I appreciate those who have e-mailed concerning the Carmel e-mail. As I look at what is happening, Carmel is a BIG issue on this delayed Passover, as it affords the great test between two most important works in the kingdom of God - the Remnant Elijah and Christianity, or Baal ("the LORD") worship. As we see it revealed to us in 1 Kings 18, the issue is really - Who has the power of resurrection, the power to ascend to Yahweh and be a pleasing offering to Him? Will it be the Remnant bride, or body of Christ Christianity? Who will be acceptable and ascend? Or, most importantly, who has the truth? This is really a VERY BIG test! This is Carmel!

Stephen Manning wrote me something that reminded me and unveiled a matter that is very relevant and much worthy of relating to you at this important time. In a letter on February 20, 1995, I stated that President George Bush was prophetically the first Remnant. (You cannot understand this, but all of our Presidents have highly revealing prophetic roles - explaining why Lincoln was killed on Passover, buried during the month of Pentecost, and was slain by Booth (all three feasts!); and the reason why consecutively seven of our Presidents died in office on precisely twenty year intervals, each having been elected in a year ending in"0."

So when I say that President Bush was prophetic of the first Remnant, this prophetic testimony is no surprise. Bush saw the vision of a "New World Order" to come (which will indeed come!). As a good first "son of fresh oil," he fought to keep the oil flowing in the Middle East. There are other testimonies, but the reason I point this out is to examine the one who defeated him for his office - Bill Clinton. When I saw that George Bush was a prophetic first Remnant (and I must keep this short), I realized that Clinton was prophetic of Christianity. Is there any doubt about that prophetic role when one looks at the scandals, the lies, and the shame in the church, which is comparable to Clinton. They are both liars and immoral. Stay with me now.

I have written before that if you want to know what Yahweh will do with Christianity, then watch what He will do with Clinton. A most important point is that Yahweh will have mercy on Christianity, even as He has had mercy on Clinton. For example, in a time in which Clinton should have died and been held accountable for his sins, Yahweh had mercy. In 1995, there were three successive attempts to kill the President. The first assailant crashed a small plane within a few feet of the President’s room at the White House, the second shot 25 rounds from an assault weapon at the presidential mansion, and the third, though with an unloaded handgun, scaled the White House fence and was tackled within 60 feet of the President’s residence. Yahweh was showing his mercy on Clinton, even as He is showing mercy on Christianity.

I briefly mentioned the propheticness of President Lincoln. We could go on for pages concerning his propheticness as Yahshua, but our attention is on Clinton. When Clinton's immorality, deception, and lying under oath was revealed in the Lewinsky matter, was Clinton justly removed from office? No! Why? Because Yahweh will have mercy on Christianity, which Clinton represents. So, on what day was Clinton acquitted? He was acquitted and given a new chance at Presidency on February 12. Does February 12 have any significance? Yes, for that is the birth day of our highly prophetic representative of Yahshua - President Abraham Lincoln. On the month and day in which Yahshua-representative Lincoln was born, body-of-Yahshua representative Clinton was acquitted of impeachment and allowed to stay in office.

So what will happen to Clinton? I watch every day; because what happens to Clinton, is what will happen to Christianity. One thing for certain though, he is flanked by some VERY encouraging representatives, and I don't mean Gore and Reno.

Recall that I said that George Bush was a prophetic first Remnant that lost his rights to the "kingdom," the "heavenly kingdom" of America, to his opponent, Bill Clinton. BUT, will those rights return to a second Remnant representative? You can be most certain they will! What the first Remnant lost, the second Remnant will regain. So, who is it that will regain the Presidency from Clinton? You're right. A second Remnant George Bush! So, even as we see the two olive tree Remnants on each side of seven-branched-lampstand Christianity (Zechariah 4), Yahweh has given us the two Bushs on each side of two-term Clinton. Is this happenstance? Not with Yahweh!

Now, I have briefly sketched this out to get to the following observation concerning this Christianity-representative president, Bill Clinton. I have written before that the "church in the wilderness" that Stephen identified (i.e., the sons of Israel in the wilderness for forty years), is clearly foretelling or prophetic of Christianity. One of the most distinguishing acts in that period was the striking of the rock at the beginning of their entrance into the wilderness, as well as at the end of their journey, just before entering into the promised land. And, as was pointed out in the writing, Passover, both of those strikings were related specifically to Passover. The first was struck in the second month during a legal delayed Passover, while the second was struck specifically during Passover. What does this have to do with Bill Clinton?

Since Clinton is a clear prophetic picture of "the church in the wilderness" (can anyone dispute this?; America has had its two-part period "in the wilderness" under Bill); as such, it is quite possible that Clinton would have his two "strikings of the rock." AND HE DID!

Yahweh has given us these two testimonies and opened our eyes to them to teach us and show us what He is doing right now with the church - both Christianity, as well as the Remnant. What were Clinton's two highly prophetic "strikings of the rock" at Passover? Because of the pattern, they had to be at the beginning and at the end of his presidency. Let us see these.

On April 19, 1993, the first rock was struck when Clinton's legal representative, Janet Reno, ruthlessly struck its own innocent American citizens at Waco! Passover was on April 6 of that year. (If it had been a double Passover, it would have fallen within the fifteen days.) What happened to that Passover sacrifice? It ascended to Yahweh in fire!

