Sports in Prophecy - a Report on the World Series

Sent out November 5, 2001



Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

While I am not a sports fan, I am a fan of prophecy and the ways of Yahweh. And, I know that, as it is written, all creation groans and travails for the revelation of the sons of God - ALL creation! Even baseball!

While I am not a sports fan, Kyle Nixon is a baseball fan, and what he pointed out to me made me very attentive to what was taking place in the World Series. Let me share this with you. I hope it helps you to see what has and is taking place in the kingdom of God, and helps you to see how amazingly Yahweh works in man to bring forth His kingdom.

The World Series last night was in fact prophetically just what it says - a battle for the world! There were two competitors - the New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Kyle could go into this much more than me, but what you had last night was a prophetic battle for the world between Christianity and Satan! New York is prophetic of Christianity for many reasons, including the recent fall of the two-part false Remnant testimony in one hour, the twin towers. The Diamondbacks are prophetic of Satan simply by virtue of their name - the serpent with the diamonds on his back, or the jewel-studded covering cherub.

But let us back up so that we can see more of the picture. Here in the Seattle area where I live, everyone loves their baseball team, the Seattle Mariners. In a battle for the World just prior to this final playoff, New York faced off with the Mariners, and obviously, despite an incredible season for the Mariners, New York won. If New York is Christianity, then who are the Mariners?

Before the games between the Mariners and New York ever began, Kyle told me that the Mariners were the Remnant. Mariners are those who go out upon the sea of death to deliver much needed cargo and bring up those in the sea - the dead, fishers of men. He and I were both disappointed that the Remnant-representing Mariners lost, but he reminded me that the first Remnant did lose to Christianity, which is what was being played out prophetically. It was then that he told me that the World Series would next be a prophetic test between Christianity and Satan; and clearly, he said, prophetic patterns would indicate that the Diamondbacks would win, even as Satan has overcome Christianity. Thus, we watched this competition with much interest.

This World Series was one of the most dramatic ever, bringing the victory to a test to the very end! The seventh and final game was a face-off of stamina, leading to the final inning in which New York was ahead and the Yankees began to make plans for their celebration in the locker room. But, their plans were cut short by the Diamondbacks, when in the very end they struck New York with a series of actions that were both skill on the part of the Diamondbacks and error on the part of New York. In the final reckoning, as it is written according to the Scriptures, the Diamondbacks defeated Christianity!

This battle for the World was evidenced in another way as well. If New York had won, this would have been their fourth straight win of the World. But Arizona won, setting a new record in that this is only their fourth year of existence as a team. Four is the number of the world, and the World was being battled for in more ways than one.

Kyle tells me that the Mariners were "reborn" as a team in 1995, and this year was the seventh year in which they have performed very well. Seven is a number of completion, but it is also a number closely associated with Christianity. Eight is the number of new beginnings. It was on the eighth day of Tabernacles in which Yahshua stood in the temple and declared - "He who believes in Me, ...'From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water." Likewise, Samuel went to Jesse's home and passed over his seven sons, in search of one who was to be anointed as king. But instead of the seven, he called for the one who was not in the house (of Christianity), and anointed the eighth son, David. Kyle tells me that if this pattern continues next year, in the eighth year of the Mariner's success, the World Series will be a face-off between the Mariners and Arizona (or even New York); and guess who will win this time? The second Remnant Mariners!

Well, we will have to see. But anyone who watched that game last night saw prophecy unfold before their very eyes (as we do all the time around us; we just do not have eyes to see all of man's continual groanings and intercessions). Satan defeated Christianity for the rights to the World!

Blessings to all who obey,