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It will be very beneficial for us to take a closer revealing look at the history of Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage.  In so doing, we will discover a warning given by one of the most caring and respected women of that time that afforded a clarion statement of all that has happened to this very hour.  In that warning, we will find the confirming truth of what we have been learning here.


Women’s Suffrage did not suddenly spring up on its own, but was in fact an outgrowth of two other movements during that time.  The slavery issue had divided this nation and provoked women to get involved in the aid of the black man.  Also, before the Civil War, an alcoholic plague of biblical proportions was upon the land, and the hardship caused on families incited the Temperance Movement.  These two things – compassion for the black slave and compelling concern for the family – evoked action on the part of women.  Initially, this action was limited to encouraging and instructing other women, and not open civil activism.  But while many women were intent to keep their attention limited to these two issues, others began to add a third – women’s suffrage.  Soon, temperance and black suffrage became the springboard to women’s suffrage.


Women such as Francis Willard, President of the National Women’s Christian Temperance Union (NWCTU), by far the largest women’s organization in the nineteenth century, rationalized that women’s suffrage was a temperance measure.  She sought to quell the concerns of more conservative women concerning suffrage by convincing them that for the sake of what she termed as “home protection,” this necessitated that the woman gain the right to vote.  This was Satan’s deception.  Her message was that the woman was the “born conservator of the home,” and that in order to save the home, women had to have the right to vote.  But the opposite would be proven true.  This argument convinced the greater part of women, and in fact promoted her to win the Presidency of NWCTU in 1879, replacing the woman who had been the President since the organization’s conception five years earlier.  This woman was Annie Wittenmyer.  Let us see who Mrs. Wittenmyer was.


Ulysses S. Grant stated concerning Annie – “No soldier on the firing line gave more service than she did.”  Annie was instrumental in improving conditions in the care of the sick and wounded during the Civil War, and probably did more than anyone toward that purpose.  As the war progressed, she added to this the care of war orphans.  Annie was assigned several posts in her service and raised thousands of dollars by providing war reports to newspapers.


In 1874 Annie was elected the first President of the NWCTU, but in 1879 lost that place to Francis Willard because she refused to support women’s suffrage.  In her own words, here was her sober prediction as to the outcome of women’s suffrage.  She warned that it would:


 “strike a fatal blow at the home!” 


Today, looking back at the fruits of the women’s rights movement, her words are never more true.  For 100 years, America and the world have suffered because of the lack of vision of these power-hungry women, who were more concerned about advancing their “rights” than they were about the people (an attitude that has continued to thrive in the women’s rights movement to this day, and is so very, very evident).  Their immediate goal was to become man’s political equal.  And servants like Annie Wittenmyer knew this, and she warned us.


But women would not be satisfied even with suffrage.  Francis Willard stated – “it is not enough that women should be home-makers, but they must make the world itself, a larger home.”  Those are grand and lofty words, but are now frightening aspirations, for their end has been what Annie warned – the abandonment of the home and a certain fatal blow against it!  And once the home was struck, once they forced with militant tactics political equality with men, they were not and will never be satisfied until they have changed the world to their own selfish purposes and ambitions.  The sin of rebellion is never satisfied, except with supremacy.  If you doubt this, then ask the child in a feminist’s womb.  There you will find the answer.  And today, for every woman who sports pants and votes, this is the heritage you uphold.  Let us now take a more careful look at Prohibition.


As has been pointed out, Prohibition was initiated by women as the legal remedy for the problem that was rampant before the Civil War, and though greatly diminished after the war, continued to be a social and family problem.  But Prohibition was in fact the woman stepping into an arena that was not hers and trying to fix the problem her way.  Though her intentions might have been good, because she was usurping the authority given to the man, her actions were inherently evil.  And, because of these origins, even as we now know concerning the sister Amendment of Women’s Suffrage, Prohibition was a miserable and destructive failure, one that actually increased sin and alcohol, enhancing the problems and not fixing anything.  Once again we find the fatal testimony of the woman out of her place, and what took place after Prohibition was only a snapshot of the destruction Women’s Suffrage would bring on America over the next 100 years, affording us a dire warning that calls out for us to heed.  How much more evidence do we need than the ill effects of Prohibition?


With the Eighteenth Amendment’s attempt by women to protect the home and improve civil integrity, and its sister Amendment to give women the right to vote, these two products of women’s activism unleashed an undoing of America that would be the greatest deception and attack that Satan had ever brought against this nation and the world!  World War I and the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Amendments unleashed a fate in which there has been no relief.  The warning concerning the sin of Eve was – “in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die” – and the moral fiber of our nation and the family certainly began to die in that very day!  Morals, modesty, social restraints that had been intact in this nation for 300 years, suddenly were abandoned and this nation began a slide into moral decadence.  Prohibition and materialism created an epidemic of immorality and law-breaking this nation had never known the likes of before.


The 20s that immediately followed were known as the Roaring Twenties, and for good reason.  The trend toward materialism, the speakeasies, the thrill of covert drinking and rising unchecked youth rebellion, flappers, and Jazz (slang for intercourse) music, rampant organized crime, all marked the initiation of a very troubling change in America.  The use of advertising began to skyrocket, and would in time become a major contributor to altering and significantly destroying the morals of this nation.  For the first time in the 300 years of this nation, hem lines began to rise.  So we must ask the question – Why did all of this dramatic change happen at this one particular time?  Clearly, because “Eve” had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and death was quickly setting in as promised.


