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This notice was sent out on November 16, 2002, and examines the test of Carmel in light of the ministry of Billy Graham and the book and movie, Awakenings.


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

These are telling times in which we live, but the signs are not being read as they should. People are looking at things through the weak eyes of Christianity and the world, evaluating such things as Iraq, Israel, and the church in a contorted, twisted, even blurred fashion. But it now appears that a concluding event, or might we say events, should soon come on the scene with the speed and decisive fulfillment as that portended in the events surrounding 9-11.

That which we see unfolding with Iraq is a good example of this distortion of man's assessment. Christians and the world look at this event and see it as near-apocalyptic, often tying it with their false prophecies and expectations regarding Israel. But the Remnant know that Saddam Hussein intercessorally and fortellingly represents Satan and his hold over mystery Babylon Christianity, and watch with great hope and encouragement George W. Bush's second-Remnant-representing determination to displace him! Nothing could be greater than for Satan to be put away, and there is only one work that can do this - the truth revealing, birthright possessing, first Remnant fulfilling, Elijah second Remnant.

The most important sign taking place today is a nearly unperceptible and even disregarded occurrence, and that is what is happening in the Remnant Bride. But I warn you, even as it is written - do not despise small beginnings! Do I claim this out of my own confidence? Not at all! But my confidence and expectation is in Yahweh and that which His word reveals.

You recently received the notice on the writing titled The Love of Money. That is an incredible writing, revealing effectual truth that is vital for this time. But after writing that, Yahweh continued to deal with me about this issue of holding all things in common; and I continued to write, with results that were truly incomparable! This newest writing is titled Upon What Foundation Will You Build?, and examines the return of Yahshua and that which He said and requires regarding entrance into His kingdom, addressing this with clarity and truth that has never before been seen or presented.

From the outset, the purpose of this writing was to critically evaluate this issue of selling all in order to receive the kingdom, and the findings were beyond corroborative. What did Yahshua teach about how to receive the kingdom? What did He mean regarding the broad gate and the narrow gate, and few are those who enter the narrow gate but many are those who enter the broad gate? An examination of this passage in context clearly reveals what He meant and how it applies specifically to today. Likewise, what did He mean when He said that He was going to kindle a fire upon this earth? What might then be revealed in the two fires in the Gospels, one where Peter denied Yahshua three times, and one Yahshua kindled Himself where Peter affirmed his love for Him three times? And how could the burning bush at Mount Horeb relate to the two recent President Bushes, separated by Clinton? And incredibly, we will see that the events following 9-11 regarding the anthrax deaths, directly relate to the fire Yahshua said He would kindle! And did you know that the sword the angel used to keep man from the tree of life was a drought? What could this mean? And why was a vital prophecy regarding Noah never fulfilled? These items are only a stone's report as it skips across the vast and deep waters into which you are about to enter when reading this newest writing. And as you consume it, your life will hopefully never be the same.

No, man does not realize that which is getting ready to take place, no more than he remotely expected 9-11 or the anthrax attacks. But you are about to find out what is undoubtedly upon the scene, and even have the opportunity to be a part of it!

I will give the address for Upon What Foundation Will You Build?, but before I do, let us note one other attesting current event. On October 17-20 in Dallas, Texas, Billy Graham held what is expected to be his last Crusade. Mr. Graham has Parkinson's disease, and it appears that his public ministry is finished after 54 years of ecumenical preaching. Why do I bring this up? Because even as I have pointed out before, 1948 began the test of Carmel between vast Christianity and the little Remnant, with the Jews watching on the sidelines. These are the prophets of Baal, the prophets of Asherah, and Elijah. In 1948, Graham began his "team" and initiated in Georgia his ecumenical crusades and ministry that have impacted the entire world. The year 1948 marked the beginning of the Latter Rain Movement, and included other figures like William Branham, the initiator of the more Pentecostal aspect of the movement, along with Oral Roberts and many others who have followed. Of course the nation called Israel likewise began in 1948. And, this writer was born in 1948. Thus, the test of Carmel was begun.

The single most influential individual of Christianity since 1948 has clearly been Billy Graham. It has been stated before by this writer that the test of Carmel is 55 years in duration, or from 1948 to 2003. How long did the prophets of Baal have in their attempt to get their offering to be acceptable to their god? They had all day. How much time did Elijah have? Only the evening, at the end of the day. When the prophets of Baal were finished, Elijah had his brief opportunity.

Today, the chief prophet of Baal has finished his work after 54 years, and there is less than one year left in this test. Graham has Parkinson's disease, the disease that in a related case caused a number of people in the early 1900's to enter into a sleep-like state that made statues of them. This was reported in the book and subsequent movie, Awakenings. In 1969, Dr. Oliver Sacks (or in the movie, Dr. Sayer) administered a drug called L-DOPA to those sleeping ones, and during that summer they came out of their long sleep. Why do I mention this? Because of its unquestionably related prophetic message.

