Sent out May 20, 2001


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

Since the "May Passover, 2001, Report," something has continued to press on my heart and mind. We noted that the second Remnant work is evidently following a one-part/two-part pattern. This is according to the Remnant pattern as a whole, where the first Remnant is the single portion work and the second Remnant is the double portion work. And for this reason, it seems evident that even this second Remnant (as an intercessor and fulfillment of the whole) is following this pattern - the first year being a period of weakness and loss, while the next two years obtain the much needed victory.

That which has been impressing me has to do with the next two years of the Remnant bride being the two years of His power. You will recall from the last report that the flood waters came upon the earth only after Yahweh closed the opening in the side of the ark. This we have said is where we are today. Yahweh has taken a rib out of the body of Christ, and as of this time, is now closing that opening. What must happen next? The same thing that happened to Noah and his family - the rain must begin falling!

Because of my wonder about this, I asked Yahweh to show me three witnesses that these three parts of the second Remnant are true, and He showed them to me. The first witness to this was of course the one we reviewed in the last e-mail. After obtaining the priestly ephod, David and his men pursued the Amalekites. But one-third of David's men were too weary to go beyond the brook Besor, or "cool brook." So David continued the journey with the remaining two parts, who secured the much needed victory! Thus we see the very pattern that called for two additional witnesses.

To begin with, we can be certain that when the waters of the flood came, they rose gradually. Yahweh did not suddenly drop an entire world of water on them in one great slosh. No, instead the waters rose incrementally. Even as it began to rain, the ark remained on this earth, the ground; and it remained there until there was enough water to lift it up. We see the identical truth in the latter rain testimony of the waters that came out from under the eastern gate in Ezekiel 47. Those waters first appeared as a trickle. They were only deep enough in which to wet the soles of Ezekiel's feet. Do you remember what Yahshua said to His disciples at the Passover meal regarding washing their feet? "If I do not wash you, you have no part with me" (John 13:8). Feet prophetically represent rights to the kingdom of God. This is why Yahshua washed their feet - it spoke of their preparation to receive the kingdom rights. Thus, the first Remnant was the feet washing of Christianity. That cleansing work was sufficient for the entire body, concerning which Yahshua instructed Peter who wanted to be washed further.

Therefore, when the latter rain waters came out from the eastern gate, first only deep enough to get the soles of a man's feet wet, Yahweh was speaking of washing the second Remnant's feet to prepare us to receive His kingdom. This the latter rains thus far have accomplished!

But, the waters from the eastern gate did not stop there. What followed were three incremental increases. First, the water increased to the knee level. In previous writings we have seen that the knee speaks of blessings; in fact the Hebrew word for "knee" even means "blessing." The second level is the water to the loins, which speaks of strength. And finally, the water rises to the point that it actually lifts a man off this earth, which is precisely what happened to the ark.

These three levels are the same as the three years of the second Remnant. The first year has brought us to the knee level. We are at the place in this work where we receive the blessings of Yahweh. But coming to this place required endurance, and there has even been the suffering of loss, accompanied with weariness. Frankly, it is quite difficult to progress on a small portion of His Spirit. Thus, this first year has been liken to those men in David's army who had to remain with the baggage (and there is lots of baggage we carry around!).

Before continuing, let us interject another testimony to what we are seeing here. Since Yahweh does nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), His pattern and plans are constantly repeated.

In 1 Kings 18:41-44, we read of Elijah's prayer for rain. Remember, this is the Elijah who sets the pattern for preparing the way for the return of Yahshua. And here we see him praying for the rain that comes at the end of the drought; or prophetically, at the end of the period of Christianity.

Note that Elijah prays specifically with his head between his knees. Why his knees? Because this marks the first year period of the Elijah work that waits and prays until the water is up to the knees. It is not a time of action, but of waiting. The time of action comes only when the knee period is successful. Is our knee period successful? Absolutely! We as a second Remnant gathered in my home over the May Passover, and Yahweh gave us attesting signs that He is closing up the opened side of the body of Christ. His work is being carried out according to His design!

What happens after the knee period? According to the witness of Elijah, it is time to gird up our loins, for the rain is coming! I believe that this is the work of girding up the loins of our minds with the truth that Yahweh is pouring out to us regarding these Remnant matters. And what does this girding bring? RAIN! LOTS OF RAIN! And MOST importantly, why was it so necessary that Elijah beat Ahab to Jezreel? Because the Elijah work must surpass the body work (the Ahab) to avert Yahweh's wrath. "Jezreel" means "scattering," with the idea of being struck! Elijah prepares the way so that the stones of wrath do not cry out for judgment. Elijah prepares the way so that the "great and terrible day of Yahweh" does not come and Yahweh "smite the land with a curse" (Malachi 4:4-6)! Yahweh must perform an anointed Elijah work that is endowed with a power that exceeds the strength of an Ahab and his steed, or Christianity, in order to avert wrath on Christianity.

So not only do we see this witness of specifically the knees then the loins concerning the water from the eastern gate; since this is the identical work, we see the same witness in the second Remnant Elijah task of obtaining the latter rain, first after the knees work, then with the girding up of the loins. Now that we have completed this first year and obtained the knees blessing, our next hope is to receive the loins level. This will occur with the ever increasing waters of the latter rain, an ever increasing knowledge of the Holy One.

