May 17, 2001

Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

As you may know, May 7-15 marked the Remnant bride's first anniversary.  This important time was acknowledged by the gathering of Remnant bride representatives here in my home in Enumclaw, Washington.  Let me provide you a report on this marvelous and highly attesting time.

There is so very much that could be shared, but I believe it best to focus this account on one outstanding point or repeated testimony.  This will be done, but first allow me to share about the first moments we shared together.

We know that the bride starts out as a very small rib, and this is what we had at this first gathering.  Others had planned to be here, but as you read this report, you will understand why this did not take place.  

There were four men who were here the entire time.  Others came and went, providing valuable conversation and testimony.  There was David Houston from Mississippi, Jack Manning from Maine, Kyle Nixon from Seattle, Washington, and myself.  This provided the four lepers needed to walk toward the enemy and put them to flight by Yahweh's amplifying power (2 Kings 7).  

The first time ever for this bride to begin to come together took place in, of all places, a church building.  My nine year old daughter, Grace, was playing in a cello orchestra, and we met there at this church in two groups - Kyle and David in one vehicle, and Jack and I in another.  The music event was held in the church auditorium.  

When we sat down, it just so happened that we four lepers sat beside each other in one row.  As I said, here the Remnant bride came together for the first time!  Hallelu-Yah!  Before the performance began, I turned and saw a solitary man sitting directly behind us, definitely in prayer.  He was crouched forward, with his head planted in both of his hands, much like Elijah would have been praying, with this head almost between his knees.  I thought it strange that someone would be praying here, for preparations were well underway toward beginning the concert.  Plus, there were ample places someone could have gone to pray, and not towards the front where we were seated.  I turned my attention away, and later looked again; and still, this solitary man was in his crouched position directly behind us, clearly intently praying!

After the concert began, Kyle moved out of his position at the end of the row, and into the row immediately behind us for a better view.  When I looked back at Kyle, there was no one else there!  The row was empty, and the praying man was gone!

This was such a strange happening that immediately I began looking around for where he had gone.  Had he moved to another location by some family member?  But no, he was not anywhere to be seen!  These events were so strange, particularly when realizing that this Remnant bride rib was together for the first time, that I wholly anticipated we had just been visited by a ministering spirit, an angel, who was praying for this Remnant bride.  Do I really believe this could be true?  Given the importance of this first time gathering and the very unusual circumstances, I am fully persuaded that the man fervently praying behind us was indeed an angel.  Even after the event was over, we immediately searched for this man and he was nowhere to be found!  But this event was to be marked by many other attesting and marvelous signs.

One apparent emphasis of this Passover time together was to rest in Yahweh.  This we practiced over the ten days together (the men came early), and we wondered what the disciples did in their equal ten days of waiting.  We had no agenda, but just enjoyed being together, sharing, praying, eating, and learning.

One of the new things brought out early in our gathering was that Tabernacles is a two-thirds/one-third pattern.  The first (Trumpets) to the fifteenth (Tabernacles) is divided two-thirds/one-third by Atonement (which means covering) on the tenth.  This was a most affirming truth that brought forth even further insight and emphasis, as you will see.  Of course in this pattern, we are at the Atonement, or covering, period per the church.

On the morning of the last day, Joseph Herrin sent me an e-mail which mentioned the account in 1 Samuel 30 where David had pursued the Amalekites after they had taken their wives, children, and possessions from Ziklag.  I read his e-mail, and afterwards went on a walk in the woods.  I was not thinking about anything in particular, other than Yahweh and what He was doing.  But there was one thing about this account that really puzzled me.  I knew that Christianity is divided two-thirds/one-third, but in this account we find the reverse.  Here, David left one-third of his army with the baggage, and took the two-thirds portion to defeat the enemy and restore their wives and children.  This did not reconcile with the division of Christianity, for it is not the two-thirds part that defeats the enemy, Satan.  So, I was greatly perplexed about this!

