2003 Current Events Report

January 1, 2003


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

In the last e-mail to you on December 19, I provided a PS regarding the prophetic testimony of Al Gore.  You will recall I pointed out that Gore was born in 1948, the year that the test of Carmel began, and that recently he announced that he would not run for President in 2004.  We saw in the 2000 election the clear prophetic testimony he provided as the one who Gores, who is of course Satan, the one with the little horn on his forehead.  Thus we see evidenced that which must take place soon, and that is Satan and Christianity must lose in the fifty-five year test of Carmel from 1948 to 2003.

Al Gore's birth in '48 reminds us of something pointed out in The Issue - II
, page 14, something that I had even forgotten until Peter Douglas reminded me recently.  Trying to keep this brief, just as there was the Baal/Elijah testimony on Mount Carmel, so there was the Christianity/Remnant testimony in 1948.  This is the test between Christianity and its Latter Rain Movement that began in 1948, and the Remnant and my own birth in 1948.  But, there is another incredible and confirming testimony to this date as well, except that it took place almost 4,000 years ago.  Counting 1,948 years from the creation of Adam, or in 1948 from Adam, we find the birth of Abraham.  But, that is not all!  Even as there is the contrast of Baal/Elijah and Christianity/Remnant, so there is a remarkable and incredibly confirming like contrast to Abraham's birth.  What would that be?  The answer - the land of Shinar was settled and Babylon was founded in the same year of 1948 from Adam!  Thus we can add this bold testimony regarding the present test of Carmel - the 1948 contrast of Babylon/Abraham!  This is phenomenal!  

Clearly, Babylon = Baal = Christianity, and Abraham = Elijah = the Remnant, providing the following like and comparative contrasts, or even contests:

Babylon vs. Abraham (beginning in 1948 from Adam),
Baal vs. Elijah, and
Christianity vs. the Remnant (beginning in 1948 AD).

Each of these parallel contests were indeed contests for life itself.  If you read the Book of Jasher, you find that Nimrod, who founded Babylon, made several attempts to kill Abraham.  Elijah had the 450 prophets of Baal killed, while Jezebel wanted to kill Elijah for doing this. And if Satan and Christianity could have their way, they too would kill and destroy the Remnant and our truth, while it is the Remnant's purpose to tear down Christianity and defeat Satan.  But in each case, the Remnant representative must prevail unto life.

Thus we see more clearly why Gore was born in 1948.  He represented the mystery Babylon system of Christianity with its head, Satan, who wants to kill second-Remnant-representing Bush's rights to the White House.  And might I remind you that in Abraham's own "test of Carmel," he won the test with Babylon and entered Canaan, the promised land, specifically in 2003, even as we fully anticipate and hope for the Remnant to win the test against Christianity and to enter into our Canaan, or immortality, in 2003.

And if this is not enough already, Yahweh has recently provided even another testimony to this test of Carmel.  If you have read very much here at The Remnant Bride, you know that Lot being taken out of Sodom is a picture of the two Remnant being taken out of Christianity.  And most importantly, in each case his removal meant Sodom's judgment; where upon his final removal, fire and brimstone came down from heaven and consumed them.  Lot is a testimony of the removal of the covering from Christianity, insomuch that his name specifically means "covering."  Once that covering is removed, judgment must follow.  

So, when Trent Lott was recently removed from the position as head of the Senate by his resignation, this of course caused a wonder on my part as to what prophetic evidence or testimony Yahweh might be providing.  Was this His handwriting on the wall concerning mystery Babylon Christianity?  Possibly so, but what did it mean?  Lott was very secure in his position as head of the Senate; everyone fully expected him to lead it once again.  But within a few brief days, suddenly, even most unexpectedly, he was removed!  What was Yahweh telling us in this?  Clearly, Lot and Lott are undeniably similar in name and in meaning of name.

I never try to figure things out by logic, but only receive them by revelation; and while there was obviously something prophetic going on here, I refused to logic it.  But early one morning as I awoke, I found this matter on my mind.  As I lay there in bed, the testimony became clear.

For what reason was Lott removed?  Because of his comments regarding Strom Thurmond, who recently turned 100 years of age, or a double portion Pentecost.  Lott's comments related to when Thurmond ran for President.  So when did Thurmond make this bid for the Presidency?  Once again, in 1948!  Thus we see a second obvious testimony that causes us to perk our prophetic ears.  Let me get to the conclusion that became obvious that morning.