The third level of the water from the eastern gate is the "water to swim in." This is the fulfillment of the Elijah promise to ascend alive, even to lift the ark from the earth. This is the work of the Spirit that causes the second Remnant to ascend alive into heaven in order to obtain our immortal bodies. Once receiving them, we will return with Yahshua to this earth to set up His kingdom during the Millennium.

Thus we see the second witness to this matter that there are three years or three parts to the establishment of the second Remnant. They are the three levels of water that come from the eastern gate (along with the affirming testimony of Elijah).

The third witness to this is equally attested in a matter involving water. We know that after 120 years of probation (Genesis 6:3), Yahweh brought the flood over the face of the earth. Likewise, as we learned in the writing, THE ISSUE - II, page 11 at , now at the end of 120 Jubilees as of 1993, it is legally time for the flood of the Spirit to come. At the conclusion of Noah's flood, a most telling picture took place. I hope to be releasing a writing in the near future titled, The Raven, that addresses this more completely, but let us take a look at Noah's three releases of the dove from the ark.

The first time the dove was released, she "found no resting place for the sole of her foot." Knowing what the foot means prophetically, the first outpouring of this dove, like the water from the eastern gate that was only upon the sole of Elijah's foot, did not find the full kingdom rights. So, the dove returned to the ark to be released a second time. What happened at that second release? She returned with an olive leaf in her mouth. Ah, success!

The second outpouring of this dove brought the sign that is related totally to the Remnant - the olive leaf! Thus we see the Remnant bride beginning to be formed in this second release of the dove. This is of course precisely what begins to happen with the rib after it is removed from the body's side and the side is closed - it is fashioned into a bride, the olive leaf! And may we say here that the dove that is being sent out here is feminine in gender ("yonah," or "dove," is grammatically feminine), and the pronouns used here are feminine. Thus we see again that the work being prophetically performed here with this female dove is nothing less than the calling out of the feminine bride of Yahshua.

So what happened next? A third time the dove was released, but she did not return to the ark. Why? Because she had ascended and found a place in which to abide. This is the same work of the water deep enough in which to swim, or the ark ascending up from this earth. It marks the third year or third part in which the Remnant are prepared to enter into immortality, when the Spirit never leaves us but finds in our now perfect bodies a place in which to inhabit forever. We do not die!

Do you see the same message in all three (even four) of these accounts? Was the one-third part of David's army successful? No. Was the water to the knees from the eastern gate sufficient to raise a man off of this earth? No. Did Elijah's prayer time with his head between his knees get him to Jezreel? No. Was the release of the first dove successful? No. Is our first year as the Remnant bride sufficient? No. Our first year was no more sufficient than was the first Remnant's work at the beginning of the church. But in each of these cases, was this first part necessary? ABSOLUTELY! Yahweh could never have a bride if He had not performed this first year of taking the rib out of the body. His work now is to take that rib and begin to fashion a bride. And according to all these evidences, He will do this in these next two years of this concluding two-part or two-portion work.

What testimonies do we find regarding these two parts? They will be the two parts of David's army that overcome the enemy in order to regain all that has been lost in Christianity. They will be the waters of the Spirit that first rise up to a man's loins and then raise him up off of this earth. They will be Elijah's girding up of his loins and the essential overcoming race to Jezreel. They will be the second and third releases of the dove that succeed on both occasions. They will even be the prophetic two years of my cousins, the Wright brothers, who learned to ascend alive from Kill Devil Hill in 1902 and 1903. They will be the two presidents, Reagan and Bush, who in the twenty year death cycle defeat death and in the end see the return of Yahshua. They are even the two years in which I was called back into the ministry and did indeed enter in. They will be the two years in which the signs we saw manifested at our Passover gathering, will mature into the wonders as well - signs and wonders. They will provide the much needed victory for the second Remnant, and eventually for all mankind!

These are three witnesses, and even more, that Yahweh gave this man when he asked for His confirmation. And again there is more! I will be sending you soon a writing by Joseph Herrin, who was writing on this identical matter the same time I was writing this.

And finally, I believe in being open, and I will be so with you right now. As I said, I am working on a writing titled, The Raven. As a young man, I raised five ravens over a 24 year span. One day my third raven, Louie, flew several miles to land immediately outside the bedroom window of the girl I was dating, who in time was to become my wife. He had NEVER been away from my home; yet, out of the 360 degrees in which to fly, and an infinitesimal span of distances to fly, and a vast multitude of houses to go to, not to speak of bedroom windows to call out to, that bird was led to the precise location of the one who was to be my bride, and called to her! The chances of that happening go exceedingly far beyond probability!

For the last several years, I knew that this was indeed a miracle like unto the ravens who fed Elijah, but I never understood its meaning; not until recently. Early one morning Yahweh just dropped the understanding into my head, and there it was! Now for the clincher. I am almost out of finances, and if I have to go back to work, I cannot write. So, if you care about this Remnant work, it is now time for you to participate in it. This is the second year for this bride, and will you now get involved?

So there it is. As I said, I believe in being open and honest, and I leave the rest to you and Yahweh. Now you know. If you want to help, my address is:

Gary Naler

39805 - 212 Ave SE

Enumclaw, Washington 98022

For your information, a check would be made to my name, Gary Naler.