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The Remnant Bride truth is the most exciting truth I have ever seen in my life; in fact, the reason is because it is the only truth. Finally, after 2,000 years of drought in the kingdom, we are receiving some water! This is the water of truth, and it is a river that will not run dry, a well that is so deep that it cannot be fathomed. It is nothing but incredible how this truth continues to unfold and unfold and unfold. Though it has been said before, it is worthy of being said again - the Remnant truth is a seamless inner garment. And that which will be shared now is just one more evidence of this. I am grateful to Peter Douglas for sharing the crux of this truth with me, a man who is a dear brother to every Remnant Bride member, both now and in time to come. Yahweh is causing him to chew the cud as well.

Peter pointed out to me, after Yahweh had urged him to reexamine the garden testimony, that the Hebrew word for the flaming "sword" the cherubim wielded to guard the way to the tree of life, contains the root meaning of a "drought." The word translated "sword" here in Genesis 3:24 is "chereb," which comes from the word "charab" and means "to parch through drought." This is absolutely incredible and highly revealing and confirming when one understands what has taken place in the kingdom of God since its initial beginning under the teachings of Yahshua. Even as it is written - "But knowledge is easy to him who has understanding" (Proverb 14:6) - so once again we see the marvel of the revelation and application of this matter concerning the garden of God, that is only possible with an understanding of the Remnant message. Here again, we must get straight to the point.

What happened in the original garden of Eden was a seed picture of that which would happen in the kingdom of God. As the King, Yahshua brought the kingdom to man. But, man being earthly, along with the presence of the devil, the first Remnant ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and defiled the garden kingdom. The breach of Christianity began and the first Remnant Bride then gave the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to the body of Christ, from which they then ate. Once this took place, Yahweh had to keep earthly man away from the tree of life, lest he "live forever." So how would He do this? With the sword of a drought!

The kingdom of God was placed under a drought in which man has lacked truth, lest by obtaining this truth he would live forever. Yahweh has kept back the truth you and I are seeing today, because if the church had ever had this truth, they would have become the tree of life. It was not yet time for this, nor was this legally acceptable or applicable for the breach period. Even as we read in Daniel 12:9, the word of truth and understanding was sealed so that man could not understand these marvelous things until "the end time." Thus the drought of truth has kept kingdom man from entering into the tree of life work! This is incredible to now know!

What does this tell us today? That the angel with the flaming drought has been removed and the way to the tree of life has been opened! The period of the drought, or Christianity, has ended and the way into the tree of life has been made possible. Or as it is written in Hebrews 9:8, the holy place has been torn down so that the way into the holy of holies can be disclosed. And as has been pointed out before, this is the Bride work that comes out of the body of Christ, even the Eve work; and revealingly, "Eve" means "life"! Thus the body of Christ has been put to sleep, torn down, so that the Bride, the tree of life, can be brought forth!

This is an incredible thing to see about this angel that guards the way to the tree of life with a flaming drought! Of course this is why Yahweh has provided so many testimonies about droughts, such as the one Elijah began and the one David experienced toward the end of his reign, each evidencing the great need for the latter rain of truth. With the Remnant Bride receiving truth, the drought is broken and the way to the tree of life is legally opened!

Interestingly and revealingly, the Hebrew word here for sword, or "chereb," is related to the Hebrew word "choreb" as well, and thus carries the same meaning of a parched drought. Therefore, prophetically these two words would speak of the same thing. As has been said before in these writings, Yahweh is very orderly and consistent. So how is the word "choreb" used? "Choreb" is actually "Horeb," or Mount Horeb. Thus Mount Horeb would also prophetically speak of this drought on the kingdom and the angel with the flaming drought that has kept anyone from eating of the tree of life. Let us very briefly look at this Mount Horeb.

Horeb is actually another name for the same mountain most often called Sinai. Why does Yahweh call the same mountain by two names? Because by using one or the other name, He can propound a riddle or reveal truth with the meaning of each word.

We will only look at two places in the Bible where Horeb is mentioned. The first is in Exodus 17:6 where we read that Moses was told to take his staff and strike the rock at Horeb and out would come water. This is the water that must come by striking the drought, or the body of Christ. The striking or tearing down of the body of Christ is that which brings the water out that opens the way for entering into the tree of life.

