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First, Cynthia raised the question:  “At times I wonder if you, Gary, could be the ‘Benjamin’ that the angel told me about; and I wonder if this whole divine mission was some sort of ‘ushering in’ of the Lord working through you with His truths.”  As you can see, this is why she sent this to me after nineteen years.  At the time this experience took place, she only told one person about the angel’s visitation and the reason for going to Bethlehem—her best friend, Elizabeth—and afterwards had not spoken to anyone else about it.  Much of her experience was recorded in her spiritual journals, which had been put away for nineteen years.  I asked her, “What caused you to take them out and read them?”  She did not really know why.  They were under her bed with some old books she was going through, and she simply felt like re-reading the account.  And now having come to know and understand Bride truth, she began to get glimpses that Benjamin was the Elijah, and wondered if all of this applied to me.  Furthermore, she began to see that all of these events going back to September 25, 1982, pointed to one thing:  bringing forth the Elijah!


We have a lot to talk about here, and to begin with, let me now introduce the timing of these events.  On September 25, 1982, Cynthia had the dream and was told to go when Yahshua said go.  Eleven years later to the very day, the angel came to her and told her where she was to go and what she was to do, even stating, “You have known that He wanted you to go.” 


The mission and outcome was to bring forth Benjamin, who had the three pieces of silver and the five garments.  First, if you read Genesis 45:22, you will see that Benjamin’s brother, Joseph, gave him “three hundred pieces of silver and five changes of garments.”  Again, Cynthia had no idea at the time when the angel told her these things that this was even in the Bible.  And, the angel said that these three pieces of silver are “the three-part works” that “Benjamin” must bring back, and that the five garments that must be laid before the Father are in fact “the only truth that will reveal what has to happen to prepare the way for Yahshua’s return.”  Considering these things, as well as that Benjamin is the twelfth son—evidencing the place of the twelfth apostle, the Elijah—and that he was the “son of my sorrow” who became the “son of my right hand,” and that he was the only son to be born in the Promised Land west of the Jordan and to be named by his father, there is no doubt that all of this does indeed point to the coming of Elijah, who prepares “the way for Yahshua’s return.”


As instructed, Cynthia’s entire objective was to go and pray for Benjamin to come forth, and to tie a note on Rachel’s casket that invoked, “Bring him forth!”  And if he did not come forth, the angel said, “the blame will be before the Father forever.”  What can this latter foreboding statement mean?  We read in the closing two verses of Malachi regarding the Elijah:  “Behold, I am going to send you Elijah during the great and terrible day of Yahweh . . . so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse” (Malachi 4:5-6).  Obviously, it is the Elijah who removes the blame.  This is also evidenced in Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 where we likewise read:  Unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved; but through the elect those days will be cut short.”  This is the elect Elijah company that is the outcome of the Elijah.  If this Benjamin was not brought forth, “then the blame [would] be before the Father forever.”  He/they remove the blame.


Let us examine this further, and what we find once again is clear evidence that this was indeed a message from an angel.  Again, Cynthia had no idea whatsoever that (1) these specific matters were actually recorded in the Scriptures, and (2) what they meant.  Now seeking understanding, in Genesis 43:9 we find the very statement that the angel was speaking to, here with regard to Judah taking the responsibility for returning Benjamin to their father.  We read Judah’s words to his father, Jacob:  I myself will be surety for him; you may hold me responsible for him.  If I do not bring him back to you and set him before you, then let me bear the blame before you [the father] forever.”  This in bold is identical to that spoken by the angel:  “If he does not come back, then the blame will be before the Father forever.”


So, what does this mean in regard to the kingdom of heaven?  We have noted over and over throughout Remnant Bride writings that Judah represents Christianity.  (Read When Elijah Comes, page 2.)  It was the tribe of Judah that led the sons of Israel in the wilderness, the period of Christianity.  But, they were NOT allowed to lead the way into the Promised Land, the Millennial Reign (Joshua 4:12).  The latter is the right that is given to the Bride, the ones who cut the days short.  Thus, when the angel said that “the blame [would] be before the Father forever,” we see that if the Benjamin Elijah is not brought forth, then the blame of not doing so—with the results of Immanuel not returning—would be on Judah Christianity.  It would thus be, “Our God, our God, why have you forsaken us?”  The blame belonging to Judah Christianity would be before the Father forever!  But, this cannot and will not be.  And again, Cynthia had no idea at the time that this account was even in the Bible.  But, . . . the angel did know!  All Cynthia could do was to record what the angel said, and act in obedience.  And as you now see, this account/statement was MOST profound!  And, it is most confirming regarding the Bride and Bride truth.  Let us return to this matter of timing, and what it might mean for us today.


