may say, your actions will speak louder than words – to your family, and to society.  They see your message, and all of society sees your message, and the anchor of the home is cast loose. 


And when our children see you occupying a place equal to the man, you train them to disregard and rebel against God-established authority.  When they see you becoming like a man, in the home, in business, in government, and in dress, you confuse the sexes and our children become homosexuals.  When you are not in the home, it sends the message of lawlessness and distorted values, and leaves our children floundering without divine structure and engrained order and purpose.  No, ladies, you did not help the world when you forsook the home.  You destined us to destruction!


Women are the divine anchor of society, because they are to keep the home, the bedrock of society.  They are the keepers of everything that means security in the lives of their children, and for their husbands as well who go out of the home and labor in the world.  Life may bring many tests, but the home is to be there as a sanctuary of safety and security and order.  But when the woman, the divine keeper of the home, departs from the home and enters into the world; the child, the husband, and society all immeasurably suffer.  The anchor is removed, and the family and society go adrift!


This is indeed what has happened since the Curse of 1920.  The woman abandoned the divine order of Yahweh, forsaking her God-given responsibility in the home, and the ill consequences have been obvious – again, cause and effect!


When any young woman gets married, her place is of necessity the home.  Young women may work in places of service as teachers or nurses or in places where they serve a need; but when they marry, their place in the home is priority one!  It is not wrong for a  young woman to work in places of service wherein she does not take the place of the man.  It is not even wrong for a woman to dedicate her life to service, such as helping others as a nurse or teacher, even in the order of mother Teresa; but she is to remain unmarried.


But any girl or woman who marries commits her life to one consuming purpose – to be a wife and a mother, to be the anchor of peace and safety and security and example for the home and for society.   Here is what the Scriptures specifically say concerning the role of women.


But women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint (1 Timothy 2:15).


Therefore, I want younger widows to get married, bear children, keep house, and give the enemy no occasion for reproach; for some have already turned aside to follow Satan (1Timothy 5:14-15).


Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored (Titus 2:3-5).


Both in society and in the church, it is erroneously espoused that the man and the wife are to be co-partners in the marriage.  Pastors even teach this.  There are even churches in which the husband and the wife are touted as co-pastors.  Christians, including my wife, have even pointed me to Ephesians 5:21 as evidence that the husband and the wife are to “be subject to one another in the fear of Christ.”  The error of this is glaring!  If they really feared Christ, they would not even suggest this.  What does this passage have to do with marriage?  Nothing whatsoever, but is a statement concerning the relationship between other believers, which is a governmental level wherein we are indeed equal.  But in marriage, there is a clearly established headship.


So where does this false idea come from which is pervasive in the church?  It is nothing less than the women’s rights movement in the church.  And why shouldn’t it be there, for it was from the church that the women’s rights movement began?  The first official women’s rights meeting on July 20, 1848, whereupon the Declaration of Sentiments was signed by 62 women and 32 men, was held at the Seneca Falls Wesleyan Methodist Church.  That pivotal document was signed in the church!  And most meetings following this were at churches, and the leaders were active Christians, and some of the women were “ordained ministers.”  The women’s rights movement was soundly rooted in the church.


So when women want equality in the church, why not?  It has been a part of it from the beginning.  But what does this “equality” really speak, for what we do has to be looked at governmentally? 


We know that the Father is the head of Yahshua, that Yahshua is the head of every man, and that the man is the head of woman.  If it is held that the husband and the wife are to “be subject to one another,” or that the same standard applies in God’s government for men and women, then in this consistent governmental thread we must also conclude that Yahshua and the man are to “be subject to one another.”  And, it would also mean that the Father and the Son are to “be subject to one another.” 


But on this last point, we know for certainty that this is not the case.  Yahshua repeatedly said that He did nothing of Himself, but only the will of the Father.  So, that is not being subject to one another, but complete submission.  Next, we also know that we are instructed to obey Yahshua; so, that too is not being subject to one another, but is once again complete submission and accountability (as He will judge us).  Now, then how is it that these “unreasoning animals” want us to accept this fallacious notion that a husband and wife or the man and woman are to be subject to one another?  Clearly, the spirit of the women’s rights movement still lurks in the church.


I had a woman to write me with a similar claim; and of course it was using scriptures.  It is quite relevant and telling that the founder of the women’s rights movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, published The Women’s Bible, basically rewriting the Bible with feminism in mind.  And in that same spirit, this is still done today, unfortunately by both men and women.


