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In the first 300 years of America, there was none of the immorality, immodesty, vulgarity, confusion of the sexes, and pornography as has taken place in the 1900s.  Women were distinctly women, and men were distinctly men, and rigid modesty and social standards were firmly in place.  But what changed this?  Eve, the woman, fell into temptation and abandoned her place.  Let us examine more carefully the root cause of America’s sins.


The only way to stop a weed is to get its entire root.  Have you ever grabbed a dandelion to pull it up, only to get the upper portion and leave most if not all the root in the ground?  Even when using a tool to enter into the ground and pry the root out, if one fails to go deep enough, the furthermost reaches of that root can remain intact and, given enough time, you will find a dandelion once again growing in that place.  The only way to stop a dandelion is to get the entire root, and that is what we are seeking to accomplish here.


While the weed of the destruction of the family and the nation had its clear evidences in World War II, there was a root to this problem that had already been growing for several years, and actually took root in and was directly as an outcome of the preceding world war – World War I.  That root was Temperance and Women’s Suffrage.  Let us see how that root began, first examining Women’s Suffrage.


In July, 1848, at a Friends’ Yearly Meeting (or, the Quakers, who already practiced in their church equal voting for women) in Western New York, they issued a call for the first Women’s Rights Convention in all history.  Thus, we see that the Women’s Suffrage movement had its earliest beginnings in the church – the Quakers.  But we would also note that this entire movement was initiated in Protestant Christianity; its meetings were held in churches, and some of its leaders and members were ordained ministers.  (May we note here that 1848 was precisely 100 years before 1948 when the test of Carmel began, which is quite significant insomuch that Yahweh seems to have significant correlating events take place on 100 year cycles.) 


The first Women’s Rights Convention was held for two days in Seneca Falls in the home of Elizabeth Stanton on July 19 and 20.  It was here that Stanton drew up her bill of rights setting forth the position to “redress” in state, church, law, and society the place of the woman.  (Notice that the civil and society, including the workplace, as well as the church, were and still remain the vast scope of their goals.)  The event received wide publicity in the New York Tribune under Horace Greeley and was followed in 1850 by a convention in Worchester, Massachusetts.  From there Susan B. Anthony became involved and the movement began to gain effectiveness.


Their efforts were indeed an uphill battle in which they labored extensively, but they made great strides and first sought to tie their own cause to the suffrage of the black man.  But they would have to wait.  Stanton and Anthony died in 1902 and 1906, but by then the movement had gained considerable strength through persuasion, as well as militant tactics, and when World War I came, public sentiment was moving in their favor.  All that was needed was World War I, wherein the participation of women in the war effort was crucial to breaking down the barriers of the opposition.  Also during the war, aggressive ruthless militant tactics and lobbying by political feminists posed a relentless pressure on the government in Washington, even while they were trying to fight a war.  Here again we see a world war effecting dramatic social change for women. 


The war was over in 1918, and in 1920 the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States gave women the equal right to vote.  While this was viewed then and is viewed today as a victory for women, something even highly positive and right, it was in fact the beginnings of a death blow to the moral fiber of the United States.  Begun by the church and widely supported by the church, Eve had eaten from the forbidden fruit of wanting to be like the man, and the outcome would once again be death to the moral strength of this nation!  (And might it be noted that Great Britain followed a similar scenario, as it too resisted women’s suffrage until World War I, wherein it experienced the same crucial altering affects of the war, and suffrage was granted at the very end of the war in 1918.)


In like regard, the sister women’s issue of Temperance, which took on the name Prohibition, gained greater strength and even a toehold during the war.  Men like Henry Ford became involved in Prohibition for industrial reasons, knowing that a sober work force was a more productive work force.  During the war, bills were passed by Congress that forbade the use of the nation’s limited supplies of grain for making alcohol, paving the way for Prohibition.  Because of the success of the women’s movement, especially in the rural areas, as well as the support of men like Ford, the Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States passed as well in 1920.  Thus it was most fitting that these two Amendments that were each the product of the earliest women’s movements, made their way into the Constitution of the United States in the identical year.  They were two witnesses; but, witness to what?


Both of these works will be addressed more fully as this writing unfolds, but what we will indeed find is that the seed of the destruction of this nation, that produced a vast onslaught of highly devastating and cancerous ills, took firm root in World War I under the guise of something good – Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage. 


But who at that time could have looked to the future and seen the tragic scope of the demoralization of the nation and the destruction of the family that would follow?  If women then could have looked through time and seen America as it is today – the unimaginable uncovering of women and men and their worldly appearance, the casting away of modesty and chastity, the confusion of the sexes, the fatally fractured family and divorce and infidelity, the unbridled corruption of music and entertainment (including television and the internet), the horrifying slaughter of millions of innocent babies, and the sudden nauseous eruption of homosexuality – they would never, by any means, in any way, have left their homes and fought for equality with men.  They thought that women would bring America into a utopia of sorts, correcting the ills of government by their virtues; but if they could have seen not only their failure to effect this, but what’s more the curse they would bring on this nation with their rebellion, they would have shrunk back in horror.  And if men could have seen these unthinkable moral tragedies, they would never have allowed the women  to prevail.  To have known this then and not to have stopped it, would have been the epitome of irresponsibility and cruel wickedness.  And to know this now and to not reverse it, even on a personal level, is equally irresponsible and wicked, and even dooming!


