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It is striking to note that per the Red Sox testimony, the Curse of the Bambino was reversed 84 years after it began in 1920.  This number is the product of 7 x 12, and was also the age of Anna, the prophetess, who had “lived with a husband for seven years after her marriage” and, along with Simeon, gave thanks to God for the child, Yahshua, when He was brought to the temple during Mary’s purification.


Also, in 604 BC, Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem, beginning a 70 year captivity period.  That ended in 534 when Cyrus issued an edict allowing the Jews to return.  However, construction on the temple ceased and remained idle until 520, fourteen years later, when Zechariah and Haggai began prophesying.  With the 70 years of captivity, and the 14 years until uninterrupted construction on the temple began, totaling 84 years, we see once again a significant testimony regarding the number 84.  (These dates are from Steve Jones’ book, Secrets of Time.)


Therefore, one could say that the Red Sox win was prophetically right on time, attesting to Yahshua’s birth and Mary’s (the prophetic Remnant Bride) purification, and the uninterrupted construction of the temple, the second Remnant work following the breach.  In fact, it appears that our ’04 entrance into the Millennial reign had its own prophetess – the Red Sox.  The Red Sox win ending the attesting 84 years of loss, certainly prophesies that the temple construction is underway and the Curse is reversed.


And regarding the end of 120 Jubilees, one could say that ’93 marked that end and what took place in ’94 was the outcome.  The two hurricane testimonies of ’04 and ’05 seemed to bear no specific testimony per those dates, other than the fact that Katrina specifically corresponded with my move to Salem, thus the hurricane being delayed one year.  But the ’03 Tabernacles seems to be locked into that specific timing, and yet one year was still added.


So why in each of these cases would Yahweh add one year, and what might it mean in His reckoning?  While we did not know the answer to this question at the time this writing was begun, He did show us an answer, and here it is – Yahweh breathes time!


The previous section originally ended with the following sentence per the question as to why Yahweh added one year in each of these four cases:  “We do not know; but we do note it, and trust that if it bears significance for the future, He will show us.”  At the completion of proofreading this very sentence, I stopped my proofreading and called a pastor in California, Bob Pollard.  During our conversation, unknowing the question that was before me regarding time, he began sharing an experience he had.


There was a young man of the age of seventeen in his small fellowship who is a trained and knowledgeable musician.  The young man plays the saxophone, which of course is a key instrument in Jazz music.  Bob had never presented to him the truth of the Curse of 1920 that is rooted in Jazz music; however, he had been teaching his fellowship the importance of Yahweh’s government, which is of course a one-and-twelve government.


With this knowledge, on his own, one day the young man began to tell Bob about the government that is evidenced in music.  He took him to a piano and showed him that music is based on Yahweh’s government.  It is composed of twelve scales that are each composed of eight notes.  This, he told Bob, was Yahweh’s legal governmental order.  And in fact, there are twelve major scales (that came first) and twelve minor scales (that came later), totaling twenty-four scales, or the number of elders who sit around the throne, twelve coming early and twelve coming later.  Indeed this is Yahweh’s government.


But as a knowledgably Jazz musician, he went on to show Bob that Jazz music is an illegal music, for it is composed instead of seven notes, and those notes are played out of order.  Of course Bob immediately thought of the mark of the beast, seven.  The young man then went on to say that this illegal scale is made legal by adding the eighth note.


As you might suspect, it is quite appropriate and telling that Jazz music is based on an illegal scale of seven notes, or the mark of the beast.  Jazz actually reveals the very problematic state of the church for 2,000 years – like Jazz, it too is cursed!


As I continued to talk with Bob about this, he had some most revealing insight.  He said that the problem with Christianity, and the distinction between it and the Remnant, is the fact that, like Jazz, it too is illegal.  Like Saul, it is too early, it is illegal, and no matter what they try to do, it will not work, clearly evidenced by the actions of Saul.  Even as Yahshua said, they may call Him “Lord, Lord,” and prophesy in His name, and cast out demons in His name, and perform miracles in His name, and eat and drink in His presence, and claim that His word is being taught among them, but the truth is they are lawless and will not reign with Him in His Millennial kingdom (Matthew 7:20-23 and Luke 13:26-27).


Based on this incredibly revealing testimony per Jazz music, Bob said that 7 without legality is antichrist, which is the very case with Christianity.  Christians can do all they can to please Yahweh, but the fact is that governmentally they are cursed, every one of them.  No matter what they do, it will not be a legal work.  They are a cursed 7!  They are governmentally out of sync, a Saul!