As I was walking along, suddenly without any specific pondering about this matter, Yahweh dropped the answer into my understanding.  The first Remnant is the work that receives a single portion of the Spirit, while the second Remnant receives a double portion.  The first Remnant failed to bring forth the Son of God and His pure kingdom; and like the group that stayed behind, they too "were too exhausted to cross the brook."  The first Remnant is represented by the 200 who stayed "by the baggage."

But while the first Remnant was too weak to accomplish this victory over the enemy, the second Remnant double portion represented by the 400 men will succeed!  There is also much to be discerned here by considering the Egyptian who had not eaten bread or drunk water in three days (the period given to the church).  To revive his spirit, he was given a piece of fig cake and two clusters of raisins.  From there David went on to overcome the Amalekites and regain their families and possessions.

This sets up a very interesting contrast.  While Christianity is a two-thirds/one-third work; conversely, the Remnant is a one-portion/two-portion work.  This is the same portioning, only in reverse order!  There is something quite dramatic and relevant in Yahweh's regard for this repeated portioning.  In Kyle Nixon's writing titled Lucifer: A Bride in Heaven,
posted on the Remnant Bride e-group at (which I very highly recommend you read), we find that Satan is replaced by the Remnant.  And we know that the angels were equally split this same two-thirds/one-third, with one-third cast to the earth (Revelation 12:4).  This understanding on the 200/400 resolved the big question I had on this matter, and opened another revealing testimony about what is taking place now with the Remnant.

This also brings light to a painful intercession in which I am presently involved.  My children fit the first Remnant -> Christianity -> second Remnant pattern.  I have two older daughters (the first Remnant), followed by a son (Christianity, or the masculine body of Christ), completed by two younger daughters (the second Remnant).  To my great pain, my two older daughters are precisely like the 200 who were too exhausted to go into battle.  They too want to stay by the brook Besor, or "cool water."  I have been through many intercessions in the last 20 years, but they have been particularly painful in the last six years.  For this reason, my daughters are too weak to go into battle; and like the first Remnant, they are headed back into Christianity and staying behind as I continue on.  I am certain this loss is much more painful for me than it was for David, for I am losing them to Christianity.  Thus, I have a very personal interest that the double portion second Remnant succeed.  It affects the welfare of the loved ones I find myself having to leave behind.  

I am an intercessor by calling, and I know that it is essential that I live out this present price and pattern, but it is painful!  However, seeing this does help relieve some of the loss, and gives me hope for them.  You will recall that when the victory was secured by the double portion second Remnant group, David declared that the share of the spoils for those who went into battle was to be equal with that for those who stayed with the baggage.  I know that Yahweh is saying here that the first Remnant will receive the same rewards of the second Remnant who effect the needed victory.  I trust my daughters will be reunited with me to be one in purpose and delight, and share in the spoils of the victory that I know I must continue to pursue.

This has been a most revealing testimony regarding the one-portion/two-portion, and the two-thirds/one-third.  And furthermore, Yahweh provided even a third testimony to this in our Passover time together, that is seemingly very silly but most revealing.  

Before my oldest daughter went to Dallas for three months, I asked her to sow up a long open slit in a seam in our couch that was created by a metal clasp on my son's knife.  She did not get it done then, and for over three months it was open.  She is home now, and just minutes before I got home from picking up Jack Manning, she closed the slit.  The interesting thing about this slit was, one, that it was in the couch's side, in the front.  And two, it was precisely at the one-third/two-third mark in the couch.  (If you study the word "couch" in the Scriptures, you will see that the couch is prophetic of the kingdom of God.)  When we came together for this May Passover, as strange as this may seem, I could not help but see that Yahweh was saying something through this.  I believe the testimony He was telling us is twofold.  First, that obviously we are at the two-thirds or 2,000 year point in the church.  But even more importantly, we are at the one-third mark in this bride work, which is at the place of the closing of the opened side of the body of Christ.  