The weed of rebellion that produces the fruit of moral decadence took root in Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage following World War I, and when World War II came, men and women were equally naive of their own ill actions.  If my parent’s generation could have likewise seen the ill effects that their actions would cause, would they have taken that weed to even greater heights and depths and placed the woman even further into the place of the man and abandoned the home, wearing the pants in the family in more ways than one?  Hopefully not.


Equal rights fought for by women has been the solitary cause that has led to the present corruption of this nation, and even the world.  Once again Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so that she could be like her husband who was made in the image of God – “When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate.”  But Yahweh said – “in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die,” and we have morally died as a nation ever since that day.  This is no allegory; this is reality and fulfillment taking place before our very eyes in the most tragic way!


Many Christians think that taking prayer out of the schools of America is the source of our school’s problems, or removing the ten commandments from our schools and courts is the problem.  Many Christians think the destruction of our nation and Yahweh’s judgment upon us is or will be because of the millions of abortions that shamefully take place.  Or they look at the moral decadence of entertainment and the internet and think that this is the problem.  But all of these are only symptoms and not the cause.  They are the fruit of the root that is nothing less than the women’s rights movement that took hold through militancy in this nation, and began with Temperance and Women’s Suffrage.  And for any true and effectual repentance to come to this nation, it of necessity must be a repentance that goes back to the source and effects the repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment as well.  Anything less leaves the root source intact.


We can be grateful that the women’s rights activist’s attempts to increase their stranglehold on this nation with the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 1972 through 1982 failed.  That gives some hope.  But to think that their efforts quit there or will ever find a diabolical end is lethal fantasy.  People today very much underestimate and are naive to the gravity and power and fatal effects of the women’s rights movement.  Without exaggeration, this movement is the single greatest threat to America, to the world, and to the church.  Sin is never satisfied, and like their father, Satan, this movement empowered by him will not cease until the woman reigns over the man, or homosexuals reign over the moral.  It is both naive and fatal to think otherwise.  The church has opened Pandora’s box (a box/jar that was opened by the woman, releasing every manner of evil, but hope retained), and its consequences have been staggering!


The women’s rights movement began with Temperance and Women’s Suffrage; and what have these women activists effected since then?  What unbroken thread has followed, revealing the true nature of these two seemingly innocent but devastatingly destructive founding works?  Consider the issue of abortion.  Roe vs. Wade was filed by two women attorneys who were members of the Women’s Equity Action League, an organization that worked for equal opportunity for women and was founded by the same woman who founded the National Organization for Women (NOW).  They filed this suite because they believed that women could not get equity in employment until “they had control over their fertility.”  Explain that logic please?  Sarah Weddington, the best known of the two attorneys, gives her time to raising funds for women’s rights groups like NOW and Planned Parenthood. 


Evidenced here by these two women attorneys, the woman’s demand for equal opportunity in the man’s workplace is a travesty, and directly led to the slaughter of millions of children and sexual irresponsibility.  Who could ever weigh and justify women entering into the man’s workplace, when considering the millions of babies whose lives have been paid at that expense?  That was a high price to pay for women working!  Abortion will not be overturned until women find their place back in the home.  Anything less is impossible.  The womb and children are sanctified and made safe by the mother who leaves not her home.


The women activists groups NOW and Planned Parenthood are the chief proponents of not only abortion, but promiscuity, or in their vernacular – “safe sex.”  Lesbianism is the accepted norm in the movement.  And today we face the issue of same sex marriages; and in time these forces will prevail and succeed as well, as they always have. 


The thread of the League of Women’s Voters, which is a proponent of the ERA and abortion and other like issues, clearly has its beginnings in Women’s Suffrage.  When the Nineteenth Amendment passed, the suffrage organization started by Stanton and Anthony, the National American Women’s Suffrage Association, reformed themselves into the League of Women’s Voters.  The League is nothing more than the extension of the work of Women’s Suffrage.  So when women vote today, they not only uphold and support their work, but are a silent and conforming part to it.


Women approve feminism by voting and should follow the example of the women in Boston, Mass., who when given the opportunity to cast a vote in a non-binding referendum regarding women’s suffrage held by the Massachusetts legislature, opposed suffrage and saw the best way to defeat it was to not vote.  This they did and the move towards women’s suffrage was overwhelmingly defeated.


As we now see the fruit of women’s activism coming to maturity, which all began deceptively innocent and under the guise of being “good,” where is all of this going to lead?  The horrors of this looming end are unimaginable!  But, the far more pressing question is  – How can it all be stopped?  The answer is to get to the root!  Until we deal with the root, this fruit will only continue!  The death blow to this destructive movement will come when in the end the Nineteenth Amendment where it all began is repealed, even as was its sister Amendment.  There’s a fatal hole in our boat as we are being tossed about adrift at sea, and we must quit our endless and ultimately useless bailing and fix the hole!



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