This e-mail was posted on the Remnant Bride e-group in the afternoon of November 10, 2000.



Dear Remnant Bride,

The votes were cast on Atonement, but the battle still rages for the kingdom of heaven, or Amer-ric-a. Who will win? Fierce is the battle; but, be wise and understanding - prophecy and intercession are being carried out here!

In the last e-mail we saw the immense prophetic significance unfolding regarding the striking of the two rocks. In this e-mail we will see even more prophetic and intercessoral happenings.

Keep in mind, that which is prophetically at stake in this continuing battle is the kingdom of heaven, and we can be confident that Yahweh will cause His Remnant, as well as His Remnant testimony, to prevail. That which is happening on the kingdom of heaven national level, reveals that which occurs in the true and higher kingdom of heaven level, the church. We are simply seeing carried out on the nations level that which is and will be carried out in the true kingdom. And from what we are seeing, you can be certain that Satan will not want to give up his rights to the kingdom/the church, and he will fight for them.

This highly prophetic election battle that determines who will lead this nation into the new millennium, is a most timely and vivid reminder that we will soon be entering into the new Millennial reign of Yahshua; and the question is - Who will rule in the new Millennium? Will it be the Remnant, a Bush, or will it continue to be Satan, the one who gores?

Continue reading now and you will see why we can remain confident in this battle. In fact, our confidence remains so sure that most of this writing is presented with the certain sureness that second Remnant Bush is our next president.

First, and this may be surprising to you, when Hillary Rodham Clinton was declared winner in her race for the Senate, this gave me great hope that Bush would also win. Why? Because Hillary is the bride of the body, Bill. As written in Carmel, both Jezebel as well as Hillary occupy the prophetic pattern of the bride to the body who gets the garden for her husband. It may equally surprise you, but Yahweh is neither Democrat nor Republican; but He is highly repetitive and prophetic in all His actions, even when the person is a poor example within the pattern. So, as I said and as I expected prophetically, Hillary's election to the Senate was a great encouragement that second Remnant Bush will prevail. For Hillary to win, prophetically Bush has to win. In the courts of heaven, her pursuit of victory effected Bush's victory. For Bush to lose, Hillary will have to give up her seat, which I don't think she will do.

Let us look at two other presidential patterns that are equally highly revealing and confirming as to what Yahweh is performing in the kingdom of heaven. Yahweh is opening the eyes of His servants of Elisha in order that we might see.

Not but a generation or two ago there was another Remnant -> Christianity -> Remnant pattern. This was Hoover -> FDR -> Truman. In 1995, this writer first began seeing some of these patterns in the presidents. It started when I was studying the Mount St Helens eruption. You may be aware that there was a man equally named Harry Truman who was killed in the May 18, 1980, eruption. When that eruption occurred on a Sunday during the month of Pentecost, Spirit Lake was doubled in size. Harry Truman was there by that prophetic lake when it doubled. (The second Remnant receive a double portion of His Spirit.)

When I then studied President Truman's life, I saw that he was clearly a prophetic second Remnant, receiving his presidency as a result of the death of Christianity FDR, who died while in office of a head affliction - a broken blood vessel. His last words were - "I have a terrible headache." This made Hoover a first Remnant; and all three of these men's administrations and lives verified this pattern in numerous ways. Why do I bring this up? For the same reason we looked so closely at the Bush election in the last e-group posting - to demonstrate the overwhelming opposition that the Remnant faces, yet the certainty of our success.

Truman and Dewey went into contest for the presidency in 1948 (the year this writer was born), and most expected the outcome to be resoundingly in favor of Dewey. Maybe you have seen the picture of victorious President Truman delightfully holding a newspaper with the headline - "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN." Dewey did not defeat Truman, but second Remnant Truman won. This, again, is the difficulty but the certainty of the outcome of the battle we face (as well as for George W Bush).

As already pointed out, this battle is also viewed in the Adonijah vs. Solomon contest for the throne of David, or even little Remnant David with his five smooth stones in contest against the far better equipped giant, Goliath. Will Yahweh's little Remnant prevail and win? MOST CERTAINLY! It is only a matter of time.

While writing this e-mail, Kyle Nixon sent me some most interesting information. Let us present this here, and expound on it somewhat as well. This will afford us our look at the second presidential pattern.

