This e-mail was sent out April 13, 2002, and further addresses the probability of Yahshua's presence at our Passover supper beginning the evening of April 26.




Dear Remnant Bride,

In Luke 22:16 we read:

"I say to you, I shall never again eat it (Passover) until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God."

These are the words of Yahshua when He had Passover with His twelve disciples just before His death. So let me ask you a vital question - Has Yahshua eaten Passover since that time? The answer to this is obviously - No. He has been in heaven this entire time and has not had anyone with which to share Passover. It is a most amazing thing that after 2,000 years, no one has ever asked the question as to what this means. Since Yahshua has not eaten Passover since then, the obvious deduction is that Passover has thus far never been fulfilled in the kingdom of God! Did you understand that? This is an amazing realization! When Passover is fulfilled in the kingdom of God, then and only then will Yahshua eat Passover.

Actually there are two points to be considered here. One, since Yahshua has not come here to have Passover with anyone, then obviously Passover has not yet been fulfilled. And two, upon the fulfillment of Passover, we can conclude that Yahshua will and undoubtedly even must come according to the Scriptures and have Passover. Let us consider the implications of all of this for today, and specifically for the Remnant.

First, this statement is found exclusively in Luke, thus identifying it with the second Remnant. This statement is preceded by Yahshua's words wherein we have recently found encouragement - "I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer;" whereupon He then adds - "for I say to you, I shall never again eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God."

As we have been discussing and as it has been written, and will thus not be elaborated upon now, the second Remnant is the Passover work and therefore the fulfillment of Passover. It is the establishment of the Passover second Remnant that concludes the kingdom of God period we have known for 2,000 years, which up to now has been identified with leavened Pentecost. And it is from this latter Passover work the final twelve disciples are provided (twelve from Pentecost and twelve from Passover), completing the twenty-four elders sitting around the throne - Revelation 4:4, 10; 5:8; 11:16. And what can we expect that Yahshua will do with these latter twelve? Obviously, He will have Passover with them, even as He has said and earnestly desires! With the fulfillment of the Passover work, or the establishment of the second Remnant (which began in Passover, 2000), one can expect precisely that which Yahshua stated He would do at the last Passover He attended with the first twelve - He will come and eat Passover with them!

He did not drink wine, and possibly did not eat the bread,. with the first twelve just before He was crucified. Why didn't He? Because He longed for the Passover work that was to be established later. He fasted that preceding Passover meal in order to fulfill another, thus following the two-bird principle of Leviticus 14:1-7 - sacrificing the one, in order to fulfill the latter. Thus it is the lack of fulfillment or participation in the former Passover that looks to and necessitates like fulfillment in the latter. He fasted a Passover in order that He might fulfill a latter Passover. It was the latter concluding Passover work, and not the Pentecost work, for which He longed and earnestly awaited and will soon fulfill. Isn't this quite simple and even rather obvious?

On the evening of April 26, the latter twelve whom Yahweh has chosen, along with other Remnant Bride, will gather at a Passover meal in our Passover home and we will set a place for Yahshua to join us. Will He come? I do not see why He would not. He said He would, as He said He would eat Passover again when it was fulfilled; and as we have been seeing, the second Remnant is the fulfillment of Passover. We will have a meal along with barley bread and wine, and we believe that He will sit with us and sup with us, even as He has said He would.

Will we have a traditional seder supper? No, for we are inviting Him who is the fulfillment of those pictures. Why live in pictures when one can have reality and fulfillment? Will we have a vacant seat for Elijah? Of course not - we are Elijah! Elijah will instead have a seat for Yahshua.

This which we are herein examining is MOST remarkable, but there is even more. Let us once again look at the gospels and perform a comparison based upon what is learned in The Key To Their Understanding.

Yahshua's statement about the wine and His commitment regarding it per His Nazirite vow, is most revealing when comparing the gospels. Remember, a Nazirite vow was made for a specified period of time, then it was over. Yahshua likewise had a specific period of time that He set forth for His vow. Let us now look at His different statements, considering the specified duration set forth in each gospel.

Matthew is the gospel to the first Remnant, and regarding the first Remnant, Yahshua states - I will not drink wine with you "until the day when I drink it with you new in the kingdom of My Father" (Matthew 26:29). Notice two unique things about this - one, that He has specifically identified this group with the statement, "with you;" and second, it was to be "new" wine that He would drink with them. Let us now look at Mark.

In Mark, the gospel written to Christianity, Yahshua states - I will not drink wine with you "no more by no means" ... "until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God" (Mark 14:25). Notice three things here regarding Christianity - one, there is the double imperative that He will "no more by no means" drink wine with them, thus saying this MOST emphatically, and possibly implying in this comparison the delay in which He will do so, much like casting out the moneychangers a day later in Mark. Second, He left out the words "with you." And third, as in the case of first Remnant Matthew, there is the requirement that the wine must be drunk "new." Now let us look at Luke.

In the gospel to the second Remnant, to us who are the Passover fulfillment, Yahshua states - I will not drink wine with you "until the kingdom of God comes" (Luke 22:18). That's it. There is no double imperative, not even a requirement for it to be "new." Pure and simple, His commitment was not to drink wine until He could drink it with us in the kingdom of God.

On Passover, the evening of April 26, the Elijah, the twelve and others, will sit down to a table with a place setting for Yahshua, and at His setting will include barley bread and a glass of wine. We will invite Him to come and drink wine with us, even as He has told us He would. Is it new wine? No, it is plain ol' man-produced wine. But it does not have to be new wine, for His promise to us is that He will come and drink plain wine. To the first Remnant, and most emphatically to Christians, He will not drink wine with them until He makes all things new in His Millennial kingdom (Revelation 21:1-5). But we do not have to wait that long for our promised Passover, for as the fulfillment of Passover, as the latter Passover that completes the former, even as a divine overlap, we of necessity must drink wine with Him before it is made new. We must drink wine with Him when He comes to equip us and send us out to prepare His way.