In summary, on September 25, 1982, Cynthia received the dream regarding Yahshua in Bethlehem, who said to her, “When I tell you to go, then you must go.”  Then exactly eleven years later to the day, she had the vision, giving her the clear command to go to Rachel’s Tomb and pray for, and with the note to call forth, Benjamin—who is in fact the Elijah.  The specific stated purpose of that was to prepare the way for Immanuel, removing the blame from before the Father, the blame that would belong to Judah Christianity.  Then three short weeks later, the seemingly impossible took place.  On October 15, 1993, Cynthia arrived in Bethlehem.  The next day, October 16, she and Issah walked to Rachel’s Tomb, and with heartfelt prayer and petition she tied to the casket the note, “Bring him forth.”


So, was the intercession effectual?  Was Benjamin indeed brought forth?  Before the births of John the Baptist and Yahshua, angels made visitations to Zechariah, Mary, and even Joseph.  Therefore, it would not be surprising if an angel made a visitation before the establishment of the Elijah and coming of Immanuel.  This indeed evidences to be the case in these events.


On September 25, 1993, an angel came to Cynthia with the specific purpose of effecting the “birth” of the Elijah:  “Bring him forth!”  Even inside Rachel’s tomb, her own experience evidenced this:  “I felt as though by the time I got to the [narrow] opening, I had gone through some sort of birthing canal.”  The gestation period of a child is of course nine months.  Therefore, nine months later, on June 19, 1994, the Holy Spirit came upon me and SUDDENLY and DRAMATICALLY (this cannot be emphasized enough) changed my life forever—sovereignly revealing to me the truth concerning Elijah and the Bride.  Thus we see evidence that nine months after the angel visited Cynthia, the Elijah was “born”!  My life and purpose has never been the same since then, and Yahweh has indeed kept me on this course.  And today, He has even placed me in contact with the woman to whom He sent an angel and sent her to Bethlehem to call forth the Elijah.  This in itself is most remarkable!  And of course it is encouraging.


Furthermore, one would ask the question as to why Yahweh sent the angel to Cynthia eleven years to the day after the dream when Yahshua told her, “When I tell you to go, then you must go”?   Why did He wait precisely eleven years?  What could this testify?  We have already noted that the Elijah is in fact the twelfth apostle who replaces Judas.  His absence left eleven men remaining.  Thus, nine months after the angel’s visitation, Elijah was brought forth in the completing twelfth year.  Obviously, this would attest to being the completing twelfth apostle.  Just as Benjamin was the twelfth son by Rachel, and the Elijah is the twelfth apostle, so Yahweh called out a man in the twelfth year since Yahshua’s message to Cynthia to go when He said go.


But, there is far more significance to these two years:  1993 and 1994.  As addressed in Appendix 10 of The Curse of 1920, 1993 marked the end of 120 Jubilee waiting periods from the fall of Adam.  Therefore, Yahweh’s Jubilee could begin in 1994—beginning our return to our original land and family (Leviticus 25:10).  Thus, the angel went to Cynthia during the final year of the 120 Jubilee waiting periods—1993—and then nine months later, now into 1994, Jubilee made it possible for the Elijah to come forth and prepare the way for Immanuel. 


So, why has it taken so long since then for something to happen?  And more specifically, why have we not yet received the latter rain?  Hindsight is always 20/20, and one thing we do know is that we have not received the latter rain up to now.  What we have received though is incredible, valuable, essential truth!  This truth is now available for all to read.  In a sense, it has in its own way prepared the way for the Bride.  When the Spirit came upon me in 1994, He showed me that “the grain was not mature in the ear.”  I assure you, there has been a GREAT deal of maturing of truth and understanding since then.  Also, much of this truth has come through true intercession—walking out truth so as to gain authority and understanding.  Intercession also earns the right to gain from Yahweh God, just as it did so with and through His Son. 