So what is the answer to this problem?  The problem of the seven is corrected when you add the eighth; the eighth note makes the cord complete, legal, Yahweh’s legal government.  As evidence of this, we see in Christianity 1 Kings 8:66 that the people were sent home on the all-important eighth day of Tabernacles; therefore, they did not celebrate this critical eighth day when Yahshua stood up in the temple and said that rivers of living water would flow out from one’s belly (John 7:37-39).  In striking contrast, in Remnant 2 Chronicles 7:8-10 the people celebrated this vital eighth day.  Thus we see testified once again that Christianity is associated with the illegal (they did not stay the entire feast, but were sent away early) mark of the beast seven, while the Remnant is identified with the legal eighth.


This is likewise attested in second Remnant Luke 9:28 where we see that it was “eight days after” that the three disciples were taken up on the mount of transfiguration, when in first Remnant Matthew 17:1 and Christianity Mark 9:2, in clear contrast/contradiction they were taken up on the mount “six days later.”  (Read Ascending Alive, page 2.)  Thus the second Remnant is identified with this critical legal number eight.


In like testimony, a man who had been healed of leprosy was not wholly clean on the seventh day.  “And it will be on the seventh day that he shall shave off all his hair (and hair is glory):  he shall shave his head (the right to knowledge) and his beard (the right to speak on Yahweh’s behalf) and his eyebrows (the right to see), even all his hair.  He shall then wash his clothes and bathe his body in water (baptism of the body; to be noted later) and be clean” (Leviticus 14:9).  But even though he was declared “clean,” he still had to “stay outside his tent for (these) seven days” (vs. 8).  What is a man’s tent?  It speaks of a man’s body (2 Corinthians 5:1-4).  Thus, during the period of the mark of the beast seven, men have stayed outside their tent.  When they die they go to the grave, for it is illegal for them to go into their tent.  The vast majority of Christians are cut off from the kingdom by death and are not in their tent.  So what is the much needed answer?  The vital eighth day!


On the eighth day, there were a number of legal offerings that were made that consummated the man’s cleansing.  Part of this was the identical ceremony for consecrating Aaron and his sons for priesthood – anointing the right earlobe (a hearing ear), the right thumb, and the right toe with oil, and placing the remainder on his head.  By this the priest made atonement/covering on behalf of the man (Leviticus 14:15-18 or 26-29 and 8:23-24).  The priests were anointed with blood, and the cleansed leper was anointed with oil.  On this eighth day, for the fourth and final time the man was declared clean and could then go into his tent.  For the Remnant, this will be to enter into our immortal incorruptible bodies.  But once again, the critical culminating legal day was the eighth day.


And as another affirming testimony, we find in Numbers 6 the all-important vow of the Nazirite!  As with the cleansing of the leper, the defiled Nazirite was to shave his head on the seventh day, and it was equally on the eighth day that His vow was restored and atonement/covering was made.  Therefore, having restored His vital vow of the Nazirite which He made at the Passover meal, Yahshua indeed returned on the legal eighth day (John 20:26).  This is the highly attesting day when He revealed Himself to Thomas, the twin, the prophetic two-part Remnant, who place their finger in His hand and their hand in His side.  Thus we see once again relative to the Remnant the all-important legal eighth day.


So how does one go from the cursed seventh day when the glory, the hair, is removed, and enter into the provision of atonement and restoration?  By adding the eighth day.  And this is precisely what the seventeen year old musician was telling Bob.  To go from cursed Jazz, which departed from Yahweh’s governmental order (they were illegal), to true musical order, one simply adds the all-important resolving eighth note.  And it is quite affirming that the young man’s age was seventeen, the number of victory.  It is the addition of the eighth that indeed affords victory.


I was talking with Eric Schneggenburger about this matter of the added year per these four testimonies, and he said something very similar.  Eric said that Yahweh makes the week complete by adding an eighth day.  You see this in the feasts.  For example, the Feast of Tabernacles is a seven day feast; but added to it is the all-important holy convocation on the eighth day.  This is the day that was not observed in Christianity 1 Kings 8:66.  And like Jazz and as testified here in 1 Kings 8:66, Christians will not enter into the restoring and completing eighth day.  If you read The Issue – II, page 12, you will see that that eighth day is stacked on the seventh day, the Millennial reign; thus Christianity will not rule and reign with Yahshua on that eighth day.  That day is promised to the Remnant Bride, the “blessed and holy” who have “a part in the first resurrection” and reign with Him for a thousand years (Revelation 20:5-6).


