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Following the publication of the preceding sections, a lady who has been a long-time part of the Bride called me to share her excitement in what she was reading here, and more specifically to discuss the dream Cynthia had on September 25, 1982, and what she was seeing regarding it.  Instead of laying out our conversation, it is better that I simply summarize what we both came to see.  This also includes further conversations with Cynthia, who I assure you is most careful to keep these matters accurate and pure in regard to what she originally saw. 


The portion she specifically wanted to address was regarding the crib.  You will recall that Cynthia saw in the corner of the room where Yahshua had taken her a very old tarp covering something.  She told me when we talked about this that it looked like a mountain in the corner of the room.  After Yahshua wept, He took her over to the tarp, took it by its edge, and with a snap, pulled it off.  Cynthia wrote that it almost frightened her, and in our conversation she characterized it as a violent snap and that He was angry and upset—like unto when He cleansed the temple.  She can remember that when He did this, the light from a window in the upper reaches of the outer wall revealed dust being thrown into and floating in the air.  That is when she saw the old wooden cradle with the torn and shoddy white lace tent suspended over it.  Then He instructed her, “My children are not in here, not in the cradle.  You must help them….  You must find them for me….  You must go….  You must go get them.”  Then He sat down at the table and left her with these closing words:  “When I tell you to go, then you must go.”


In the preceding sections, we addressed very little about the dream.  But when this Bride sister called, what she was pointing out revealed and brought up some worthy insights and meaning.  Let us begin with the old tarp that Yahshua violently snapped off in anger.


First, she offered that the tarp was in fact a legal covering consistent with that which is addressed in Coverings, Chapter 3.  That made a great deal of sense, and as we look at this further, this is what we find to be true.  The question is:  What precisely is that covering?


Second, she offered that the old lace tent was the Remnant.  She said this because lace is that which is worn by a bride.  This too would be plausible, but would it be both Remnant or just one?


Then third, she offered that the crib spoke of the Elijah.  This was most certainly the outcome of the instruction Cynthia received from Yahshua:  “When I tell you to go, then you must go.”  When eleven years later the angel said, “You have known that He wanted you to go,” the fulfillment was in fact to call forth the Elijah, the birth of the Benjamin Elijah.  So what does this have to do with the statement:  “My children are not in here, not in the cradle.  You must help them….  You must find them for me….  You must go….  You must go get them”?


The best answer to this is in remembering that an entire Eve did not come out of sleeping Adam.  But rather, a rib was taken out, and from it Eve was formed by Yahweh God apart from Adam.  The same is true with the Bride.  A rib, in fact the twelfth rib, the Elijah, is taken out of the sleeping Body of Christ, and from him is formed the Bride.  Remember, there are twenty-four ribs—twelve and twelve—just like there are twenty-four elders who sit around the throne; and the last-days Elijah is in the office that initially belonged to Judas, was then transferred to Satan, and is completed in the fulfilling Elijah today.  To read more about this, click here.  And to learn more about the twelfth rib, click here.  This Eve Bride is the host of those children whom Yahshua spoke of who were not yet in the cradle.  It is in fact by the birth of the Benjamin Elijah, the rib, nine months after the angel told Cynthia to go to Rachel’s tomb and call him forth, that provides the ability for the Bride, the children, to be established.


So, we now know who the torn and shoddy white lace was.  It attests to the first Remnant who are dead.  We will discuss this some more.  And we know who the children are who are missing from the cradle.  They are the second Remnant who come about through the birth of the preceding Benjamin Elijah.  Yahshua weeps for the fulfilling and completing second Remnant. 


Then what might the old covering tarp represent that Yahshua violently and angrily removed?  It is the old tarp that has been the covering of the first Remnant, as well as the covering of the Body of Christ (though they are not pictured in this crib, but as the house on the sand).  And, this covering is violently removed before the revelation of the Elijah and these children.  There can be only one answer as to what that covering tarp is, and that is the covering that has been over the church for 2,000 years—Satan, the covering cherub!


We just stated above that the last-days Elijah is in the office that initially belonged to Judas, was then transferred to Satan, and is completed in the fulfilling Elijah today.  Read the above linked page if you are not familiar with this.  Also, in The Raven, page 2, more is presented about this covering that Satan afforded as the covering cherub.  This transition from Satan to Elijah is attested here by the removal of the tarp; and of course eleven years later Cynthia was sent to Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem to call forth the Benjamin Elijah, who was brought forth in the twelfth year. 


Satan’s covering over the church for 2,000 years has to be and has been removed from over the Bride, and soon must be removed from over the Body.  And adding assurance that this tarp is Satan, you will recall that Yahshua removed it in a violent and angry manner.  Satan has been afflicting the church in many ways, taking it to corruption and death.  So it is that with just cause and demonstration Yahshua dramatically and forcefully removed Satan as the covering.


In further regard to Satan’s effects for the last 2,000 and even 6,000 years, it is quite interesting that dust was thrown into the air when the old tarp was snapped off, the very thing man is made of and that Satan, the serpent, eats (Genesis 3:14).  The serpent devours men!  But, that death must cease with the ascending of the Remnant into heaven to receive immortal, incorruptible bodies that are not of this earth/dust.


