On March 19, 2002, the following e-mail was sent out, introducing some very important information which is addressed further in Gary's comments here, as well as in the next writing on Purim.


The Parable for the Remnant in 2002


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

Yesterday, March 18, 2002, Kyle Nixon posted on The Remnant Bride e-group a writing that I must pass along to everyone. The information in it is incredible! Also amazing, immediately after Kyle posted it, he noticed that the day it was posted was the 77th day of 2002. 77 is the number of "the day of the Lord." 77 x 26 (the number of Yahweh) is 2002, which is proving to be the most momentous year of mankind since the crucifixion of Yahshua and the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost. But most relevant, the 77th verse of the Bible reads - "And Yahweh God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them." Keep this verse in mind, and after you read Kyle's e-mail, I will elaborate on the significance of all of this. It is all incredibly amazing! But I caution you - Kyle titled this writing, "The Parable of the Remnant in 2002," and as with any parable, it is not easy to understand. You will want to read this very carefully and undoubtedly several times. Here now is what Kyle wrote.

Dear Beloved,

The other day I got off the phone with Gary Naler and immediately the scripture came to mind concerning the good man who leased out his vineyard to tenants. Nothing in our conversation had anything to do with this, but before I could even question myself as to why this came up, the Spirit revealed to me what this meant for us, and therefore I am writing to you now. This particular parable of the kingdom is shared in Matthew 21:33-43, Mark 12:1-12, and Luke 20:9-19 (please read them), as well as in the hidden Gospel of Thomas 65 -- of which a seemingly abbreviated version of it (written for the second Remnant) is as such:

"He (Yahshua) said this: A just man had a place of grapes (vineyard), given to some tenants so they might work for Him and give to Him of the fruit from their hand. He sent his servant so that the tenants might give to Him the fruit of the place of grapes. They grabbed his servant and they beat him, all but killing him, and the servant then left and spoke to his Lord. The Lord said, 'Perhaps He didn't know them.' He sent another servant and the tenants beat the other one too. Then the Lord sent his Son saying this; 'Perhaps they will be ashamed before him, my Son.' The tenants who were there, because they knew (that) He is the heir of the place of grapes, did seize him and kill him. He who has ear of Him, let him listen."

After seeing this parable (even personally), I knew that the Father had sent his servants to receive the portion of the kingdom's grape harvest [at the end of the probation time] from the fruit of the leasing tenant's hands. That portion is only the tithe of Yahweh, and it most certainly does not nor has it ever belonged to the (wicked) kingdom tenants. That tithe portion provides the legal right to work in the kingdom, the blessings, the promises, and protection of the kingdom, and quite literally the "rights to the kingdom." If you pay your taxes to the sovereign nation from which you come or to which you join yourself, then you have the full rights of that country. If you don't pay your taxes to the government to which you belong, you have three choices:

(1) Pay back your taxes, (2) Leave the country, or (3) Be sent to prison.

As we are now quickly approaching the showdown of Carmel this coming [delayed] Passover, April 26th - May 4th, I must remind you for your own sakes, as well as the body of Christ, that David also sent his men to receive from a man of whom his servants treated very well and protected day and night while they too resided at this same place of Carmel [1 Samuel 25]. David, like the good and just man in the parable (speaking of the Father), was reviled and disregarded because his servants who were speaking in his name were completely rejected. David's reaction to this, being filled with wrath, was the same as expressed by Yahshua in the parable found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke's accounts -- "to kill those tenants, and give the kingdom (the vineyard) to others."

If not for Abigail, the bride of the one who offended David and his servants, her husband Nabel along with all of his servants or household (and Abigail) would have been utterly destroyed. Abigail gave what is equivalent to a covering tithe or tax, that which is justly due for the protection and security for those within the boundaries of a mighty host, such as those watching over Carmel.

The same exact thing has taken place and continues for the Beloved. Her faithfulness with Yahweh's due portion not only averted the wrath against the body of Christ, that is Christianity, but even for herself -- the Remnant Bride, even to this very day. The Father has averted His wrath against the body of Christ, and will only remove it's head, such as was later done to Nabel alone, but not his whole household. As it was for Babylon in the natural first, so it will be again for mystery (spiritual) Babylon -- the head is removed and the kingdom is saved. This is the very work of the Elijah -- to avert the wrath of the Father and return the household [minus Satan as head] back to the Father, and the Father back to the children.

