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This problem that we find here concerning money and worldly cares in the church must have a solution, some way of being resolved. When the church went into the breach period with the stoning of Stephen, this left two specific problems - (1) how to take care of this problem that is ongoing in Christianity, or the body of Christ, and (2) how to take care of this matter in the second Remnant.

We know this is a focal issue to Yahweh when we find that He has foreshadowed in numerous ways this inherent problem in the church, and as we will now see has actually, in advance, already set forth how or when He will deal with it. We find the solution in the testimony offered in Yahshua's cleansing the temple, His house, of the very problem at hand - casting out the moneychangers!

In the writing, "Cleansing The Temple," we discuss the contradictions of the cleansing of the temple of the moneychangers as presented in the four gospels. We will not repeat this analysis here, and if one has not read that writing, it is urged that they do so. But in order to more fully address this at this juncture, and in order to solve the problem that Yahweh has obviously pointed out to us, we will now present a new look at the opening events of the gospel of John per the second Remnant, as well as very briefly point out the conclusion as to when Christianity's own problem with these thorns and thickets of riches will be dealt with.

The gospel of John offers a testimony that is unique to all three other gospels. To begin with, Yahshua does not go into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil after being baptized by John (as recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke), but instead He goes to a wedding. In fact, the days surrounding this event are specifically enumerated, which is quite unique. Let us now look at this with an anticipation that we will learn something about the restored kingdom of God, which John represents, as well as find out something relating specifically to the problem at hand - dealing with this problem of money.

First, the restored pure kingdom of God that John represents, is not the kingdom the church has known for 2,000 years; but rather, the kingdom up to now has been defiled by flesh man, and its people dearthed and deceived by Satan. The restored kingdom is Yahshua completing what He began 2,000 years ago with the establishment of the first Remnant, before the breach. By completing this work via the establishment of a second work, or second Remnant, Yahshua thus restores the kingdom of God; or another way of saying this is that Zion is restored. Thus any message that we find in John relates more specifically to the establishment of the second Remnant. With this in mind, let us now look at John.

In the writing titled Whose Coming Is Through Water And Blood, we note that Yahshua's first miracle of turning the water into wine is a telling testimony of the establishment of the second Remnant. We found that the first Remnant is more specifically the water work, while the second Remnant is the wine or even blood work; thus, when Yahshua performed the miracle of turning the water into wine at a marriage feast, He was foretelling the establishment of the second Remnant and the marriage supper of the Lamb for His own two-part bride. What we find here is that this first miracle of Yahshua is a vital beginning in a chronological testimony of what must take place in the establishment of the second Remnant today, and thus effect the restoration of the kingdom of God.

What is it that man needs most? He needs to be delivered from the curse of this earth that he has been under for 6,000 years; and particularly difficult has been the ongoing curse for the latter 2,000 years of the kingdom of God. In fact, the continuation of this curse while receiving the kingdom, has been the very problem leading to the corruption of the kingdom (along with the presence of the devil, which actually relates directly to the curse). And let us note that the only way for man to be delivered from the curse or from the corruptible, is to get out of these earthly bodies and enter into bodies that are born from above. No man has yet to enter into one of these bodies; the first resurrection of Revelation 20:4-6 has not yet occurred, evidenced by no one walking about in an immortal body.

This new birth that man needs is precisely that which Yahshua spoke of when He told Nicodemus - "You must be born from above." This has been addressed many times in these writings, so we need not address it now. This "born from above" transforming birth into immortality is THE transition that is CRITICAL in order to restore the affairs of mankind. Without it man continues on the course of death and the curse introduced by Satan.

Thus far in this section we have considered two important points. First, that the second Remnant must be established by Yahshua performing the miracle of turning the water into wine, or blood. The second is that which we have just mentioned - that man must be born from above and enter into immortality, the "first resurrection," or even the Elijah experience of ascending alive. So what else is needed? John tells us.

The first miracle of Yahshua recorded uniquely in kingdom John is that of turning the water into wine at the wedding feast. Here we see the establishment of the two-part Remnant, particularly looking to the establishment of the second Remnant. And John is also unique in that it is the only gospel that records Yahshua's conversation with Nicodemus concerning being "born from above," or entering into an immortal body. Do you doubt that the uniqueness of this gospel is because its message addresses the pure kingdom of God? Here we find in the opening of John the very two things that must take place before the return of Yahshua - one, the establishment of the second Remnant, and two, their ascending alive into heaven to be the first to enter into immortality, to be born from above.

