Now great multitudes were going along with Him!


Testing of the Great Multitudes


This is an e-mail that was sent out by Gary on 12-1-02 and contains some very important information concerning holding all things in common.


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

How great is the multitude that goes along with Yahshua? Vast and very great! Christianity, or the followers of Christ, is a VAST group that covers the entire earth! But how many of those will be His disciples? Very, very, very few! Even as we considered in Upon What Foundation Will You Build?, Yahshua said - "Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it. For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it" (Matthew 7:13-14). Christianity is most certainly not few in numbers, and with 22,000 sects and denominations is a VERY broad way.

In Luke 14:25, we find this precise contrast of many and few. Here we read - "Now great multitudes were going along with Him (Yahshua)," but He turned and delivered to them an extremely narrow message that would reduce them to only a few. What did this foretell and what did Yahshua say that would reduce the number of those following Him? The answers to these two questions are very important for today.

First, this account reveals the "great multitude" of those who go along with Yahshua in Christianity. In truth, men are as much followers of Christ today as were those here in Luke 14:25. But Yahshua is never out for numbers, as is Christianity. In the churches I was raised in, they always posted the numbers in attendance on a board in the sanctuary. Yahshua never sought then and does not seek now quantity, but rather quality - the narrow way.

When the "great multitudes were going along with Him," in prophetic testimony to this very hour, Yahshua gave the Gideon test in order to decrease the numbers and determine His true followers, distinguishing between those who followed Him out of ease and greed, and those who followed Him truly as Lord. But note again, these did not represent unbelievers, but His followers. We read in the subsequent verses how Yahshua narrowed the gate dramatically by giving this "great multitude" three specific requirements in order to be His disciple, and here they were:

1. "If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple" (vs. 26).

2. "Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple" (vs. 27).

3. "So therefore, no one of you can be my disciple who does not give up all his possessions" (vs. 33).

Plain and simple, this account is a living prophecy or parable regarding Yahshua's clear requirements that He is laying out TODAY in order to test the "great multitude" of His church. "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles" (Matthew 7:22). These are the ones He is testing today, the "great multitude" of Christianity who are "going along with Him," and He is testing them with the very test that He laid out then - hate your family and yourself, take up your own cross, and give up all your possessions. Clearly, just before His return, once again, now in this day, Yahshua is cutting back the "great multitude" that follows Him!

How does one "hate" his father and mother and wife and children and brother and sisters and even his own life? One must have this strong attitude in order to turn away from the bonds and affections of one's own natural family, and even one's own desires, in order to serve Yahshua only and be His disciple; and in many cases this is going to mean deciding between Yahshua and one's family.

To provide a personal testimony to this, I have had to come to the challenge of this first requirement in my own household. I have already had two daughters to leave over the Remnant truth, and now I have a wife who is seeking to return to, restore, and enhance her Christianity. Though I love my family second only to Yahshua, and their unbelief has caused me incredibly immense pain and sorrow and even paralyzing grief, within the last few days I too have had to come to grips with this first test. Just recently I told my dear wife of thirty-three years - "You cannot have me and Christianity." She must choose who she will follow, for very soon we will be implementing the third requirement of Yahshua, and that will mean holding all things in common, with everything we have passing through the fire. Holding all things in common is the only way one can live when giving up all of one's possessions. And obviously, many will have to make this choice between family and Yahshua, otherwise He would never have issued this first requirement.

Zeal for His house consumes me, and it is this zeal that causes one to choose the cleansing of Yahweh's temple of the moneychangers and holding all things in common over one's family, causing one to understand the depth of feeling and resolve that is equaled only by that strong emotion which Yahshua said here - to "hate"! Hate is a very strong word, to be used only sparingly, but one that evokes the deep resolve one must have to turn away from one's own family. Yahshua will allow absolutely no compromise of devotion from His Bride.

Just before His return, Yahshua is dramatically narrowing down the "great multitude" that follows Him; and He is doing so again just the way He did when He walked this earth. That which has been is that which will be. Yahshua is laying out the same three requirements, His "words shall not pass away," and no one can be His disciple and enter into His Millennial reign with Him unless they obey Him on all three of these critical points. No one!

Peter Douglas, of New York, and I were visiting recently about some things that I will share with you. He clearly sees the dramatic and vital importance of holding all things in common. I will be brief in what he shared.

When Adam and Eve sinned, this placed the curse of the mark of the beast on man. What was that mark? It was working by the sweat of one's brow. It was buying and selling, if you would. Man has been under that curse ever since. Yahshua came to deliver man from the curse, and in order to do so He called His followers to do one effectual thing towards that purpose - give up all of one's possessions. Why? Because in so doing one comes out of the curse that was placed on man at the fall of Adam.

