Re: Feast of Tabernacles


This email was sent on Nov 3, 2001

Dear Beloved,

We are now in the unseen or hidden Feast of Tabernacles (being one month delayed from the traditional), for first the physical or natural followed then by the spiritual (or unseen to natural man). The New Moon for this years spiritual Seventh month was also delayed one day, as it was last year for the traditional Seventh Month. So instead of beginning on the of October 31st as expected, it rather began on the Thursday night November 1st.

Most importantly (prophetically), the eve of Wednesday November 7th begins the Seventh Day of the Feast, which also known as Hoshannah Rabbah (meaning The Great Salvation). This day is associated with the petition asked for in Psalm 118:25 "Save Now I pray O Yahweh; O Yahweh I pray send now prosperity (the Rain)." This is the appointed time for asking for the latter rain to fall, so that there may be fruit (barley)in the Spring at Passover, which for us will next be seen in 2002. 2002 I am convinced is the Day of Yahweh multiplied (made fruitful) by Yahweh, not being made fruitful by man nor satan whose efforts bear no fruit (multiplication). This Hoshannah Rabbah is also seen in 1 Kings 18:41-46 when Elijah with his head bowed down between his knees, told his servant to go up now and look toward the sea, who coming back said he saw nothing, but was told by Elijah to "Go again" to which he did Seven times. On the Seventh time he replied "There is a cloud, as small as a man's palm, rising out of the sea". This is the "small beginning" sign of the Great Salvation (Hoshannah Rabbah) corresponding with the seventh Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, and that small cloud rising out of the sea is the Remnant Bride and the latter rain outpouring, which we see now. The first six days of the Feast are quiet days, there is nothing seen, but on the seventh day the Shout goes out (as it did at Jericho which is another Tabernacles testimony) that the Great Salvation is at hand -- ready to burst forth with rejoicing in the Truth and Revelation of His Word.

This shout and rejoicing (and coming alive) is the same expression and testimony found when the Bridegroom and His Bride enter into the wedding chamber [Tent of Meeting] and coming together move about without a word, even holding their breath back a bit in their passion, till they come to a place where the walls break down and the victory is gained -- and with a mighty rushing wind let out a shout, an ecstatic shout of joy and release. (In this manner may we be fruitful, bringing forth true spiritual life.) The two become ONE, abiding with and in ONE another, reigning in victory together as ONE. Afterward and with tenderness, finding a place of repose, entering the place of rest together -- in Oneness, being completely whole (Incorruptible). So it will be the Bride and her faithful Bridegroom. Hallelujah!

The Eighth Day of the Feast is this Day where the people of Yahweh stay behind an extra day to be with Him, and He with them. This is a day of joy and rejoicing in His Word and His Truth. This is the place of rest and repose. Blessed be Yahweh and His people who not only reign in victory with Him, but even more so may find a place of repose, a true Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom...

Your servant,

Kyle Nixon

Ps. Gary will be sending out a notice today (I hope) to announce the posting of a new writing. I have read it and was thrilled and encouraged with what is revealed. Enjoy this Feast of Tabernacles and read this timely writing. Sabbath peace to you all -- His Beloved Bride.

Pss. There was not a single posting in the e-group during the month of October, although there was a lot of personal correspondences between certain members, I would encourage anyone who has a word of encouragement in the spirit of truth for others to submit such to the e-group. There are some members in this group who are going through the "fire" and don't know if they can hang on much longer, some have resorted to drinking the wine of Christianity with its intoxicating effects to aleve the pain we all feel, having our faith in what Yahweh has shown us fully tested, even with actions He has called us to. If you have suffered know that we too suffer in all manners of suffering. Share what has helped you to stand in the midst of the "fire" that you may encourage another. I personally continue to look back at the first writings concerning the Contradictions or Riddles and the Keys to Understanding them. And how these keys are consistent throughout everything written on the Remnant Bride website. It would be impossible to deny what Yahweh has shown Gary Naler and now to us that we should desire to be blind again, even though it brings a level of suffering and even loneliness that I have never known. Perhaps that is the cost of being "Set Apart" (Holy).