Once again Yahweh is providing the testimony of the test of Carmel, which began in 1948.  What we are seeing here is the testimony that even as Lot was prophetic of the covering being removed from Christianity that brings its burning, so the removal of Lott is an obvious like timely testimony.  Both his name and the dating of the event to which he referred (1948), provide united and revealing evidence.  

We read in Zechariah 13:7-9 that the third part of the sheep of the Shepherd, or the third part of Christianity, will be burned with fire.  Following the last 2,000 years when the first two parts of Christianity have fulfillingly been cut off and died, with the removal of the second Remnant (the "Lot") from this earth, the third part of Christianity (or for the next 1,000 years) must now be burned with fire and brimstone.  Thus we find the "handwriting on the wall" per Lott's recent removal for his comments relating to events that go back to the time when the test of Carmel began - 1948.  The Remnant "Lot" will be removed, and Sodom Christianity will be burned.  

And briefly, another current event worth noting is the resignation of Cardinal Law from the Boston Catholic Church, which could likely be the first Catholic church in the US to declare bankruptcy, all of this over rampant sex scandals.  We find testified in the gospel of Mark, which speaks of Christianity, that the word "law" is never used in that gospel, while being used several times in all three other gospels.  Why?  Because Christianity is a lawless work.  (More on this shortly.)  And, it too is plagued with spiritual immorality and corruption that makes it a shame to the kingdom of God, and in Yahweh's eyes is bankrupt.  But before we look at one final current event, let us note another important hope.

Have you ever been dreaming, and suddenly your dream unexplainably converges with reality?  For example, in the course of your dream someone comes to your door and knocks on it; and strangely, as a most puzzling and mysterious thing, your dream converges with reality and you awake to find someone truly knocking at your door.  How could that happen?  Or in your dream something happens that makes a loud noise, and once again your dream converges with reality, and precisely at the same time something happens in your house or in your room that makes the same loud noise.  How can this happen where the dream world so mysteriously and precisely converges with reality?  I believe it happens as a testimony of the way of Yahweh.

There are events that are to come and are even prophesied that have many intercessoral "dreams," if you would, as to what must come about.  For example, what we saw take place in the 2000 elections was a prophetic pattern, a "dream," of that which will be - the second Remnant must defeat Satan.  Likewise, Gore's recent decision to not run in 2002, as well as that which happened to Lott, are equally "dreams" or testimonies of that which is coming to pass.  For several years I have entered into intercessions that foretold that which must come about; but like most dreams, they did not converge with reality.  This convergence with reality is that which we are awaiting to take place.  There must come a time when "that which has been" converges with "that which will be" and becomes reality.  I await the time when the "dream" of the outpouring of Yahweh's Spirit and the putting away of Satan fully meet with reality.

To help you understand this, let me provide a succinct example in which a dramatically telling prophecy converged with reality.  In Ezekiel 24, we read where Yahweh told Ezekiel that He was going to take his wife from him by death, and that he was not to mourn her loss.  Yahweh's reason for doing this was to provide a natural visible testimony of that which would happen to Jerusalem.  But even further, on the precise day that Babylon laid siege to Jerusalem, Ezekiel's wife died!  When this happened and, as he was instructed, Ezekiel did not mourn her loss, the people came to him and asked him what this meant.  He thus told them that Jerusalem would be taken from them.  But most importantly, we see not only living prophecy and fulfillment, but more specifically we find prophecy (the death of Ezekiel's wife) converging with a fulfillment (the siege of Jerusalem).  Here prophecy coincided with reality.

Let us briefly look at two other examples of this.  These examples are very familiar to you, but you have probably never seen them in this way.  When Yahshua was crucified, was it possible that He could have been crucified just any time?  No, but rather He was to be crucified at a time when prophecy and reality would come together - specifically at Passover.  For 1,500 years, prophesy was laid out every Passover regarding the Lamb of God.  Then, when the time was right, the Son of God was crucified as the Passover lamb.

This was equally true with Pentecost.  Could or even would the Spirit be poured out just any time?  Once again, no; for the Spirit was poured out at a time in which prophecy could and would equally converge with reality.  On the day of Pentecost, the disciples were gathered together and Yahweh poured out His Spirit upon them.  Another way of saying what we are seeing here is that given the right timing, fulfillment crystallized on the catalyst of a foretelling prophetic event or occasion.  Thus we see in each of these that vital fulfillments of Yahweh must form in the context of some intercessoral and prophetic event.  The fulfillment, given the right timing, thus crystallizes into reality on a prophetic event.