The glamour of movies began an obsession with sex and appearance, and young soldier’s exposure to Europe’s relaxed morals afforded an ill effect upon them.  Also in the 20s came another attack – the sexual theories of Sigmund Freud and Havelock Ellis, which opened the door for sexual expression, moving society towards a “sexual liberalism,” and has given us today the inability to blush.  Society today is reminiscent of the sons of Israel who made the golden calf and reveled in it.  Men and women alike now openly revel in the golden calf of sexuality and bear no shame. 


Finally, the 20s equally opened the door for women to follow in the spirit of temperancists and suffragists and women’s liberation and begin leaving the home to work.  But even despite all of this, the place of the woman in the home was still idealized and socially stringently upheld.  But this was beginning to change.


As a great razor strap upon the back side of America for its foolishness in the 20s, the Stock Market crashed in 1929 and the Great Depression of the 30s followed, along with the Dust Bowl, ending the party and sobering the nation.  Just as America was recovering, the next great attack on the family came – World War II broke out and this nation entered the war in 1941.  With the root of rebellion already established in this nation towards its destruction, and that resulting weed fed and nurtured by the 20s and man recovering from the 30s, America was now ripe for a social implosion with the moral vacuum of World War II.  Because of the mix of the rigors of war and the deprival of the Great Depression, America seemingly blindly, as if drunk, entered into a further state in which loose behavior was not only tolerated, but even justified. 


Music and entertainment and even news reels became crude and sensuously suggestive.  Promiscuity increased, along with venereal diseases.  And even as World War I had the effect of increasing divorce, where before the war in the 1890s one in seventeen marriages ended in divorce and by the late 20s that level had increased to one in six, so World War II ever increased the attack on the family and rising divorce dramatically followed, driving the divorce rate to one in four.  And where oh where have we even gone from there? 


Pants on women became publicly acceptable in the 50s.  The 60s came and the youth lacked the social moorings of the past, cast off by their parents who were unwilling and unable to control their children; thus youth morals went totally out the window unlike any other time as they immersed themselves into drugs and free sex and nudity and rock music and psychedelic colors and they completely abandoned social order.  In the 70s, women’s rights activism continued to gain steady strength, producing the horrendous Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion in this nation.  Then the 1990s came, giving a new definition to the term “gay nineties,” a term used to describe the 1890s.  But the 1890s were clearly gone; and even as the term “gay” was redefined in the 1990s, so was the family.  Thus, as we can see from the vantage of 2003, Mrs. Wittenmyer’s words in 1879 have hauntingly come to pass.  The demon which she refused to accept before all of this was to unfold, costing her place in the largest women’s group in the United States (which was to her good, and the good of retired nurses whom she then helped), has in fact struck “a fatal blow at the home!” 


That blow, that demon, is felt by every child who is murdered in their mother’s womb.  That blow is felt by every child who comes home to an empty house and watches an entertainment media that is nothing more than an undisciplined cesspool, and an internet that can be even worse.  That blow is felt by every child whose heart is ripped out by the arguing of parents and the ill fate of a marriage that has no moral social moorings to survive.  That blow has such a force that it confuses the sexual identities of society and thereby blinds them into convoluted and even bizarre unnatural relationships.  That blow rips at the church, and because of their own blindness and ineptness and even their own initiation of and participation in the problem, has not the power to either discern the problem or to resist it.  That blow, that demon, is the attack of Satan who deceived this nation and the church into believing that it was alright for the woman to rebel and become equal to the man; and for this cause, and for her actions, this nation has reeled under that Eve curse ever since!


Two sister Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America, the heavenly kingdom, were passed in the pivotal year of 1920 immediately following World War I – the Eighteenth Amendment that established Prohibition, and the Nineteenth Amendment that gave women the right to vote.  The Eighteenth Amendment lasted only thirteen short years, and as a miserable failure was repealed in 1933.  Ratification of the repeal was accomplished in nine short months, faster than any other previous amendment.  It was overwhelmingly supported, with more than 70% of the electorate voting for it.  People quickly woke up to its wrong.


These two Amendments were linked together in that they were both the product of women’s movements.  We find that Yahweh repeatedly sets forth two witnesses to give evidence to something, even when it is two witnesses as to what is evil.  These two witnesses – the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Amendments – were and are clear evidences of the sin of the woman at the turn of the century.  It is indeed quite fitting that both were passed the same year; and it is a tragedy that both did not fall together as well!  Now we see that the far more destructive of the two was allowed to live on, and to effect far, far more sin, heartache, and death to this nation. 


Two strong beasts were released in 1920, one violent and thrashing, and contrary to her name even intemperate, and afforded immediate devastation; but the other was keen and cunning and sly, but even more evil than her sister.  Because of the wrath of the first beast, she was quickly slain.  But her sister, who seemed to offer no harm, was allowed to go free.  She, with deft shrewdness, walked the land as well; but learning from her sister, moved silently and under the cloak of disguise.  Waxed with persuasion and emotions and fed on self-rights, she slew far more than her violent sister ever came near to.  She, the latter, is the far greater beast, for she has continued her violence unawares – the most destructive of all enemies!  Now, she too must be slain!


The only hope for this nation is that repentance will take place that is so powerful that the more evil Nineteenth Amendment will equally be repealed, and hopefully with greater rapidity and support and conviction and hope and victory than the repeal of the Eighteenth ever enjoyed.  America will not be at peace, nor fulfill her purpose of being a blessing to “all the families of the earth,” until this second beast is destroyed as well.



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