The disease that Graham has is prophetic of that which has spiritually affected all kingdom men, much the way in the Bible leprosy is prophetic of sin. Parkinson's causes one to grow weak and lose control of his body, his flesh. In Awakenings, we find that an epidemic of sleeping sickness caused these unique Parkinson's-like symptoms to be manifest as a statue-like sleep state. This is the state of all Christians. They are asleep and have lost control of their flesh.

Let me add some light to this. What is the hope for Christians, both those who yet remain in the dead body of Christ and must come out as the hidden Remnant Bride, as well as the body of Christ? The hope is the Remnant. The word of truth that we have is the L-DOPA, that which might seem foolish, but will shame the wise. This is the truth that is awaking the sleeping and causing them to come alive! These are the words of Yahshua that call a sleeping Lazarus (whose name has a numeric value of 153) to come out of the grave. (Sadly though, the first Remnant were the fulfillment of that which later happened to these in Awakenings. They first had the words of life, the beautiful hope, they had the promise to not die, they had the promise to sit on twelve thrones and judge the twelve tribes; but the breach began, their awakening soon paled, their hope was cut short, and they too entered into death/sleep.)

In testimony to this work of the Remnant Bride, when Oliver (or the tree of life Remnant olive tree) Sacks (or Saxon) was bringing these sleeping ones to life in the summer of 1969, I was marrying my own bride, Mavis Parkinson. I cannot relate here all that has happened to affirm this, but testified in these true-life events is the outcome of the marriage of the Bride to Yahshua - the sleeping ones have their awakenings! And this is precisely that which is happening to the few who are reading and understanding these writings, and will happen to many more as we enter into 2003 - they are awaking out of death!

I have mentioned only a few of the salient prophetic testimonies found in Awakenings, including the fact that my wife's maiden name was Parkinson, the very disease associated with the sleep state. On June 6, 1969, she simultaneously came out from being a Parkinson, joined to her husband and receiving a new name. And I would also point out that these awakenings all occurred under the practice of Oliver Sacks at a hospital in New York, the name of which says it all - Mount Carmel Hospital! Thus we see precisely the test we have identified here as the test of Carmel that began in '48 - Who can bring the dead to life, who can awake the sleeping, and who can ascend alive?

With the completion of Billy Graham's ministry, can anyone look back over the last 54 years and say that he has been able to get a people to ascend alive? Not at all, for all of his converts have followed, and would continue to follow, in the ways of man for 6,000 years - they all go to the grave, to Sheol, to the sea of death where leviathan/Satan sports (Psalm 104:26)! In regard to the test of Carmel, Billy Graham and all the prophets of Baal have failed! And quite appropriately for this test, Mr. Graham is very likely the greatest evangelist that has ever lived. He is Christianity's final and best effort. But as long as his or any man's work is under the covering of Christianity, that work is certain to remain a shortfall failure of Baal.

Now at the evening of this 55 year test, in the final year, it is time for the Elijah work to present its offering to Yahweh. Will our offering be accepted? Per all the works and testimonies of Yahweh, our success is essential!

As I said at the beginning, and now you will better understand, these are telling times in which we live. The prophets of Baal have performed their works; it is time for Elijah to perform his!

You can read Upon What Foundation Will You Build? by going to

E-mail me when you finish it.

To the glory of Yahweh,


PS - The most noteworthy patient in Awakenings was a man named Leonard. When Leonard's awakening began to wane, he started writing an autobiography that he said would bring him together, "cast out the devils," and "bring everything into the full light of day." After three weeks of writing during the first three weeks of June (while I was marrying my bride), typing twelve or fifteen hours a day, which he found gave him strength, he finished his autobiography with a very revealing conclusion. Speaking for all of the patients who were a part of this involuntary martyrdom, Leonard wrote - "I am a living candle. I am consumed that you may learn. New things will be seen in the light of my sufferings."

All the excruciating suffering experienced by Leonard and all those who were a part of the miracle of the summer of '69, was indeed not in vain. It was a prodigious price, with wholly unexpected garnered results. They were in truth an intercession, a foretelling testimony, a "living candle" so that we today might learn "New things."

Clearly Oliver Sacks learned from them, but undoubtedly the greatest gain we have from the imposed sacrifice they paid, is the intercessoral testimony they provided concerning the hope of the Remnant, the "new thing" (Jeremiah 31:22), even the price paid by the first Remnant, and the marvelous "full light of day" of our own awakening that we are receiving.

There is more that I would like to tell you regarding this amazing testimony, things that mean so very much to me, but it will evidently have to wait until I can see you face to face, which I hope to do soon.


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