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This e-mail was sent out on May 5, 2003, as a current events report, but also adds some information that is relevant to the establishment of the Bride out of the body.


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,


Following is a brief update on the prophetic testimony of the war with Saddam Hussein, along with a response to an e-mail someone sent to me that you will not want to miss reading.  I thrill with the truth we see here!


On May 1, President Bush spoke from the deck of the returning USS Abraham Lincoln, declaring that the “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.”  But, it was not until the next day when the press covered the return of the Lincoln to port, that the prophetic nature of that announcement was evident.  We turned on our TV here to get the weather and saw the Lincoln pulling into port in California (before it came home here in Everett, Washington).  What thrilled us about this was that the vessel was identified with a HUGE number 72 on the ship, upon which the camera focused, filling the entire screen with the number. 


Why am I so thrilled with the 72?  Because in the writing titled, The Passing Over Principle, pages 6 and 7, we clearly see that 72 is the number of the second Remnant.  Thus second-Remnant-representing Bush stood on second-Remnant vessel number 72 to declare the end of the major conflict with Satan-representing Saddam Hussein.  And, most interesting, the ship had been out for almost ten months, which was the first time a carrier had been out that long since 1973.  Ten is the number of years added to 1993 in order for the Bride to form at the completion of the 120 Jubilee period ending in 1993.  This of course brings us to this year – 2003. 


Even the nine represents the number of years that have transpired since the Bride began in 1994.  Nine is the number of birth, which we look to Yahweh to accomplish for the Bride this year.  It is also interesting that there were 5,000 sailors on board, five being the number of the Remnant, elevated to the kingdom of heaven level.  Also, it was an aircraft carrier, which allows men to ascend alive with power.  If you are not already convinced, the only hope of defeating Satan in this day is the work of the second Remnant, as attested here.


Now for the e-mail.  Following is my response to this person’s two questions.  I trust you will appreciate this information.  I will close with the salutation in the e-mail.


Dear ____,

First, to answer your question - “
Do you believe that a present-day individual (who seeks to be completely identified with Christ's death and resurrection) will be chosen by the Father out of the dying body of Yahshua to appropriate a piercing in order to make a way of escape for the Bride?

Yes, and if you will read here at The Remnant Bride, it seems evident that that person is the one who is writing you right now.  My name is Gary, and “Gary” means “sharp spear.”  This seems to not be coincidental.  And, this has nothing to do with me as a man, for there is NO WAY I could receive the truth I have received except by the expressed will and choice and revelation work of Yahweh.

In order to help you understand how this “piercing” works, I am going to share something that is of a reproductive nature.  A spear is a shaft with a head, even as the male reproductive organ is likewise.  In procreation, the male naturally pierces the woman and places his seed in her to effect offspring.  The body of Christ is male; yet even so, it has the obligation to bring forth offspring.  But, it is not good for the body to be alone.  Also, the body does not have the opening or means whereby to accomplish this procreation naturally.  So in order to effect this, Yahweh must make the female reproductive “split” in the male body and place His seed in him in order to bring forth the one who is indeed equipped to repeatedly bring forth the required offspring.  How does He do this?  In a more drastic way; but nonetheless, like unto natural fertilization.

Yahweh has to put the body of Christ to sleep (for this fertilization process will not be natural), pierce or slit its side with the male spear, and place His seed in it.  What is His seed today that has been placed in the body?  His seed is all the writings and truth you are reading here by the “sharp spear.”  These are the truths that will bring the Bride out of the body of Christ, the seed that will bring out the water and the blood two-part Bride from the pierced body.  This water and blood is the Bride who will be equipped so as to bring forth spiritual offspring (into “born from above” immortality) without having to be put to sleep/die.  

Thus, with the establishment of the Bride, death can then be put away because it is no longer needed in order to bring forth life.  During the church’s 2,000 years, in order to get a Bride, death had to remain in the kingdom Yahshua provided to man.  But this death/sleep is only necessary per the body, and the body’s requirement to bring forth offspring is a one time occurrence.  All other life thereafter can and will be brought forth both repeatedly and naturally through this life work of the Bride.  Thus, death is put away.  Having entered into immortality herself, the Bride will be fully equipped to bring forth offspring into immortal life, the first being the body itself.

And speaking further about Yahweh performing a viable reproductive work by this process of splitting, let us equally note that the genetic process also requires and attests to this.  The law requires that the hoof be split in order for the animal to be clean.  Likewise, Yahweh splits a cell from its normal diploid state of chromosome numbers, to the haploid or half state, thus producing the egg and the sperm.  And, it is the union of these two haploid halves that produces the miracle of life.  In like manner, it is the union of the haploid first Remnant with the haploid second Remnant that produces the diploid tree of life.  The twelve first Remnant apostles, united with the twelve second Remnant apostles, produces the complete twenty-four elders around the throne with the giver of life.

And let us further address your question per Bride individuals.  There are many whose personal faith (which is given by Yahweh) will in fact be the mustard seed faith that casts the fig-mulberry tree of Christianity in their own lives into the sea of death, and moves the mount of transfiguration experience to them, which was not supposed to occur for another 1,000 years.  May I suggest you read the following page per this - .

Your latter question was - “
Therefore, where is the person chosen by the Lord to be pierced in our generation out of the dying Body of the Lord who will appropriate in a type the way of escape for the Bride to come forth?

Corporately, there is no one person who will be pierced in order for the Bride to come forth, other than those who remain in Christianity and become the pierced body.  It is the corporate body that is actually pierced, and has been in the process of being put to sleep for the last 2,000 years of the death of kingdom men.  There could, however, be those who are put to sleep as types of the body of Christ, even as Saddam Hussein has been killed as a type of Satan.  There could also be those sleeping husbands whose wives come out from them in order to enter into the Bride.  We have already witnessed men who have had to, or will have to, part from their wives and come here when their wives will not believe this truth and obey their husband.  Yahshua said - “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword (or, [s]word).”  After saying this, He then went on to describe how the family would be divided – Matthew 10:34-39.  

It is after this subject statement about the sword and the family that Yahshua next told us to take up our cross and follow after Him.  I can tell you quite sincerely that it is no coincidence Yahshua spoke of taking up one’s cross, after first telling about the sword coming to one’s family.  His sword has recently divided my family, even “two and three” as Yahshua specifically spoke per the same statement recorded in Luke 12:49-53.  My son stands with me on Remnant Bride truth (the two); but Yahshua’s sword has divided my wife and two youngest daughters (the three) from me to the extent that they literally do not live here with the developing Bride who is forming and holding all things in common as Yahshua instructed.  I can assure you – it is much easier to read the word, than it is to experience it!  His cross is painful!

I sincerely appreciate your questions asked from the standpoint and insight of intercession or an intercessor.  Very few realize the great significance and relevance of this vital matter.  Having been used of Yahweh to place the seed of His truth in the body of Christ, I now wait with confidence for the increase.  The power of procreation is not in the instrument that places the seed in the body, but procreation comes from the life that is in the seed.  It is His truth in which I have confidence for this Bride to come forth.

I hope this helps.




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