And before leaving this, let us address one other item.  We have just noted that Satan has been a covering over the church for 2,000 years.  But, we see here yet another clear covering:  the lace tent!  We have seen that this is the first Remnant, but how are they a covering? 


This is something that has never been mentioned before in Remnant Bride writings, but something I have been aware of for about the last four years.  The first Remnant is indeed a covering for the second Remnant.  How?  Clearly, even as the first bird in Leviticus 14:1-7 that died afforded a covering so that the second bird did not die, so the death of the first Remnant by Satan pays the price and affords the covering so that the second Remnant does not die. 


Let us briefly look at this further.  Yahshua provided the like covering for all men.  He too died as the first bird so that all men will in time not die but live and ascend alive.  So, in like manner the first Remnant paid the price for the second Remnant, thereupon becoming an effectual covering for us.  But there was a second vital covering they provided as well.  Now for that which has never before been mentioned. 


There was something very critical that the first Remnant could accomplish that we the second Remnant cannot, and that is holding all things in common.  They all lived in one town and could easily go from house to house and commonly share their livelihood with one another.  But, the second Remnant will be a worldwide work “from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues” (Revelation 7:9).  Therefore, such commonality by location is not logistically feasible.  However, Yahshua said in Luke 14:33 that this is required of us.  (There are several writings on this requirement which can be read here.)


What we find then is that even as the first Remnant became the first bird so as to pay the price for us in death, they also paid the price for us in faithfully holding all things in common.  In both matters, we thereby see that they are in fact an essential and effectual covering over us, the second Remnant.  That is why the crib was indeed covered under the old white lace tent.  Yes, they are the Bride as well; and as the lace tent evidenced, they are a critical covering for the second Remnant today. 


However, having noted this later point, this is not to say that as individuals we will not be impacted by this requirement.  We may each indeed have to divest ourselves of this world or provide aid to others in one manner or another.  But there cannot in whole be everything that the first Remnant were able to experience and perform.


This completes the analysis of the prophetic testimony of the old crib, over which Yahshua wept.  We are grateful for Yahweh to now add a third lady to witness what He is doing here.  It is quite significant that He chose women to afford this, for in fact it does indeed speak of birth.


But there are three more items we need to briefly mention in this addendum as well.  First, you will recall what Yahshua said to Cynthia when He welcomed her at the door:  I have been waiting for you for so long now, and must show you something that is very precious to Me.”  Then, when Cynthia talked to Issah’s wife on the phone for the first time, she likewise mysteriously said, “We have been waiting for you to come.  Issah, my husband, will be so happy you are finally going to come!”  Indeed, in both greetings we see the witness that the final outcome and fulfillment of this 2,000 year wait in the establishment of the fulfilling second Remnant is LONG awaited.


Second, it is also interesting that Yahshua’s first words to Cynthia were, “Do not fear.”  You will recall that this was the second thing the angel spoke to her eleven years later to the day—the exact words, “Do not fear.”  Again, the repetition of these two statements is striking.


Finally, and this will require some explanation, let us examine something that is most confirming regarding the relevance of Benjamin as the twelfth apostle who does not die.  Here again, this is something this third lady noted.  In 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21, we read that David numbered the people, and for this Yahweh sent a pestilence, even an angel, that killed 70,000 men.  So, how might this speak regarding Benjamin as the twelfth who does not die?


The one who was ordered to perform this count was Joab, who was a Benjamite.  Joab (whose name means “Yahweh father”) knew it was wrong for David to do this and refused to number the Benjamites.  (This is more thoroughly addressed in Joab, page 7.)  Therefore, since they were not numbered in this accounting, death stopped at the border of Benjamin.  The Benjamites escaped death!  So, this would mean that the eleven other tribes of Israel came under the curse of death, but the Benjamites alone escaped death.  (The Levites are not numbered with the twelve.)  Is this not the exact same testimony of the first twelve apostles?  Yes, Judas killed himself; but as the Elijah, that office was thereupon passed on.  So in reality it remained alive.  But, the other eleven apostles all died with their offices, just as the eleven tribes suffered death.  Thus we see that just as the Benjamites did not suffer death, so the fulfilling Benjamin Elijah does not suffer death—that office being preserved so that a man can stand in it in the time of the second Remnant and ascend alive. 


In further like and confirming testimony, in 1 Chronicles 21:1 we read:   Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel.”  Satan was thus at the root of the death within these eleven tribes.  Here again, it was the covering tarp of Satan that took the first Remnant eleven to death and has taken kingdom man to death for 2,000 years.  But with that tarp now removed from the second Remnant, the Benjamite Elijah escapes Satan’s death, and fulfills that relinquished office.


Also, it is most telling that 70,000 men were killed.  The number “70” is prophetic of the 2,000 years of the church that enters into Babylonian captivity—i.e., mystery Babylon.  The literal Babylonian captivity was for 70 years.  This captivity of the church included the first Remnant, but even moreso the Body of Christ.  Remember, the first Remnant was indeed under the old tarp covering of Satan.  And most importantly, remember that because of Joab, or Yahweh Father, the Benjamites alone escaped death!


This completes this addendum.  Oh the wonder of Yahweh!  Blessed be His name!


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