Who is the Bride of Christ? Is she not the Beloved who gives to Yahweh what rightly belongs to Him -- His portion, the tithe of his vineyard (kingdom)? Does she not come out from her household, the household of Nabel (worthless), and entreat David with his desired portion in order to save life? Even more so the Beloved after becoming the way of salvation for the whole household or kingdom of God, is then taken as the Bride. Blessed be the Bride of Yahshua!

So then do not suppose yourself to be someone you are not, if you refuse and revile giving from your hand the tithe that belongs to Yahweh, though having been continually compelled to do what is required by His servant. You are like those wicked tenants Yahshua spoke about. [And read all of 1 Samuel 25 as well.] But we can all thank God wholeheartedly that the Gospel of Thomas version of this same parable does not end with "kill those tenants," as does all three other commonly known accounts, but rather warns or exhorts -- "He who has ear of Him, let him listen (hear)."

And yet who is Gary Naler that we should give the tithe of Yahweh to him? He is the one who comes in the Spirit of Elijah, and even more than that. Have you not read what Yahweh has spoken through this man? Have you not read all the matter of the books received by this humble man. Is this not the truth of God from which cannot be easily escaped? If it were not true then we would not be accountable to obedience in this matter of holding all things in common. There is another mystery concerning this man named Gary that has been truly hidden till even now. And that being that he is not in the greater sense a part of the second Remnant at all. Does that surprise you? Let me explain.

Gary was called to pierce the side of the body of Christ in order to remove a rib or remnant of people from that sleeping or dead body. His name as you probably already know means "sharp spear," and that is who and what he is -- the instrument used by Yahweh to bring forth the second part of the two-part bride of the Anointed Yahshua, the Mordecai to Esther per se. But then again Gary Naler is actually and foremost a member of the first Remnant, being the instrument of the divine overlap, bringing together the two parts of the Remnant making them one. He is the one chosen by the Father from the beginning who replaces Judas Iscariot, and being reckoned as one of the twelve, being the one born in the proper season. He was sent to the widow in order to instruct her in the way she should go. Do you remember when it was written how the two-part covering bride replaces Lucifer the (single) covering cherub? Though there was even a devil chosen among the twelve, this was necessary for the kingdom's sake that one from the latter times, in the Day of Yahweh, would take his office along with those of former days. He was given instruction from the Father that we would hear, even for coming out of the body of Christ and being weaved invisibly together by returning the Father's portion back to Him through his first Remnant servant Gary Naler.

If Gary was not who I've declared him to be, meaning coming as both the Elijah as well as now stating openly that he indeed is one of the twelve belonging to the first Remnant, then your tithe would be useless, not effecting the picking up of the "holding all things in common" mantle which was dropped by the first Remnant after a year and a half. But this mantle was indeed picked up, even in weakness, exactly when it was dropped!

On Tabernacles, one and a half years after the church began, the first Remnant's mantle was dropped. Then in May, 2000, the second Remnant began and for a year and a half struggled in weakness, shadowing the position of the first Remnant. Then in November, 2001, once again at the time of Tabernacles, the second Remnant took up that mantle by the twelve who tithed. We could not have effected the covering tithe prior to the first year and a half, because within this time frame, in picture the first Remnant had not yet dropped their mantle. Furthermore, if we had not had at least the ten obedient tithing by that particular time, then the mantle would have been torn in two and the seamless garment would have became worthless (as Christianity). On that Tabernacles we actually saw twelve participating in the weak but very effective fig leaf covering tithe -- for the kingdom's sake, hallelujah! By overlapping Elijah over to the place of Moses at the mount of transfiguration, meaning the heavenly tabernacle, Elishua can now legally take the mantle with the double portion blessing from above in Elijah's stead -- and that is the second Remnant bride. So with that understanding, now I even more so exhort you to continue to be faithful in this matter till the day when the garment (30 linen garments of priesthood) is given to us by Yahweh for the feast at hand. And to those who have not come under the headship provided us through means of this first Remnant, I exhort you to also now release back the tithe of Yahweh and come under His established government, protection, and blessing.