We have already noted in John that the water being turned into wine was Yahshua's first miracle. This is recorded in John 2:1-11. Yahshua's conversation with Nicodemus regarding the necessity of being born from above is recorded in John 3:1-15. So now we ask the question - What is there that must take place in the second Remnant in order to come to this vital place of ascending alive and being born from above? Even as we find stated by Yahshua - "One thing you still lack," what then is lacking in the second Remnant? The answer - dealing with this issue of money!

Even when all three other gospels unanimously placed the cleansing of the temple of the moneychangers at the end of Yahshua's life per His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, kingdom John uniquely moves this vital testimony to a place that is most critical and revealing! So as to highlight its necessity and most surely dramatize its immense relevance, this telling event was moved to the place located precisely between the miracle at the wedding at Cana, and the mandate - "You must be born from above"! While the wedding feast is recorded in John 2:1-11, and the mandate to be born from above is in John 3:1-15, there in only one event that separates these two - the cleansing of the temple of the moneychangers in John 2:13-22!

Yahweh does nothing randomly or capriciously, especially when He sets forth His lasting testimonies in the Bible, and this unique message found in these opening chapters of kingdom John is clearly no exception. First we find the miracle of turning the water into wine, followed by the cleansing of the temple of the moneychangers, then concluded by the declaration of the need to be born from above, or to enter into immortality. Thus Yahweh has provided this revealing chronological testimony in John:

1. Yahshua turned the water into wine at the wedding, evidencing the establishment of the second Remnant.

2. Yahshua next cast the moneychangers out of the temple, evidencing the need to deal with this matter of money in the Remnant by giving up everything and holding all things in common.

3. Yahshua told Nicodemus, "You must be born from above," evidencing the conclusion of the Elijah second Remnant and their ascending alive in order to receive their much needed immortal and incorruptible "born from above" bodies.

Thus, in order for the Remnant to be established into immortality, there is one sole intermediate evidence as to what must take place in order for the Bride to make herself ready - we must come to the place of following in the example and practice of the first Remnant and hold all things in common. The moneychanger was dealt with in them, and the moneychanger must be dealt with in us as well. If we are to escape from being the dead body of Christ in a rich man's tomb, or the ram whose head is caught in the cares of this world, or Jonah with his head bound with weeds, or the guilt and judgment foretold in the seed testimony of Ananias and Sapphira, then there is one clear solution - this issue of money must be dealt with in us. And clearly, the evidence of this one lack is precisely stated in that which Yahshua spoke when He told the rich man - "One thing you still lack." Or as Yahshua equally instructed - "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give mercifully; make yourselves purses which do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near, nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

How can we escape so clear a message regarding money and possessions as is presented throughout the Bible, especially when in John the Spirit so tellingly moves this issue of casting out the moneychanger to its unique placement between the establishment of the second Remnant and the need to be "born from above"? Clearly, the Spirit is offering to us a riddle here, and those who have eyes to see will understand and respond correctly.

But before going on, we must comment regarding the question of Christianity's own deliverance from money. More specifically, when will this take place for them? Christianity has been absorbed and ensnared in money for 2,000 years, so when will they be delivered? In the writing on Bible contradictions titled "Cleansing The Temple," we read how cleansing the temple of the moneychangers revealed that Christianity will not have this issue dealt with in the day of their establishment, for we find testified in the gospels that Mark Christianity has the moneychangers cast out on the next day, in clear contrast to first Remnant Matthew and second Remnant Luke where the moneychangers were dealt with immediately upon His triumphal entry, without any delay. This was most certainly the experience with the first Remnant who regarded that all they had was not their own, but held all things in common. Likewise we have seen that this must equally be the experience of the second Remnant. But Christianity's deliverance will take place after the Millennial reign.

Obviously this is the only viable option for Christians, insomuch that for 2,000 years they have all gone to the sea of death, they are sleeping, and are not even available any more to have this issue dealt with in them. Thus, they will have to wait until they can be brought back to this earth and then have the issue dealt with in them. This will take place after the Millennial reign in the second resurrection. Thus Christians will have the moneychanger cast out on the next day.



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