In John, or the pure kingdom of God, it is most interesting that Yahshua's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the way being prepared by an Elijah company, was equally preceded by a supper, this with Martha, Mary, Lazarus (who had just been raised from the dead), and others. It was at this supper that Mary anointed Yahshua's feet to prepare His body for burial. Likewise, we today as Marthas, Marys, and resurrected Lazaruses need to sup with Yahshua before His triumphal return to this earth.

As attested per the meal He had with the twelve before His crucifixion, one of the things He must come and do is to wash our feet. Feet represent kingdom rights, and after 2,000 years of a corrupted kingdom, our feet are filthy - they have on them the dust of cursed man, and Yahshua must come and cleanse our kingdom rights. By doing this He also causes us to stand on those rights, even as foreshadowed in Daniel 8:18 where the angel took Daniel out of a deep sleep (we have been in a deep sleep or death in Christianity) and made him stand upright, or in Ezekiel 2:2 and 3:24 where the Spirit entered Ezekiel and made him stand on His feet, or even as Peter (with John) took the lame man by the right hand and raised him up so that he leapt to his feet, which were entirely healed (Acts 3:1-10). The right side speaks of priesthood, and even as we are lame in our kingdom rights, so Yahshua must heal us and cause us to stand. Likewise, even as Peter and John were used to heal this man's feet and thus bring him into the temple "walking and leaping and praising God," so we too must go out and heal the kingdom rights of other Bride members and bring them into Yahweh's temple so that their joy may be made full. And even as Yahshua must come and wash our kingdom rights, in like manner we must go out and do likewise, just as He has instructed. Both of these events speak to the same thing - the restoration of the kingdom rights to the second Remnant, and then in this coming year and a half going out and doing likewise for others. Each of these accounts look to their fulfillment in the second Remnant today.

Yahshua must come and cleanse and restore our kingdom rights and send us out with power, otherwise we will woefully remain as we are. By doing this, He gives us those rights that are greater than the power and authority of this earth, for the power of the kingdom has greater authority than the power of the earth and the flesh and even Satan. This He must give to us even as He gave to the twelve and the 70/72 whom He likewise sent out with a promise and power.

And again, as stated in the last e-mail but repeated here in light of its importance, because of the corruption of the church for 2,000 years by flesh man and Satan, it is MOST critical that we not be sent out by man but by Yahshua Himself. Man sending out man under the order of leavened Pentecost has led to nothing but corruption, failure, and death. It is therefore absolutely essential that in order to be delivered from this limitation, Yahshua must send us out with power as an unleavened Passover work.

Will Yahshua come and drink wine with us and wash our feet? From our standpoint as the Passover second Remnant, this is ENTIRELY imperative; for otherwise, we are going to be just like everyone else with their dusty and crippled feet. And from the standpoint of the Scriptures, there seems to be little option otherwise.

Now for a little housekeeping matter before closing. Following up on the writing The Test of Two Peters and Goat's Hair Glory, we should make an assessment of how Christianity's and Israel's recent Passover went for them. This of course is all relative to this 54th year of the test of Carmel. So how was Passover for the prophets of Baal Christianity and the prophets of Asherah Israel? The answer in brief is - not so good!

Passover in Israel, which is supposed to represent deliverance from death, was instead marked by the "Passover Massacre" which killed 27 and wounded 130 Israelis. The entire feast was a time of escalated bloodshed and violence that saw 78 Palestinians and 63 Israelis killed, plus many more wounded. Even today the bloodshed ignited with the "Passover Massacre" continues.

So how was Christianity's Passover. I have not heard how Peter C's Passover went, but I know the congregation near where I live had a great Easter. They boasted on their billboard that they were having a 4,000 egg Easter egg hunt. Now that's success!

Meanwhile the news carried the headlines that Roman Catholic leaders took to their pulpits on Easter to deal with the growing sexual abuse scandal that is rocking the church. Eighty plus priests have thus far been exposed; and in fact, the final day of Passover was marked by a Catholic priest committing suicide after accusations of child-sex abuse were brought against him. But that's not all. Where the Twin Towers fell and the Queens was struck, the district attorney of Long Island has announced that he will convene a special grand jury investigation of Long Island's Roman Catholic diocese for possible cover-up of sexual abuse by priests.

And, let us not forget what else took place in Israel where the church located at the supposed birthplace of Jesus was invaded and taken over by the Palestinians. The watchman, or bell ringer, along with others, were killed; and even today that siege continues. Oh with what wonder one ponders when the Church of the Nativity is invaded during Passover and brought under siege by a people whose leader, Arafat, was allowed to come to that area at the same time the Spirit had come upon this man and was showing him these Remnant truths - July, 1994. The contest of Carmel continues!

So, with these testimonies for Christianity and Israel, it looks like their Passover was not the very best. What then can the Remnant hope for in our delayed Passover? A visit from the One who is not of this earth and cannot be brought into bondage. A visit from the One whose way once prepared by an Elijah, will bring much needed peace and light to the whole world!

Let us close by repeating the commitment Yahshua made at His last Passover meal as recorded in second Remnant Luke - "I say to you, I shall never again eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God." The fulfillment of Passover today by the second Remnant necessitates that Yahshua come and share this Passover meal with us, the latter fulfilling the former. Why would He do otherwise?

Stated in the simplest way - since Yahshua has not eaten Passover with twelve disciples after making this statement, it is obvious that Passover has not yet been fulfilled. The sign of that fulfillment will be when Yahshua has Passover with them. That time of necessity is now.

Blessings to all who obey,