We read that Yahshua and His followers had one purse; they held all things in common. That purse was held by one man - Judas. When Yahshua left this earth without filling that position, even though during the forty days of His appearance with them He certainly could have done so, the people then came and laid the money from the sale of their homes and property at the apostle's feet. While this act was indeed a covering for them, there was something strangely missing. Judas had the purse, and Yahshua never filled that place with someone else!

In the e-mail, "To Cast The Lot - Purim," I pointed out the reasons that Matthias could not have replaced Judas. And why would Yahshua have left that position open? BECAUSE HE WAS LOOKING TO TODAY WHEN HE WOULD HAVE TO REPAIR THE BREACH AND COMPLETE THAT WORK THAT HE BEGAN!

Yahshua left open that position that possessed His purse, specifically so that His purse could be opened today just before His return! This was highly essential! By establishing this man as the replacement of Judas, He has opened His purse today so that men can once again give to Him for the specific purpose that purse afforded when He walked on this earth - TO HOLD ALL THINGS IN COMMON!

Furthermore, by one giving to this latter day, even last day, purse of Yahshua and holding all things in common, most importantly, this once again affords the opportunity to come out from under the curse of buying and selling, the curse that began with the fall of Adam and Eve and was effected upon the church with the death of Stephen! Thus we find that by establishing this man as the replacement of Judas, Yahshua affords man today the opportunity to give directly into His purse and to once again come under the legal covering of holding all things in common. By giving into Yahshua's purse, this once again allows one to come under His covering, the same covering He afforded to the first Remnant, making it possible to fulfill His warning to serve God and not mammon. And this is all entirely of His working, His design, His will, and is all legally effected (which is wholly essential, even as all of His works must be and are legal).

And parenthetically, let us briefly note as well that this man replacing "the son of perdition," is equally an effectual and telling intercession or foreshadowing of the Bride replacing Satan (who possesses the unrighteous mammon), or even Christianity. Yahweh uses all things to effect His works, and at this critical and decisive time, it is important for us to recognize and understand what He is doing.

What we find today then is that Yahshua is once again providing a very narrow window of opportunity, a door of salvation that He is briefly opening immediately before His return. This is the narrow door specifically referred to in Revelation 3:7, where we read - "He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens." This is the message given specifically to the Philadelphia second Remnant (Smyrna being the first Remnant) and refers to this door of opportunity that Yahshua is briefly opening to man today through His purse. This is the door Yahshua is opening that legally allows the second Remnant to come under the covering He affords by giving up all of one's possessions. And even as we read in Luke 13:24-27 and Matthew 25:10-12, as well as here in Revelation 3:7, once this brief, even narrow, opportunity closes, it will be gone and no one can then enter into it! When it closes, others may then want to give up everything, but it will be too late; the door will be closed and it will not open. Even as Yahshua warned, the mammon of unrighteousness will then fail, and no longer have its brief and decisive and even unique effectualness. Yahshua opens an opportunity no one will shut, and will quickly shut this opportunity that no one will then open. If you are going to give all your possessions to Yahshua, there will only be a brief opportunity to do so, very brief; then that opportunity will be gone!

Let us consider another very important point as well, the truth and necessity of this being quite evident. What two administrative things did Yahshua establish when He came the first time to set up His kingdom? We will be wise in understanding this. These two things were - (1) He set up the twelve apostles, and (2) He called men to give up all of their possessions. If by these two things Satan's head was bruised by the first Remnant, how much more important is it that these same two kingdom requirements be restored today before His return so that the fatal second-blow tent peg can be driven into Satan's head by the second Remnant? Kingdom man will totally fail in defeating Satan and not enter into Yahshua's restored kingdom, unless these two VITAL acts that He set forth at His first coming are followed today.

Now let us look at timing. You have already seen that which Yahshua is performing by legally restoring His purse so that the way into His kingdom can now be entered. This is the narrow way that leads to the tree of life - the Remnant. The very fact that this truth is now being revealed, makes this time and this opportunity entirely relevant! But let us point out two other things.

When The Love of Money went out, someone responded with the following insight. The test of Carmel began in 1948 with the beginning of the Latter Rain Movement and ministries like Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, as well as the establishment of the nation called Israel, and also my own birth (as well as Peter's). If one was to add a Jubilee of time (or fifty years) to 1948, then one would come to 1998 (50 + 48). Strictly in second Remnant Luke, 13:6-9, we find a parable regarding a fig tree. First, as affirmed in these writings, including The Love of Money, the fig tree always speaks of Christianity. In this parable, a man came three times to a fig tree he had planted in his vineyard and found no fruit on it. He thus told the vineyard-keeper to cut it down. "Why does it even use up the ground?," he asked. But the vineyard-keeper asked that he could dung it for the next year, and then if it did not bear fruit the following year, he would cut it down.

