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Having more fully considered the old man, we need to return now from whence we came – to the testimony of the window.  We have already noted some of the messages related to the window.  To review them, you will recall that the first time a window is mentioned in the Scriptures is when Noah released the raven, and then the dove.  Following that, in Joshua 2:15, 18, and 21 we see not only Rahab letting the two spies down through a window, but also her life was spared by placing a scarlet thread in it.  David equally escaped death by being let down through a window after the second spear was thrust at him by Saul (1 Samuel 19:8-12).  Elisha had Joash king of Israel to shoot an arrow out through the opened window toward the east (2 Kings 13:14-17).  In Song of Solomon 2:9-10 the Groom is looking through the windows when He calls to His Bride – “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come along.”  And twice the term “windows of heaven” is used – 2 Kings 7:2 and, of course, Malachi 3:10 where Yahweh pours out a blessing one cannot contain.


Each of these testimonies give us some idea as to what Yahweh will do for man.  Why?  As we have also noted, the window, by its very meaning, is Yahweh’s means of “piercing“ heaven and providing things to man that otherwise the natural cannot provide.  We have seen here that dreams and visions are one way in which He pierces heaven and provides to man in a way so that he does not enter into pride, even as He did so for Solomon through a dream.  In like manner, intercession is also a window, a way to pierce heaven and legally receive from Yahweh that which He alone can provide. 


What are some of those things that He provides?  According to the testimonies of the Scriptures, He provides for the deliverance of the Remnant:  the two spies who were hid under the flax (priesthood) on the roof and then escaped through the window, David who escaped through the window after the second spear was thrown at him by Saul (i.e., the spear that pierced Yahshua’s side and out came blood and water), and the much anticipated call to the Bride – “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come along.”  And of course there is the equally needed blessing that He pours out and no man can contain, the latter rain.


But windows do not just bring blessings as we see here, but death as well, even as it is written – “For death has come up through our windows” (Jeremiah 9:21).  Yahweh is “the One forming light and creating darkness, causing good and creating evil; I am Yahweh who does all these” (Isaiah 45:7).  Most interesting and confirming (in this seamless garment), in the writing, Given To the Beast, we saw that the time of Christianity has been the time of darkness, and the time of the Remnant is the period in which day breaks and we come out of the house and enter into the light.  Here once again we see darkness being contrasted with evil, and good being contrasted with light.  Is this not the case, wherein for the last 2,000 years of darkness Yahweh has indeed brought evil on man, afflicting the church in the wilderness! 


This is the evil we see wherein Jezebel, the wife of Ahab, painted her eyes (the world’s view) and was pushed out her window to her death.  This is the same death that the man listening to Paul, equally in the night, upon “entering into a deep sleep” fell to his death from “the third floor,” the third-part Millennial period that Christianity cannot receive.  While the window for the Bride means the “piercing” of the side of the body of Christ and her escape, at the same time for the body it means their “deep sleep” and even their fall. 


For the sake of thoroughness and to answer a question that undoubtedly some would ask, we also see Paul, the founder of Christianity, escaping from death through a window (2 Corinthians 11:32-33).  So what does this mean?  To answer this, let us also note that Paul laid his hands upon (lit.) “as it were twelve men” who received the Holy Spirit and began “speaking with tongues and prophesying” (Acts 19:1-7).  What is it you think of when you read – “as it were twelve men”?  Do you not think of the twelve apostles?  Indeed.  Were the twelve men Paul laid hands on to receive the Holy Spirit the latter rain twelve apostles?  Of course not.  But, they foreshadowed the work that had to come – the latter rain twelve apostles receiving the Holy Spirit.


Thus we see the same testimony evidenced when Paul was let down from a window in a basket at Damascus in order to escape death.  Of course this was the same city where Paul was headed in order to persecute the believers when he was converted.  For many reasons, Damascus takes on the prophetic identity of Christianity; and it is quite telling and interesting that Paul escaped death in Damascus through a piercing, a window, in the side of Damascus, once again evidencing the need for the Bride to come out of the pierced body of Christ. 


But let us return to the first time that a window was mentioned in the Scriptures.  It is said that the first time a word is used in the Scriptures is very revealing regarding its fulfillment and representation.  This is certainly true per the window.  As we have noted, the first time a window is addressed in the Scriptures is when Noah released first the raven, and then the dove.  Quite significantly, the very first ever work to pass through the window was the raven.  Today, the kingdom of heaven is being established on this earth.  What has taken place for the last 2,000 years has only been preparatory, the night time when the lamb is eaten in the house.  Only now is the day beginning, and in fulfillment of the Scriptures, He is releasing the raven through a window from heaven – the Elijah work! 


