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This recognition of the double humbling of Yahweh is an appropriate place to now consider this next point - the necessity of looking like a failure.  We just saw that the purpose of the first two passing overs was to bring a double humbling in one's life, or in the life of a work.  Let us look at this briefly in regard to what we have seen already.

Cain certainly was a failure, and Abel in his own way was a failure, insomuch that he died and never brought forth offspring to mankind.  Abraham was a failure from the standpoint that he was not able to bring forth the many nations; nor was Isaac.  Reuben was clearly a failure, as he was passed over for laying with his father's concubine (Genesis 49:3-4).  Likewise, Simeon was a failure, for he slew innocent men and was passed over (Genesis 49:5-7).  The first forty years in Moses' life was a failure, ending with his effort to deliver an Israelite, that led to being a fugitive from Egypt.  His second forty years was a failure, for though he was in the wilderness, he did not have the sons of Israel with him.  Without any doubt, Saul was a failure, and when it came to fulfilling the promises of Yahweh, David equally came short.

In every case, the first two parts were shortfall periods that, per that which Yahweh was to accomplish, were periods of apparent failure.  Knowing what Yahweh was planning to accomplish, in each of these first two parts, if one assessed the situation while it was near completion, one would come to the opinion that of itself it was a failure.  A critic could have looked at Abraham's life at its end and scorned that he had never become a multitude of nations.  I am certain there were many people alive at the time of Abraham with far more children who could have jeered him concerning the promise he had been given.  In Hebrews 11:13 we read that Abraham died "without receiving the promises," and you can be well assured that death without receiving a promise makes one have the appearance of being a HUGE failure.

Let us look at this concerning Yahshua.  He came to earth to set up His kingdom and to reign on this earth.  So, did He succeed?  No more than did any of the other first works seem to succeed.  It was a time of humbling and the appearance of loss and failure, providing His critics more than ample reason to despise His teachings and His claims.  How about His second work; was it a success?  His second work to bring the kingdom of God to the earth was His body on this earth - the body of Christ.  Remember, His body is here, as though He Himself were here.  But, was His body successful in bringing forth the kingdom reign on this earth?  No, it too was a time of humbling and failure.  Satan was never put away and His body has once again gone to the grave.  This was the second failure to bring forth the pure kingdom of God; and as such, they were both times for humbling.

Thus we see that the work of Yahshua Himself has equally gone through this two-part humbling that thus far has the appearance of failure.  Despite the songs sung by Christians about His kingdom reign being now, Yahshua does not yet reign on this earth.  The closest it has gotten in the last 2,000 years is a scarlet/purple robe, a crown of thorns, and a reed in His hand - the state of the body of Christ.  Thus far His works have been the necessary two-part failures that must humble man and prepare him for the third-part fulfillment - the Millennial reign of Yahshua!  

Up to now we have considered this process at the more corporate level; let us now look at it on a more personal level, with personal applications.  This humbling process seen in the passing over principle is equally seen in the process - death, burial, and resurrection.  The first period is the death period, and once getting through that period, one is hoping for the exaltation period, the time of deliverance!  BUT, instead of deliverance comes yet another time of loss - the burial period! 

When I went through a very difficult time with my second daughter, Rebekah, a couple of years ago, I died!  But was that to be the end?  Not at all, for after death comes burial.  In excruciating agony, I went out to the same place behind my home where I had hurt so much with that death process, and I prostrated myself on the ground before Yahweh and said to Him - "You have taken me very low, but if you want to take me yet lower, I give you that right to do so."  I did not say this because I knew this divine principle, I did this because I had to be willing to be taken wherever Yahweh wanted to take me, even if it meant into further pain and baseness.  We see then that the path to resurrection is preceded by the two passing over parts - death and burial!

Let us look at yet another personal testimony of this principle.  I do not know how many times I have gone through various intercessions that looked like death or failure.  When I was seeking to build a facility for the poor back in Dallas, I went through four different efforts in apparent failure before I received the fifth provision of a ranch home for women and children.  All the others before this were deaths, and even this fifth one became a death as well.

Let us now take this dynamic passing over principle even further in its highest purpose and application, examining the revealing truth that the six days of creation were two tandem periods of passing over.  We will see how this works and how it applies to the last several years of my own life leading up to today.