Another highly revealing testimony to this phenomenon is the aspect of bearing fruit or offspring.  This examination will be well worth our consideration.  Here we see once again the necessity of two parts coming together in order to effect new regenerative fulfillment or fruitfulness.  Thus we see that any fulfillment or fruitfulness of Yahweh must have two parts - male and female.  We know already that intercessoral prophecy is one of the necessary elements; but, is it male or is it female?  And, what is the other element?  

At first one might think that prophecy would be masculine; but it is not.  Why?  Because the other part that must unite with prophecy is Law, and clearly Law is masculine.  This makes a lot of sense when one realizes that intercessoral prophetic events are always ready and waiting to be fulfilled.  Passover took place every year, just waiting for Law to cooperate and unite with it.  Prophecy is feminine and as such is mercy, and mercy is always ready to experience the fulfillment of its hope.  But not Law.  Law is very precise and demands that everything be proper and in order, and of course legal.  Thus, prophecy cannot be fulfilled until Law is united with it, and then comes fruitfulness.  Thus we see why Law and prophecy are frequently found together in the Scriptures.  The precise phrase "the law and the prophets" is found five times in the New Testament.

A telling testimony of Law and the order that goes with it, is seen in the feeding of the two multitudes; and while looking at this right now may not fit entirely into the subject of this e-mail, it is well worth noting.  The two multitudes Yahshua fed are the two parts of the kingdom of God - the Remnant and Christianity.  When Yahshua fed the 5,000 the unleavened Passover barley bread, He demonstrated the viability and willingness of the Law per the work of the Remnant when He had the people to sit down in groups of fifties and hundreds (Mark 6:40).  But even as Christianity is lawless, we find in contrast that when Yahshua fed the 4,000 the leavened Pentecost bread, He did not have them to sit in orderly groups.

Why was this done and what does it mean?  First, when Yahshua set up the first Remnant, He placed into practice the divine government of the one and twelve, affording a government of a total of thirteen (the number of Yahweh).  Likewise, the second Remnant will have this identical governmental order.  (Read The Love of Money
, page 14, for more on this.)  But what about Christianity; what is their governmental order?  Even as we see testified in the Pentecost feeding, there is NO governmental order for Christianity.  Look for yourself and you will find Pentecost Christianity to be 22,000 denominations and sects with absolutely NO united governmental order over them.  They are random and disbursed; they are fractured and divided; and in every way, they are lawless!  But most essential, that was not true with the first Remnant when Yahshua was here, and it will clearly not be true with the second Remnant.  We will likewise come under the lawful one and twelve government of Yahweh.  This is the orderly work seen in the Passover feeding that is united with Law.

Now, related to this, we already see that it is essential that the masculine be present in order to unite with the feminine and bring forth offspring.  Therefore, since Christianity is lawless, it can never bring forth fruitfulness. Without any uniting governmental order alone, Law can never unite with prophecy.  For 2,000 years Christianity has been the fig tree that has not bore fruit.  But as we see both in government and in prophetic testimony, the Remnant will be lawful and will thus be able to bring forth fruit where Christianity has failed.  Now let us get back to this matter of prophetic current events.

There is one noted obviously intercessoral current event upon us that the timing thereof guardedly offers some hope, in some way, of this convergence or crystallization phenomenon, even a hope of Law and prophecy coming together.  In November and December, 2000, I wrote that second Remnant Bush had to win the election over Satan Gore, and that the nine member Supreme Court had to overturn the seven member state court, both of which happened.  I also said that according to Yahweh's patterns, during his Presidency, Bush had to do away with Satan-representing Saddam Hussein.  Even as Satan received the first-blow bruise to his head by the first Remnant, and his final defeat and death must come by the second-blow tent peg to his head by the second Remnant, so first-Remnant-representing senior George Bush bruised Saddam Hussein's head, while second-Remnant-representing George W. Bush must effect his final "death" (in one way or another).

The way things are progressing right now, it looks like the US will be in Iraq in February to fulfill that purpose.  What will this mean for the Remnant?  I continue to hope that even as dreams converge with reality, and prophetic testimonies converge with His promise or Law so as to produce fulfillment and fruitfulness, in one way or another the prophetic intercession concerning Bush and Hussein will converge with the Law and promise of Yahweh to effect some significant happening relative to the Remnant.  

And considering what we said about Sodom and the removal of Lot, the covering, as well as a correlation between Sodom and Saddam (in more ways than the striking similarity in their names), it will be very interesting to watch and try to see what covering will be taken off of Saddam Hussein before Bush judges him with fire.  Once again we find a clear pattern in force here.  Let us now look at another testimony per February.