The information and all that is included herein and on the web site, as well as things that others are seeing and reporting on in the Remnant Bride e-group, are striking evidence that Yahweh is giving His Remnant Bride truth that men have never before received. The water of the latter rain that Yahweh is pouring out upon us now is the water that washes by the word of truth. He is touching our eyes a second time and causing us to see all things clearly. Again, never before have men seen what we are now seeing.

Let me remind you of Ecclesiastes 1:9 - "That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun." Do you believe this? This being the case, the Bush -> Clinton -> Bush pattern is nothing new either; and this is exactly what we find, even in our American history. Let our eyes be opened.

As you may know, this is not the first time for a president to be elected who was the son of a former president. John Adams was a one term president serving from 1797 to 1801, and John Q Adams, his son, was equally a one term president serving from 1825 to 1829. These first father and son presidents were separated by three two-term presidents - the remaining three of the founding father presidents, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. (By the way, three of these five men died on July 4, Jefferson and Adams even died on the same day.)

So, let us see the repeating pattern and even some of the details here. We have shown in the writings on the web that Christianity is a cut-short period - having three 1,000 year periods cut short to two. We see this in the number of baths of water in Solomon's sea - 2,000 versus 3,000. Thus Christianity is often revealed with both of these periods - 2,000 years, or two terms, versus 3,000 years, or three terms.

John Adams and his oldest son, John Q Adams, are the same prophetic picture as George Bush and his oldest son, George W Bush. They are in each case the two Remnant. But in the separation of these two father and son Remnant witnesses, Yahweh provides in a most revealing and unique way the 2,000 bath/3,000 bath testimony. While two-term Clinton separates the two Bush Remnants, three two-term presidents separated the two Adams Remnants (even as FDR served three terms, separating Hoover and Truman). But the revealing, affirming, and even intercessoral testimonies do not cease here. Let us as His Remnant bride see more.

Second Remnant George W Bush is the fourth President to be elected by the electoral votes, while losing on the popular votes. Who was the first? Second Remnant John Q Adams! But this is not the first time for a "ruler" to come to power this way; not at all. Again - nothing new under the sun, especially when prophetic and intercessoral patterns are concerned.

In the last e-mail, we considered the significance of the contest between Adonijah and Solomon for the throne of David. Adonijah had all Israel following after him in his bid for the throne, including David's chief commander and his high priest. In truth, Adonijah clearly had the popular vote. But, the electoral vote had not come in; for the elect king was in fact the obscure son of promise - Solomon! Solomon won the electoral college, while Adonijah won the popular vote, and Solomon came to the throne. Now you know why our founding fathers set up the electoral college - to give testimony to the fact that the Remnant (who have knowledge from Yahweh's college) are the elect of Yahweh, while blind and deceived Christianity is the popular choice of the people. (Remember this and be not discouraged little Remnant bride when you find yourself in conflict with popular Christianity.)

So, not only do we find the same father and son pattern with these two sets of Remnant presidents, as well as the revealing two-term/three-term testimony, but also we see the identical popular vote/electoral vote testimony. But there is more.

While all the world waits for Florida to confirm their numbers that will place George W Bush in the White House, it is most interesting that John Q Adams played a part in what will be Bush's victory. How, you ask? How could a second Remnant president-to-be and president's oldest son, over 180 years ago help another second Remnant president-to-be and president's oldest son come to power today?

In the 1820's, John Q Adams was secretary of state for his predecessor, James Monroe. John Q was an extraordinarily good secretary of state, and significantly advanced the Monroe Doctrine, including the acquisition from Spain of an important state. In 1820 second Remnant John Q Adams acquired for the United States the very state that would bring second Remnant George W Bush into the presidency. John Q acquired Florida! George W will win his election because of John Q's provision 180 years prior. That's intercession!

Before leaving this rich testimony, let us note, as pointed out by Kyle, that first Remnant John Adams and second Remnant son John Q Adams were the second and sixth presidents of the United States of Amer-ric-a. Why the second and sixth? Because the second and sixth churches in Revelation are the two Remnant witnesses - Smyrna and Philadelphia. Thus we see attested from Yahweh that these two father and son presidents are indeed witnesses to the two Remnant, even as are present day George Bush and son George W Bush. They are both first Remnant Smyrna and second Remnant Philadelphia testimonies.