This is the work that prepares the way for Yahshua, the One upon whom the dove descended.  And this is the work you are reading about right now.  Will indeed the raven return?  Yes, but in the sense that he returns to be sent out once again; and in the sense that even as my pet raven, George, came back after three-and-a-half months and entered through my window, so the raven is seeking to enter through the window of your own understanding, to pierce the veil of your mind, and abide there until the waters that came in the period of wrath are equally dried up; and insomuch that there must be another fulfilling three-and-a-half year ministry period.  And like Louie, this raven has come to your window to reveal the Bride.


And it must be noted before closing that if you are reading this over the internet, most likely you are using Windows.  It is not by accident that the internet, by its very product name, is a window.  It has been noted here before that the www, or 666, internet, is the Bill Gate that allows the Remnant truth to be presented quickly over the entire world.  The internet is equally a creation of the old man, as with other technology, and this is the technology that will be used to make the latter rain so effective – the new and the old.  This is only one way that the old man will be used to bring forth the kingdom of heaven, and will include the wealth of the wicked.  And even as Yahweh has opened a window for this man to see these things, you are appropriately and affirmingly discovering and learning these things through Windows.  Yahweh does all things well.


Thus we are now full circle in this writing, an amazing fact insomuch that at its beginning this writer had no idea how Yahweh would get all of this written down.  But He did:



I trust this writing is to your great advantage, gives you hope, and of course provides you greater understanding of the entirely new thing Yahweh is now performing.  2,000 baths ago, the demons asked Yahshua if He had come to torment them “before the time” (Matthew 8:29).  That period of wrath is complete, and we can now anticipate a dramatic change that will continue for 3,000 baths.





After a rousing orchestral performance, its appreciation is often shown by the cry for an encore.  Well, what Yahweh has shown us here is a wonder, and just as it was about to be posted, He provided a rousing encore!


My friend, Phillip Kessler, came in the very morning this was about to be posted and shared with excitement something that roused him out of bed.  I will take what he shared and slightly change and add to it that which relates precisely to what we have been learning here.


Phillip was moved by the fact that a star in the east (a heavenly light) revealed the coming of the One who would ascend, or the star revealing ascension, while the cross revealed the resurrection, or once again the ascension.  However, as Phillip agreed, it was not the cross that revealed the resurrection, but Judas, as the Elijah, revealed this resurrection, which was his purpose as the occupying twelfth apostle.  Thus we see:


  Star    ->    ascension

Judas   ->    resurrection


This brings up a most interesting and confirming testimony per what we have already learned here.  Where else do we see stars in the Scriptures?  Of course Yahweh told Abraham that his offspring would be like the stars of the heavens.  But there was another time when stars took on a specific representation, and this time in one of Yahweh’s windows, in a dream.


Joseph had a dream, in fact he had two dreams, which brought the wrath of his brothers – “Here comes this dreamer!”  In one of those dreams, he saw his eleven brothers as eleven stars bowing down to him (Genesis 37:9).  Of course this would make him a star as well, thus totaling twelve stars. 


In page 1 of this writing, we saw several testimonies of the uniqueness of the twelfth apostle – the Levites, Caleb, Elisha, Judas, and the twelfth area of the soul.  Here again we see a like confirming testimony.  Of the twelve stars of Jacob, once again one of the twelve was set apart from and actually proceeded before the other eleven.  And is there not equally a twelfth apostle with whom Yahweh does likewise?  Even as Joseph had to go to the pit, to death, and to the jail, bondage, before he was elevated to become the deliverer for his brothers, so the place of the twelfth apostle had to go through death and bondage before Yahweh likewise elevates it to its place of affording deliverance.  The office of the twelfth apostle, the Joseph, the twelfth star, even the twelfth rib, is preserved through death and bondage so as to preserve life, to provide deliverance!  Is there anything that could be clearer?


Phillip was shown the testimony of the star in the east as being the revelator of ascension.  And what office, or place, paralleled to that for Yahshua?  It was Judas.  Thus, as we see evidenced with both Joseph and Judas, the star over Bethlehem today that gives testimony to Yahshua’s second coming is the establishment of the twelfth apostle and the resulting Remnant Bride.  Even as Joseph ascended to the throne, so the twelfth apostle does so with the Bride – they ascend alive!  And even as that star announced the birth of the Son of God, so the twelfth apostle and the Bride, the Elijah, announce His return!


Now let us look at this in another confirming way.  What is it that we call actors and actresses who make it in the film industry?  Is it without meaning and design and purpose that we call them movie stars, or simply stars?  And is this not equally pointing to the truth of what we are seeing here when we see movie stars revealing the glory of Yahweh and declaring in a riddle the establishment of the Elijah work and Yahshua’s coming?  Indeed so!  We have seen evidenced through recent writings that Yahweh has chosen movies to declare His truth.  Why?  Again, it is simply another riddle; and those who have eyes to see, will see.  Movie stars point to and foreshadow the office of the twelfth apostle and the Bride, the star in the east.


Oh the wonder of His works!  They are marvels to behold!


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