Furthermore, let me somewhat restate for better clarity what I last wrote. Thomas called Didymos was the first Remnant apostle who performed the missing "sign that causes belief" that Moses had left out -- when he thrust his hand into the side of Yahshua and then removed it. In the same way in the natural that a man thrusts into the cleft of a woman and then comes back out again in order to bring forth natural offspring in the flesh, so it was with Thomas the twin and Yahshua in the spiritual realm (through a legal intercession) when Thomas's hand was cast into Yahshua's side, having been created by the piercing of a sharp spear, making a first Remnant overlap or deposit into the body of Yahshua that would be effected legally again in our day. Remember, Yahweh did the same with the first Adam. He opened up his side after He put him to sleep, then putting His hand into him, He removed the rib. Likewise, Gary Naler after entering the body of Christ, the last Adam in 1971, in order that he would also by the sovereignty of Yahweh come out of it in 1994, was the "sharp spear" that pierced the side of the body of Christ during Passover of 2000 in order to bring out a rib -- the second Remnant. Thomas had put his hand in and removed it. That sign left half done or unfinished would have meant the hand spiritually would have been left in a leprous state, which the first Remnant became [Exodus 4:6]. When Gary put his hand into the body of Christ by way of a writer's inkhorn (via the internet), he also removed his hand from the body having brought out a rib. At this point the missing and previously unfinished sign that causes belief has been completed and has been restored or made clean of leprosy [Exodus 4:7]. Thomas the twin and Gary the Nailer performed the necessary, legal, and divine overlaps through precise intercessions directed and preordained by Yahweh, one reaching forward into the body of the last Adam, the other reaching back in through the same spiritual body of the same Adam.

Remember too that according to Christian historical tradition, Thomas called Didymos died by way of a (sharp) spear. And today the second Remnant is being brought to life, knit together, and under one head -- so to speak by way of another sharp spear named Gary Naler. Praise and thanks be to Yahweh.

So then what should we expect when we come together April 26th - May 4th? I am hopeful it will be the completion of what I was blessed to taste of since coming under the headship of Gary Naler as the fountainhead vessel for this latter rain work as the Elijah. What I am about to share here has not been published before, and I trust that it was not for me individually but as a foretaste of what is to come to the Beloved.

On the evening beginning the 154th (7x22, or complete x light) day from when I first met Gary Naler on the upper drive at Seattle Tacoma International Airport, having contained the 153 previous days of reading, listening, and learning within the nets of my mind, I hung up the phone after speaking with Christi Naler around 9 p.m. to go to bed. This was the second day (night) after the Last Great Day of the Feast of Tabernacles in 2000. Immediately from both outside and inside of myself, the Spirit began showing me and teaching me seemingly everything there is to know about the heavenly tabernacle and communion and how they work in the earth and in the spiritual realm. I wasn't asking any questions or trying to figure anything out; it was just coming at a fast rate, being mostly unsolicited in such a manner that it would not stop or slow down, and I begged and pleaded Him to stop it and to let me go to sleep. But He just kept revealing more and more of the tabernacle and the communion which are one and the same over and over in many different ways, expounding scripture by scripture. By the time midnight rolled around I couldn't take it anymore, so I got up and to no avail started to chicken scratch as much as possible on a piece of paper the things He was showing me, hoping that that would appease Him so that He would let me loose from all of this and let me go to sleep. I could not retain all that He was showing me and I just wanted it to all stop.