What then was the second striking of the rock? When did Janet Reno, Clinton's rod, (significantly, the only cabinet member of Clinton who has survived his two terms) strike the American people once again? When the same use of force was brought against America's own people, and the home of Lazaro Gonzalez was attacked/struck and the innocent lamb, Elian Gonzalez, was ushered off alive in the darkness just before dawn. This "striking of the rock" occurred on April 22, the fourth day of Passover. Both of these acts were specifically and significantly Passover events!

If your head is not already spinning, or if you do not yet know that Yahweh is sovereign over the affairs of men, let us briefly look at these dramatic events a bit further. This latter Clinton Passover bears the testimony of the second Remnant that comes out of the church at Passover. What happened just before Yahshua's death at Passover? The stone was rolled away from Lazarus' tomb, and he was brought forth from the tomb alive. Lazarus is a prophetic second Remnant that escapes death. The numeric value of the name "Lazarus" is, quite significantly, 153 - the number of fish caught by the disciples at Yahshua's call to fish "on the right-hand side of the boat" (John 21:6). This was the side of the priest that was anointed when entering into priesthood - the right ear, thumb, and toe (Leviticus 8:23-24). Lazarus is the 153 represented Remnant.

So, on the morning of April 22, government agents went to the door of who and forcibly opened it? During Passover, they went to the home of Lazaro Gonzalez, forcibly opened it, and took Elian alive. Lazaro is Italian for Lazarus. Those agents rolled away the door of Lazarus, the Remnant!

For prophetic Clinton, like the "church in the wilderness," he too has had his two Passover strikings of the rock of America. What is it that these two strikings represent? In the writing, Passover, we see that they reveal the two-part Passover Remnant. But why did I bring all of this up? Because I believe we are at the church's Carmel, where two things are at stake. First is the necessary test as to who will ascend alive to heaven - Christianity, or a Remnant separate from and out of Christianity? The house of Baal, or an Elijah? The second issue relative to Carmel is - Will the drought of ignorance and lack that has been on the church for 2,000 years be broken? Will there be an Elijah that will crouch before Yahweh on Carmel until the rain clouds form? These are the two highly important issues, and we see testified in our own lifetime through a despicable President and his rod, a remarkable evidence that, yes, our Passover Carmel is now at hand.

I must first say here that the two Remnant are often prophetically interchangeable. Yahweh evidently does this because the two become one. This was mentioned in Passover. So, that which might be fulfilled in the second Remnant, prophetically could be revealed in the testimony of the first Remnant. They can switch in testimony. This we see in the witness of Clinton's two "strikings of the rock." We are now at Yahweh's Carmel, His test between Christianity and the Remnant. So, what testimony has Yahweh given us concerning the relevance of this time, now? Here is our answer. Where was Clinton's first striking of the rock? Where did those innocent people ascend to Yahweh as a Passover burnt offering? The Waco facility was called - Mount Carmel!

We are now at the church's testing, the Mount Carmel, and who will have the right s to ascend alive? I have some of Christianity's stalwarts writing me and saying that it is Christianity that will arise. But they are wrong; for it is the Remnant that has the authority to arise, and Yahweh has already begun to establish His Remnant bride by a few of you who believe!!!!! Hallelu-Yah!

So, Yahweh has added a second witness that today, now, is the church's Carmel. The first witness is that my two first Remnant daughters are in Carmel during this delayed Passover (not by my design), and the second is Yahweh's opening of our eyes to see that Clinton's/Reno's act of violence was equally at Carmel. You may say those innocent people "lost" to Clinton. No, no more than a sacrifice lamb lost. No more than the Lamb of Yahweh lost. The Davidians at Carmel were a testimony, an INTERCESSION, a sacrifice for what Yahweh is now performing in our midst! Their lives were not given up in vain, but were offered for a MUCH higher purpose - the taking out and up of a Remnant bride!

I will quit here. This is getting too long. I also wanted to tell you about David, not King David, but King David David and his wife who recently victoriously made their confession of Stephen out of the body and into the Remnant bride. There is much here being performed by Yahweh, and He is opening our eyes to see these things. Another evidence of this new beginning is a pastor, Carlos, who e-mailed me yesterday and said he will be teaching the truths of The Signs That Cause Belief, even Satan's head on Africa!, to 25 churches united in Phoenix on the 27th of this month (during the delayed Passover). Let us hope that Yahweh will perform a new work in His called out ones there. Carlos writes -

"I have about 5 churches that I help, and the pastors are receiving this with open arms. Most of us are tired of lies, and truth is so simple and pure."

This is only a very small beginning of what Yahweh is getting ready to perform. I want to write you soon concerning this as well. I will use these e-mails during this delayed Passover period from today, May 19, through June 2 , to relate to you what Yahweh is beginning to do. Please let me know what He is doing in you during this most important time - Yahweh's Carmel (not that we will ascend now, but that we will secure and show forth the bride's rights to ascend, the latter rain).

Oh how I wish I could relate everything to you. Soon, him who reaps will overcome him who sows, and He will perform a work at such a pace that we cannot contain or even keep abreast of it. We have here seen the true and higher testimony concerning the Davidians at Carmel; I look forward to telling you about David.

Blessings to you as we look to our great and mighty Yahweh of hosts in this most important time for all mankind.

Your servant,


PS - Feel free to pass this e-mail along to anyone.