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In the opening of this writing, it was stated:


A number of years ago, I recorded in a journal:  Failure is not because we fail; failure is because we fail, and quit.  As the first ever Tabernacles Pentecost approached on December 25-26, 2005; based on the testimonies we had seen, we were expecting the sun and the moon and all the stars.  And why not?


What specifically were we expecting as we approached this first-ever event?  We were wondering if this man, and as you will see actually another man as well, would ascend alive for eight days in order to intercede for the latter rain Pentecost outpouring of the Holy Spirit, even as Yahshua did so.  We were anticipating that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would literally come into our midst and have dinner with us.  We were anticipating that on December 25 Yahweh would do something overt that would give this man authority, or as testified in numerous ways, give him the signet ring.  And of course we were looking to Yahweh to provide a bursting forth of His Spirit in the latter rain.


It has already been stated that there were many reasons for us to have this hope, some of those reasons presented beforehand in e-mails sent out in the days prior.  Those e-mails can be read by clicking here.  And even as we approached these days and even went through them, continual evidence and encouragement and instruction was seen. 


In the next section we will begin giving an account of what took place in those nine days per this gathering, but in regard to those days let us examine the experience and teaching of Rees Howells, the example in the flesh that the Holy Spirit specifically gave to this man, and see how Yahweh has unfolded His work in the Bride.


In Rees Howells, Intercessor, 1980 edition, chapter 28, pages 211-212, we read:


In pursuit of some great aim which the Lord had given him, he would, en route, seek and ask and believe for some particular deliverance or provision, which he would not obtain in the exact form in which he asked for it.  To those who were watching from outside, this would often appear a failure or mistake, and there would be plentiful criticism; but the effect on him – and those on the inside with him in the battle of faith – was the opposite: it only strengthened him in the pursuit of the main objective of faith until he had obtained it.  He would regard a temporary disappointment en route, not as a failure, but as a stepping stone – rather like a climber who scales a peak, mistakenly thinking it is the summit, only to find higher ones beyond, and only to have his determination increased to reach it.


In October, 1981, the Holy Spirit told me to ask for an example in the flesh, and He gave Rees Howells as that example.  I am an intercessor, and I have learned this very truth that Rees himself experienced over and over.  Yahweh will lead us to something that is His will, but will not fulfill it in the way we suspect or in the timing we might think.  For example, He called this man to help the poor, and for thirteen years I pursued that purpose, finally arriving at the seeming goal of a home for the needy, for women and children.  But upon reaching it, I found that there was a higher goal and purpose yet before me – the Remnant Bride.  So, for eleven-and-a-half years now I have pursued that goal and purpose, with the realization that the price I paid in the ministry to the poor, was for the true fulfillment per the Bride.


When in 1994 I walked away from the home I had built for women and children, as well as the entire ministry, I looked like a failure in the eyes of many people.  But such are the ways of Yahweh.  Obedience to His ways will indeed cause us to look like a failure, but it is in fact a stepping stone, as Rees called them.  Thus, in like regard, those things that took place in 2001 and 2002, were stepping stones for the fulfillments in 2004 and 2005.


Another example of this is found in the “Legal Transfer of the Office of the Twelfth Apostle,” signed on the Day of Atonement, September 25, 2004.  We had anticipated that Yahweh might do something per the Bride on July 4.  Then when that day came and went, it looked like He was extending it to July 25, twenty-one days later.  And when that day came and went, once again we were given hope that He was linking that Day of Independence promise to the Day of Atonement, September 25, when in fact the contract was signed.  (You can read the e-mails that addressed this transition by clicking here.)


What Yahweh did by leading us this way was to tie this nation’s Declaration of Independence to the “Legal Transfer of the Office of the Twelfth Apostle,” its own declaration of independence.  But in order to get there, we had to walk out that which Yahweh was leading us to do.  Faith leads, it bears witness to that which we are to do; but it may very well lead one through apparent failure.  Look at the cross if you doubt this way of faith.  It too looked like failure, and to many still has that appearance.  Or look at the first Remnant, who had the promise of not dying.  They failed as well, and would not be fulfilled for another 2,000 years.  They too are a promise, a seed, that their work will indeed be fulfilled! 