This one-third or first year portion would represent those who were exhausted and stayed at the brook Besor.  It would be a period of exhaustion and weakness, which I have personally experienced more than at any time in this period since 1994, or even in my life.  It has also been marked by the loss of some who began this Remnant journey, but in growing weak have not continued.  This includes my two older daughters, and nearly my wife.  It is my sincere hope now that we are at the place of going on and building this bride who will be the double portion that defeats the enemy.  This now postslit time should in fact be the bride-forming period - Adam's side was closed and Yahweh next fashioned the bride from the rib that was removed.  Our experience indicates that this first year has been a time of weakness, smallness, and even loss, identified with the first Remnant.  Now we should be entering into the double portion bride-forming period.

And very briefly, let us note that Esther likewise went through a one year period of preparation before she went before the king for examination - Esther 2:12.

In retrospect, unquestionably the one testimony that has continued to surface throughout this Passover gathering has been the one-third/two-thirds witness.  Even in my personal evening Bible reading, it just happened that I was reading Isaiah 44 at the beginning of this time together, which is the two-thirds mark in the book of Isaiah (66 chapters long).  Read Isaiah 45, which is the first chapter in the third part of that book, marking the beginning of the Millennial reign.  In Yahweh's timing for the church, we are at the Isaiah 44 and 45 two-thirds/one-third transition period.  This was yet a fourth witness.

Now for a MOST amazing conclusion!  Already we had seen some amazing things from Yahweh, including some matters that have not even been covered here; but even more was in store!

Sometime towards the latter period of our gathering, we were sitting in the living room and Kyle Nixon stretched real big with his arms over his head, big enough that his shirt came up and I saw his right side.  I noticed that he had a long dark mark on his skin about the size of a man's finger; but this was not the kind of thing one asks someone about, so I said nothing.  On the morning of the sixteenth, after our gathering was complete and I would be taking Jack to the airport, Kyle called me.  He told me that his son asked him - "What is that scar?," which he saw on his side.  Kyle had no idea what he was talking about, and looked down to see the long dark "bruise" on the lower part of his side, the very thing I had seen only days before.  What was this mark on him?  He had absolutely no knowledge of what could have caused it.  He had never hit himself or strained himself; but suddenly here was a bruise on his side precisely where the side of Yahshua would evidently have been pierced.  Was it a stigmata?  I'll let you decide, but here are the facts.

On the seventh and eighth days of the Feast of Dedication, January 27-28, 2001, Kyle and I went to Spokane, Washington to seek where Yahweh might have His Remnant bride to begin residing, as we put into practice the covering of the bride by holding all things in common.  The day before we left, I received an anonymous gift of $700.  While at the home where we spent the night on the 27th, Kyle was experiencing a pain in his right side and asked me to pray for him.  (Recall that Yahshua told His disciples to cast the net on the right side of the boat, where they caught 153 fish - John 21.)  I laid my hand on his side, and prayed for his healing as he requested.  Looking back, I now see that I had laid my hand just about where that mark developed.

Just a day or two before our Passover gathering, I received from the same person for the second time another anonymous gift of precisely the same amount of $700.  And it was in these now Passover events that a bruised side mysteriously came upon Kyle, right where I had laid my hands during the Feast of Dedication!

Why Kyle?  For a number of reasons, but one in particular.  Kyle has been led through a series of intercessions where he was placed in the intercessoral position of Yahshua - repairing the breach and in the prophetic position of both the first and the second Remnants.  (And I might add here that this intercession was entirely directed by the Spirit, often without the foreknowledge of Kyle.)  Per this intercession, Kyle was the proper person for this testimony of Yahshua to appear.

Why a bruised side?  I believe there are two main testimonies we need to see.  First, when I prayed for Kyle, laying my hand on his side, we had just received $700.  Then when Yahweh placed this sign on his side, likewise we had just received the identical sum of $700.  These two "7" witnesses are the same testimonies seen in Jacob obtaining his two brides - he worked 7 years and 7 years - and the dove was sent out by Noah with two 7 day periods in-between.  Why?  Because in both of these instances, it looks to the two-part bride coming out of the body of Christ, or Christianity.  This is the Nahor -> Terah -> Nahor testimony in the taking out of the Rebekah bride for Isaac as addressed in the writing, The Promise
, where we find that the meanings of those names result in the following testimony:  piercing -> delay period -> piercing.  This pattern lays out the two Remnant bride, with the 2,000 year delay period of Christianity between.