Then an open vision came upon me while I was lying on my bed. There was water coming down from heaven like a waterfall with light in the water and it was sloshing on me and into me, and it was such like what He had been showing all night long in his Word -- pouring out such a blessing from heaven in understanding and knowledge that it could not be contained. Then the water with light in it that continually fell into my being began to also pour out of the middle of my chest via a six to seven inch circular looking duct at a high rate of flow, faster then what was coming down upon me because it was constricted. And I was laying there watching and experiencing all this, thinking to myself that if this continues for much longer I'm going to became incorruptible and immortal; and I pleaded with God to stop this and not to mess with me. What I meant by mess with me was not to show me all this and then not to have it really come to pass. I wanted it to really come to pass but could not handle being teased by all this. But it continued for quite some time, so then I leaned over and prayed for my wife who had stomach problems, hoping some of this would hit her as well though she was completely unaware and was sleeping through this whole glorious night. And then when it came to be 3:00 a.m. in the morning and I had to go to work driving an airport shuttle van, I got out of bed flabbergasted at what had just taken place all night long, and had one last lingering thought. He did not impart to me any wisdom on what or if at all how to communicate the things he showed me, some of which seemed way too intimate to broadcast openly to the world or unbelieving believers. I also realized I was still corruptible which was very disappointing.

I called Gary later that morning and actually got hold of Micah and asked him to look at his father's calendar in order to find out what the date was when I first saw and met him at the airport. My hunch was that it was about 153 days prior and it ended up being very close -- 154. I share all of this with you because I know that the latter rain outpouring is the clear understanding of the Word of God with no more blindness or walking in darkness or ignorance, only truth, and everything being brought out into the light. And if you cannot tell by now, this has everything to do with being connected to Yahweh via his chosen vessel Gary Naler. The outpouring from the windows of heaven that could not be contained is from the same prophet that gives us the details of the Elijah averting Yahweh's wrath -- Malachi. Please do not hold on to Yahweh's portion at this hour. The Day is at hand, hear and obey; please hear and obey.

And know also it will not even be a matter of asking what this or that means but rather as it is needed he will reveal all things to his Beloved. Along with the words He gives to speak or to hold us, and the things He shows us, will also be the power contained within those words and acts we are shown to bring them to pass, by His will alone and not ours. We will not say to the Father -- "What would you have me to do?" We will know and act and speak exactly what the Father would have us to know and act and speak consciously, and even at an unconscious level. Our eyes will see what His eyes see, our mouths will speak what His mouth speaks, our hands and feet will do what His hands and feet will do. He will abide in us and we will abide in Him, speaking truth in love and in true righteousness. We will not and cannot be corrupted nor can our bodies see decay. This water with light in it from heaven above will come into us in such a way that everything wretched and filthy inside of us will be made clean and will overflow such that even the outside of us will be made as clean as the inside. We will be as Yahshua was after His baptism in that we are neither male nor female per se (sexually speaking), but knowing that only by being truly born from above in this manner can one bring forth good fruit, meaning true life, and not just the multiplication of flesh on the earth through uncleanness and fornication.

Furthermore, this water with light in it will enter us and find that (mustard) seed of the kingdom within us that we received when we first heard and believed many years ago. But that seed also had to die and go into a state of sleep and be buried within us, yet it did grow in us to a point -- in so much that demons were even able to nest in it, because of the darkness. In all things concerning the kingdom of God, it is a two-thirds and one-third work of death, burial, and then resurrection in Christ; and so it was with us too who believed. But when this latter rain outpouring hits that seed with that small dormant planting, it will quickly flourish to the point where the kingdom within each of you will push outwardly so that your whole being and the kingdom of Yahweh are One, and there will be no room for darkness or for demons to lodge anymore. Yahweh will completely cleanse the temple that no work of the flesh, by continual repentance, or by human acts of righteousness, or by the good works from the knowledge of the tree of good and evil can perform -- they are all worthless dung in themselves. Blessed be Yahweh! Send Your rain in it's proper season, and save us O' Yahweh! For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever! Hallelujah!

Peace to you all in Yahshua,


PS - If you have been a faithful part of the covering tithe (or want to come under this covering), please make every effort to be here in the Seattle area for Passover. We are expecting the latter rain outpouring to increase exponentially! Don't miss it! This is what we have been seeking after and waiting for for our entire lives. Thy kingdom come, and so should you.

After reading what Kyle wrote and talking with him by phone, it came to me that the second Remnant's year and a half of anointing beginning this Passover, is actually separated by six months from the year and a half intercessoral period shadowing the first Remnant which took place from Passover, 2000, to Tabernacles, 2001. Thus we find between these two year and a half periods a six month breach period. Let me explain.

