Following are three e-mails, the first from Debbie, and two that followed from myself.  Her testimony is quite revealing per the matters covered particularly in the final e-mail, and attests to the conflict between Christianity and the Remnant Bride.  Like with Jim Neumann, her experiences also speak of the price that one pays in order to have the authority to come before Yahweh and to receive from Him.  These e-mails are well worth your reading.


I had written Debbie and wondered why it was that Yahweh was using her in my life to point me to certain truths.  She replied with her own testimony, and began it with a quote from my e-mail.  Here is Debbie’s reply.






“Sis, may I ask you a question?  What state and city do you live in?”
Dear Brother,

For the past year and a half, I have lived in a small town in northern Alabama; before that time, I spent eighteen years living in a nearby city.  I believe this area has the highest percentage of church buildings per capita of any in the entire southeast.  About every block has a church on it, and sometimes two or three ... all with the traditional "horns".  

Gary, after moving to this area at the age of 28, I served in three of the local churches for twenty years.   I became extremely concerned with Christianity's condition in the late eighties and early nineties.  Around 1993, Yahshua placed a heavy burden upon my heart to begin interceding for His Body.  This burden involved a daily pilgrimage from nine-thirty to eleven o'clock every day to my churches' small chapel, which was no small task due to homeschooling.  I literally hid down alone between the pews and began a three year desperate plea before the throne for His Glory to return to His people.  I searched the Scriptures for every recorded event when God was moved to mercy and retraced His steps from His brooding over the waters in Genesis, to the cry of His Bride and Spirit in Revelations.  Also, through repentance, I became personally identified with every sin I could discern in His people (which was an easy task considering how sadly my life compared to the Son of God's).  This intercession period was the most glorious three-year experience of my life.  Then, in 1996, Yahshua's voice spoke clearly to me one morning in that chapel.  He said, "Debbie, get up ... you have what you have asked for".  It was shortly after this, a whirlwind of persecution began in my life which hasn't ceased.

I eventually left the first church after the pastor attacked me because I had attempted to share with this man my deep concerns about the body of Christ and our need for churchwide repentance.   My next churches' pastor also attacked me personally because I refused to "support him in the building program".  At my third church, my tenure only lasted a little over a year due to my pastor's concerns over my convictions concerning the truths of the Remnant Bride and it's "apparent" heresy.

My husband has supported me throughout all of this and we are now outside the Body of Christianity.  He has just recently been offered a job outside this area and I believe this is a wonderful answer to prayer.  What lies there, I have no idea.  But I do know that this area is the equivalent of Sodom ... a place where Baal is worshipped and Christians refuse to come to know the truths of the Kingdom.  But this is to be expected because a prophet is never given honor in one's own hometown.  

I want you to know that when the hottest and most fierce time of the battle came around 2001, I found your website.  Your words have given me hope and strength when the journey became too much for me.  Whenever I felt overwhelmed, the Spirit would use you as a second witness to whatever He was trying to get me to understand.  I have reread your works so many times, I could be substituted for your "search engine".   

I love you, brother.  You have been a good and faithful covering to a hurting and rejected Bride.  When Christianity despised us like Amnon did Tamar, you took us in and defended our honor.  You have been our Boaz to an embittered Naomi and an unwanted Ruth.  If a man's words can become a fire to light a path and place to warm ourselves in the night ... your words have been these things to us.  This wilderness journey has been a long, cold, and lonely one, but your words have been a faithful companion and wise guide.  Don't ever doubt what awesome and loving comfort Yahshua has released through your life.  Like Paul, it will only be in the resurrection when you will truly realize the magnitude of it all.

I do not know what the future holds for us, Gary.  But I do know that your words will walk with me and my children, and my children's children for generations to come.  We have lived in the days of small beginnings, but they have been glorious ones.  May we complete whatever our beloved Yahshua needs us to do ... may we help bring His glory back across the threshold.

Forever walking beside you,







Dear Debbie,

I am indeed very grateful for the words that Yahweh has given His servant, and that of course they have strengthened you; but I am also very grateful for the words that you have shared here and in other e-mails, and they strengthen me.

I find it quite significant that you began your faithful intercession in 1993, the end of the 120 Jubilees, and it was called to completion in 1996, the year in which Yahweh chose to have mercy on Christianity and Israel.  The three years seem to be an intercession for the three 1,000 years of the church, which equally have been and would be (if not cut short) times of revealed sin.  

I am sure your subsequent period of persecution was very difficult and lonely.  You probably even questioned at times whether you were wrong.  I am glad Yahweh led you here in 2001, and the things which He has shared with you and how He is directing your life are wonderful to see.
Again, I am grateful to Yahweh for you, and hope to meet you face to face.

Oh that Yahweh will do good for us, give us of His Spirit, and increase His love in (and through) us.

Your brother,








I continued to wonder about what you said here, insomuch that it seemed a most significant testimony.

When Christianity despised us like Amnon did Tamar, you took us in and defended our honor.


