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To understand how this work of sowing and reaping does indeed effect this noted outcome, one must have an understanding of Yahweh's two-part Remnant. But here once again, neither can this writing address the establishment of a two-part Remnant, other than to point out that this chosen Remnant is produced at the beginning and at the closing of the church period before the return of Yahshua - the two book-end works accomplished by the former and latter rains, and will be the first from mankind to enter into their incorruptible heavenly-born bodies. No one up to this point in time (other than Yahshua) has done so; the "first resurrection" (Revelation 20:6) has yet to occur. It will be this two-part work of the set-apart Spirit that will be the first among mankind to gain this most important transition.

At this point we are getting ahead of ourselves, for we must begin at the beginning of this sowing and reaping process. Where do we see this beginning? There is only One who has been worthy of bringing man into incorruption, who having the power of an indestructible life could overcome death and restore not only man, but also the defiled kingdom of God. This One, of course, was Yahshua.

Yahshua was the first and, up to now, the only man to put on an incorruptible body that is not of this earth (His first body having been developed in Mary's womb and nurtured by the fruits of the earth). His new body is born from above - not restrained by the natural, not sustained by the natural, but from above, born of the Spirit.

Most importantly, what we find in Yahshua was that He was the first seed Yahweh planted on earth among men, springing up to immortality; and the harvest from that one seed was only the beginning. In time His solitary initiating work will bring forth much fruit. But herein we find a very important process that must be repeated. This process must be repeated in order for us to become like Yahshua by identifying with His works, and in order to likewise bring forth much fruit from the earth. Thus we can say:

If Yahweh sowed His Son,

and we have witnessed this,

then He will repeat this process

in order to gain an ever increasing harvest!

Now anyone knows that when someone plants one seed in the ground, he receives more than one seed in return. In fact, this is the beauty and power of sowing and harvesting, sowing and harvesting. Sowing and harvesting possesses the power of producing abundant increase. And while Yahshua Himself did indeed receive an incorruptible body, most importantly His life had been sown in the lives of 12, 72, 120, 500, and more during His time on this earth; and their transformed lives came forth as seed harvest. Did these thousands of initial believers receive at that time their incorruptible bodies? No, because to obtain even greater increase, the harvest had to be resown! Read this next paragraph carefully.

No farmer after obtaining his harvest from his first planting would then take all the seed to the mill and prepare it for consumption. No, the wise farmer would take the increase and place it back into the soil, preparing for an even greater increase! And this is what Yahweh did with those first believers who were under the former rain. This is a most important point to note, for the disciples fully anticipated that, based upon Yahshua's teachings, His return to set up His reign upon this earth was to be very soon, certainly within their lifetime. But, instead of harvesting these first disciples up to heaven to be glorified and prepared for reigning with Him, Yahweh sowed them into the earth. How did He do this? He did not translate these first believers to heaven to be born from above; but rather, He left them in their earthly flesh to be sown into the breach period of the church, or Christianity. The first former rain Remnant was left on this earth to live, influence, initiate, and even die, while the kingdom of God entered into the corrupt breach period known as Christianity. The first Remnant was sown into Christianity in order to increase the harvest unto Yahweh. This is the goal and work of Yahweh. Instead of harvesting a Remnant up to heaven, they were sown among carnal man in order to obtain an even greater harvest - Christianity.

And what was the outcome of the former rain first Remnant? They died, having been sown into Christianity. But even as Yahshua's outcome was secured, so is the outcome of the first Remnant. Even as Yahshua overcame the grave and was harvested up to heaven as first fruit unto Yahweh, so the first Remnant will be harvested; only, their resurrection had to be delayed until the seed harvest from Christianity could be gathered in. This seed harvest has taken 2,000 years!

In order to effect what Yahshua began - in other words, in order to bring a Remnant into incorruptible bodies - then the work begun by the former rain first Remnant that was interrupted by Christianity, must be completed. Once Christianity's period is brought to an end, what was begun under the former rain first Remnant will then be accomplished in full with the latter rain second Remnant. The second Remnant will pick up where the first Remnant left off, completing what the first initiated. The Remnant are thus in fact two parts which, though interrupted by 2,000 years of Christianity, together comprise the whole of the "first resurrection." These two alpha and omega parts will be the first from mankind to enter into heaven to receive immortal bodies - the first part who, like Moses, enter in later after first falling short and dying, and who truly experience the promised "first resurrection;" and the second part who, like Elijah, enter in alive without suffering death. These are the two parts spoken of in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 and are seen in prophetic picture throughout the Scriptures, including the two witnesses - Moses and Elijah - who were glorified with Yahshua on the mount of transfiguration (Luke 9:28-31).

What we find then is that the first Remnant were delayed from entering into heaven for their heavenly-born new bodies and were instead sown into mankind, so that an even greater harvest among man could be accomplished.

Yahshua said that a servant is not greater than his master. Therefore, as Yahshua was sown among men in order to bring forth a harvest, even so men have to follow in that same purpose and equally be sown into mankind in order to bring forth a harvest. This is not only true individually, but as we are considering here, it is most importantly true corporately, a level in which Yahweh alone controls. The harvest from the planting of specifically the first Remnant, is the host of mankind found in Christianity. So, the first Remnant became the seed that had to be planted and die, and Christianity became the harvest.

Having been sown as seed, by following in the way of Yahshua, the Remnant are then qualified to be resurrected to heaven. At the first resurrection immediately before the return of Yahshua (Revelation 20:6), the two-part Remnant will be caught up to heaven as the first from mankind to receive their incorruptible bodies; viewing Him as He is, they become like Him. The now glorified Remnant will then return with Yahshua to earth to reign for 1,000 years.

Now though, even as the first harvested first Remnant could not be brought up to heaven initially, but had to be planted into Christianity in order to increase Yahweh's harvest even further, Christianity, once harvested, must equally be planted into mankind. Keep in mind, this is a work entirely of Yahweh. Its scope is far beyond any man or organization. Men may think that Christians have been sown into the earth already, and in some degree that has been the case; but on a larger and much higher level, this has not yet been effected corporately. Christianity, like the first Remnant, is for now only the seed harvest that is gathered for planting. They still must be further sown among mankind before entering into incorruption. This will occur over the next 3,000 years. (More on this in the next writing.)

While the first resurrection immediately prior to Yahshua's return results in the first and second part Remnant's receipt of incorruptible bodies, the return of Yahshua to this earth initiates the planting of the seed harvest of Christianity. There will be a whole host of Christians still living in earthly bodies when Yahshua returns (Zechariah 13:7-9). These will be dispersed or sown into the world. Christians who have died in the last 2,000 years will not resurrect into incorruptible bodies at this time, but rather will be "reincarnated," or return back into their earthly flesh bodies to equally be sown. All of Christianity must be sown into a place of corruption (even as the first Remnant was sown into Christianity), for the purpose of bringing forth an ever increasing harvest! Where will Christians be sown and what harvest will they then produce? The world!

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