The July 4/September 25 fulfillment took less than three months.  The strong messenger fulfillment is a delay of three years over a total of six years.  For thirteen years I reached for a goal with the needy, only to find that the true fulfillment was yet before me – the Bride – for which I have now labored for eleven-and-a-half years.  And the two Remnant are delayed for almost 2,000 years for their fulfillment!  But one thing is certain – that which is evidenced and dies, will be resurrected.


There is a passage in Millennial John that has resonated in this man’s mind since the Tabernacles Pentecost.  Seeing how Yahweh has worked in the last five years to produce the strong messenger intercession, that which Yahshua said to Thomas when he believed after placing his finger in His hand and his hand in His side is obviously being fulfilled.  When Thomas replied, “My Lord and my God!,” Yahshua then stated – “Because you have seen Me, have you believed?  Blessed are they who do not see, and yet believe” (John 20:28-29).


How entirely relevant this is to what is being noted here about the ways of Yahweh.  When we did not receive the promise on July 4, we believed that He was pointing to July 25.  When we did not receive the promise on July 25, we believed He was pointing to September 25.  We believed when we did not see; and we believed again when we did not see.  So what did we finally receive?  We were finally blessed at Atonement with a contract that transferred to a man the office that had belonged to Satan. 


What if we had cut short our believing?  What if we had quit after July 4 or 25?  Then we would have never reached the goal!  We would have fallen short.  What if Rees Howells had cut short his believing?  Then he too would have never reached his goal.  The fact is, we are to be led by Yahweh and trust in Him irregardless of the outcome.  If we are confident that what we believed was of Him, then we are to go forward from there continuing to trust that He is leading us.  A circumspect walk is critical in this, and if we walk circumspectly, carefully examining that what we are doing is of Yahweh and that He is leading, then the outcome is left in His hands and we do not have to look back, but forward to where the promise will indeed be fulfilled.


So does this man doubt or even regret writing those things in advance?  Not in the least!  For I knew at the time that to have done otherwise would have been a lack of faith.  I knew I had to make a choice, I knew I was taking a risk; but to have ignored what I saw would have been to fall short, not being honest with what I was seeing.  I would far rather fall short on the outcome and trust Yahweh for all that He has for us, than to fall short in my honesty with how He is dealing with us.  If I fall short, let me fall short when reaching for the goal, and not by failing to reach. 


Case in point:  per the question that was raised in the last section – Would we have received all that we did in 2004 and 2005, if we had not reached for what we did in 2001 and 2002 and came up short?  Unquestionably not!  Do we then regret what was done in 2001-2003?  Of course not!  That which we sowed in 2001 and 2002, we reaped in 2004 and 2005.  The principle is true – you reap what you sow.  So, how in any regard could we regret sowing what we did in the days leading up to the Tabernacles Pentecost?  As far as this man is concerned, and we had no reason to shrink back, we saw and declared the truth, even as we did regarding July 4 or even as Yahshua declared concerning the first Remnant – “you shall not taste death” (Matthew 16:28).  And most importantly, that which we declared, is a promise that belongs to those “who do not see, and yet believe.”


Therefore, we the Bride have several promises and hopes – that we will indeed ascend alive, that we will have a dinner with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that this man will receive the signet ring.  And quite frankly, it is obvious that we have begun to receive the latter rain, but as a trickle from the “right side” that will ever increase.  I would rather sow a seed in faith unto death and wait for the growth, than to stare at bare ground and hope something will somehow come forth (though it has not for 2,000 years).  As is true with any garden, at least I know what has been planted and what to expect.  We now wait for Him who waters and for the light and for the fourth dimension of time to bring us the harvest according to His provision.


Having said this, let us see what did take place during the nine days pertaining to the first-ever Tabernacles Pentecost.


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