From 1998 to 2001, Yahweh came to Christianity in the test of Carmel and found no fruit. But according to what we read here, they were given another year to be dunged - 2002. And one can be well assured that even with the dunging in 2002, they will not bear fruit in 2003 and will be cut down! This parable certainly is in harmony with what we have seen concerning the fall of 2003 being the completion of the 55 year test of Carmel.

Also, and once again quite briefly, as pointed out in the writing, His-Story of the Remnant, in February, 1996, Yahweh led me through a Jonah experience where I went to Georgia and, sitting on Stone Mountain east of Atlanta, asked for an earthquake to destroy the pastors gathering at the "Fan Into Flame" Promise Keepers event. An earthquake did not come; but if you read His-Story of the Remnant, you will see that that intercession was indeed of Yahweh.

As has been pointed out, Christianity is and has been afflicted with the mark of the beast 7. The completion of seven periods of time, or even seven actions, prophetically represents the end of the period of Christianity. Mary Magdalene was set free when seven demons were cast out of her; after sneezing seven times, the dead lad opened his eyes; after Naaman dipped in the Jordan seven times, his leprosy left him; Elijah's servant went to look across the sea of death for rain, and not until after the seventh time did he see a cloud the size of a man's palm; the drought that afflicted the widow woman Elisha sent into Philistia lasted seven years, and then all she had lost was returned to her. We could go on and on with like testimonies where at the completion of the prophetic mark of the beast seven, a final culmination took place.

When I sat on Stone Mountain in 1996 (and that is a huge solid stone mountain, the largest in North America!), I asked for the judgment of pastors. From 1996 to 2003 is precisely seven years. What will take place in 2003 after the mark of the beast seven waiting period is complete? I believe we have seen in these 2002 elections a foreshadowing of that which will take place. Look at Georgia politics and you will find the nation's biggest upset of the election. Totally unexpected, for the first time in 130 years, Georgia now has a Republican Governor; and for the first time since Reconstruction following the Civil War, a Georgia legislative body (the Senate) is controlled by the Republicans! In one election, in a surprise to everyone, the government of Georgia dramatically changed hands! On two occasions while I was listening to the radio, this dramatic event was characterized as - a "political earthquake"!

It appears that the earthquake for which Yahweh had me to ask in 1996 in Georgia, had a foretelling tremor in the political realm in 2002 that gives us an indication as to what will happen after the completion of seven years from that intercession, or in 2003 - there is going to be a change of government in this land! The governorship of the church that for almost 2,000 years has been controlled by Satan, and the Senate of the church that has been controlled by Christianity, will change to Yahshua and the Remnant! Carmel will be over, and the decisive test will end!

Now let us go back to where we began in this writing, for where you come out in this test will be determined entirely by what you do - whether or not you will obey what Yahshua said regarding being His disciple. You must hate your family and even yourself; you must take up your cross and die to yourself; and "so therefore," you must give up all of your possessions. And the only legal way for you to give them up and be covered under Yahshua, to be delivered from the curse that came upon man 6,000 years ago and has remained with Christianity, is to give them into His purse that is legally provided through this man who fills the vacated office of Judas. It is just this simple. Will you stay with the "great multitudes" of those who go along with Yahshua in Christianity, or will you go through the narrow gate of keeping His word and being His disciple as He clearly stated? The choice is yours!

All praise be to Yahweh,



PS - The gospel of Matthew closes with this command of Yahshua - "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations" (28:19). For 2,000 years Christians have thought that if they could go and just get people to confess Jesus as their Savior and go to church, they were fulfilling the "great commission." Yet nothing could be further from the truth, for they have completely disregarded Yahshua's own words in Luke 14:25-33 as to specifically what one must do in order to be His disciple! Instead of presenting the narrow way, they have not kept His words and have instead offered the broad way, and thus have completely failed to fulfill Yahshua's command to "make disciples of all the nations." Here is a simple question - How can they make men His disciples if they do not do what He said?

And note, this was not to make disciples in all the nations, but His command was to go and specifically "make disciples of all the nations," converting each entire nation to Him. For 2,000 years Christianity has failed to accomplish this and has compromised what it takes to be Yahshua's disciple, making them instead disciples of worldly Christianity. The fact is, only the glorified Remnant will be able to fulfill this command, to cast the moneychanger out of both Christianity and the nations, to "make disciples of all the nations"! And, this begins with our obedience first, today!

The door of opportunity is now open to you. Will you pass through it, or will you pass by it?

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"


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