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The premier issue in this entire writing has been the coming of Yahshua, and the passing over principle is the sterling testimony as to when He will come, and why the timing thereof.  We have already seen many testimonies of this principle, but undoubtedly one of the most relevant and succinct testimonies there is to His coming per this principle is found in Exodus 19:10-19.  It was on this occasion in which Yahweh announced that He Himself would come down to the sons of Israel "in the sight of all the people," and that His coming would follow this highly specific and now recognized pattern.  And what testimony could be more relevant and possess clearer association to the coming of Yahshua, than this foreshadowing coming of Yahweh?  One can be most certain that His testimony and instruction here were not in any way happenstance or an isolated event; but rather, were foretelling of that which must take place regarding Yahshua's coming down to this earth "in the sight of all the people" as King of kings.

Previously only parenthetically stated in this writing, we will now briefly introduce this outstanding truth that Moses' trips up Mount Sinai followed the creation pattern of two tandem passing over periods, accurately revealing the "creation" of the church.  Thus, prophetically and intercessorally, the first three times Moses was called up on Sinai, correspond with the first three 1,000 year periods of the church.  Therefore, the second time Moses went up, corresponds with where we are right now - at the end of the second "day," or the second 1,000 year period.  And, what Yahweh instructed Moses on this second time is most revealing for us as the Remnant Bride.

As Yahweh removes His hand from our eyes and we begin to see His back side, one of the things He is showing us is indeed His passing over principle.  We find that by discerning this truth, we understand when the return of Yahshua will take place - at the end of the two "days" of the pre-church and the church period, or the two "days" of the 2,000 years of the "two parts" of Christianity, or even the two "days" or two works of the first Remnant and Christianity.  And we find that by knowing the number of days in the pre-church period and the church period (1,974 years and six months each), we can actually even number our days before the return of Yahshua.  Would it then be of no surprise that when Yahweh called Moses up on the mountain the second time (or in the church's second "day"), that He would reveal to Moses the passing over principle per nothing less than the order for determining and preparing for His personal coming?  This is precisely what we find.

While Moses was on Mount Sinai the second time, Yahweh instructed him: 

"Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow (the first two days of the passing over principle), and let them wash their garments; and let them be ready for the third day, for on the third day Yahweh will come down on Mount Sinai in the sight of all the people" (vss. 10-11).

This is precisely what we have been seeing throughout this entire writing - Yahweh passes over the first "day," He passes over the second "day," and He comes down on the third day "in the sight of all the people"!  

And continuing in equally prophetic testimony, it was indeed at Yahweh's third-day coming that a loud trumpet sounded and immediately thereupon Moses was called up to the top of the mountain for the third time, both of these converging to complete one clear testimony regarding the third 1,000 year period of the church.  This third-trip-initiating trumpet call is precisely that which must take place with the second Remnant - upon Yahshua's coming, the last trumpet will sound and call the second Remnant up to the top of the mountain to be with Him on the third day, even initiating the third "trip," the third 1,000 year period.  And we know from this and other testimonies that this third day/trip is when Yahshua indeed personally returns and sets up His kingdom, His Millennial reign.  (Oh for the joy and benefit of examining all of these trips and how they speak concerning the church; but, this will have to be reserved for another time.)  But keep in mind per this six day creation pattern, that the Millennium is simply the third day for Christianity, and must be followed by the fourth, fifth, and culminating sixth days as well (the total of which will be cut short to five by stacking day four on day three, affording some most incredible testimonies per Moses' trips up the mountain).

Why is it that Yahweh is now showing us these things?  The answer to this is manyfold, but as we see evidenced here - it is to prepare us for His coming.  Like the much wiser third captain of fifty with his fifty, we can now look back (at Yahweh's back side) and discern some things that are critical for our success in obtaining the Elijah spirit/work.  Yahweh told Moses that the "today and tomorrow" periods were to be a time to consecrate themselves to Yahweh and to wash their garments.  While this is true per the larger picture as we have witnessed on several counts, this must be true for us today individually as well.  Like a wise captain, we must equally use this time to consecrate ourselves and wash our garments in preparation for Yahshua to "come down ... in the sight of all the people."  As we are equally urged in Psalm 90, since Yahweh has now given us the ability to number our days, we must apply our hearts to wisdom.  And what is this wisdom?

First, it is the wisdom to hear, believe, and act, to follow the path of faith that leads, first, to coming out of the camp of Christianity, even as the sons of Israel were led "out of the camp to meet God"; but also, to obey Yahshua's command concerning what is required in order to be His disciple - giving up all of one's possessions (Luke 14:33), coming under the covering of holding all things in common.

Second, we must have the wisdom to establish the one and twelve government - to set forth the twelve apostles, to lay the twelve stones of Elijah's altar so that the offering that will ascend to Yahweh can be placed upon them.  As we have seen, these are the two critical governmental requirements for the second Remnant that are essential in order to defeat Satan and ascend alive.

Finally, Moses added an item of instruction to the people at that critical telling time of preparation that is equally critical and telling for us today as we face the test of proving that there will be "faith on the earth" when Yahshua returns (this question asked only in second Remnant Luke 18:8).  Moses instructed:

"Be ready for the third day; do not go near a woman" (vs. 15).  

What could this mean for us today?  Clearly, it is a very important statement, for we find in Revelation 14:3 precisely the same implication for the second Remnant where the 144,000 "have not been defiled with women."  The two groups of 144,000 in Revelation are the two Remnant, and here we find the like identification that they too did not "go near a woman."  Why?  Because prophetically they are those who are equally approaching the "third day" in which Yahshua comes. 

What does all of this mean?  First, it has absolutely nothing to do with literal women per se, but that the second Remnant cannot be defiled by the weak misplaced feminine mercy that is in contrast with masculine law.  You can read about this vital truth in the writing, Joab.  There you will see more fully what is meant by this prohibition against being defiled by women.

Prophetically, having relations with women as presented in these two testimonies is not gender related at all; but rather, is to follow the weaker easily deceived, and from the standpoint of the world, more attractive and pleasing to the eyes course.  This course can be chosen by either male or female.  It is the course that Eve pursued and Adam followed after, thereby initiating the 120 Jubilee probation period that ended in 1993.  In revealing parallel testimony, it is equally the course set forth at the beginning of the original 120 year probation period that Yahweh gave to man.  In Genesis 6:1-4, we read that "the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were good, and they took wives to themselves."  While we cannot go into this now, these "sons of God" were the righteous line of Seth (Genesis 4:25, 5:3) who had relations with the "daughters of men" for the same reason Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - they looked good.  

Thus we see that both of these 120 part probation periods began with this identical matter of giving in to the weak feminine easily deceived "delight to the eyes" course, the very course the second Remnant CANNOT follow.  As seen in this instructive message from Moses just before the coming of Yahweh to "not go near a woman," as evidenced in these like Genesis accounts concerning Eve's temptation and the attraction of "the daughters of men," and in regard to the testimony of the second Remnant 144,000 in Revelation 14 who "have not been defiled by women," the second Remnant cannot have relations with the weak feminine way that, while looking good to the natural, leads to being deceived and corrupted.  The 120 Jubilee probation period may have begun that way, but today it CANNOT end that way.  The Elijah company must do otherwise and thereby "restore all things"; we must do that which is right and not be "defiled with women."

The question then remains for you - Are you "ready for the third day"?  The only readiness that will be acceptable to Yahshua is for Him to come to this earth and find the Abraham faith being fulfilled in you.  That specific faith has already been sufficiently elucidated here, and there is no need to repeat it.  It cannot be made more clear.  

Are you "ready for the third day"?

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