Is there anything new under the sun? Does Yahweh repeat Himself? Does Yahweh provide intercessoral witnesses to the works He will perform in the kingdom of heaven? Will the Remnant prevail over Satan? Is there any reason to doubt the assuring answers to these questions?

In looking to the future, what other patterns can we see developing on the nations level? We can be quite certain there are many; and in the mini posting at we consider the pattern for the death of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam is a prophetic picture of Satan, who is over Christianity, or Mystery Babylon. We know from reading Revelation 20:1-3, and from the pattern of the mount of transfiguration where Yahshua came down from the mountain after being glorified with the two Remnant and immediately cast the demon out of the young man who had been hopelessly possessed, that when Yahshua returns He will deal with Satan. What does this mean for Saddam? If Yahweh carries out the Jael testimony of the tent peg to the temple of Sisera, or the Kilgore testimony of that East Texas oil town, or even the Kill Devil Hill testimony where my uncles a hundred years ago were trying to ascend into the heavens alive, then it should be that Saddam Hussein will meet his death while second Remnant Bush is in office. On the other hand, there might even be some kind of "binding" that takes affect like in Revelation 20:1-3. Whatever may happen, by Divine pattern Saddam must either be completely bound (maybe extradition or prison) or killed under George W Bush's administration. One or the other should happen, according to the clear patterns that are obviously being carried out here and now. And in this moment when Gore is still fighting for the kingdom, if he were elected, prophetically, the head of Mystery Babylon would go unchecked! Satan would prevail over the corrupted kingdom through the next millennium!

Where does this leave us as His Remnant? On the one hand - in battle with Satan, who wants to hold on to the rights to the kingdom. Yet on the other hand - we remain confident and are on the sure road of progress as Yahweh's elect, as we seek to prepare the way for the return of Yahshua, and reach forward to that day when we will be soon caught up alive to be with Him and return to set up His kingdom on this earth. Will this road be easy? Look at what Gore is doing and you can get some idea as to what is in store. How will Satan be defeated? With the TRUTH that Yahweh is giving His second Remnant!

It is going to be very interesting what happens in the coming days, weeks, and months. We have now passed through Atonement, and the prophetic battle between the Remnant and Satan with his rule over Christianity still rages. Tabernacles will take place on the 12th through the 19th of November. We watch with anticipation for what Yahweh will perform during that time. As has been said before, it is not so important that we keep the feasts, as it is that Yahweh keeps them. What He might perform or witness during this Tabernacles is to be seen - politically as well as spiritually. The unresolved election results will evidently carry right into Tabernacles, and might very well be resolved then. But per the higher realm of the Remnant, let us keep in focus and not be distracted from the very meaningful truths concerning the covering of the bride that have come to us, His bride, at Tabernacles. We need to ask ourselves as His Remnant what we who will determine the future of all mankind should do relative to these truths. In the days ahead I will be working on the third and final writing on this matter of Tabernacles. Remember, these elections do not determine our success. They are only a reflection of our success.

I also want to write on the mark of the beast, as Yahweh recently showed me what it is. It is not 666, as you have been taught. Satan-occupied Christianity always misleads man, and 666 is NO EXCEPTION! According to the Scriptures, that mark must be calculated (Revelation 13:18), and it is done so in a most simple and highly revealing way; but it is not from misleading 666. Oh how Satan has corrupted Yahweh's word (including removing His name, as has been recently discussed on this group by a few of the Remnant).

There is also another writing that has been started on the contradiction of whether newborn Yahshua was taken into Egypt and then to Nazareth (Matthew), or to the temple and then directly to Nazareth (Luke). This contradiction is one more confirming and revealing testimony, a contradiction riddle, provided by the set-apart Spirit.

Oh the wonder of the truth and wisdom that the Remnant is receiving! As it is written - "And those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever" (Daniel 12:3). If you have not discerned as of yet, we are eating from the marriage supper of the Lamb; seeing things which have never been revealed since the beginning of man. Yahweh is being very gracious to us, His bride. He is indeed washing us with the water of His word, cleansing us of MANY false beliefs, and placing on/in our heads His mark and not that of the beast.

Blessings always,



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