Day one of creation was the creation of divine light; and after day two with the  separation of the waters, came the third passing over fulfillment day of the creation of life - vegetation, trees.  This provided the first three-part passing over period.  

Then the second passing over period began equally with light on chronological day four, which would be day one of this next three-part period.  The second day in this period brought forth the birds and fish.  But the ultimate fulfillment for creation was the third day (the chronological sixth day) in which man was brought forth.  Finally, with the completion of these two tandem passing over periods, creation was complete.

Quite revealingly, the apexes of these two three-part periods (days three and six) were evidenced in Yahshua's healing of the blind man.  When Yahshua touched him the first time, he saw men as trees walking - day three of creation when trees were brought forth.  But neither the trees nor the first healing touch were sufficient, so Yahshua completed the "six days of creation" in his life and touched him a second time.  And what did this then bring forth?  The final purpose of creation - seeing men clearly.  (And you can be well assured that the inadequacy in this man's healing was not due to an inability on Yahshua's part, but strictly because this healing was prophesying.)

Thus we see here that the way of Yahweh in the long term of any of His creation works, is to take man through, not one but, two tandem passing over principles, and only then is His work truly complete.  This has many applications that I wish we could explore and unfold (including the incredible, revealing, and confirming testimony of Moses' eight trips on Mount Sinai); but for the sake of time, we cannot.  But, one can be assured that Yahweh will fulfill this divine principle per His kingdom, so that even the Millennial reign is not the end, but a "man as trees walking" partial fulfillment.  Yahweh then has one more three-part passing over period in which to take the church (more specifically, Christianity) in order to get it to the place of seeing all things clearly.  This is the two-part process through which Yahweh takes a man, the church, and even mankind.

Per my efforts to get a home for the poor, we see this same double or tandem passing over principle.  Yahweh's reason for performing this in my life, as you will see, is at least two-fold - (1) to provide intercessoral authority so that He can accomplish His will for this man and for the Remnant Bride, and (2) to give us insight so that we can see and understand (which is vital to truth and life).

My first two attempts to get some apartments led nowhere.  These attempts died.  The third-part "men as trees walking" attempt was indeed an in-part success.  This was an effort to buy some land that a man would sell us for $70,000.  I did not have the money, but through the thrift store we had, along with financial donations, after two years we had saved $72,000.  So, we experienced success to a measured degree.  The only problem was that the people in the area did not want us to build there, so the owner then refused to sell us the land.  From that point on, the very means that had provided the $72,000, began to quickly reabsorb it; and shortly it was all gone.  Yahweh even passed over the first seeming fulfillment (even as the man seeing "men as trees walking" was not a sufficient healing, nor the trees a sufficient creation).

The next attempt began the second of the two tandem passing over periods.  It was in every way a more elevated effort, involving very successful and wealthy businessmen, as well as congressmen and other government officials (including a couple of visits with George W. Bush).  In this attempt, I sought to obtain a large apartment complex named Trinity Place.  But, its first position in this second three-part period, very painfully, necessitated that it too be passed over.  We did not get it either.

Then in early 1992 we were offered the opportunity to build the ranch for women and children.  It was our first success toward a home for the poor.  With the help of many volunteers, we opened Sonshine House Ranch in 1994.

But you will notice something quite obvious here.  This seeming fulfillment was the second event in this second three-part period of the passing over principle.  Therefore, despite its seeming fulfillment, because of its placement in this passing over cycle, it too was not to be Yahweh's chosen facility for the poor.  So when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me in June, 1994, Yahweh told me to walk away from everything we had built up to that point; which we did.  Yahweh obviously had another work that was to be the true "sixth day" final fulfillment.  What would it be?

As we see in the prophetic two-part healing of the blind man, the first healing foreshadowed that which was to be.  The first "men as trees walking" healing identified the goal of the second "men" stage, though also stating the present "tree" stage.  Yahweh often uses the testimony of trees to represent men.  So the trees created on the third day were an in-part prophetic representation of the men He would create on the sixth day.  Thus if we look at that which Yahweh provided on this chronological third opportunity, we should have some idea as to what He will provide in complete fulfillment on the sixth opportunity.  I hope you understand what was just said, for it is important in order to understand what is about to be shared.