The point being made was basically the argument that there is neither male nor female, and that Yahweh is not a respecter of people; therefore, men and women are equal.  I point this out here because it is only one example that if someone wants to take a contrary position on this, there are always some scriptures that can be pulled out to justify or seek to validate their position.  And for those who want to believe that position, whether it be the right to divorce or for women to teach or exercise the authority of a man, or any other like issues, they of course will embrace the error.  But what I wrote back to this lady was that we should heed that which is clearly and specifically stated, which these two matters afford.  To ignore the clear statements in preference to vague references is to skirt the issue (“skirt,” in more ways than one).


If there is a oneness we should seek, it should be the oneness Yahshua spoke of in John 17:19-22 wherein there is oneness of purpose under divine headship.  Yahshua and the Father were one, but that was one in purpose, not one in governmental headship.  Yahshua always submitted to the Father, and that is what made them one.  Being one is not equality, but complete submission and harmony of will and purpose with one’s head.


Unquestionably, from the beginning Yahweh God set forth a governmental order, an order that has been followed throughout history (with exception to the Curse of 1920) – Yahweh is the head of Yahshua, Yahshua is the head of every man, and the man is the head of woman.  And “from the beginning,” when a man and a woman are united together, the two become one flesh, “and therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.”  These are clearly stated and thoroughly supported governmental truths handed down to us by God, and they are good.


Man today fails to recognize a vital principle and truth that our founding fathers knew and practiced, literally, religiously.  When they established our form of government, they diligently sought the Scriptures to see what was Yahweh’s government.  They sought to emulate His government, knowing that harmony with it strengthened the chances that this fledgling experiment of a nation would succeed.  But evidenced by Adams’ Abigail, a storm of immense destructive proportions was looming, and would rip at its foundations.


The process our forefathers pursued in searching the Scriptures is the key to successful government – of necessity, man’s government must emulate Yahweh God’s government!  This is why He set in order that He was the head of Yahshua, that Yahshua was the head of every man, and that the man was the head of woman.  Each level of government emulated the government that was established over it. 


The problem that we have today, that will lead to our total destruction if we do not repent, is that more and more this nation’s government is becoming counter to Yahweh God’s government.  Abortion, provided via the women’s rights movement, is murder, and is counter to Yahweh’s governmental laws.  Homosexuality is sin, and is completely contrary to Yahweh’s governmental laws.  And yes, “women’s rights” and all of its ill byproducts are entirely counter to Yahweh’s governmental laws. 


From the beginning of time, up until the women’s rights movement, man’s government emulated Yahweh’s government that (1) when a man and a woman were married, the two became one flesh, and (2) that the man would rule over the woman (Genesis 3:16).  In like regard, from the beginning of this nation, we had a patriarchal form of government.  Therefore, property was held primarily by men, and governing was exclusively by men. 


The thirteen colonies established their governments and the government of this nation under the significant influence of Blackstone’s Commentaries of 1765 to 1769.  Blackstone stated:


By marriage, the husband and wife are one person in law; that is, the very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage, or at least is incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband, under whose wing, protection, and cover she performs every thing; and is, therefore, called in our law – French a feme-covert, faemina viro co-operta; is said to be covert-baron, or under the protection and influence of her husband, her baron, her lord; and her condition, during her marriage, is called her coverture. 


From where did Blackstone derive this legal position?  Quite clearly, it was directly from the Scriptures.  Once again it was from 1 Corinthians 11 where we find Yahweh’s clear replicable governmental order regarding headship – Yahweh, Yahshua, the man, and the woman.  In this governmental passage it is further laid out that the man is the “covering,” or as Blackstone stated, the “coverture,” of his wife.  Again, his term – “coverture” – and his logic came directly from the Scriptures.  This was the wise basis upon which our government was founded and formed, and this must be the wise basis to which we return today.


The legal principle of “feme-covert” is just what the word means – the “covered woman.”  But even as women have abandoned the headcoverings that women wore from the beginning of the church until the Curse of 1920, and are clearly set forth in 1 Corinthians 11:3-16, so they have abandoned the feme-covert, the covering of the woman by her husband, her “coverture.”  Women do not wear headcoverings today as a clear evidence that they have rejected the covering of the man, of their husbands.  They have thrown off their headcoverings (as well as their coverings in general – clothing), even as they have thrown off their husbands.  Women are UNCOVERED – on their heads, on their bodies, and in their governmental relationship with their divine coverture.  (For more on the subject of headcoverings, read Coverings.)


