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That which will be pointed out now may be difficult at first for the reader to accept, but in truth it is merely an extension of the work of Yahshua, as seen in each of the above cases. Even as Yahshua was the Savior of mankind, through continued identification and intercession, each preceding seed harvest in practice becomes the "savior" of those into which they are sown. Thus, salvation on the higher and larger corporate level takes on the appearance of a chain - Yahshua linked to the Remnant, the Remnant linked to Christianity, Christianity linked to the world; each "link" doing its part in securing the following link. As Yahshua provided the example, each "link" will follow in like purpose, strictly by the design and work of Yahweh, effecting the acquisition of each succeeding work, one link securing or "saving" the next. When one thinks about it, Yahweh's requirement that we become like Yahshua dictates that this "saving" process continue in practice throughout mankind.

But one might object at this point that Yahshua is the only Savior of mankind. This is certainly true. 1 Timothy 4:10 tells us that Yahweh is "the Savior of all men, especially of believers." In Acts 4:12 we read that "there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved." Apart from His work, no one would be saved. But the salvation of man through the atoning work of Yahshua in no way nullifies the principle of sowing and reaping, or the principle of identification and intercession, or duplication. These continuing works are in no way negated by Yahshua; but rather, are in fact thereby established, so that we might enter into those works which He accomplished before us! While salvation is provided to us in Yahshua, man becomes a participant in that work by identifying with Yahshua and His work - "If any one wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me" (Matthew 16:24). The cross is the work and process of salvation.

No one objects when someone says they are interceding for something or someone, or that they are an intercessor. Yet the Scriptures say that Yahshua makes intercession for us. But just because Yahshua makes intercession for us does not negate our role of being an intercessor for others. No one objects that we pray for others, yet we know that Yahshua first prayed for us (John 17:20). Equally so, though obviously more sensitive, Yahshua being the Savior of all men does not negate our role of being a "savior" for others.

Sowing and harvesting could not be a one time occurrence - sowing Yahshua and reaping the entire vast multitude. While one seed will produce an increase, and Yahshua is the essential first seed, the greater increase comes when the seed harvest is then taken and likewise sown. Yahshua could not be solely planted in order to immediately or directly gain a vast harvest; but, He had to be planted initially, first. In order to increase the harvest, however, it was essential that the sowing and reaping, sowing and reaping process continue. Yahshua alone initiated this process, and in so doing provided salvation to all men. But the process of salvation has to continue in order to gain an even greater harvest, as well as for men to needfully identify with Yahshua, His works, and His ways, becoming like Him, even in the work of salvation.

And let us note here more fully that this sowing and reaping process must be on a higher level than just the personal; it must also be corporate, on a level above man's ability to implement. On a personal level, we can die to ourselves and our wishes and follow Yahshua, laying down our lives for others. But on a higher level, Yahweh Himself will also fulfill this process by effecting it corporately - Yahshua having been sown for man and harvesting a Remnant, the Remnant is subsequently sown in order to obtain the harvest of Christianity. But as we have said, the sowing and reaping process does not end there. For even as Yahshua was sown to bring forth the Remnant, and the Remnant was sown to bring forth Christianity, so Christianity must be sown to bring forth the world, to bring the world as well into resurrected born-from-above incorruptible life.

As pointed out in the example of the chain, on each level the former becomes the "savior" of the next company - Yahshua, while truly providing salvation for all men, became the Savior of the Remnant, the Remnant becomes the "savior" of Christianity, and Christianity becomes the "savior" of the world. Each harvest follows in His work, becoming like Him, being sown for the sake of others - one "saving" the next.

This matter of the preceding group becoming the "savior" (with a lower case "s") of the next group should not be such a surprise or even offense to the reader. Remember, man is to become like Yahshua; and as it is written, if we are to share in His glory, we must share in His suffering (Romans 8:17, 1 Peter 4:13). Yahshua suffered for the salvation of others; likewise, men will suffer for the salvation of others. It is just that simple. Like Yahshua, we become intercessors for the sake of others. Each preceding group becomes the intercessor or "savior" for the next, even as performed initially by Yahshua.

In Obadiah 1:21 we see the establishment of these "saviors" into their heavenly position. Here we read:

The saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be Yahweh's.

Here we see that not the Savior, but "saviors," specifically plural, will ascend Mount Zion. Who are these "saviors"? First, they are the Remnant who will ascend Mount Zion, or Yahweh's place of habitation - heaven - and return to earth with Yahshua in incorruptible bodies to reign with Him for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:6). Then later, Christians will make their ascent up Mount Zion to receive their incorruptible bodies, having equally become "saviors" of the world. They too will then reign with Yahshua.

So we see that "saviors," in the sense of being plural, is not at all contrary to the Scriptures, but entirely supported by them. These "saviors" will ascend the mountain of Yahweh, having completed their works of intercession and salvation here on this earth, and will gain the right to reign with Yahshua.

Let us digress here at this point on the remarkable importance of this first group's ascent up Mount Zion - the Remnant bride. We find that second only to Yahshua, the Remnant are the first provision from among mankind in which Adamic men enter into incorruptible bodies, making it possible for all others to follow. Let us look at this further.

We have said at the beginning of this writing that the natural pictures are to be fulfilled by the higher spiritual; so, when we see a natural woman being taken from the side of a natural man (Eve from Adam), we can expect this to be fulfilled on the spiritual level as well. Thus, as we have indicated in other writings, we find that the bride of Yahshua will be taken from the body of Yahshua. What are we told concerning this bride? In Genesis 3:20 we read - "Now the man called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living."

Even as Eve was given the distinction of being the mother of all mortal men, pertaining to the natural, likewise we see that the Remnant bride will equally be the "mother" of all men pertaining to the spiritual. When we observe the progression and linking of these works of Yahweh - Yahshua, the Remnant, Christianity, etc. - then we can well see that, yes, the Remnant really is the "mother" of all who will be born into incorruptible bodies. The Remnant is the first link to Yahshua that affords all other links to follow, thus "birthing" all that are after them. Of course this is why the Remnant is considered feminine, a bride - she will "birth," either directly or indirectly, all future spiritual offspring.

And while we are here, let us note that Eve means - "living or life." What was it we saw in Two Trees In The Garden, and in other writings here as well, but that the Remnant is the second work in the garden, or the tree of life work. And what again does "Eve" mean, but the identical name of the second work in the garden kingdom - LIFE? Eve, or LIFE, and the tree of LIFE represent one and the same work - the Remnant who will bring LIFE to all who follow them into resurrection. And most importantly, the life that the Remnant provide to all who follow, establishes the Remnant to more perfectly occupy and fulfill the unique role of being "the mother of all the living."

And before proceeding to the next and final section, let us say once again that the level of this entire work we are noting here is far beyond the abilities or orchestration of man. On the carnal level, one can seek to implement this principle of being sown by laying down one's life for others; but that effort is solely on our own human level and is even often corrupted. Christianity is a clear example how man corrupts the examples, ways, and teachings of Yahshua. But Yahweh will perform His works per this principle on a far higher level - at the corporate level of mankind, or a Remnant, Christianity, the world, and even one final important level.

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