I went to the account in 2 Samuel 13 and read it.  There are some most interesting and encouraging things to note here.

We know from Tamar in Genesis 38 (as covered in A Lesson From Intercession
), that she represents the Remnant, the kingdom of heaven in the feminine form.  Thus one would certainly expect that this is true with other Tamar’s as well, and is certainly true here.  

Tamar was defiled by her half-brother, Amnon.  (Abraham, Sarah’s half-brother, did not defile her, but did make her equally vulnerable – the hidden Bride in another man’s house.)  Interestingly, Amnon’s name means “faithful,” and he was anything but faithful.  He had asked David if Tamar could come and make two cakes for him (evidently leavened bread, since they were kneaded).  He of course defiled her, and his hate for her was then greater than the love he had for her.

The first Remnant apostles and people have equally been “loved” by Christianity.  And that “Tamar” Bride prepared two loaves of leavened Pentecost bread for them.  But even as Paul somewhat demonstrated towards the apostles in Galatians 2, so when the second Remnant truth and the apostles and Bride now begin to be formed, Christianity despises us to a greater degree than they have loved the first Remnant.  Such is their contradictory response to the Tamar Bride.  The ones they say they love, they in fact hate, once they have defiled them.

A most encouraging and important testimony here regarding the Bride was the identification of Tamar’s garment.  Verse 18 tells us that it was “a long-sleeved garment.”  The Hebrew word used here for this garment (pas), is used only three times in the Scriptures, on two occasions regarding a garment – here regarding Tamar’s clothing, and on another occasion that is totally unsuspecting to you.  It is the same word that is falsely translated “coat of many colors.”  Thus, the garment that Tamar wore was the same garment that was given to Joseph by his father because he loved him more than the others (Genesis 37:3).  

And what did they do to this one who was given the like garment?  They defiled and hated him as well and equally rejected him; placing blood on his garment they lied about his fate.  In 2 Samuel 13:18 we read that this garment is the manner of dress for “the virgin daughters of the king.”  When you are treated falsely and unjustly, even as Tamar and Joseph were treated, and even as this man has been treated; remember, you are wearing the garment provided by the Father who loves you more than any others, the garment that is worn by the virgin daughters of the King.  While this garment marks Yahweh’s favor upon you, it is the same garment that gives cause for other’s disdain and rejection and lies.

The only other place where this Hebrew word, pas, is used is in Daniel 5:5.  Here again we have a most revealing testimony regarding the Bride work.  Belshazzar, king of Babylon, had a feast for a thousand of his nobles – the Millennial reign.  They were drinking and making merry, and brought the gold and silver vessels from the temple to drink from, when the fingers of a man’s hand emerged and wrote on the plaster opposite the lampstand (the item that occupies the place between the two olive trees in Zechariah 4).

Obviously we are seeing here the beginning of the Millennial reign, where we are right now, and mystery Babylon Christianity is making merry.  But what is it that they are now seeing?  Not just the fingers of a man’s hand (which are being used as I type this e-mail to you, and all the writings), but we read here that the Babylonian king saw “the pas
of the hand that did the writing.”  We have already seen what the pas is; it is the garment of the Bride work that identifies it as the beloved, the virgin.  When Christianity sees the pas of the Bride (pas literally means the flat of the hand or foot – our works and kingdom rights, as the hand and foot represent), they are seeing the handwriting on the wall that identifies their sudden end.  Our garment is our kingdom rights, our works; and others are seeing and will see our kingdom works.

Yahweh is slow in His judgment, and likewise was the judgment on Amnon.  But when Amnon was making merry at Baal-hazor, or “the village of Baal,” where they were shearing the sheep (which is what Nabal was doing as well before he was killed), Absalom’s servants killed him for defiling Tamar.  So it is with Christianity.  Even as David’s other son, Adonijah, was equally making merry when he lost the rights to the throne (or as Belshazzar was making merry), so Christianity is making merry and will lose its “life,” its rights to the throne.  David was first told that Absalom had killed all his brothers; but no, Amnon alone.  Even so, three parts of Christianity deserve to die, but only two parts will be cut off (even as Nabal alone died, and not all his men as David planned; or even as the two husbands of Genesis 38 Tamar died, but not the third son).

I find this unmistakable testimony most revealing and encouraging, and share it with you; not that it tells you anything new experientially, but lets us know what is taking place and indeed what is to take place for merry-making Christianity (even as they were making merry when Moses came off the mountain and broke the tablets – they were lawless).  Christians think they are doing well, and their hearts are justified that they have a right to despise and reject us and even lie about us; but they are as wrong as Joseph’s brothers were wrong, or as Amnon was wrong, or as Nabal or Belshazzar or the sons of Israel or Adonijah were wrong, and they face the same unexpected fate.

Thank you once again, my sister, for pointing us to truth.  And take joy in the love and favor whereby He has clothed you.  Your Joseph destiny is certain, virgin daughter of the King.