So who is wiser today, we minuscule easily deceived “liberated” and “advanced” people who have created multiple ills by altering the government given to us and departing from His ways, … or Almighty God?  Under the founding law of feme-covert, man was in harmony with His Creator.  Our nation in the beginning sought to walk in His ways, and greatly benefited from doing so.  Our problem today is that Yahweh blessed America for its obedience, and now we have forsaken Him and His ways by listening to the voice of the woman, and are reaping the burgeoning ill consequences!  We as a nation are equally uncovered, which is very likely why 9-11 took place.


Yahweh said that when the man and the woman marry, the two become one flesh under the husband’s headship, “coverture.”  What then makes more confirming and attesting sense than when the man votes, he votes in representation of his governmental union of oneness with his wife?  By one vote, it is representative of one governmental unit.  What happens when man and wife both vote, and can even counter each other’s votes?  They attest to a house divided, which our families and our nation have become.  What we do, how we set up our government, speaks louder and has overwhelmingly greater impact than all the words in the world.  Actions speak louder than words, and actions must match Yahweh God’s government.


Our wisely established founding government slowly began to change in the early 1800’s because of the women’s rights movement.  Women’s rights was not a sudden change, but Satan began gradual changes – the frog in the beaker scenario!  Still holding onto some forms of godliness, changes began to erode away at the home and the divine place of the woman, and it took place subtly.  As it is written, “Now the serpent was more crafty/shrewd/subtle than any beast of the field which Yahweh God had made.  And he said to the woman, ‘Indeed, has God said, “You shall not eat from any tree of the garden?”’” (Genesis 3:1).  If you want to see the garden again and the serpent and the woman, just look at America.


First, women wanted equal treatment under the law so they could own property like their husbands.  They wanted equal education and equal access to many jobs.  They wanted to be able to address mixed groups of men and women, something socially forbidden up to that point, and even to serve in places of leadership – starting with the anti-slavery movement.  They said little about women’s suffrage, and in fact most women soundly opposed it.  Today, we are inclined to agree with them on these changes; but the fact is, they were beginning the subtle course of rebellion!


Subtle as it was, this nation began to reject the government of Yahweh God, and thus rejected God Himself, and has reaped the consequences.  As we have seen, when we reject His law, we reject Him.  Women listened to the crafty serpent and we convinced ourselves that these things were right; when in fact, like the man who falsely concluded that God wanted him to be happy and would provide him another wife, we too created a god in our own image, out of our own pleasures.  We too became “unreasoning animals,” for how can we create a government that is contradictory to His government?  What our forefathers established in godly pursuit and reason, we have torn down in foolish licentiousness and the pursuit of pleasure, selfishness, and rebellion.  We have violated His principles, including the union of two into one under the husband’s headship.


Like the man who wanted to divorce his wife and marry another, thereby rejecting Yahshua’s clear instruction and committing adultery, we too have justified our feelings about “women’s rights” out of self-pleasure and lack of principle, and thereby have rejected His ways and have sinned against Him.  And like that Christian man, we deny Yahweh God by our actions, yet keep a form of godliness so we can continue our religious experience and, to our own harm, falsely feel good and secure and confident about ourselves.  But we wholly deceive ourselves and prepare ourselves for judgment!  That man was keeping all the outward appearances of being a Christian – going to church, talking about witnessing, about being a Christian – but at the same time was establishing pursuits that actually rejected Yahshua.  And this is precisely what this nation has done.


This nation tries to keep all the outward appearances of being Christian and moral, equally convincing ourselves that we are OK; but governmentally we deny Him by changing the laws whereupon this nation was founded, vis-à-vis – promoting the separation of the union of a man and a woman as one under the man’s headship.  And this is not just about divorce, but all that has led to our present divorce problem – giving the woman equal rights to property, equal rights to employment, equal rights to voting and government, equal rights to the pulpit and to the podium.  We have slowly torn apart this union, piece by piece, principle by principle, standard by standard, law by law, and as a result have gained for ourselves not only rampant divorce, but all the resulting evils of the women’s rights movement.


Is it not obvious that when we changed all these laws relative to the legal union of man and woman as one under the man’s headship, upon which our nation was originally founded, that it has led to the hemorrhage of divorce and other like ills, including opening wide the doors of common-law marriages, or just living together, and even homosexuality?  When the bedrock and sustaining government of “two into one” was changed, it was inevitable that rampant divorce and other like deviations from His standard would follow – cause and effect!  We abandoned Yahweh’s government, and have woefully reaped the consequences! 