Thus, it is evident that Yahweh was giving testimony to taking out the two-part bride - once with the laying of hands on Kyle's side, and finally with the stigmata of the bruised side.  Why is it bruised, or as Kyle's son asked - "What is that scar?"  I believe that Yahweh provided this sign to tell us the identical thing He was telling us with the couch - that the side of the body of Christ has been closed, and it is now time for the bride to be fashioned!

The very fact that I saw the stigmata is a testimony.  I saw no one else's side during that time; but Yahweh had it that I saw Kyle's side and the testimony of the wound.  My name is Gary, meaning "sharp spear," and Yahweh showed me the attesting sign that was given on the place that during the Feast of Dedication I had laid my hand.

What will these testimonies mean for the Remnant bride?  Let us see what happened on another occasion when a man's side was struck.  In Acts 12, we read of Peter's imprisonment where he was bound between two soldiers.  It was equally on a Passover when an angel came into the cell and "struck Peter's side and roused him" from his sleep, telling him - "Get up quickly."  As he stood, his chains fell from him and he was led out of the prison, the gate opening before him.  We see then that not only was Yahshua's side struck during Passover, but Peter's side was also struck during Passover.  And now in 2001 at Passover, Kyle's side was struck!  And as all of this took place with Peter by the presence of an angel, it was an angel who prayed for us as we gathered together for the first time.  Our hope now for all members entering into this bride is the same testimony evidenced with Peter - fetters will fall away and they will be led out of prison.

In similar testimony, we read that when Yahweh closed the side of the ark, the rains began to come upon the earth (Genesis 7).  If all the testimonies we received about Yahweh closing the side of the body of Christ are in fact signs of the time, then what we can expect now is the flood waters of the latter rain to begin to cover the earth!  These would not be floods of destruction, any more than the 3,000 saved on Pentecost were slain the way the 3,000 were slain on the first Pentecost (Exodus 32:28).  This flood will be the flood of the Spirit that raises a Remnant up alive from the earth.

Every indication from this Passover gathering was that the side of the body of Christ has been closed and it is now time for the bride to be formed.  The first year first Remnant period of weakness, exhaustion, and loss is complete, and it is time for the two year victorious period to begin.  This corresponds with my own life as well.  May I share some affirming personal testimonies here?  

It has been seven years since the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me in June, 1994.  Seven is the number marking completion.  Seven periods of seven likewise bring one to Jubilee.  Thus, eight is the number of new beginnings.  And nine is the number of fruit.  Likewise, seven presidents died in office every twenty years.  The eighth president in this sequence was Reagan, who defeated death.  The ninth is George W. Bush, our much welcomed present president.

Additionally, in 1972 I failed to enter into the ministry upon His calling.  Seven years passed until He renewed that call in the eighth year, or 1980.  Then in the ninth year, He fulfilled that call and placed me into ministry.

Furthermore, specifically 100 years ago in 1901, my cousins, the Wright brothers, were testing their glider off of Kill Devil Hill on the east coast.  That year was a very difficult time for them.  In fact, they had experienced so little progress that they considered their trip a failure; but they kept going.  1902 brought new advances in their progress, and in 1903 they were the first to ascend alive into the heavens with power.  If 2001, 2002, and 2003 follow the same pattern of my cousins in 1901, 1902, and 1903, then for those who want to ascend alive in power off of "Kill Devil Hill," the next two years could be very important and MOST revealing!

As I said, many other signs and evidences occurred, but these are the most important for you to understand.  It is now with great anticipation that we look to Yahweh to complete what He has begun.

May Yahweh be praised for His exceeding greatness!

Blessings to you,