In the writing, The Soul, we see that one of the ways of Yahweh is to create like images, but in a mirror image.  And this is precisely what He did in the feasts.  What we find is that Tabernacles is a mirror image of Passover.  While Tabernacles is begun with a seven day feast and an eighth day is added, Passover begins the feast with an eighth day and the seven days of Unleavened Bread follow.  In each case the added day is the holy convocation – Tabernacles ends with the eighth day holy convocation, while Passover begins with it.  Again, these are mirror images, and Passover is like the image of Yahweh and Yahshua, while Tabernacles is like the image of man that is created in their likeness.  But in both feasts, the feast is extended by one special day.  This is really quite amazing and tells us something very important about Yahweh’s ways.  More on this in page 4.


Another extremely interesting and revealing testimony concerning adding an eighth is regarding Moses’ trips up Mount Sinai.  After Moses had gone up the seventh time, Yahweh told him – “Depart, go up from here, you and the people whom you have brought up from the land of Egypt, to the land of which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying, ‘To your descendants I will give it’; and I will send an angel before you …; for I will not go up in your midst, because you are an obstinate people, lest I destroy you on the way” (Exodus 33:1-3).  When the people heard this they repented and Moses sought Yahweh, adding – “If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here” (33:15). 


Therefore, it is significant to note that the seven trips up the mountain would have led to the curse of Yahweh not going with them.  But Yahweh repented and said He would go and once again added this very significant testimony – He instructed Moses to go up the mountain an eighth time.  Thus, Moses’ eighth trip (wherein he returned in Yahweh’s glory) was relative to this curse being removed and receiving Yahweh’s presence.  Once again we see this testimony of adding a critical eighth. 


When I called Kyle about the question as to why Yahweh added a year in each of these four cases, he shared with me about how Yahweh breathes time.  This was something about which he was being dealt with at this very same time.  What did he mean by this?  Even as the lungs expand to inhale air and then contract to exhale air, so Yahweh does likewise.  He expands time and He contracts time.  Why does He do this?  For the same reason our bodies do it – to ensure life, to bring in the much needed pneuma, or breath, or the Holy Spirit, and to exhale loss.


This is the same thing we see in nature.  The seas (particularly in the inner places, the bays) would actually die if they did not similarly breathe.  It is the breathing actions of the tides that ensure life for the ocean.  In effect, they too inhale and exhale, and all of this is of course effected by the moon, the prophetic Bride.  Thus, as revealed in Ezekiel 47:8, the Bride gives life to the sea of death.


What Kyle was shown is that Yahweh breathes life into man by expanding time and contracting time.  Simply look at how long men lived in the beginning and how long they live now and you will see how He has contracted time.  We know that He cuts the time of Christianity short from 3,000 years to 2,000 years for the same reason we breathe – lest “no flesh would have been saved.”  Yahweh thus once again contracted time.  However, by bringing the kingdom of God to man too early, He in fact expanded time, thus causing man to breathe in the Holy Spirit.  Then of course man must exhale and He cuts Christianity short.  This breathing in and breathing out, partaking and losing, is Yahweh’s way to ensure life in man.  Thus, when Yahweh adds time to the Bride, He is expanding time and bringing the Holy Spirit into us.


So what is Yahweh saying in all of this, particularly per the question that we had at the outset concerning these four times in which He added a year?  Clearly, we now see that Yahweh gave us those four testimonies to cause us to see these truths (and more as you will see), and gave concurrent truth to other brothers (including a seventeen year old) so as to bring all of this to the light.  And why is He doing this?  To give us much needed truth that will set us free, the eighth day.


One of the things Bob added in our discussion was that what Paul saw at a distance when he fell into a trance, or otherwise, and saw the third-part Millennial reign (read The Third Heaven) of which it was illegal for him to speak, is now legal since we have entered into that third-part period.  Again, we as the Bride see these things because we are legally allowed to see them, and will fulfill them.  Christians have the attitude of worthiness, in other words – What makes you good enough to be this Bride?  The answer to this is that it has absolutely nothing to do with worthiness, but everything to do with timing and Yahweh’s law and His divine order and design and choice.  We see these things now because it is legally time to see them, and this right is given to the Bride, to whom it belonged in the first place by virtue of the first Remnant who received the promise (Matthew 16:18-19, Exodus 33:21, and per the keys Revelation 3:7).


So more specifically, why did Yahweh add one year in each of these highly attesting and highly relevant situations?  Because He is revealing that He is now adding time, or breathing into the Remnant, the fulfilling eighth day.  Though He cut the days of Christianity short, He is extending time to the Remnant so as to complete that which we could not complete before the Millennial period began.  In short, as was reported in A Lesson From Intercession, page 10, He is extending the test of Carmel, which will be addressed in page 4. 



As we have already had witness born to us, we have now entered into the Millennial reign with all the legal rights that that entrance brings to those who will speak things that were once unlawful to speak.  He is adding to us, His Bride, all the things we have seen as foreshadowed, and have waited to receive.



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