So, with the revelation of these recent testimonies, what might now be before us?  We will consider two separate evidences.  First, the Spirit came upon me on June 19, 1994.  On August 7, 1994, Yahweh called me out of the Body of Christ, and the Bride began.  As of this year, 2012, it has been eighteen years since then.  Eighteen evidences a most interesting testimony.  In Luke 13:4, we find an account that speaks to the Millennial Reign per the tower of Siloam, where eighteen were killed when that tower fell.  (See Shelah and Clay of Spittle, page 7.)  Then just a few verses later, in Luke 13:11-13 a woman was healed from having been bent over double by Satan for eighteen years.  The objection by the synagogue official was that she was healed on the sabbath, which likewise speaks of the Millennial Reign.  I hope my own affliction by Satan for eighteen years will come to an end in this year that possesses such great promise.


With this hope for this year, let us now consider the second lady’s testimony:  that from Olivia, which speaks directly to an Elijah/Carmel work in 2012.  To begin with, on July 24, 2012, I received the first-ever email from her.  She wrote:




Providence that I should come across your site?  Several months ago I woke out of my sleep saying, “Carmel, Carmel in 2012”!  This has never happened to me and I was taken aback as to why I would be telling/saying this to myself.


At first, trying to make sense of it I thought perhaps I would be going to the city of Carmel, which I have been to a few times.  That didn't seem to satisfy or make sense.  Than I did a little word search and discovered Carmel means garden.  I hoped it was God, telling me the years of my hell, sorry but that is how I feel, would end in 2012, and my life would become a fruitful garden.  This was certainly what I hoped. I still had not concluded what this was for sure and left it, for lack of revelation, at that.


This last week I visited a church some distance from me, . . . and I heard [the speaker] say something about Carmel, but I did not catch his drift before he had moved on.  I was curious and had no way to assess his reference, but was intrigued a little.  This week I again went online to see if I could find something to help me better understand.


That is when I found your writings on the spiritual meaning of Carmel, so there you have it.  Still a little confused, but starting to wonder if this is what God was having me say.  I can certainly say I/we have been hurt by the Body of Christ as we knew it, and have had a hard time finding where we belong.


God be with you,




Two things to add here:  Olivia had the “Carmel, Carmel in 2012” experience around May, 2011.  Amazingly, this was the exact time in which Cynthia first contacted me!  Also, the hell Olivia was speaking of had to do with a tragic personal experience relative to the church, and difficulties that followed since then.  The writing she referred to regarding Carmel is titled Carmel.  It is a most amazing testimony.


The specifics of what this could mean for us in the fall of 2012 are yet to be seen.  However, there are some indications.  First, what is Carmel?  Olivia is indeed correct that “Carmel” in the Hebrew means “garden.”  It in fact speaks to the fulfillment of the original Garden, which is of course the kingdom of heaven.  Carmel is the church, both Body and Bride.  But in this Garden there is a test between those two works—just like there were two trees in the original Garden.  Evidenced in 1 Kings 18, this is the test between the Elijah and Baal Christianity, and is summarized by Elijah’s words in verse 21:  “How long will you hesitate between two opinions?”  And, this test is resolved by who can get their offering to be licked up by God into heaven by fire—i.e., ascending alive.  Of course the test was won by Elijah.


So if Yahweh God was indeed speaking through Olivia—her name meaning “olive tree,” the Bride—then we should see the beginning outward evidence of that test taking place this year.  Would this be the ascension of the Bride?  Not yet.  The altar still has to be prepared.  And, there needs to be a clear and effectual evidence of the Holy Spirit—the latter rain, producing the second son of fresh oil, the second olive tree (Zechariah 4:11-14), attested by Olivia’s name.  Her name speaks to the very work that needs to be soundly evidenced and established, hopefully beginning in the very year of which she spoke—2012—and will continue for the next two years.


Now for the second evidence as to what might be before us.  In the closing paragraphs of the writing, Trinities, page 5, we note that the time of the establishment and work of the Bride will be a two-year period that will take place from Trumpets/Tabernacles to Trumpets/Tabernacles, the completion thereof bringing the catching up of the Bride.  What could happen in the latter months of 2012?  As noted, we have to have the latter rain.  And, from what we see and know it will continue for two years, leading us to our ascension at Trumpets/Tabernacles, 2014.  The Bride work cannot be effective without the latter rain!  And remember, when Cynthia was sent to Rachel’s Tomb to bring forth the Elijah, it was indeed . . . the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot!