The third opportunity to provide a place for the poor brought forth the miracle provision of $72,000.  The land was actually $70,000, but Yahweh gave us $2,000 as well; so we received the 70 plus 2 thousand testimony.  Is there any place in Scriptures where we see this 70 and 2?  Yes, in Genesis 46:27 we see the 2 sons of Joseph and the 70 persons of the house of Jacob who came to Egypt.  Uniquely, in Like 10:1 and 17 we read of the 70 whom Yahshua sent out, yet in some manuscripts the number was 72, or the 70 and 2.  (My thanks to Peter Douglas for pointing these out.)  But most revealing, we want to look at Numbers 11 and see its remarkable testimony.  And here we must be brief in our explanation.

At Yahweh's instruction, Moses set apart 70 men to help him lead the people.  As instructed, he called the 70 men to the tent of meeting and there Yahweh took some of the Spirit that was on him and placed it upon them and they prophesied for a while.  But word came to Moses that two of these men, Eldad and Medad, had remained in the camp and continued to prophesy while the others there with them had ceased.  Thus in just one more example that Yahweh's word does not have to make practical sense, but must make prophetic sense, we see that the stated 70 brought before the people were in fact 70 and 2, since there were two others still in camp prophesying.

Thus we see the prophetic testimony that those who are to be set apart to lead the people, who will in fact receive from the Moses some of the Spirit that rests upon him and will prophesy, and as attested in Luke 10 are equally anointed so as to effect the fall of Satan, are in fact identified as the 70 and 2.  So when Yahweh gave this man the 70 and 2 thousand dollars (thousands are the elevation of a number to the heavenly level) as the fulfillment of the first passing over period, He was in fact providing a testimony to that which must be fulfilled at the completion of the second and final passing over period - the corresponding sixth day.  And what will that be?  

For twelve years I labored to provide a home for the poor; now I am about to be given the ultimate fulfillment of that purpose.  I thought that purpose had been fulfilled at the Sonshine House Ranch; but Yahweh knew that effort was, of necessity, a shortfall, as beautiful as it was.  The ultimate fulfillment of this longstanding purpose in my life was elevated to the higher fulfillment of the kingdom of God; and it will be a place for the poor all right, but it will be for those who by double humility not only give their lives to Yahshua's service, but follow His teachings and give up all of their possessions and become His disciple - the poor who are promised to receive the kingdom of heaven.  Thus in fulfillment of what is written in Numbers 11, these poor will be the prophetic 70 and 2 who are given the Spirit of Yahweh in order to prophesy and lead the people.  (This is not a literal number, but only prophetic.)  It will be the people who will now see all things clearly, even as we are seeing these marvelous truths today.  It will be the 70 and 2 who are sent out to effect the fall of Satan.  It will be the second Remnant.  (More on the 70 and 2 testimony later in this writing.)

Thus we see here one more example of Yahweh's application of the passing over principle, but now in tandem.  And to what is it that these tandem passing over principles lead?  As testified in the days of creation, they lead to the seventh day Sabbath rest.  And this is precisely that for which this sixth work for the poor will lead.  The establishment of the second Remnant leads into the Millennial rest.  Even as we see Yahweh coordinating the various applications of the passing over principle that we have thus far considered, so as to each converge at and find fulfillment at the one common place with the second Remnant and the Millennial reign, in Yahweh's wonder He has coordinated in my own life the fulfillment of the double passing overs to lead to precisely the same fulfillment of the Millennial reign of Yahshua.  As has been said before, Yahweh is highly legal, orderly, and entirely awesome.  All that He performs, He does so that He will receive the glory and not us.  Yahweh is the only one worthy of the expression - awesome!

In each case as I sought for a place for the poor, I looked like a failure.  This was not so evident at first, but by the time the land purchase failed, it looked like I was in a failure mode.  The $72,000 I had was soon all gone and I closed the thrift store (which was two stores by then).  The following attempt to get Trinity Place was quite a sizable effort, and when it failed, once again I looked like a failure.  Immediately thereafter is when the opportunity opened for the ranch, and it was completed in two years.  But even it was not the ultimate fulfillment, though it was a seeming fulfillment of sorts; so when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me in 1994 and an earthquake took place in my beliefs, I was instructed by Yahweh to walk away from it.  If I had ever looked like a failure, that was definitely the time for it.  Everything that I had worked for for twelve years, I simply walked away from at Yahweh's direction.  When it looked like I had finally succeeded, I left it all.  In the eyes of everyone, I made a terrible and costly and foolish mistake, and everyone thought I had been deceived by Satan.  But I knew better!  I knew Yahweh was continuing to lead me, and nothing could compare with the truth I was receiving.  Nothing!  