I have been saying all along that the fig leaf tithe is a covering of weakness, although it is undoubtedly an essential covering. In the writing titled The Issue - II, page 7, we find that the fig tree is prophetic of Christianity. Like the fig leaves which Adam and Eve sewed together as an insufficient and even temporary covering for their nakedness, so Christianity has been an insufficient and temporary covering for earthly man's nakedness. This inadequacy of Christianity is further seen when Yahshua cursed the fig tree for not bearing fruit, despite the fact that it was not even the season for figs. Equally, the last 2,000 years of the church have not been the season for bringing forth the fruits of the kingdom, once again pointing out the representation of Christianity by the fig tree.

Regarding the fig leaves sewn together by Adam and Eve, Yahweh had to replace that weak covering with "garments of skin," which He Himself made for them. This is the passage that was pointed out in the opening of this letter, and happens to be the 77th verse of the Bible, which we will repeat here - "And Yahweh God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them."

I knew of this association of the fig tree specifically with Christianity even while we called the tithe covering for what it was - the fig leaf covering. This somewhat concerned me, but this was precisely what the tithe was - only a weak temporary fig leaf covering.

Then all of this fell into place after talking to Kyle. The two periods of one and a half years Kyle talks about - the first from Passover, 2000, to Tabernacles, 2001, in the legal position of the first Remnant, and the second from Passover, 2002, to Tabernacles, 2003, as the actual fulfillment of the double portion second Remnant - are in fact separated by a six month breach period identified by the fig leaf tithe! And most remarkably, this is precisely the pattern for the church whole - the two Remnant separated by the fig leaf period of breach Christianity! Thus we discover that what Yahweh performs for the church whole, He is performing in like pattern with the second Remnant, calling back to mind the oft repeated scripture - "There is nothing new under the sun."

This is entirely incredible, and could only have been performed by sovereign Yahweh! What does this mean for us now? First, it assures us that Yahweh is performing His work in His Remnant. And second, something most hope filled!

We know that the period of weak and insufficient fig leaf Christianity is brought to an end and replaced by the establishment of the second Remnant. This is the work that receives "garments of skin," or immortal bodies, that are provided by Yahweh Himself. Likewise, the end of these six months of the weak fig leaf tithe covering is evidently at hand. What must therefore follow? According to the pattern, at Passover we would begin entering into the covering which Yahweh Himself makes! In relation to what He has been performing since Tabernacles, 2001, this would mean that the Bride will enter into the covering of holding all things in common. What does this require? How can this be performed? There is only one answer for this. It must be by the endowment of power from Yahweh! Having aptly secured the covering mantle from the first Remnant with the tithe, we trust that this Passover we can now take that mantle and strike the latter rain Jordan with it and equally declare - "Where is Yahweh, the God of Elijah?"

Kyle and I have had further frequent conversations about these and other related matters addressed in his e-mail, and it is entirely incredible what we are seeing! Incredible! But, these are not things I can write to you right now. In time these things will come out. But for now I wanted to share with you what I have written herein. I will be sharing much more in my home at Passover; and I am quite certain even MORE will be seen and revealed as we share this time together. Without a doubt, we have come to a river that cannot be forded, and I do not think we will ever find the limits of this latter rain river of His incredible truths.

I will close with the apropos statement with which Kyle closed regarding this Passover gathering. Thy kingdom come, and so should you.

Blessings to all who obey,


PS - If you question the relevance of the numbering of the verses in the Bible, let me share one last thing with you. While Kyle's writing was posted on the 77th day, it is most exciting that right in the midst of the Passover gathering, April 30 will be the 120th day of 2002! 120 looks to the completion of probation and the coming of the flood! This means the putting away of the rebellious one, Satan, and the 120th verse of the Bible evidences this. Genesis 5:14, the 120th verse, tells us about a man named Kenan, whose name means "self-centered one, general usurpation," who lived 910 years. 910 is 70 (the gamatria of Lucifer) times 13. At the end of the 120 Jubilees, Lucifer, the self-centered one who seeks to usurp Yahweh, will be put away per the coming of the flood of Yahweh's Spirit. This is the testimony of this year's 120th day falling precisely in the midst of our Passover gathering!

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