We have seen that from 1994 to 2012 was eighteen years, which has as its testimony the release from Satan’s bondage on the sabbath.  An ascension in 2014 would then be after the completion of a total of twenty years.  What is the significance of twenty?  The testimony is MOST appropriately relative to our attesting Rachel and Jacob.


In Genesis 31:41 we read the words of Jacob to Laban, his father-in-law:  “These twenty years I have been in your house; I served you fourteen years for your two daughters and six years for your flock, and you changed my wages ten times.”  These twenty years are known as Jacob’s Trouble.  For twenty years he labored in order to obtain possession of Leah and Rachel and his property. 


With this said, counting my own twenty years of Jacob’s Trouble from 1994, during which I too have definitely been laboring for the Leah and Rachel Bride and my possessions, that would take us to 2014.  So, by one count testified by Olivia, as well as my own affliction for eighteen years, 2012 is most significant.  But, by my count of twenty years since 1994, 2014 is most significant in that I would secure the Leah/Rachel Bride and my possessions.  This would in fact be the completion of the test of Carmel when the Bride would be caught up to heaven, and then return to rule and reign with Immanuel for a thousand years.  Jubilee!


Furthermore, if we go back another eleven years to the dream in 1982, then 2012 would be the completion of thirty years of waiting.  Thirty is the age of John the Baptist (the Elijah type) and of Yahshua when they each began their ministries.  Thus we see through Yahweh’s clearly sovereign work through Cynthia and the directly stated testimony given to Olivia, that 2012 points to being a most effectual year for the Elijah—hopefully allowing the two-year ministry period to begin.


And one last item to note here:  On August 7, 1994, the Bride began on the earth when on that day Yahweh brought me out of Christianity.  This was a continuing work from that which Cynthia petitioned on October 16, 1993.  Briefly, October 16 is a MOST significant day of a month for the Bride.  Addressed in A Lesson From Intercession, page 8, October 16 is my wife’s birthday.  Mine is August 7.  Our two birthdays uniquely evidence the latter rain in the eruptions on Mount St. Helens.  You can read about this at the above link.  Like the five changes of garments, we have five children, and there were five like eruptions—the last two being August 7 and October 16.  When I first saw this in 1994, it was so unmistakably profound that I told my wife I would never doubt Bride truth again.  And frankly, I have never had reason to do so since then.


In addition, on October 16, 2005, the Bride met on Trumpets for a most significant intercession.  Then on Trumpets, October 16, 2008, we reckoned what has been termed “the flip,” where there is the legal beginning of the new heavens and new earth.  Now, with Yahweh sending Cynthia to call forth the Elijah specifically on October 16, 1993, we have hope that this fall could well be MOST significant for the Elijah and the Bride, even for all mankind! 


As already stated but most worthy of being repeated, it is wonderful and amazing that after all these years from when Cynthia had the dream in 1982 and then the wonderful calling and journey to Bethlehem in 1993 where she obediently went to Rachel’s Tomb and beckoned forth the Benjamin Elijah, in 2011 Yahweh led her into contact with me.  And, after nineteen years she just happened to pull out her old journal and read it.  Additionally, she had her own attesting eighteen years of Satan’s afflictions from 1993 to 2011 when she contacted me, the one who hopefully became the fulfillment of her obedient prayers.  And I can tell you, 1994 was indeed unimaginable hell for her, and her difficulties continued in the years that followed.  For Yahweh to then put the two of us together in 2011 is wonderful and amazing and most certainly hopeful!  And, the way she found me was through her being led by Yahweh to take the vow of the Nazirite for one year (November 8, 2010, to November 8, 2011), the very truth that was the springboard to all that began taking place in my own life in June, 1994.  And then for Olivia to contact me with her account at this very time of Cynthia’s account, makes this all the more relevant and hopeful today.


There is no question that the events surrounding Cynthia’s experiences are a sovereign work from Yahweh God, giving us understanding and hope.  And, the closely timed receipt of Olivia’s own sovereign experience gives hope specifically for this year.  And we know that all of this is completely consistent with Bride truth, experience, testimonies, and timing.  We rejoice in this and in what Yahweh is doing, and with hope will now watch and see what He will continue to do and fulfill.



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