Today, three-fourths of all divorces are filed by women.  Our legal system that once was the guardian of Yahweh’s divine union of a man and a woman under the husband’s headship, has been altered and perverted to the extent that it has become the foe of this divine union, and has not only made divorce easy, but even attractive.


Men’s wives rebel against them and file for divorce; and the husbands then have to pay them for their rebellion, and even stand by helplessly as their own children are taken from them – all of this against their wills!  This is a national tragedy and deleteriously affects the desire of many men to even get married.  Women wanted the right to own property; but they didn’t stop there.  Today they rebel against the husband and take his property.  One man exclaimed in obvious frustration – “I don’t think I’ll get married again.  I’ll just find a woman I don’t like and give her a house.”  If a woman wants to rebel against her husband, he should not be required to support and pay for her rebellion.  If we returned to Yahweh’s laws that are based on the two becoming one flesh, this entire problem would not even exist.


As we have addressed, our nation without godly government is like the human body without our designed bones.  Our nation has become a twisted and distorted and crippled freak, lacking the image that it was born to uphold!  We have listened to the one that lost its limbs and had to crawl on its belly and eat dust.  And because we have allowed our godly government to be changed, we too have lost our original form.  And if we do nothing to correct this, we will be further judged, and even greater so because we now know the truth of our egregious errors.


Our nation holds to the adage of “one person, one vote.”  Let us return this to its rightful truth by restoring our forefather’s belief that when a man and a woman are united in marriage, they become one flesh.  Thus, let us uphold the truth – one person, insomuch that two become one flesh, evidenced by one vote!  The man is the head of the woman, so why not one vote?  The man is to rule over the woman, so why not one vote?  The woman is not to exercise the authority of a man, so why not one vote?  What would be a greater and more fitting and exemplary and much needed testimony to these truths? 


When governing is placed in the hands of man, it must be wholly consistent with the government of God his Creator.  Yahshua is the head of every man, and our government must reflect His will.  We must return to the righteous standards set forth in the government of the thirteen colonies that formed this nation.


When we look to the past and to the future, we see that it will not be a foreign enemy that destroys America, it will not be economic failure, it will not be a natural disaster; but the enemy will be government.  Government made this nation, and government will destroy it – corrupted government, compromised government, altered government, government that has departed from its original foundational principles and values, government that does not represent the government of Yahweh God.  This is what will destroy this nation.  Any of the first things mentioned could be the fulfillment, but it will not be the cause.  The cause of this nation’s destruction will be government that fails to uphold the government of our Creator.


The United States and other countries of the world have forsaken this divine governmental order, and are wallowing in the muck of their error.  And unfortunately, nations have always been blind to their state of depravity, until it is too late.  Nineveh was a rare exception to this.  Israel and the Jews played the harlot, rejecting the prophets, and were ultimately judged (by their enemies).  People both then and today do not want their comfortable lives disrupted.  They seek to hold onto status quo, even when it is wrong.  I fear that our nation will do nothing concerning its depravation, that is unless Yahweh sends another Jonah.  The only thing I see that will wholly turn this nation, is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a remnant in the latter rain.


A literal translation of Daniel 9:27 states (contrary to what the “broad” majority think):


… and for the overspreading of abominations, He will make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that which is determined will be poured out upon the desolate.


The identity of “that which is determined” is stated in the preceding verse:


… and the end will come with a flood.


This is what this world needs – the flood of His Spirit that covers the earth, foreshadowed in Noah’s flood.  But it is not a flood that destroys the natural, but in like regard puts an end to the desolation that has been on the earth, even from the beginning, but more specifically since Yahshua left this earth and went to heaven.  Since then His church has been desolated, and has failed to yet deliver the earth, including America from its Curse of 1920.  The only thing that will truly end this desolation is the flood of His Spirit.


It is this outpouring upon which we wait.  But until then, we expose darkness, and in this writing seek to reverse the Curse of 1920.  Will we prevail?  Time will tell.  But meanwhile, we will do all we can to turn back the darkness of ignorance and rebellion, and seek to restore and establish the government of Yahweh on this earth:


(1.)  The man is the head of the home and head of society.  The woman cannot exercise the authority of man in either.


(2.)  The husband is to love and honor his wife.


(3.)  The wife is to obey her husband.


(4.)  Divorce is not an option (except in the case of infidelity).


(5.)  The married woman is to be the keeper of the home and not work outside of it.


(6.)  Children are to obey their parents in all things.


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