Now, with continuing undaunted determination, I seek to establish His gathering place for the poor Remnant Bride.  This is the fulfillment of the long journey this man has been on to help the poor, to provide the "corners of the field" that is for the needy and the stranger (as this man taught on the radio for twelve years - Leviticus 19:9-10; 23:22).  But today, now I see it is not only the corners of the field that apply to this work, but the corners of Yahshua's garment with the blue tassels that brought healing (Matthew 9:20, 14:36; Numbers 15:38), and the corners of a man's beard that could not be removed (Leviticus 19:27, 21:5), and the corners of the temple in Ezekiel that the angel measured and where there were the boiling pots (Ezekiel 46:21-24).  The promise regarding each of these corners is a promise to the poor Remnant.  And the sixth and final provision for this gathering of the poor Remnant, is the culminating fulfillment of all these years of waiting and laboring and loss.  They have been the high price to pay so that now Yahweh can have His completed Remnant Bride.

This brings us to another personal experience per the passing over principle and the price of looking like a failure.  After I walked away from everything in 1994, in 1996 I returned to Texas from Washington state where I had moved, and in obedience to Yahweh's clear leading, I set out to identify twelve men whom I knew were to be the twelve latter rain disciples.  This was the same time when I went to Georgia for my Jonah experience.  (Read, His-story Of The Remnant, page 2.)  I went to each of these men and shared with them about Yahweh's wrath that He planned for the church, and that they were called to be one of the twelve.  Obviously, when Yahweh did not carry out His wrath in Georgia, I once again looked like a huge failure, and there were no men to join me as His disciples.  Thus this attempt failed; it was passed over!

Then at Tabernacles, 2001, there were precisely twelve people who committed to tithing to the Bride.  As Passover, 2002, approached, all twelve of these were making plans to come to Washington to be presented as Yahshua's twelve disciples.  Of these twelve, six were men and six were women.  Then at the last moment, five of the women backed out; and though there were in fact twelve men there at the gathering, obviously this was another apparent failure.  This was the second attempt to establish the twelve that was passed over.

Do these two failures discourage me?  Not at all!  If I have to look like a failure to do the will of God, to walk in obedience to Him, to walk in and learn His ways and thus gain the authority to receive His promises, then I will most gladly look like a failure!  Like David who scribbled on the gate like a madman while saliva drooled down his beard in order to be delivered from death, I too will look like a mad man if I must in order to be delivered from death.  Instead of these two shortfalls being discouraging failures, they are passing overs that provide me even greater confidence, encouragement, and authority that through them I have gained the right to receive the third true fulfillment - the twelve apostles of the required one and twelve government of the Remnant.  If at any time I had cut short my efforts to get a place for the poor because I had failed, then I would not be where I am today; and I cannot quit now on any of these present-day issues.  Failure is simply the price one pays for receiving the reward.  All that matters is that we obey, and we leave the results and the future to Yahweh.

Now that I have failed twice to set up the twelve disciples, it lets me know that I am on the right track, that I have the hope of Yahweh's fulfillment.  Yahweh is leading, otherwise there would not be these passing overs.  In fact, He specifically warns us that "an inheritance gained hurriedly at the beginning, will not be blessed in the end" (Proverbs 20:21).  If those first men had drawn near to me, then it would not have been blessed in the end.  Instead, I had to look like a failure, and not once but twice - a double humbling!  If a failure I must be in order to walk with Yahweh, then a failure I will be.  Just give me the promise in the end and I will be happy.  There is a price to pay in obedience, and if Yahshua had to look like a failure, then so will we.  This is simply His way.  (And by the way, we do not have to try to fail in order to help Yahweh out; it comes often enough on its own without us trying.)

Such is the purpose of the principle of passing over.  It comes so that we might enter into and thus benefit from Yahweh's requirement of the double humbling.  It could well be said that nothing good comes from Yahweh without the fulfillment of this principle.  One must humble oneself to be exalted, being willing to look like a failure; there is no substitute.  And we find that not only must we be humbled once, but twice.  There must first be death; and after death follows burial; and only then can one enter into resurrection.  Any other provision is an inheritance gained hurriedly at the beginning that has no longevity.

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