On February 15, 1996, I sat on Stone Mountain in Georgia, asking Yahweh to cause an earthquake to effect His judgment against pastors.  Now, seven years later, I look to Him with hope that in February, 2003, He will accomplish something that will be both dramatic and significant for the second Remnant, something that will have the same effect on pastors, but in a spiritual fulfillment.  The test of Carmel between the Remnant and Christianity must culminate very rapidly at some point shortly.  As the Elijah, we must leave this world in a whirlwind of activity, and that whirlwind must begin soon.  Even now, several Remnant Bride members are making plans to sell all and move here to Washington this spring.  We must and will come under the covering of holding all things in common, and place into effect the orderly Passover government of Yahshua.  (I will provide additional information about this covering in another e-mail shortly.)

There is something else that gives me hope for February as well, but I will not go into it now.  But, once again, it is my hope that some time in February, dreams will converge with reality and the Remnant Bride will receive in some way an important, vital, and much needed provision from Yahweh.

When I began to see this hope for February, one of the things that concerned me about it though was that there was not a feast that would take place in that month; and for the reasons we have already noted regarding the fulfillment of Yahweh's promises by converging specifically at a feast, I did not see how He could do anything of substantial significance per man without that important "catalyst."  A feast is Yahweh's primary prophetic testimony that affords and even invites the uniting of a promise and Law in order to effect a fulfillment.

Passover, 2003, will fall in the middle of April.  This year our Gregorian calendar dates closely coincide with the dates of the ceremonial calendar; and as you may be aware, Passover takes place in the first month of the ceremonial calendar.  When I began pondering this, I counted backwards from April.  March would then coincide with the preceding twelfth month in the ceremonial calendar, and February would coincide with the eleventh month.  And what most concerned me then was that neither a feast nor hardly anything of any significance in the Bible took place in the eleventh month.  But, as I sat and pondered this, I remembered that this was a leap year, and in order for this lunar based calendar to get back on track with the harvest cycle, an extra month had to be added.  So, I went to the Jewish calendar and, sure enough, there is an added twelfth month in March, 2003, which causes Passover to fall in April.  This means that with the added leap month, February and March are actually both the twelfth months.  

What does this mean feastwise?  The Feast of Purim takes place in the twelfth month, so it means that Purim can actually take place in February, two months prior to Passover, or it could take place in March!

Today, these two twelfth months are resolved by the Jews celebrating what they call a "little Purim," or Purim Kattan, in the first twelfth month, or in February in 2003.  It is a mini Purim that is meant to prepare them for the next Purim, which they then observe in full.  But this has not always been the case, and even today there are those Jews (the Karaites) who celebrate Purim in the first twelfth month (or in February, 2003), and not in the second twelfth month (in March, 2003).  In the time of Yahshua, during both of these twelfth months, Purim was celebrated equally, with minor limitations in the first Purim.  Thus what we find here in this leap year is a double Purim.

Therefore, we see that there is indeed a feast in February from which Yahweh can effect a converging or uniting fulfillment, and that is the Feast of Purim.  Then once again He affords an equal opportunity in March.  What is Purim?  Purim means "lots," and is named after the lots that Hamman cast to determine the time of the destruction of the remnant of Judah.  (Casting lots was how Matthias was falsely determined to be the twelfth
disciple in replacement of Judas, while Purim was the casting of lots which equally led to the twelfth month.)  Purim is the feast in which Satan-representing Hamman's plans were reversed upon his own head and he was killed, the very thing we are looking for Bush to fulfill regarding Satan-representing Saddam Hussein.  It is the feast where Bride-representing Esther's intercessions on the part of the remnant of Judah paid off.  And this is precisely our hope beginning this February, or possibly March - that all the intercessions on behalf of the Bride will begin to find a fulfillment in some dramatic, effectual, and fulfilling way.  It is the hope that dreams will converge with reality, that Yahweh's prophetic testimony will converge with the promise, that Law will unite with prophecy, and as a result begin the greatest event in the history of man since Pentecost, even the most dramatic change in mankind since the flood.  

Whether all of this truly crystallizes in February, or is simply another lone prophetic testimony, is to be seen.  It all depends on Yahweh's timing.  But we do know that the test of Carmel is coming to a conclusion and there is little time left to decide between the two opinions of the Remnant or Christianity.  

Waiting before us now are two Purims, Passover, and the possibility of a delayed Passover, any of which Yahweh could fulfill.  Thus we see that in these closing days of the test of Carmel, the months of February, March, April, and May are vital and telling for the Remnant Bride.  And the witness of Gore and Lott, even Abraham and Babylon, as they each relate to 1948, are telling evidences of that which seems clearly to be at hand.  Satan's and Christianity's days are numbered.