But furthermore, and relevant to the purpose of this writing, it is the first mention of this mountain in the Scriptures that holds the most for us now. What one event was it that began the turnaround for the deliverance of the sons of Israel out of Egypt? One could say that it was the birth of Moses, and that is indeed true; but there was one other thing that took place regarding Moses that more specifically initiated their deliverance - the burning bush at Horeb!

In Exodus 3:2-5 we read concerning this bush:

And the angel of Yahweh appeared to him (Moses) in a blazing fire from the midst of the bush (at Horeb); and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.

Thus we find here with this testimony at the drought, or Horeb, a bush that burns yet is not consumed by the fire. We have already seen the testimony of the water that must come from the smitten body of Christ drought, but now we see the testimony of fire as well. And does this fire not sound strikingly similar to the fire and experience of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego? Indeed! They too were in a fire that did not consume them. Is there no mistake that the fire we find here at Horeb, is the fire that you too must enter? This is the fire we have been speaking of; and you will never enter into the tree of life, or as we see testified here by Yahweh through Moses, you will never become the deliverer of Yahweh's people in bondage in Egypt, unless you too encounter and even enter the burning bush at Horeb.

We have already mentioned that the drought is the sealing of the book in Daniel 12:9; but in confirmation of what we have been seeing and saying, have you noticed what verse 10 then says? After saying, "Go Daniel, for the words are concealed and sealed up until the end time," the very next statement adds - "Many will be purged, purified and refined." This is the purging, purification, and refinement that will take place in the fire we have been revealing and inviting you to enter now at Yahweh's "end time." This is the purifying fire that is entered with the unsealing of the words of Yahweh, the revelation of His truth following the long drought of Yahweh's word.

And might we add here, knowing now that the burning bush at Horeb is a testimony of the fire that Yahshua has laid that will consume all of our possessions, can there be any mistake that Yahweh is clearly speaking to us this message by providing the Presidential testimony of Bush -> Clinton -> Bush? When we see with opened eyes that the burning bush is in fact giving up all of one's possessions and holding all things in common, is this not the prophetic witness and testimony Yahweh is giving us in the two President Bushes? Quite obviously! The first Remnant has already become the burning bush, and the second Remnant must be likewise. And here when the second Remnant is preparing to hold all things in common, Yahweh has provided for us at this very time highly prophetic second Remnant George W. Bush to confirm to us our greatest need - to encounter (and even enter) the burning bush that does not consume the bush. Yet while Yahweh's fire will not consume us, it will fulfill its appointed purpose and devour all we possess!

Equally evidenced by these two Bush testimonies is the threat to and ultimate success of the Remnant over Satan. Saddam Hussein found out what the burning Bush was in the Kuwait War. Now he is getting ready to find out what that burning Bush will mean this second time - his overthrow! The reader needs to understand that holding all things in common by the Remnant is a direct attack on the god of this world! It was this very act that bruised Satan's head when the first Remnant obeyed Yahshua and forsook all of their possessions - the first bush. And it will likewise be this very act of giving up all of one's possessions that will this time drive the tent peg into Satan's head, completing the attack on and death of Satan - the work of the second bush! One cannot overemphasize the ESSENTIAL value of this attack on Satan by coming out from under his covering of finances and possessions and holding all things in common. It kills him!

This is also the burning bush at Horeb that evokes one to take off one's sandals, even as we have addressed in the writing, The Sandals and the Staff, which you should read if you have not already done so. We, the second Remnant, have equally removed our sandals, and Yahweh will perform this work by the strength of His might. Praise be to Yahweh! And praise be to Yahweh for providing the way for striking the rock at Horeb so that the water can be brought forth, breaking the drought that has been on the kingdom and opening the way to the tree of life.

And praise be to Yahweh for providing the burning bush that will consume all that we possess, yet we will not be consumed. This is the burning bush experience that provides the way for deliverance from the bondage of Egypt, even as the fire that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego entered provided deliverance from their bondage and gave them favor with the king and all men. This is the fire that causes us to walk with the Son of God. This is the burning bush that you must enter if you desire to reign with Him and enter into immortality. It's beginning to rain, the water is beginning to flow, the fire is beginning to burn, and it is time for you to obey Yahshua and give up all of your possessions to be His disciple.


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